Box Score Recap – 8/6/2015

Clearwater (62-49) won a pitchers’ duel against the Lakeland Flying Tigers 4-0.  Matt Imhof made due with the one run he was provided in the fourth inning until he turned the game over to Jessen Therrien for two innings.  When Ulises Joaquin took over in the ninth, the Threshers had broken the game open with a 3-run eighth.  The win, coupled with Daytona’s loss, pushed Clearwater back into first place in the second half. 

The enigma that is Matt Imhof confounded the Tigers for six innings.  Of the 60 pitches that were measured by the stadium radar gun, 54 were fastballs.  most fell into the 87-89 range.  Four came in at 86, and SIX were measured at 90.  Imhof threw 79 total pitches, 49 were strikes.  He struck out a season high 7 batters, 6 went down swinging.  Five of those were on fastballs.

Imhof was victimized in the first by a fielding error behind him.  He didn’t let it bother him and recorded the third out by striking out the clean up batter on a 90 mph fastball.  Imhof breezed though the second with two strike outs.  He issued a leadoff walk in the third but got out of the inning with his fifth strike out and a fly ball after the Tigers sacrificed the runner over to second.

Imhof gave up his first hit to leadoff the fourth.  It was an infield hit that Walding fielded behind the bag but couldn’t get enough on the throw from foul territory to get the batter at first.  Imhof eased out of that with a pop up and a double play.  The Tigers got their second runner into scoring position in the fifth with a one out line drive single to left and a two out bloop single to right.  But Imhof struck out Jiwan James for his 6th K to end the threat.  Imhof issued a one-out walk in the sixth, but once again tamed the Tigers.  He puctuated this final out of his night with another 90 mph fastball for his season high 7th K.

Tiger’s pitcher Brennan Smith kept the Threshers in check for most of his seven innings.  Malquin Canelo opened with an infield single to the shortstop, but the Threshers went quietly from then on until the fourth.  Their only other base runner was Derek Campbell who was HBP in the third.

Andrew Pullin opened the fourth with a fly ball into the LCF gap.  Rhys Hoskins followed with a ground single to left.  The fielder missed the scoop and Pullin was able to score.  One out later Willians Astudillo grounded a single to right.  Two ground balls to the first baseman ended the hope of adding an additional run.  Imhof and Therrien made the single run hold up as the offense was held to Campbell’s second HBP in the fifth and Mitch Walding’s double of the top of the LF wall in the seventh.

Aaron Brown opened the eighth with a line single to right, and the Tigers decided to pull their starter.  Pullin sacrificed Brown to second, and the Tigers chose to intentionally walk Hoskins.  Dylan defeated the strategy with a ground single to right that scored Brown and allowed Hoskins to take third.  Willians Astudillo executed a textbook hit-and-run scoring Hoskins and sending Cozens to third.  Chace Numata drove in the final run with a sac fly.

Malquin Canelo (.238)  went 1-4.  Aaron Brown (.243) went 1-3 with a BB.  Andrew Pullin (.254) went 1-3 with a double.  Rhys Hoskins (.303) went 1-3 with a BB.  Dylan Cozens (.277) went 1-4 with an RBI (37).  Willians Astudillo (.313) went 2-4 with an RBI (47).

Lehigh Valley (51-62) lost to the Toledo Mud Hens 1-0.  Anthony Vasquez (7-4, 3.87) was the hard luck loser.  He pitched a complete game, going eight innings.  He gave up the lone run on 4 hits and 2 walks while striking out nine.  The IronPigs managed only 4 hits and 2 walks of their own.  With the stellar pitching performances, the game was completed in a paltry 2 hours and 2 minutes.

Aaron Altherr (.299) went 0-4.  Kelly Dugan (.261) went 1-3.  Brian Bogusevic (.288) went 1-4 with a double.  Gabriel Lino and KC Serna had the other two hits.  Erik Kratz had both walks.  Dugan threw a runner out at home.

