Box Score Recap – 8/9/2015

Clearwater (63-51) dropped the rubber game of their series with the Tampa Yankees 7-6.  David Whitehead (7-10, 4.48) was spotted an early 4-0 lead but was unable to maintain it.  He pitches four innings and allowed five runs on seven hits and three walks.  He struck out four.

Whitehead pitched to two batters in the fifth.  He walked both of them.  Alexis Rivero (5.25) came in to “put out the fire” (with gasoline I suppose).  First he made sure to throw a wild pitch to move both runners into scoring position.  After a pop up, he hit a batter to load the bases.  A ground out to first allowed one of the inherited runners to score.  He walked the bases loaded again before getting out of the inning.  So far, I fail to see what warranted his promotion from Lakewood.  Alberto Tirado (3.22) and Harold Guerrero (3.15) each pitched an inning, and each allowed a run.

The Threshers scored in the first inning on Dylan Cozens’ sacrifice fly.  They added three more in the second on a wild pitch and Jessie Valentin two-run double.  After they pitchers finished digging a three-run hole, the Threshers scored two runs in the ninth on a Carlos Tocci sac fly and a fielding error on a Rhys Hoskins batted ball.  They were still threatening with the bases loaded when the final out was recorded.

Valentin led off and went 3-4 with a run scored, double, walk, and two RBI.  Tocci (.280) went 2-4 with an RBI. Cozens (.278) went 1-4 with an RBI. Willians Astudillo (.322) went 3-4.  Brown stole his seventh base, Tocci was caught stealing for the seventh time.

Lehigh Valley (53-63) shutout the Columbus Clippers for the second consecutive day, 9-0. Jerad Eickhoff (2-0, 0.64) threw eight shutout innings.  He allowed five hits and a walk while striking out four.  Dustin McGowan (4.80) finished up with a two-hit ninth.

The IronPigs provided a lot of support with a 14-hit attack, seven walks, and a hit batter.  They didn’t score during the first three innings, but broke the game open with a seven run fourth that featured two of their three home runs.  Eight of the nine starters produced at least one hit, five ‘Pigs had multi-hit games.

Tyler Henson had the distinction of going hitless in all five of his at bats but did drive in a run.  Chase d’Arnaud (.283) went 2-5 with a HR (4), walk, and RBI.  Brian Bogusevic (.293) went 2-5.  Aaron Altherr (.292) went 2-5 with a HR (8) and 3 RBI.  Kelly Dugan (.243) went 1-4 with a HBP.  Erik Kratz went 3-3 with a HR (3), 2 walks, and 3 RBI.  Jordan Danks went 2-5 with a double.

Reading (64-50) beat the New Britain Rock Cats 4-1.  Jake Thompson (2-0, 1.29) pitched a seven, three-hit innings.  He allowed one run on a solo home run, walked three, struck out three, and picked off a base runner.  Jimmy Cordero (3.45) tossed a one-hit eighth.  Stephen Shackleford walked one batter, hit another, and struck out two while locking down his 24th save.

The Phils built up a 4-0 lead and their pitching made it stand up.  Four players were responsible for their nine hits and they hit two home runs.

Nick Williams (.444) went 2-4 with a triple.  J.P. Crawford (.251) went 1-4 with a double and RBI.  Andrew Knapp (.403) went 3-4 with with a HR (6) and RBI (40).  Harold Martinez (.311) went 3-3 with a HR (4) and RBI.

Lakewood (57-54) lost to the Hickory Crawdads 1-0.  The hard-luck loser was Tyler Viza (4-7, 3.53), who showed a lot of grit during his 3-17 campaign last season.  Viza pitched eight full innings, giving up just one run.  He allowed four hits, walked none, and struck out seven.  The run he was charged with scored on a double steal.

Viza retired the first six batters he faced.  He stranded a leadoff single in the third with two strike outs and a fly out.  A leadoff single and a one-out single put runners on the corners in the fourth.  Deivi Grullon gunned down the runner trying to steal second, but the eventual winning run crossed the plate before a return throw.  Viza retired the next ten batters before a leadoff triple in the eighth.  Viza responded with a strike out and two outs that didn’t leave the infield, stranding the runner at third.  He gave way to Matt Hockenberry (2.16) who pitched a perfect ninth.

The BlueClaws’ impotent attack consisted of five hits and four walks.  Chase Harris led the way from the leadoff position, going 2-3 with a walk.  Kyle Martin (.297) went 1-4 with a double.  Cord Sandberg (.258) went 1-4.  Joel Fisher went 1-3 with a double.  Herlis Rodriguez (.299) and Scott Kingery (.248) had the day off.  Damek Tomscha (.268), Jiandido Tromp, and Emmanuel Marrero chipped in with walks.

