Box Score Recap – 8/7/2015

Lehigh Valley (51-63) lost to the Columbus Clippers 4-2.  Jesse Biddle (2-2, 4.88) gave up all 4 Clippers’ runs in five innings.  He gave up 9 hits but only walked one and struck out five. Colton Murray and Nefi Ogando one-hit the Clippers over the final three innings.

The IronPigs managed 5 hits all night.  Brian Bogusevic got their last hit, a double, with 2 out in the eighth.  Former major leaguer,Carlos Marmol, came in and struck out Altherr, Dugan, McGuinness, and Moore for the final 4 outs to end the game.

Aaron Altherr (.293) went 0-3 with a  BB.  Kelly Dugan (.222) went 0-4.  Brian Bogusevic (.291) went 2-3 with a double, HR (8), and RBI.

Reading (62-50) beat the New Britain Rock Cats 4-3 in a 10-inning walkoff.  They tied the game with 3 runs in the bottom of the eighth.  Nick Pivetta allowed 2 runs in 5 innings in his second start.  He gave up 4 hits and 4 walks.  He struck out seven.  Ryan O’Sullivan (1.63) pitched 2 shutout innings in relief.  Jimmy Cordero gave up a run in his one inning.  And, Stephen Shackleford (4-1, 2.68) pitched 2 innings for the win.

Nick Williams (.389) went 0-5 with 3 K.  J.P. Crawford (2.55) went 0-4 with 2 K.  After the second K, Crawford and Manager Dusty Wathan were ejected.  Cam Perkins (.264) went 2-4 with a BB.  Brock Stassi (.305) went 2-5 with a double.  Andrew Knapp (.384) saw his average drop when he only went 1-3.  The Knappster scored 2 runs, tripled, walked twice, and had 2 RBI.  The Phils drew 8 walks – in addition to Knapp (2) and Perkins, Angelo Mora drew 3 and Brodie Greene drew two.

Clearwater (62-49) Postponed.  Double header Saturday.  Yacksel Rios will pitch game one at 3:30PM.  David Whitehead will pitch game two.  The games will be at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

Malquin Canelo (.238).  Aaron Brown (.243).  Andrew Pullin (.254).  Rhys Hoskins (.303).  Dylan Cozens (.277).  Willians Astudillo (.313).

Lakewood (56-53) beat the Hickory Crawdads 2-1.  Shane Watson (3.64) allowed one earned run in six innings on 5 hits and 1 walk.  He struck out eight, but didn’t get the win.  Calvin Rayburn (4-1, 2.92) pitched one hit ball for two innings and picked up the win.  Matt Hockenberry (2.21) notched his 13th save.  The game ended on a strike-em-out throw-em-out double play.

Damek Tomscha (.265) went 2-3 with a triple and scored both BlueClaws’ runs.  Emmanuel Marrero went 1-2 with a walk and had the team’s only RBI.  Herlis Rodriguez (.299) went 1-4.  Scott Kingery (.244) went 0-4.  Kyle Martin (.297) went 0-4.  Cord Sandberg (.260) went 1-3.  C Deivi Grullon suffered his 12th passed ball of the season.

Williamsport (30-17) beat the Auburn Doubledays 7-3.  Tyler Gilbert (2-2, 2.33) struck out 7 in 5 innings.  He gave up 1 ER on 7 hits and a walk.

Zachary Coppola (.308) went 2-6.  Mark Laird (.301) went 1-4 with a BB and an RBI.  Josh Tobias (.307) went 1-5.  Jose Pujols (.269) went 0-2 with 3 BB.  Venn Biter went 2-3 with a BB and RBI.  C Gregori Rivero tripled.  Luis Espiritu went 2-4 with a double, BB, and 2 RBI.  William Cuicas went 3-3 with a double, 2 BB, and 2 RBI.

GCL Phillies (25-13) beat the GCL Blue Jays 7-2.  Felix Paulino (4-2, 2.32) pitched well again.  He threw a 2-hit shutout for five innings and struck out nine.  Ismael Cabrera (0.87, 7 appearances, 10.1 innings, 2 BB, 10 K) picked up a strike out in his one perfect inning.

Tommy Joseph started at first and went 3-4 with a double, HR (2), and 2 RBI.  Jose Antequera (.287) went 1-4 with an RBI.  Cornelius Randolph (.269) went 1-4 with 2 runs scored.  Lucas Williams (.323) 0-4.    Edgar Cabral went 1-4 with 2 RBI.