Reading (61-50) beat the Trenton Thunder 8-1.  Joely Rodriguez (4-2, 5.01) threw  a one-hitter for his five innings, walking none, and striking out four.  Hoby Milner struck out 3 in his two innings, but gave up the Thunder’s only run on 3 hits.  Tom Windle pitched a shutout eighth, and Ethan Martin threw a perfect ninth.  The offense kicked in with a 13-hit, 3 walk attack.

Nick Williams struggled and went 1-4 with 2 runs scored, a double, and a walk.  He watched his average plummet to .538.  J.P. Crawford (.259) came alive and went 3-5 with a double and 4 RBI.  Andrew Knapp (.385) continued to rake and went 3-4 BB and RBI (34).  Destin Hood (.303) went 1-4 with 2 RBI (36).  Harold Martinez (.308) went 2-4 with a double.  Crawford commited his 13th error, 19th across two levels.

Lakewood (55-53) lost to the Hickory Crawdads 3-2.  Elniery Garcia (6-9, 3.23) gave up 3 runs on 5 hits and 3 walks in 6.0 innings.  Jairo Munoz struck out 3 in two innings.  Herlis Rodriguez (.299) went 2-3 with a double and RBI.  Scott Kingery (.255) went 1-4.  Kyle Martin (.305) went 0-4.  Cord Sandberg (.260) went 2-4.  Emmanuel Marrero had 2 hits.

Williamsport (29-17) beat the Auburn Doubledays 5-3.  Mitch Gueller threw 100 pitches in 6.0 innings of shutout ball.  He gave up 3 hits, walked 3, and struck out five.  Robert Tasin preserved the save (9) with a perfect ninth.

Zachary Coppola (.307) went 0-4 with a BB.  Mark Laird (.303) went 2-5.  Josh Tobias (.311) went 3-5 with 2 doubles.  Jose Pujols (.273) went 2-5 with a triple and 2 RBI.  Jesus Posso went 1-5 with 2 RBI.  Brendon Hayden was out of the line up for the third straight game with an infection in his left eye.

GCL Phillies (24-13) beat the GCL Yankees2, 6-1.  Carlos Indriago (1-0, 1.11) threw six two-hit innings at the Yankees.  He allowed a run in the first on two singles and a ground out, then shut the Yankees down the rest of the way.  Only two more of his batters reached base on a walk and an error by third baseman Tommy Joseph.  Edgar Garcia came on in the seventh and continued the beat down allowing only one of the 10 batters he face to reach base on a walk, for the three-inning save (1).

Tommy Joseph started at third and went 0-2.  Lucas Williams (.321) replaced Joseph and went 2-2 with a double and 2 RBI.  Jose Antequera (.289) went 2-4 with a double, RBI and 3 runs scored.  Cornelius Randolph (.269) went 0-4 and was robbed on at least one at bat by a great catch in the outfield in the gap.  Bryan Martelo crushed his second HR of the year to right center.  The flags were limp so the wind didn’t play a factor.

So far, small sample and all, in addition to all the other things that are going the Phillies’ way, Lucas Williams looks like a ball player.  Just sayin’.

Steven Inch threw on an adjoining field.  Coaches Compton and Sweeney went over to watch.  A few pitchers went to shag.  The batters were Roman Quinn, Ben Pelletier, and Reggie Wilson.

Afterwards, Coach Compton watched as OF Juan Luis went through some running drills.

DSL Phillies (32-26) lost to the DSL Indians 6-2.  Lenin Rodriguez hit his 4th home run.

VSL Phillies (29-40) lost to the VSL Rays 4-3 in 10 innings.

Here’s the affiliated scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Philadelphia Phillies optioned Jordan Danks to Lehigh Valley IronPigs, to make room for Chase Utley.
  • Philadelphia Phillies optioned Dalier Hinojosa to Lehigh Valley IronPigs to make room for Adam Loewen.
  • Lakewood BlueClaws activated 2B Drew Stankiewicz from the 7-day disabled list.
  • William Cuicas assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws.

74 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/6/2015

  1. Joseph playing third base is interesting. Turns him from a non prospect at 1B to at the very least a potential bench player in the Major Leagues.

    I wonder if they might get him some reps in Left Field as well to increase his versatility.