Williamsport (30-19) lost to the West Virginia Black Bears 2-1.  Alejandro Arteaga (2.90) allowed one run in 5.2 innings on 3 hits, one walk, and a hit batter.  He struck out one.  Arteaga tip-toed through a first inning where he walked a batter, watched C Gregori Rivero throw the runner out on a steal attempt, hit a batter, saw a succesful steal of second, and still escaped without allowing a run.  Arteaga retired 15 batters in a row into the sixth inning when he gave up the first of three successive two-out singles to end his no-no bid.

Jacob Waguespack (0.00, 7 appearances, 10.2 IP) entered the game with a run in and runners on first and second.  He stranded both runners but not before wild pitching them into scoring position.  J-Dub remained in the game to pitch a perfect seventh.  Kenny Koplove (1-2, 5.63) entered the tie game in the eighth.  He gave up a leadoff home run in the ninth and took the loss when the Cutters couldn’t convert a leadoff single in the bottom of the innng.

Zachary Coppola and Josh Tobias provided a first-inning run, but that one run didn’t hold up.  Coppola (.309) went 2-4.  Tobias (.319) returned to the line up and went 3-4 with a double and RBI.  Jesus Posso (.247) went 2-3 with a double and a walk.   Tobias stole his 5th base. Jan  Hernandez was picked off first but was able to execute a sacrifice bunt in the ninth.

GCL Phillies (26-13) No game scheduled.  First place in the Northwest Division, 1.0 game ahead of the 24-13 GCL Pirates.

DSL Phillies (33-27) No game scheduled.  Third place in the Boca Chica Northwest Division, 3.0 games behind the DSL Astros Blue.

VSL Phillies (30-40) Season completed.  Finished tied for third with the VSL Cubs in a four team league.  Their leading hitter was Enger Jimenez – .307, 36 R, 33 RBI, 15 SB.  He was second on the team with three HR.  Lenin Rodriguez led the team with four.  Sergio was probably their best pitcher – 4-2, 1.33, 74.2 IP, 50 H, 14 BB, 59 K, 0.86 WHIP.

Here’s the affiliated scoreboard from MiLB.

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28 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/9/2015

  1. I know Asher and eckhart were not the top guys in the hamels deal, but both guys could be in the rotation next April and I really wouldn’t mind.

    1. i’ve watched both of Eickhoff’s starts and he’s been impressive so far. I wonder if they give him a look next month.

  2. Knapp is on fire so is Ultey! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That felt good .. the new pitchers are doing very well.

    1. Knapp has 40 RBIs in 34 games and a triple slash of .403/.446/.694. He’s out of his mind and that’s a good thing.

      1. Knapp’s stats have been amazing. How much longer until we can’t call it a small sample? I know someone will rain on his parade giving us his BABIP and other stats that will downgrade him, but the guy is straight up raking for a very extended period of time now. Since we criticized him for not showing enough power, he’s started to hit HR’s too. If only he could catch…

  3. Eickhoff, Chapman, viza, arteaga nice lines..

    With a staff including eickoff, Chapman, Nola , Morgan , Asher, there would be ALOT OF MONEY freed up for free agents..

    The knappster power surge continues
    Nick Williams, Knapp, Tobias altherr continues to rake…
    Tobias and kingery need to switch teams…


      1. His age isn’t really important right now since he was just drafted. His defense would be a bigger concern and possibly so is his approach which seems pretty aggressive from the numbers. I’m not sure if his poor defense is due to a lack of tools needed to play there or just inexperience, since he mostly played 3B in college.

        1. It’s a new position for him, he said he hasn’t played it extensively since high school. But he’s athletic, has soft hands, good thrower and his footwork around the bag is getting much better. He’s got a ways to go, but he’s by no means a bad defensive player.

          Offensively he’s got a patiently aggressive approach if that makes sense. He likes to go after the first pitch, but if he doesn’t put it in play he’ll very often push the at-bat to five or six pitches. He consistently has the best at-bats on the team and has a very good strike zone awareness.

          Truth be to he should be in Lakewood, but is here because of Kingery. It’ll be interesting to see how they advance the two come next spring, because I would normally say Tobias needs to start in Clearwater, but that probably won’t happen because of Kingery.

          1. Any chance Kingery goes to Reading to begin next year? It would be aggressive, but the reports after the draft suggested his bat is advanced enough to handle AA.

          2. Thanks, Mitch. That’s good to hear. I’ll keep an eye on Tobias next year to see what he does in full season ball. Whether he starts in Lakewood or Clearwater, he’ll need to keep hitting to stay on the radar.

  4. Hamels trade looking good so far … Neither Eickhoff nor Thompson with a lot of swing-and-miss, but they’re more than getting the job done. As for Williams … there’s a lot of XBH in that bat. Gotta love it!

    As he approaches 150 PA, Knapp’s AA OPS is fast approaching the price of a two-pretzel combo at Wawa (1.140 vs. $1.19). He’s got to come back to Earth soon, right? Right?

    1. Reading has 28 games left on their schedule…excluding playoffs…..Knapp , if healthy and with some rest between their truncated August schedule, could get another 125/140 PAs before their play-offs. It will be interesting to see how he does down the stretch…hopefully he gets some days off from behind the plate.

