Aaron Altherr Promoted to Philadelphia

Another piece of what may be the Phillies future was added to the roster today with the promotion of 24 year old OF Aaron Altherr from Lehigh Valley. Altherr was a 9th round pick in the 2009 draft.  It is the second trip to Philadelphia for Altherr, who was called up for a weekend last season as a stopgap resulting from injury.  While he is being added because of Maikel Franco being placed on the DL with a broken wrist, this is likely to be a stint that will result in significant playing time through the end of the season for Altherr as the Phils gauge his ability to play consistent major league baseball.

In 111 games between Reading and Lehigh Valley this year, Altherr is hitting .293/.367/.487 spanning 487 plate appearances.  He has an impressive 14HR 67RBI to go with 16SB.  Altherr can play all over the OF and is a plus defender, however played predominately in RF and CF this year in the minors.

Still only 24, with 2500+ minor league AB’s, ALtherr crushed left handed pitching in AAA, hitting at a .353 rate.  On of the primary criticisms of ALtherr in the passed was his free swinging, which is much improved this year with a solid 10%BB/17%K rate.

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    1. rocco….that is a lot. Of course Odubel had about 2600 PAs…but started a few years earlier then Aaron Altherr.

    1. I really hope Altherr does well too. I saw him in Reading the night after Quinn got injured and he really stood out. Moreso than Crawford even.

      You could really see the raw tools Altherr has and I really think he could keep improving. When he batted,it looked like he was really focused on getting the bat on the ball. What happens if he learns to really drive the ball? His powers numbers are already pretty good.

  1. Im seeing him as a better version of John Mayberry Jr. I hope he becomes a legit #4 OF. Right now I think there 18 open jobs on the 25 man roster so if he fills one of them thats great. I see Franco, Herrera, Hernandez, Nola, Giles, Galvis (bench), Rupp (back up).

  2. I’m gonna be a rooting for Altherr to stick as a regular. It will be interesting to see if the former “toolsy OF draft pick” can become the best player picked from the 2009 draft. Over Jon Singleton, Brodie Colvin and Kelly Dugan.

    1. I do not mind the “toolsy OF draft pick” when they are below 4th or 5th round, and Altherr in the 9th seems to be a good return. It is those 1st and 2nd round toolsy draft picks that do not make it, that are frustrating.

      1. All types of players don’t make it. You’ve just focused on toolsy OF types. It’s funny. While the Phillies were busy selecting Mitch Gueller in the 1st round of the 2012 draft, the Rangers selected toolsy OF, Nick Williams, in the 2nd round, who is the 2nd best player in our system. The Phillies should have chosen the toolsy OF in the 1st. Tool are good. “Toolsy OF types” is just code for issues.

        1. Phillies did seem to have their fair share that came up short in Golson, Hewitt, Collier, Hudson, Greene (not sure he is toolsy enough)…but in fairness drafting down low is a long-shot anyway.
          Quinn however could be an exception, if he can stay healthy for a full season of baseball.
          And yes…all types fail…that is the nature of the MLB draft.
          I remember a guy on here 3/4 years ago always saying Gueller should bat and not pitch ….and he was ridiculed every time he posted that comment

          1. Greene wasn’t a “Toolsy OF type”. He’s just African American. That’s why I laugh when I see the term thrown around. That’s what the term means now.

            1. Disagree with you on Greene….he was athletic enough to get a schloraship from Alabam to play football….he could run for guy his size, he could throw adequately, and he had the power BP bat….he just couldn/t hit a curveball.
              And yes Hudson was third rounder, ….but he also was considered athletic enough to get an offer from Chip Kelly and the Ducks. And Kelly was Pac-10 Coach of the Year,

            2. So of your list of “Toolsy 1st and 2nd round failures, “Golson, Hewitt, Collier, Hudson, Greene”: One (Greene)wasn’t “Toolsy” at all, One (Hudson) wasn’t drafted in the 1st two rounds and another one (Golson) made the major leagues. So what are you talking about? Two- three guys in the last 20 years. Just stop.

            3. I think people can misuse that phrase, but it’s not what it means and it should not be construed that way by anyone. Cord Sandberg is a “toolsy” outfield prospect, Larry Greeene, Jr. is not.

            4. catch…….everyone is entitle to their opinion.
              I really do not want t get in any discussion with VOR on the inference of ‘toolsy’ and African-American…that discussion can be had on Crashburn Alley with Bill Baer.
              Mike Trout was considered ‘toolsy’……Josh Hamilton was considered ‘toolsy’ 15 years ago.
              What it really amounts to is a young untested athlete with a great body, great speed and strength and lets see if he can finally hit a curve-ball.,

            5. You made the inference when you listed Golson, Hewitt, Collier, Hudson, Greene as ‘Toolsy 1st-2nd round busts’, when at least two of those players have nothing to do with that label. You did not include Travis Mattair or Kelly Dugan on the list of recent high round “Toolsy” busts. So I can only take it as an oversight based on unconscious prejudice or that you think that its a fundemental daft mistake to select Black HS OF’s in the 1st three (3) rounds.

            6. Romus, I think I was supporting your position; but I think the further we stay away from divisive issues on this site, the better. My view is that this site is intended to evaluate prospects entirely on their merits as players, regardless of their, race, background, nationality, religion and whatever else I missed.

          2. And Hudson was a 3rd round pick. 3rd-5th rounders miss more often than not. He’s no more bust than Travis Mattatir or Mitch Walding.

  3. If you can’t hit anything but a 2-0 fastball, looked great in a uniform, Marti Woelver drafted you with an early pick. Just another of several reasons why we see two INFs starting in our ML outfield.

  4. Good call Romus… I’ll be hoping Altherr gets a legitimate shot to show whether he’s ready or not and to prove he’s more than just a 4th outfielder.

  5. with the OF situation, what will happen with dom brown? he’s only signed through this year. what about ruf?

    herrera probably has an OF spot next year. if altherr does well the rest of the year and through spring, he could potentially secure a spot. then you have Asche possibly in a platoon.

    Longer term, there’s Quinn (a year away if he can stay healthy), and Nick williams a year or two away.

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