  2. Daniel Brito in the DSL is someone to watch. His BA (.261) doesn’t look that impressive but he got a decent amount of money to sign and he plays middle infielder. The things I like about him are he’s only 17 y/o and his K/BB (20/29) is exceptional. His SLG% is a weak .315 but he’s listed at 6’1″ 155. So he could grow into at least some gap to gap power. Should see him start state-side next year.

    Indriago, in the GCL, started his 2nd game yesterday. The 21 y/o, who spent 2 years in the VSL before this, has given up 1 ER and 3 hits in 11 IP. He should be dominating GCL guys but he seems to be doing just that. Nothing to salivate on just yet but I thought I’d mention it.[

  3. Was Imhoff the best they could do in the 2nd round? It seems as though he’s either hurt or the scouting on him was poor. That being said, the upticks and trends at all levels are very encouraging.

    1. Imhof was the 44th best prospect (BA ranked him 58th) in the 2014 and was selected 47th by the Phils. He’s a crafty lefty who could grow into something. He’s still 21 and pitching in A+. I get it that he’s not a flamethrower but he wasn’t a reach by the Phils. They could have taken another toolsy OF’er who’s now out of baseball.

      1. Where did I state or imply that I preferred a “toolsy Of’er”? Imhof was a 2nd last year and he has less promise than at least 7-8 starters in the system (Kilome, Pinto, Thompson, Eickhoff, Pivetta, Eflin, Lively, and McWilliams off the top of my head). Granted most came via trade, but I’d have preferred a better arm with upside or quality college hitter with a 2nd rounder.

        1. i’ll admit to not liking the pick when it was made- a late riser with limited upside- a high schooler like Sean Reid-Foley i would have liked- he’s striking out a ton but walking a ton so far in minors.

    2. He had control issues when throwing max velocity. Reports are that the Phillies asked him to slow it down to get more control.

    1. Maybe the Phillies scouts told Lucas Williams to lay down in HS so they could hide him, and then draft him higher up!

    2. I think he’s doing better than a lot of people thought he would so far. The plate discipline is probably the most impressive thing he’s showing.

    3. Didn’t someone post on the draft board about what a reach he was and how they could’ve gotten him several rounds later?

      1. In case your reference is to the founder of Rome, the twins were Romulus and Remus. (You could, of course, have just been playing with Romulus and Romus, in which case, my apologies.)

  4. Josh Tobias raking, maybe him and Kingery should switch places…

    That reading lineup is just unfair…

  5. Vazquez is gonna pitch a game or two for philly this year. Great story there.

    Imhof gonna Mark Buerlhe his way to the bigs? haha

    Intentionally walking a guy to get to Cozens doesnt seem like a great strategy, even if it was Hoskins, who I really wanna see play at Reading

    Knapp is just on fire (with the bat). Its so great coming to this site every morning now. So many interesting names to follow and guys who have tons of potential. We are far from teh days of talking ourselves in to Matt Rizzotti.

  6. Imhof needs to prove himself at every level, but I would not write him off solely on FB speed. There are 4 things that make a great fastball:
    1. Command/Control
    2. Late Movement
    3. Release point closer to the plate (remember Schwimlocity)
    4. Raw mph speed.

    You an still have a very effective FB without raw MPH speed. Especially as a LHP. That being said, I would like to see him at least sit 90-91 rather than T90.

    1. v1again. everything you mention on a pitcher is true. I just don’t see him improving at his age with more velo. I mean he was 86-88 most pitches. I know lefthanders can get away with less velo. I just believe if your that slow they will lay on your fastball. cause they don’t have to worry about you getting it past them. Pinpoint control is key for this guy, but the odds are against him being a starter in the majors.

    2. Even for a lefty, it’s unbelievably hard to be more than just a back end guy if you can’t regularly dial it up to 92 or 93 when you need it. That’s why Adam Morgan (who once threw 93 or 94) and really has impressed me with a varied arsenal of pretty decent pitches is really still just a borderline pitcher. Yes, there is the rare guy (Moyer, Buhrle) who can get by on junk alone, but those guys are extreme outliers. I’m not going to attack this pick because we heard he was throwing in the low 90s when he was drafted, but I’m not happy about where he is right now.