DSL Phillies (32-27) lost to the DSL Astros Blue 7-3.  Enmanuel Garcia went 3-4 with a double.

VSL Phillies (30-40) beat the VSL Tigers 7-3.  Everybody hits!  All 9 players had at least one hit in the Phillies 16 hit attack.  Jesus Henrique had 3 hits.  Juan Avila, Enger Jimenez, Rafael Gamboa, Malvin Matos, and Damasco Gonzalez had 2 hits each.  With one game remaining on their schedule, Enger Jimenez (.307; 81/264) looks like he will close the season as the team’s only .300 hitter.

Here’s the affiliated scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Clearwater Threshers placed LHP Brandon Leibrandt on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to August 6, 2015.  Yacksel Rios is moving into the rotation.
  • Philadelphia Phillies activated 2B Chase Utley from the 15-day disabled list.
  • Philadelphia Phillies selected the contract of LHP Adam Loewen from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • OF John Mayberry Jr. assigned to Charlotte Knights.  White Sox affiliate.  His MiLB search returns him in his Phillies’ cap.
  • Boomer Collins assigned to Dunedin Blue Jays from Lansing Lugnuts.  Boomer.  There’s a name.
  • Oh, and Domonic Brown threw out a runner at home plate, AND hit a home run.  In fact, Brown, Howard, and Asche each hit a solo HR off “Big Game” James Shields.  I guess an August series against the Phillies doesn’t qualify as a big game.  Cameron Rupp hit a solo shot in the 12th for the 4-3 win.  Why am I mentioning this here?  The Phillies are now tied with the Marlins in the race for the #1 pick.  WTF!?!

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  1. Knapp…… a triple and 2 bbs…

    Nice outings by Tyler Gilbert, Watson, paulino.

    Time to make the big club switch to a propeller plane and turn off the hot water

  2. Hopefully Shane Watson returns to form and keeps putting up good lines.
    Adding him to the mix of young arms can only be a plus.

  3. Phillies nexy=t 8 games are against the padres, D-Backs and Brewers……there goes the number one pick.
    And is this Dom Brown’s May ’13 all over again…..just before his 2016 arbitrary eligible year…Scott Boras must have given him some batting tips.

    1. Wrong place for this, but I’ll bite:

      Dom Brown since the ASB: .317/.338/.556, .238 ISO.

      1.5% BB rate.

      And in May 2013: .303/.303/.688, .385 ISO.

      0% BB rate.

      Dom’s approach and ability to draw walks was always a major factor in his rise as a prospect, as was well documented on here when he was known as “Dominic”. But it seems like his best stretches in the bigs come when he’s being more aggressive at the plate. I always expected him to develop into a player whose calling cards were OBP and XBH, but maybe we should start looking at him as more of a “three true outcomes” type. It seems to be where he’s had the most success.

      1. So do you keep him, presuming he maintains this current pace, or let him go in an off-season trade?

        1. I see no reason to trade him if he keeps doing what he’s doing. He has two arb years left, and they aren’t going to be big $$. You’ve invested this much time in him … why let him go on the outside chance that he blossoms into a competent RF with 25+ HR potential? It’s not like he’s blocking anybody (sorry, Kelly Dugan).

          1. Although Attherr could be utilized in RF at some point, especially if they plan on keeping Herrera in CF until Quinn or Tocci come up.
            I assume, Asche , appears to be getting another year in LF to see if he ups his bat.

            1. Why in God’s name would you assume Asche gets another year to see if he ups his bat? His bat is what it is – poor. We’ve seen enough and next year Altherr will be playing.

        2. For sure you keep him unless somebody wows you with a crazy offer. He’s still under control for 2 more years and it’s likely next year, he won’t make more than $7M.

    2. Romus (and others) – do we really want to win the race for the number one pick? I don’t. What if the Phils continue playing better ball under Mackanin with the youth movement and end up, say, 74-88? That will mean guys like Hernandez, Brown, Herrera, maybe Asche and Rupp are cementing their futures here (with Altherr and then N. Williams and Crawford waiting in the wings). And the same on the pitching side with the new bullpen pieces and maybe Morgan and even Buchanan if he recovers his 2014 form (and Eickhoff knocking on the door).

      They have built enough depth in their system that I think it’s more important to continue this success for the rest of the season and maybe end up with a #5 or 6 pick.

