Box Score Recap – 8/16/2015

Clearwater (67-53) lost to the Dunedin Blue Jays 10-2.  Victor Arano (4-11, 4.95) retired six of seven batters through the first two innings.  Then he reverted to his early season form after a couple of ground ball singles to the bottom of the Blue Jays order.  As has happened in the past, the Jays batters teed off on Arano when they saw him for the second time.  After a couple hard hit balls, he further lost control firing a wild pitch, hitting a batter, and throwing another wild pitch.  One barely cleared the grass cutout of the infield ten feet in front of home plate.  Then came the extra base hits.  First a double, then a home run by Dickie Joe Thon (son of Dickie Thon).  And so, after seven runs Arano was mercifully relieved.  Cody Forsythe came in to get the final out on one pitch.  And the attention of a lot of fans in the suites turned to the Colts-Eagles game in anticipation of Tim Tebow’s return to a playing field.

  • Malquin Canelo (.234) went 0-3 with an RBI.
  • Carlos Tocci (.267) went 0-4.
  • Andrew Pullin (.254) went 0-3 and was HBP..
  • Rhys Hoskins (.301) went 1-4.
  • Dylan Cozens (.278) went 2-4 with a run scored.
  • Aaron Brown (.245) went 1-3 with a run scored and a walk.
  • Mitch Walding went 2-4 with a double and RBI.
  • League leading hitter, Willians Astudillo (.327) was not in the line up.
  • Cozens stole his team leading 15th base.
  • Alexis Rivero came in with a runner on third and gave up an RBI single on his first pitch.
  • Ulises Joaquin hit a batter in the helmet with a 95 mph fastball.  The player had to leave the game, with assistance.

Lehigh Valley (54-69) lost to the Pawtucket Red Sox 7-1.  David Buchanan gave up three runs in 5.1 innings.  Dailier Hinojosa came in and stranded a runner while ending the sixth. However, he faced five batters in the seventh without recording an out.  Chris Leroux let one of his two inherited runners score on a double play.  Leroux didn’t allow a base runner in the three innings he pitched.

  • Brian Bosusevic (.293) went 2-4.
  • Aaron Altherr (.294) went 3-4 with a double.
  • Kelly Dugan (.220) went 0-4.
  • Tommy Joseph (.136) went 0-3 with a run scored.
  • Logan Moore (.287) went 1-3 with a walk.

Reading (69-51) beat the Trenton Thunder 2-0.  Ethan Martin (2-0, 4.33) tossed five, two-hit innings, walking one and striking out three.  Hoby Milner and Jimmy Cordero each allowed a hit over the next three innings.  And Stephen Shackleford  earned his 28th save.

The Phils faced some tough pitching from the Thunder and made the most of their limited opportunities.  In the third inning, Harold Martinez created their first run with a ground single to right.  He moved to second on a ground out to short and stole third.  He scored on a throwing error by the catcher.  Nick Williams and J.P. Crawford produced the second run on back-to-back triples.  The Phils had four base runners the rest of the way.

  • Nick Williams (.377) went 1-4 with a run scored and a triple.
  • J.P. Crawford (.253) went 2-4 with a triple and RBI.
  • Cam Perkins (.260) DNP.
  • Brock Stassi (.305) went 1-4.
  • Andrew Knapp (.401) went 1-4.
  • Destin Hood (.281) went 0-4.
  • Angelo Mora (.323) went 1-4.
  • Harold Martinez (.304) went 1-3 with a run scored.
  • Knapp threw out one of 3 base stealers.

Lakewood (61-56)  lost to the Delmarva Shorebirds 4-2.  Tyler Viza (4-8, 3.53) gave up all four runs (2 ER) on seven hits in five innings.  He walked one and struck out nine.  The Claws scored a run on a bases loaded double play in the seventh that pretty much killed that rally.

  • Herlis Rodriguez (.303) went 1-5.
  • Drew Stankiewicz (.240) went 2-4 with a double and a run scored.
  • Scott Kingery (.259) went 1-4.
  • Kyle Martin (.289) went 1-3 with a walk and 2 K.
  • Cord Sandberg (.257) went 0-4.
  • Lakewood committed 4 errors.

Williamsport (35-21) lost to the Mahoning Valley Scrappers 7-2.  Franklyn Kilome had some control issues as he threw two wild pitches and hit two batters on his way to the loss. He gave up five runs (4 ER) on three hits, two strike outs, and no walks.  Anthony Sequeira came in and let the inherited runner score plus one of his own before rcording an out.  Feliberto Sanchez gave up a solo home run in two innings.

The Cutters provided Kilome with a two-run lead on Jan Hernandez’ two-run home run in the second.

