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Open Discussion: Week of August 17th

Here’s an open discussion thread so the minor league posts don’t get cluttered with Phillies’ talk and other topics.

  • The Phillies were swept in a key series by the Milwaukee Brewers.  They have re-taken the lead for the number one pick, for now.
  • Since being activated by the Nationals on July 29th, Jonathan Papelbon has made 5 appearances in 18 games.  Only two were in save situations.  The Nats are 5-13 in those 18 games.
  • Chase Utley has cleared waivers and waits for a deal that suits him before rescinding his 5-10 rights.  (As is his right.)

Finding a suitor for Utley will be difficult.  He wants a guarantee of playing time.  He wants to play next season.  He wants to play for a contender this season.  He wants to play in southern California.  That greatly limits the field of eligible teams.  Even without a guarantee regarding playing time next season, Utley’s contract provides for a $2M buyout on top whatever portion of this season’s $15M remains to be paid.

In 2013, the Phillies flipped John McDonald for Nefi Ogando.  This should establish the floor for any trade, I suppose.  With all the baggage attached to a trade the ceiling might not be for very much higher.  If Utley accepts the fact that he might not get next season guaranteed, kicking in some money (the buyout at the very least) should increase the value of the return.  But not by much if Utley becomes just a rental.

Now, I like Utley as much as the next person.  Unless the next person is one of those fanatic Utley lovers.  I’m a member of a group where the female members all LOVE Utley and can’t bear even talk of his being traded.  I’ve seen some of the bloggers I follow lose their objectivity over the subject of an Utley trade too.

Trading Utley is not some vindictive move by the team.  It’s an effort to get some value back for a guy who shouldn’t return next season.  You sugar coat the trade with the sentiment that he can play for a contender one more time, while avoiding the unpopular decision of not picking up his option next year.

I think a fair return would be a pitcher similar to several we have recently brought into the organization – Eflin, Lively, Pivetta, Eickhoff, Tirado, Windle.  Plus whatever else we could get.  If the roles were reversed, I certainly wouldn’t give up one of our top 8 prospects for a player like him.


Box Score Recap – 8/16/2015

Clearwater (67-53) lost to the Dunedin Blue Jays 10-2.  Victor Arano (4-11, 4.95) retired six of seven batters through the first two innings.  Then he reverted to his early season form after a couple of ground ball singles to the bottom of the Blue Jays order.  As has happened in the past, the Jays batters teed off on Arano when they saw him for the second time.  After a couple hard hit balls, he further lost control firing a wild pitch, hitting a batter, and throwing another wild pitch.  One barely cleared the grass cutout of the infield ten feet in front of home plate.  Then came the extra base hits.  First a double, then a home run by Dickie Joe Thon (son of Dickie Thon).  And so, after seven runs Arano was mercifully relieved.  Cody Forsythe came in to get the final out on one pitch.  And the attention of a lot of fans in the suites turned to the Colts-Eagles game in anticipation of Tim Tebow’s return to a playing field. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/16/2015

Box Score Recap – 8/15/2015

After three innings in Clearwater, the monsoon that had encircled Bright House Field closed in and opened up on players and patrons.  Fans ran for cover and the grounds crew ran to the tarp.  While we had viewed lightning in the vicinity, mostly over the bay, the intensity of the downpour was Homeric.  I have seen this field take on a lot of water and drain well enough to continue play.  Not tonight.  We have had a lot of rain in recent days, and the “ponding” formed in places that would make continuation of tonight’s game unlikely. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/15/2015