34 thoughts on “Maikel Franco to the DL/Aaron Altherr Called UP

  1. I’ve been an Asche and Brown supporter up until about May of this year. That was far too long. Neither have a future on the big team. I hope Altherr plays.

  2. I hate to hear Franco has a broken wrist but it’s great to see Altherr called up. Ashe might get some time @ 3rd. I hope Altherr gets some worthwhile ABs.

    1. They have to wait until the swelling subsides. You can’t see the break for the swollen tissue, which is usually bloody and hides the break. So they wait.

    2. Million dollar question.

      You would think that it would be as simple as an X-ray, MRI, and some consults.

      The only answer might be they delayed the announcement until MacPhail made the decision on who to call up.

      1. Understand the swelling issue…but it has been a 5/6 days week since he got hit in Arizona, and he already had it wrapped on the bench on Sunday. Now a hairline fracture may have been the issue and the delay.

        1. as a doctor I can tell you that seeing a small hairline fracture on a plane film xray is next to impossible. especially right after the injury. the picture is obscured by inflammatory tissue. This is why there is usually a followup xray done a week later once rest, ice and immobilization have allowed the swelling to go down. On a treatment note, it makes really no difference, as the treatment for hairline fracture and for bad wrist strain or bone bruise are all the same. Its rest, ice, anti inflammatory medication and immobilization. A lot of times, you can hard cast the wrist for any of these ailments but a removable cast apparatus is just as good as long as the patient is compliant with its use and doesn’t take it off constantly.

      2. you don’t need multiple consults for a simple sprain or fracture. the treatment is the same as I explained below. The xray is the study of choice in this case. An MRI is just plain overdoing it. the only time an MRI would be warranted would be after a few weeks of treatment if he is having strength deficits and you start to get a clinical picture for muscle tendon or ligament damage.

  3. Hernandez at 3rd below avg but still get his at bats. Blanco and Galvis can play it too Altherr not start today with a knuckle ball pitcher. I hope that means Dugan comes up sept 1 . Gillick on Chase he will be in Philly until the end of the season at least.

    1. Dugan has done nothing to indicate he deserves a call up. Hitting less than .250 for Lehigh Valley with zero power

  4. I never understood the love on this board for Cody Asche. .250, 10HR, 700 .OPS–last year he approached his ceiling. Seems like a good guy, and I’m rooting for him, but he’s not even a 2nd division regular 3B, let alone a corner OF.

    1. I think many people are hoping for a reincarnate Chase in Asche…based on the similarities, ie work ethic, similar look and demeanor, from a few years ago when he first came up.

  5. As for Aaron Altherr, I’m glad he’s been given the opportunity. He would have been called up in September, so we’re just adding a couple weeks to his try-out. Let’s hope he gets some meaningful ABs.

    This is his first year in the minors of a OPS of over .800, and he’s been in the minors for six seasons now. Let’s hope he’s turned a corner and can play. I like his potential as a 4th OF more than I do Asche’s, who has already plateaued.

  6. What happens to Franco’s power? Theres a chance it wont come back and it will prob take 2 years til his wrist is back to normal? I broke 2 fingers in football and it took 18 months to get my power back to 90%.

    Am i remembering correctly that Dom Brown and Altherr injured their wrists. How did those injuries affect them if anyone remembers or any other players? G Stanton wrist got broke at some point too?

    1. Dom Brown was hamate bone….slightly different, but saps power more so..
      But Jayson Werth’s was wrist and it took him awhile.

    2. Dom Brown did not break his wrist– he broke the hamate bone, which is a very specific, tiny, hook-shaped bone in the wrist that needs to be removed when broken. That injury is notorious for sapping power from a player’s swing, but I am unsure of what the specifics of Franco’s injury actually are. The prognosis might have much better outcomes.

    3. while there is always a small chance of the wrist not healing correctly, a small non-displaced fracture such as this shouldn’t affect his long term ability or strength. Most times a wrist fracture occurs at the distal end of the radius or ulna (the forearm bones) which heal well. The key will be 2-3 weeks of rest and immobilization, followed by a good rehab regimen to maintain strength and Range of Motion. Dom browns hamate bone injury was to the small carpal bones that bridge between the forearm bones and the hand, these are smaller irregularly shaped bones, they have much less blood flow, and are much harder to completely immobilize without also stopping any use of the hand or fingers, which makes their healing much more complicated and lengthy. As to your finger injuries, while I don’t know how they broke in your case, it is much more common to have crush fractures or displaced fractures as they are thinner more pliable bones. this lengthens the period of bone regeneration as well as the time needed to regain strength.

      1. Thank you for your posts very much dcwildcat. I got really worried the Phils might have no great talent like Franco to watch for next year while he fully recovers strength. Looks like his injury will not affect him long term. Great to hear

  7. If Asche does not go back to 3rd, where will Altherr play? I am not saying he does not deserve a chance to play, but coming up here to sit does him no good, unless you count the per diem money, which is nice.

    1. Yeah he would be out of a job just like Jeff Luhnow, who shamefully gutted the Astros as they “tanked” for four seasons. And they’re still terrible to this day with little hope in the future because that strategy can’t work… Or something like that.

      1. Basketball and baseball injuries are so different that I doubt he’d just draft injured guys for the heck of it. His draft strategy is to pick the best player available regardless of position which is exactly the plan of attack you want for a baseball draft where players won’t be expected to be with the major league team for a few years. He’d probably be an even better baseball GM than he is a basketball GM (in my opinion he’s at least a top 15 NBA GM based on his trading abilities alone) more analytics more fun for Hinkie

      2. No it isn’t. It was a good example. You just don’t like the strategy. Houston “tanked” for 4 years, and nobody lost their job. Now they’re a contender. It’s the same plan, only make MORE sense in basketball because there is a higher potential for top draft picks to be stars.

      3. What VOR said. “Drafting and developing” is exactly what Hinkie is doing with the Sixers. Saric is still developing even though he’s overseas.

        MCW was traded because they judged he’s not a difference maker, and they get another chance to draft one with the pick they’ll get.

  8. Basketball is a completely different sport and system. 1 top player turns around an NBA team. Not to make this a Hinkie argument, but the Sixers had no choice. Mediocre basketball with only a hope to sneak into the Playoffs as an 8th seed, does not sell tickets in this town. Either try to be a top team or don’t bother. Hinkie is trying to get that Superstar. That is why he drafted injured players, he was rolling the dice. You can’t do that in any other sport because you need much more than 1 of that caliber player.

  9. I’m in Clearwater. What’s a “hinkie”? I thought it was a term from “The Fugitive” that Tommy Lee Jones’ character didn’t like ’cause it’s not a real word.

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