      1. I personally would like a top three pick or better… get that dominant arm…be it college or prep ranks…but prefer college due to proximity.
        But understand the rational of finishing on a good streak for morale and confidence building with the youngins.
        But have to remember… is not the padres, D-Backs, Brewers or Marlins that will block their success to the playoffs down the road in 2/3 years….but the Mets, Nats, cards, Giants, LAD, Pirates and Cubbies. So you have to position yourself to compete with them with the requisite talents and skill level…..and an ‘ace’ pitcher may get you to that level.
        Have to assume Nola as a 2, based on the pundits predictions, and Eflin/Thompson as the 3/4 mix, and a grocery store list of pitchers roght now exists in their system as the 5….but the ‘one’ needs to be resolved at some point

        1. We all would like a top pick, but it’s not like the vets are getting it done, it’s the young kids. They are progressing enough to win some games. And for that, I don’t have a problem with.

          1. ” it’s not like the vets are getting it done” Oh? How about Howard. 1 RBI a game since the break, .865 OPS. .286 BA. And if he keeps it up for another 10 days – 2 weeks some AL team is likely to try to pick him up. (I don’t think anybody would claim him off waivers,since they would have to eat his entire salary). Is Ruff likely to produce at that rate?

            1. What are we talking about, 1 guy? Howard is not the sole reason why the Phillies are winning. It’s Cesar, Maikel, Odubel, Nola, Giles, Rupp.

            2. Francoeur, Blanco, Ultey the last 2 games. Yesterday Comcast put the starters stats up since the all star break, they were very good. The bullpen had a Era of 2.03 . Galvis and Hernandez are not kids there 25 yrs old and been up with the phillies for 3 yrs. Herrera and Franco your right are the real talent their both 22 yr old rookies . although Galvis glove Is a plus, Herrera keeps getting better he has that power , speed going on. The teams that are in the playoff hunt will play alot better . Williams, Harang, Buchanan are the key if there can play better I don’t think so but who knows .

      2. it would be short sighted to think Phillies have solved talent issues. What this winning streak shows was that coaching change was needed. The cold reality is Phillies have maybe 3 legit starters on field and 1 legit starting pitcher. That sounds like team who needs #1 pick.

        1. That number one pick though….

          The pick has signed for a significant discount to slot every year for the past few years. I am not sure if I want to make that decision because it comes down to signability rather than talent.

          1. Which makes the pick all that more valuable. You get a great player and 2 great high school kids to go with him with the savings.

      3. The winning streak shows that the team was better than many people gave them credit for at the start of the season.

        Sandberg was a horrible manager.

        Nobody was cemented their future, just bought another year.

        At the beginning of the year I never thought this team was as bad as advertised but man I never expected Sandberg to be that bad.

        1. David lets be real, they still stink. Right now they are playing bad teams like themselves and winning some meaning less games. Pls don’t over react. You see anything special. they have franco. giles. nola. and then a ton of maybes. Herrera? Herdanez. are maybes. ruiz is done. there outfield has very little power and below average fielders. De fratus is terrible. bucanan should be pitching in the frontier league. morgan is okay at best. then you have my favorite Williams. harang, so step back and tell us how great they are? They beat the braves who have give up and you can see it by there trading everyone they can. padres terrible team. reds they stink.

          1. Roccom, I don’t call the Cubs, Blue Jays and the Dodgers bad teams that they really competed with. No one is saying they are great but they are playing well, enjoying themselves and playing within their limits especially their pitching. At this rate I think Pete MacKanin will be back as the manager.

        2. It is possible, maybe even probable that Sandberg was the major reason the Phillies started off so poorly, though maybe it is also possible that Mackanin, whose teams appeared to have ALWAYS done pretty well is a positive force rather than Sandberg being a 300lb anchor. But Sandberg appeared to do phenominally well as a minor league manager, first in the Cubs system and most recently if I recall correctly bringing LV to a 1st place finish. Maybe that was just year after year of incredible good luck.

            1. Other way some around of the younger players and pitcher’s stop listening to Sandberg. Larry Bowa said that. The starting pitching would cost many coaches their jobs . That what needs improvement the most some pitchers that can pitch into the 7 th ing.

            1. The younger players , I can only assume, tended to listen to the established veteran players.
              What put the nail in the coffin was not bringing in Frenchy to pitch in relief in the blow-out…..BUT leaving him in there too long until it was too embarrassing and disgraceful for the team and baseball.