  • Zachary Coppola (.298) went 1-5.
  • Mark Laird (.280) went 1-4.
  • Josh Tobias (.314) went 1-4.
  • Jose Pujols (.242) DNP.
  • Venn Biter (.275) went 0-3 with a run scored.
  • Jan Hernandez (.212) went 1-4 with a HR (9).
  • Jesus Posso (.264) went 0-4.
  • Austin Bossart (.367) went 2-4.

GCL Phillies (28-17) No game scheduled

There is no wild card, only the four division winners qualify for the playoffs.

  1. GCL Blue Jays   29   15   .659     —     —
  2. GCL Phillies        28   17   .622    1.5   15
  3. GCL Pirates         26   19   .578    3.5   13
  4. GCL Yankees1    14   26   .366   12.5    6

The Phillies play 3 double headers in the last two weeks of the season.  They play 5 games this week against the Astros and Braves (teams with sub-.500 records).  Their final 10 games are within their division, 4 against the first place Blue Jays, and 4 against the cellar dwelling Yankees.

  • Arquimedes Gamboa (.214).
  • Jonathan Arauz (.266) .
  • DH “C” Randolph (.288) .
  • Luis Encarnacion (.296) .
  • Luke Williams (.300) I.
  • Greg Pickett .
  • Jose Antequera (.292) .

DSL Phillies (36-30) No game scheduled.

The Phillies have six games remaining.  They have been eliminated from the Wild Card.  They are in a two-way tie for third, 4.0 games behind the first place team.

  1. DSL Astros Blue      40   26    —
  2. DSL Indians               37   29   3.0
  3. DSL Phillies               36   30   4.0
  4. DSL Rays                     36   30   4.0

VSL Phillies (30-40) Season completed.  Finished tied for third with the VSL Cubs in a four team league.

  • Their leading hitter was Enger Jimenez – .307, 36 R, 33 RBI, 15 SB.
  • Jimenez was second on the team with three HR.
  • Lenin Rodriguez led the team with four HR.
  • Sergio Velis (4-2, 1.33) was their best pitcher – 74.2 IP, 50 H, 14 BB, 59 K, 0.86 WHIP.

Here’s the affiliated scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Chris Leroux assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • Colton Murray assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Lehigh Valley IronPigs placed RHP Jason Berken on the temporarily inactive list.
  • Lehigh Valley IronPigs activated 3B Cord Phelps from the temporarily inactive list.


43 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/16/2015

  1. I think Crawford will start next year in Reading. Pretty monster slump he is having. Lost 20 points in his average and it seemed to start after the All Star game.

    One weird thing that stands out. Reading played Trenton 6 times and Crawford’s line looks like this:

    27 plate appearances, 6 K’s, 7 hits, 3 walks. I point that out because Crawford had 8 K’s over the other 22 (?) games.

    No idea if it means anything.

    Williams, Knapp, Stassi, and Quinn will all move up to AAA to start next season. That is what I think from the field. Not sure about the pitching staffs, the Phillies are so deep and it is so hard to get a read on where guys are when they are working on pitches.

    1. I’m not sure Quinn will start in AAA; especially if either Altherr or Herrera are there. Quinn has lost a lot of time with injuries and they all seem to affect his main asset, his legs or feet. If he starts in AA and catches fire, then everyone be damned. “Let the man go through.”

      1. They need to get Quinn on a weight training program this offseason. Leg day, every day.

        He needs to add 10-15 pounds of muscle mass to his legs. If he continues to have injuries it will be a problem but chances are his injuries are due to insufficient muscle mass in the legs.

    2. Williams and Knapp are the no-brainers to get moved up. Stassi too but you never know especially if Joseph is playing 1B.

      It’s not a big deal if Crawford started next season at AA. He’s still young.

      The Phillies historically don’t jump guys coming off injuries. My money is on Quinn starting at Reading.

      1. I’m guessing Williams plays CF at AAA, Quinn plays CF at AA, and Tocci plays CF at CWater next year. All three could move up a level mid season with solid play. I don’t know what they’ll do with Stassi although I have a hunch they’ll try him in LF. Hoskins has to play 1B at AA next year and Joseph is limited to playing 1B and they won’t give up on him yet.

    3. IMO, Quinn lost too much time again in development. Starts again in Reading along with Crawford…more then likely mid-summer promos to LHV, if only just playing average ball. Knapp in LHV, along with Williams and Stassi.
      If Quinn was eligible for the AFL again I would think there may be a possibility for him to start in LHV, but not sure about that.

  2. Altherr has not K’ed in his last 8 games. People on this site were concerned he had reverted to a swing and miss guy but he’s shown that not to be the case. We wasn’t getting the hits either until the last 2 games. Hopefully, the adjustments have been made and the rest of the year will be wine and roses.