  5. Who is this Harold Martinez guy? Is he finally living up to the potential of the 2nd round pick?!?!?

    1. No. He’s a 25 year old beating up on younger competition b/c we have no one else to play 3B in Reading.

  6. I went to the Lakewood game yesterday. A few thoughts:
    – I like the growth that Viza has shown (as I saw him last year too). He looks more like a pitcher and snapped off some nice curve balls. But his velo remains a concern. He sat 88-90 and T92.
    – I was jacked up to see Cord. But he did not look great in his ABs. One particular AB he swung and missed badly at 3 straight curve balls. Wasn’t close at all in any of those pitches. Didn’t seem to learn either as the pitcher threw the same pitch 3 times in a row.
    – Martin looks like a different hitter vs. LHP than he does vs. RHP. He had some bad ABs vs LHP and killed the ball against the RHP reliever in the 9th. IMO, his poor LHP splits are real and a concern. Not just SSS.
    – Kingery didn’t do much in his one AB as a pinch hitter, but he made one awesome play at defense. It was a slow roller to him. He charged it, jumped in the air and fired a lazer to first base. The throw made me say “wow.” I didn’t realize he had such a cannon of an arm. And he showed great athleticism charging and making the play.

  7. JohnVegas…so let me get this straight, the Phillies wasted their valuable 9th round draft pick on a non prospect who now happens to be hitting as well as he did in college? I see. One question for you..have you even seen him play? Did Almaraz call you and tell you to forget everything you are reading about Tobias, he is a non prospect.

    Forget that he is doing everything necessary to move up the ladder, hits well, made the All-Star team, plays multiple positions and was actually one of the higher rated Baseball America prospect drafted by the Phillies.

    But I will now ignore his numbers and progress because I have been assured he is not a prospect. I sure hope he hasn’t heard that yet. Sheeeeesh, that was probably what many were saying about 20th round pick, Ryne Sandberg, when the Phils included him in the Bowa for Dejesus deal back in 1982. Forget Sandberg, he is no prospect, too old.

    Tell that to the baseball HOF. Not suggesting that Tobias is anything of the Sandberg sort, only that I would suggest we celebrate success on the field rather than inane comments on phan web sites.

    1. “the Phillies wasted their valuable 9th round draft pick on a non prospect”

      Tobias is a college senior who got $10k against a slot of $150k, meaning selecting Tobias over a slot-value player gave them $140k to use elsewhere. That’s the value in the pick- if he happens to hit, that’s great, but the goal was paying somebody else. They did the same thing in 2013 with Prosinski/Martin/Parr, saving money for Sandberg/Keys/Viza (none of the first three has continued playing this year). Then they repeated it in 2014 with Hockenberry/Shortall, saving money for McWilliams/Oliver/Brown (Shortall hasn’t played and Hockenberry is relieving in Lakewood). Basically every team drafts non-prospect seniors to manipulate their pool money.

      That $140k they cleared with Tobias could have covered some/all of the overage on Falter (got $420k against $373k slot), Pickett ($350k against $174k slot), or another signee whose bonus we don’t know (the non-seniors whose signing bonuses are unknown include Fanti, Pelletier, Cabral, Bosheers, and Stubblefield).

      1. actually, it was round 10. i liked the Tobias pick for both the low dollars spent and see a possible solid bench guy who can play third and second.
        for me the 1 thing that bugs me about the phils draft was going Kingery/Lucas Williams in rounds 2/3 and paying slot for both. Kingery is a nice player who will be a big leaguer but in a rebuild would have liked to see them shoot higher with another arm or young outfielder with power potential- pick after Lucas Williams was Blake Trahan who was rated similarly to Kingery and can play ss/2b.

  8. Encarnacion 5-5 today, with multi-hit games for Randolph, Arauz and Gamboa. In past years, a GCL team hitting the way this group has would have had this site buzzing. It’s a real testament to the talent/production in the upper levels that they’ve been relegated to the back burner!

    1. Dang that Ruben…when he puts his mind to rebuilding something there is no stopping him!…..a farm system that was near dead 14 months ago…now thrives on excellence. In four months from now…what gem will he pluck out of the next Rule 5!

    1. yes that would be great if they can get another young player..Astros could have a few worthwhile left unprotected

  9. Time to move up Tommy Joseph somewhere. What he’s doing in the GCL is bordering on child abuse. Speaking of children, nice to see Arauz back in the line-up. Heading to CW in one week for some Phuture Phils action. Too bad all the new guys arrived after my trip to Reading/LV.

  10. I was at the Lakewood game yesterday too. Definitely a pitchers duel. Viza pitched very well. Sandberg disappointed me a bit. I was hoping to see more. Martin made a couple nice defensive plays at first to save his fellow infielders. Both teams looked tired from playing 18 innings on Saturday.

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