            2. Bringing Frenchy in when he did and then try to call the bullpen was an insult to the bullpen. If you are pitching a position player you throw in the towel.

              You don’t call the bullpen and ask them to mop up for a position player. That is insulting the bullpen and the pitching staff.

              There was that incident, the daily lineup cards, leaving pitchers in far too long. Part of it was Sandberg just showing no baseball intelligence whatsoever.

              Mackanin has a better feel for the roster and understands the limitations. The odd part is he does not want to be a manager full time.

              I would offer him a two-year contract based on his work so far and see if he takes it.

            3. The O’s were winning something like 16-0 at the time….why waste a bullpen arm….most mangers bring in position players…Maddon brought in Ross vs the Phillies three weeks ago.
              Sandberg brought Frenchy in same way….aAnd he let him pitch two innings and almost 50 pitches.
              He brought him in the 7th inning in Baltimore, so the game was about over then.
              The 8th inning was the killer.

            4. It was going from bullpen to position guy and then back to bullpen. Once you call the position guy in the game is over, you wave the white flag. You don’t call the bullpen to mop up for a position guy when like you said they are trying to conserve the bullpen arms.

              That whole decision was just mind-boggling bad.

            5. But actually……Frenchy finished the game anyway….no one was brought in from the bullpen , though Chase voiced his opinion about it.

      4. High draft picks this year and hopefully next are essential to the rebuild. Also, don’t forget the importance of the international $ slot that comes with the no. 1 pick.

      5. Getting to 74-88 would require that they go 31-21 the rest of the way, a winning percentage better than all teams but the Cardinals now have. It ain’t happening. I would be content if they can get to 63-99 (which is what their current record would project to if carried out to the end of the season)

  4. For full disclosure – Dom hit a homer and threw a guy out at the plate AND dropped a two out fly ball against the wall that was ruled a triple and allowed two runs to score. A break even night for him.
    The Clearwater game was postponed, not because of rain or a wet field, but because of something beyond the stadium that obstructed the batter’so view in CF. that’s a new one!

    1. saw a headline on yahoo earlier but didnt realize it involved was a colorful circus tent beyond the centerfield fence

    2. I was enjoying good weather in Hudson in the afternoon. It DID rain in the Clearwater area during the afternoon, but I was surprised when I saw the game was cancelled. The “official” term MiLB used was – “Postponed, Venue”. The cricus tent report clarifies that. Glad I didn’t drive over for the game. It just started pouring here today. That could put the 3:30 start at risk. I’ll probably pass on going to today’s game, too.

      1. Maybe try him at second base in the instructs…..a switch-hitting 2nd baseman with legit gap power….César however has been holding his own lately.
        But his catching still can come around. His arm is just coming around this season from the Oct ’13 TJ surgery

        1. Dusty Wathan the Reading Manager and former MLB catcher has said that Knapp has made good progress behind the plate this year. If he gets to be average or above average defensively we have a very good player for our next starting catcher in Philadelphia.

          1. Alfaro and Knapp could be a good battle.
            Alfaro though can play a corner OF position from what they say.

  5. crap, just noticed Jeff Hoffman was pitching against Reading- would have liked to have seen that- he gave up 1 hit and struck out 5 in 5 innings.

  6. Does Utley hurt the chemistry of the lineup???

    The majority of this hot streak has been with Herrera, Hernandez and Franco hitting 123 in order and all feeding off each other…
    Dom has been hot ever since Sandberg left and Mac told him to be more aggressive at the plate…

    Tyler Gilbert bb/k ratio. 1/9 per 9 inn.

  7. Saw R-Phils. Hoffman was as advertised, had the Fightins swinging weakly.

    Pivetta walked all 4 in a ridiculously long top of the first. He really settled down after that, and was hitting 95 on the stadium gun.

    Williams and Crawford had rough nights, JP could get suspended for bumping the ump. His ejection seemed to fire up the team. Knapp definitely showed his Gap power, but his receiving is not above reproach. His pass ball let run in during first inning. His hitting is major league, but his catching not so much.

    Cordero hit 100 a number of times. Props to Stassi for his “Regulate” walk up music, and Perkins for his Hall and Oates entrance music.

    1. I saw some of the Reading game. The biggest news is that Pivetta has a big big arm. Possible top of the rotation potential. There aren’t many guys in the system that have his upside. He needs work on command and needs to develop his breaking pitches and 4 seam fb – but the arm is there. No doubt about it.

