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Box Score Recap – 8/30/2015

Lehigh Valley (61-75) held the Syracuse Chiefs to two hits and won 3-1.  Sean O’Sullivan pitched six innings of one-hit ball.  He gave up one run, walked five, and struck out eight. Colton Murray Murray struck out three in two, no-hit innings.  Dustin McGowan allowed one hit and picked up his 14th save.   Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/30/2015

Box Score Recap – 8/29/2015

GCL Phillies (36-24) closed out their season with a 5-0 victory over the GCL Blue Jays. Jorge Alfaro started as the designated hitter after playing the field in short, three-inning stints the previous two games.  He drove an RBI double deep into the left center field gap. Halfway to second base, he began limping, signalling to the bench, and pointing to his thigh.  He immediately walked off the field and was replaced with a pinch runner.  He did not appear to receive any treatment by the trainer and milled about for a couple innings. He even signed a few autographs before leaving with the trainer around the third inning.

Cornelius Randolph was not in the line up again.  He hasn’t been on the field since the seventh inning of Thursday’s game when he gave way to a defensive replacement in the bottom of the inning.  Randolph had tripled and scored on a sac fly before leaving the game.  I spoke with “C” as he and Reggie Wilson walked to the team bus.  He has been kept out of the line up as a precaution.  His shoulder was a little tender after the slide at the end of that triple.  He feels fine and will be ready for Instructs next month.

Wilson said he was signed to a 2016 contract because the Phillies had 10 outfielders at the Complex when he was drafted.  I would assume the same applied to Ben Pelletier. By the time they signed and the roster for Williamsport was set, there were still six outfielders in Clearwater (Alastre, Luis, Martelo, Pickett, Randolph, and Reyes) and not enough innings or at bats to go around. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/29/2015