    1. I had been a pretty big skeptic of Altherr’s improvement this year. However while his K% picked up in AAA relative to AA it is still below previous years and his BB% is still higher than in previous years. He also has kept hitting for power which is very encouraging. I think I should stop being skeptical.

    1. Was at the game (see below) and maybe it was just compared to the Trenton SP (Micheal Pineda who was making a rehab start and threw the 1st 3 innings) but Martin looked like a minor leauger. I couldn’t find radar gun readings anywhere but it didn’t look like he was throwing particularly hard. I think, much like earlier in his career, the best chance for him to have success at the major league level is as a bullpen piece if his stuff can tick up in shorter stints.

  3. Was at the Reading game last night but went with my two boys (3 and 6) so I have no major scouting impressions but a few notes-

    Knapp was credited with throwing out 1 of 3 base runners but the runner that he threw out was clearly safe. That being said the jumps the runners got appeared to be very good so I’m not sure he had much of a chance. His arm seemed accurate but he certainly does not have a cannon.

    Nick Williams triple against Michael Pineda was in an AB where he fouled off three to four 2 strike pitches and then hit a bullet over the CF’s head. Definitely the best AB of the night by anyone in the Reading lineup.

    JP Crawford’s triple was on a lazy fly ball down the LF line. I couldn’t see the corner from our seats but I believe the LF dove, missed the ball and it rolled into the corner allowing Crawford to get to 3rd.

    One of Andrew Knapp’s outs was a line drive to CF. Probably the 2nd hardest ball Reading hit all night (after Williams triple).

    Harold Martinez didn’t exactly steal a base in the traditional sense. With 2 outs he was on 2B and took a large secondary lead and the C tried to pick him off with a throw behind him. Martinez immediately broke for 3rd on the throw and the ball sailed into CF and Martinez scored.

  4. I love jim reports. I was thinking maybe we could send him down to winter ball. and pay his way so he could give us prospect reports.

    1. Tell that to David…..that is what he continually posts.
      He could end up in LHV in May….but only if he slumps miserably in April 2016.
      But he starts in ST in CF and gets the benefit of the doubt through April.

        1. Agreed. Don’t look now but Herera could end the year over 300. He has something like 35 hits in 35 games. He’s not going back to LHV anytime soon

    2. The whole “Herrera will start next year in AAA” movement is my new “We could trade Matt Rizzotti to an AL team to DH”. It drives me nuts. Literally no rationale behind it at this point but that one guy posts it every day like its a fact.

      1. Not going to start another useless discussion because of people’s lack of reading comprehension but you need to realize that his BB/K rate is unsustainable at the MLB level.

        Season Monthly BB% K% BB/K AVG OBP SLG OPS ISO BABIP wRC wRAA wOBA wRC+
        2015 Mar/Apr 5.6 % 20.2 % 0.28 .301 .341 .422 .763 .120 .385 11 1.4 .331 111

        2015 May 3.0 % 29.0 % 0.10 .202 .235 .287 .522 .085 .281 5 -6.3 .231 41

        2015 Jun 2.0 % 26.5 % 0.08 .261 .271 .391 .662 .130 .333 4 -1.1 .283 78

        2015 Jul 1.4 % 19.2 % 0.07 .362 .389 .580 .969 .217 .434 14 6.0 .416 169

        2015 Aug 4.8 % 19.4 % 0.25 .339 .371 .492 .862 .153 .400 10 3.1 .374 140

        Note the BB/K avg.

        Despite the obvious improvement Herrera has a lot of work to do. He needs to drop the K rate more while maintaining and even improving his BB rate.

        Part of this may be due to a better lineup around him (Cesar and Franco) but we need to see how he finishes the season to know.

        If he continues to hit well and draws walks with the recent hit outage by the team then he is improving but a lot will depend on the next six weeks and Spring Training next season.

        1. Yep, thanks for all that again. I’ve read your reasoning 10 times.

          But you never explain why he can’t develop in the majors on hats going to be an under .500 team. Also who are all tear awesome OF that the Phillies are going to have next year that deserve major league ABs over Herrera.

          Actually you don’t have to answers these because I see above that you are now hedging your statements because your starting to realize they are pretty ridiculous.

          No harm, no foul since you are finally coming around

          1. You don’t get it my man. You keep repeating the BB% and K% stats. We all see that and we all agree they need to improve. Not sure how you come to the conclusion that I only read box scores but it’s not surprising that you are so wrong judging by your stance on Hererra and the fact that you keep doubling down on it.