    3. I would add a fifth thing to your list v1: deception. That’s something that Imhof apparently possesses due to his delivery. It won’t make 86-87 mph significantly better but it could help him out along the way.

      Still, I would like to see him get back to sitting 88-90 at least. Another thing is, according to Jim’s report, he threw almost exclusively fastballs. I’ll assume he was working on something and that’s why he didn’t go to his secondaries more often, but he’ll need to make strides with his curveball and change too if he’s going to keep moving up.

    4. I don’t disagree with any of these points. I didn’t anoint him a great prospect. Just said that I “wouldn’t write him off.”

      1. Without looking I’d bet money he’s either in grad school or he’s working for some type of investment bank or asset management company. I’ll check the internet to see how far off I was.

        1. Did you know…back a decade ago, he was offered a full-ride to Duke….by Coach K…but opted for Virginia baseball.
          You are probably correct…he now is probably working in finances, asset management or hedge funds somewhere.

        2. Couldn’t find anything on what he is doing in terms of school or job, but I did come across references to his engagement and the birth of his daughter Maya not quite a year ago.

    5. When Imhof was drafted his fb was 91- 93 from multiple scouts he had a had a usual delivery and had natural cutting action too it . His Slider was a plus pitcher at times. The phillies changed his delivery which could be the probelm. He could also be getting back his velo from his injury. The movement of a pitch along with its placement and speed is very important . Most major league hitters can hit a straight FB.

  7. Actually, for Williams, the news is even more impressive. Apparently a 2-2 that was credited to Joseph two days ago was really Williams, who had replaced Joseph after he was HBP early in the game. One of those hits was a double. Williams is hitting a cool .345, the highest average of any of the most impressive group of Phillie draftees this summer.

    For a guy who no one seemed to have heard of, he sure seems like a good ball player. It was mentioned on another site, and I agree with this, that it could be because Williams is a superior athlete who played football and basketball so he was not one of those 12 month a year baseball players who scouts can readily see.

    Williams, here in SoCal, played the sport that was in season, and might well have missed fall and winter ball in order to play other sports. I believe this is true.

    He is definitely a guy to keep an eye on.

  8. Jim, you do such a great job. You watch a lot of games and give us a lot of color. It’s like we’re listening to the game on the radio. You also do a fantastic job of doing the box scores every day, keeping the rugrats at bay and chiming in when asked a question. You have to be the #1 Phillies fan. If you didn’t live in FLA, I’d probably say your also the Philly Phanatic. Thanks for everything you do!!!

    1. Thanks, but full disclosure, I was predominantly an Eagles fan before retiring to Clearwater Fall 2011. I found PP soon after, and learned what to look for in players from following this site. Not only the great writers, but the great commenters.

        1. Send Jim a cheese steak, a box of taste Kates , a box of soft pretzels , a large pizza and a case of beer. Do it Philly way !

          1. Romus get jim some soft pretzels at federals they are now in new jersey. I believe y can get them uncooked and they give you the salt. Fed ex them to him and send tim the bill. I will help pay for jims ticket. just give a amount and where to send it.

            1. rocco……good idea……once again another good comment…two in one day….that must be a record!:)

      1. Jim,

        Let me echo everyone else’s praise. I found this site just a couple months ago and it is now my favorite by far. Great job, and great posts by contributors, too.

  9. What is everyone’s thoughts on calling up Eickhoff and sending Buchanan back down to the minors? Eickhoff already has about 108 innings in Triple A so I would say he’s ready. Plus he’s 25 already.

    1. Honestly, I’m not saying Buchanan is a future star or anything, but i still want to see if he can be a fringe guy/5starter. I am ready to designate Harang and Williams or see if maybe u can get a lottery ticket guy for one of them, but it is a waste having them. I’d rather get rid of one or both of those for Eckhoff and Vazquez

    2. There’s still no rush. Since he’s already on the 40 man roster, he’ll likely get a callup in September, which is less than a month away. He’ll go into spring training and perhaps battle it out for a spot. Worst case, he goes back to AAA, hones his craft, and comes up later to avoid super 2 status.