    2. I was at the reading game as well … Pivetta was getting squeezed in the 191st … Ump wasn’t giving the outside part of the plate. He looked good … Even touched 97 on what had to be a very hot radar gun.

      FWIW Ruben was there, along with Dallas Green and Dickie Noles.

      1. I was watching on TV – I’m not sure the gun was that hot. Normally, when I watch on TV I need a radar reading to give me a good idea how hard a guy is throwing. But with guys throwing pure smoke, you don’t need the gun to know they are running it up there in a hurry. It was blatantly obvious that Pivetta was throwing exceptionally hard.

  8. I have a feeling that Jerome Williams , Aaron Harang, and David Buchanan will not let our grip on the worst record vanish under their watch. They have shown some signs of life in the 2nd half . Now let’s get on with the business at hand-getting the # 1 pick

  9. Prospect related question: in light of Domonic’s recent hot streak ( I am now referring to him as
    Domonic- he stinks when we call him Dom), does Altherr platoon with Cody in left in Sept?
    I am assuming that they will continue to play Herrara in center pretty much every day.

  10. I think that they are doing the right thing letting Altherr finish the season in Lehigh; let him have the satisfaction of successfully completing a season as a regular at AAA and then call him up to play when the IL season is over. The more ABs he gets, the better it will be for him in the long run

  11. this team certainly has a losing streak in them to get them back to the #1 spot, though its been nice, and good for the players, to get some confidence from this hot streak.
    i dont see them catching any of the AL teams, so worst case the 5th pick.

    Reds are starting all rookie pitchers, but keeping Bruce and Chapman, with Frazier and Votto should allow them and 8 ahead in loss column should keep phils from catching them.
    Rockies probably have enough to stay head, so they would be in top 3 with marlins and brewers.

  12. Sandberg did a very poor job, but having your 2B, and I love Utley, hit .179 and bat mostly 3rd did not help much. I think Mackanin has done a really good job, but I still want a new manager and even if RAJ keeps his job, I want a meaningful analytics based Asst. GM to be brought in, who will have significant say going forward.

    1. How ironic…..Sandberg stuck with Chase all thru May/June during the worst stretch in his career..then on June 16th it all blows up, with a little assistance from Chase, and Sandberg decides on Thursday night the 26th he is stepping down the next day.
      Then once Sandberg resigns on the 27th, Chase goes on the DL with the ankle issue shortly thereafter.
      And then Cesar steps up.
      Pretty good script.

    2. I see very little chance that McPhail keeps Ruben. When new management takes over it is common to bring in people that management team is simpatico with – and there is much less stigma on the person who gets canned. (OK, I know that for Amaro it’s “non-renewal of contract,” but it’s the same as being fired.)

      1. This is what I said at the beginning of the season. They will just let the contract run out and then McPhail will take over with a clean slate.

        Amaro may stay around in some capacity due to his contacts but there will be a new GM next season.

        LIke I said, I hope they stay the course which seems to be the consensus opinion.

        There is a lot on the farm system to like and in two years we will have a good idea with respect to where the holes lie on the roster.

        1. Looking back, RAJ will end up with the same legacy as Ed Wade – some bad moves but then putting together at least some of the pieces that resulted the next run of post-season appearances. I’m not really defending him – he put the team in a much deeper hole than it should have been.

        2. “This is what I said at the beginning of the season. They will just let the contract run out and then McPhail will take over with a clean slate”

          Pretty good crystal ball. MacPhail’s hiring wasn’t announced until June 29.

    1. rocco…what I said was….Lane Johnson said Sam Bradford is one of the best arms he has seen around here since i have been heree….but what he did not say was…..Sam and I were teammates a good friends together on the Sooners for a few years!

  13. It still remains to be seen if there is a clean slate for MacPhail. If Dallas Green is still Advisor or Consultant to the President, or whatever he is, and Pat Gillick is still part of the equation, then there is really not that clean of a slate.

  14. Not to get too caught up in VSL stats, but Lenin Rodriguez is having a very intriguing statistical season. He’s a 17 year old catcher who’s drawing walks, doesn’t strike out and leads the team in home runs (4). BA described him as an offensive-oriented player last year and he’s not disappointing in that regard.

    Shout out to Malvin Matos who’s also doing well in his first year.

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