            It is the ultimate irony that you call me a jackass when u literally ignore my counterpoint every single time. I can’t repeat it again just to be ignored so I’ll let you be the guy that calls someone else a name on a message board because you are making stupid statements repeatedly and don’t like the pushback you get from intelligent people. Have a good day man -and cheer up. You sound like a really unhappy person — on top of the fact that you are wrong about Herrera starting in AAA next year….

          2. Kris Bryant’s K% is off the charts high. Cubs will prob Amy start him in AAA next year. Even though he is otherwise succeeding. Aaron Nola’s k% and BB% are not where they need to be. I’d start him in AAA next year. Even though he is otherwise succeeding. Maikel Francos fielding metrics are a little disappointing. I’d give him a few months in AAA at the start of next season. Even though he is otherwise succeeding. Joc Pederson? Striking out way to much. Start him in AAA next year. Why? Just because I arbitrarily want to make a dumb point Without thinking it through and then double down on it 20 times

        2. In a nut shell….his BB rate will never exceed a low 5/6%…but his Krate has improved since the May/beginning of June plunge
          But his bat and ability to drive the ball….with tremendous lower trunk/torso strength is note-worthy.Not sure how many cheap doubles he has, but seems to get the gaps good.
          And, my goodness….his thighs and calfs are double the size everyone on the team except Howard’s or Rupps…so he gets good drive on the ball with that strong torque.

          1. David…I think his BB rate will not improve that much, even to 7%.
            Why….because anything close to the plate he will get his bat on the ball…defensive swinging
            He has the ability to get his bat on the ball close to the plate with two strikes against right hand pitchers….however lefties seem to eat him up. But I also like the fact he will go down third base against lefties outside pitches.

          2. I watch that stance and wonder how he hits. I just think there is too much movement and he has to commit earlier then he should. I am talking against lefthanders. maybe he doesn’t pick them up fast enough. The tale of how good he will become is ability to hit lefthanders and pitch selection.

    1. Bosserts BB% is disturbing, but I agree with the double bump since Grullon looks like he should be on the Tocci plan at Lakewood.

  5. Freshly back from vacation this past Saturday I had tickets at Trenton Saturday night and to my surprise Jake Thompson was on the hill. My seats were down the RF line so I couldn’t tell much from that POV but he sat 93-94 on his FB and his slider or whatever breaking pitch he had was 84-88.

    He went deep into that game and fairly efficient with his pitch count. Lots of ground ball outs very few balls hit hard. If there was a downside it was probably command but it seems all of his walks were erased by Knapp on a CS or a GB DP.

    Mora looks like the real deal not a star but maybe something just above what Hernandez is which has some value.

    With regard to J.P and the differences I saw with him from my earlier season views is impatience. He was chasing pitches more than I had ever seen him do before so I don’t know if he is struggling as much as he might be getting bored or hitting a wall. The one K he did have was a K looking and from my vantage it was outside based on the catcher moving his glove.

      1. No I was in Ocean City NJ for vacation but nice to return and have tickets to see the Fightin’s near by!

  6. I agree with the JP at Reading statement, but I fully expect him to be at LHV by mid-season. I do not understand the Altherr starting for the Phils next year. Let’s let him at least get called up and see what he does in September. Can anyone guarantee Brown gets moved? Or they give up on Asche this off-season. And, there is no way they demote Herrera for Altherr in CF unless Herrera stinks next April and May. They are not going to say he cannot sustain his #s, but rather let him go out and fail on the field. Not any knock, at all, on analytics, but my belief in the way the Phils will look at it

    1. If they do bring back Brown and Aschedrid do not make any significant OF signing | could see them going with a four outfielder with the hot bats getting more playing time

      A lot, I suppose, would depend on how Brown finishes the season. I think they give Asche at least half a season more but I think his ceiling is only.270/.320/.390 10-15 HR which doesn’t cut it in LF with poor defense.

    2. I think Altherr will get a look this season and in Spring Training, even if Brown is still around. He’ll get a chance to win a job, probably over Asche. Asche should probably start working some at 3B again to see if he can handle a utility role.

      And I agree about Hererra. The Phillies won’t demote a productive hitter just because advanced stats say it’s not sustainable.

      1. “…about Hererra. The Phillies won’t demote a productive hitter just because advanced stats say it’s not sustainable”


  7. Most impressive to me is Knapp throwing out 4 runners in last two games. If he gets that figured out it changes the landscape for Phillies.

  8. No one else wonders WTH Ethan Martin started in Reading last night? What is the rotation now? I hope he isn’t part of it for the rest of the year and it was a one-off thing.

    1. Lively and Klevin are both on the DL, so unless there’s a promotion from Clearwater he’s probably there to stay. Unless they decide to use Reiner Roibal instead.

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