    3. I just don’t understand how he ever got to the big leagues. I thought kendricks was bad this kid has nothing. worst starter I ever remember them having that lasted this many starts. my god he has one pitch imo a change up. terrible terrible player

  10. Knapp is number 4 on BA hot sheet

    Team: Double-A Reading (Eastern)
    Age: 23
    Why He’s Here: .615/.643/1.077 (16-for-26), 6 R, 6 2B, 2 HR, 9 RBIs, 2 BB, 3 SO

    The Scoop: Knapp’s receiving is still a work in progress, but his bat appears solid as he is tearing through the Eastern League since his promotion. The switch-hitter has pop and keeps the barrel in the zone a long time, but beginning in 2016 he must contend with new organization-mate Jorge Alfaro, one of the prizes from last week’s Cole Hamels trade with the Rangers.

    1. Love that expression….’work in progress’……trying to equate that to a grading, maybe a ’40”?.

  11. Watching Gueller and Imhof pitch on the same day and both win with their slow fastballs has me scratching my head. How do they do it? Can they keep doing it? That’s the bigger question. I definitely have to get back out to Reading next week….

    1. You may not see Mark Leiter pitch at Reading……understand he is going back to CLW and to get more work.

  12. Who’s the odd man out in the 2016 Lehigh Valley rotation?

    Jake Thompson

    I don’t foresee any of the top 3 guys breaking camp with the Phillies. Thompson and Eflin I think has done enough to warrant a promotion. I think Lively might repeat AA.

    1. Eickhoff could be in a big league rotation now, and I’m sure we’ll see him shortly in Philly. Very likely he heads north with the big boys when they break camp next year.

  13. You may have both Eflin and Lively start at AA next year, and there is a chance that one of the first 3 listed has a good spring and makes the team. More likely it starts Nola, Morgan, and 2 FAs that are signed along the lines of Harang or a Brett Andeerson. I am not big on Buchanan, even as a 5, and where does Seve go? Back to AA?

      1. One free agent I may take a chance on, especially since he needs a break-out season in 2016, is Doug Fister of the Nats.
        He is struggling this year….and may only get offered a one-year deal in 2016. He could turn it around and then move him in July to a contender.
        He is in his early 30s and has pitched in the playoffs before with Detroit
        His arm is healthy, as opposed to some of the guys the Phillies have tried on reclamation projects.

        1. Zimmerman for me we need a stud he might be cheaper then a Price . Some mid level pitchers like Latos may be good too. The main thing is Macphail ‘ s coach and his Gm, and there way of doing thing’s. I think the scouting director has done a great job.

          1. Zimmerman will be entering age 30 and he’ll likely command something like 6 years, $120M. I don’t think the Phillies should be giving out contracts like this when they’re still rebuilding and they have options in the minors. We need to see who can stick in the rotation first.

            1. I do not see any big signings for 2 offseasons. By then we should have a clear idea where everyone from Lakewood and Clearwater on up stands.

              The rotation and bullpen should be set along with a fair amount of our fielders.

            2. Yes agree…..this off-season could be an observable one, maybe the Phillies could go after someone after next season, depending on who is out there and whether or not they want to come to a team on the mend.
              Also the number one or two pick next draft, hopefully a stud pitcher, will also help in 2/3 years. A college arm, could be up in 2017, ala Aaron Nola.

          2. Zimmerman….is falling….and his TJ shelf-lie is about close to the finish line. His WHIP rose this year and his K/9 is lowered
            I would avoid him.”…….fear of “TJS2” is part of why Zimmermann is leaving after 2015. He’s starting his sixth season of pitching with his “new” elbow. There are many factors in the inability of the Nats and Zimmermann to reach a contract extension. “I don’t know if that is part of it,” Zimmermann said of his TJ history. He added, “It doesn’t look good,” and he won’t negotiate during the season. The whole sport can translate that: He’s gone. “You never know, but it’s been awesome here,” he said.”


      1. I don’t think an 89 mph fastball plays in a modern bullpen. I’d see if he can fill out a bit and add a tick or two to his fastball. Could still make the backend of a rotation.

  14. Can’t sign somebody like Zimmerman next year, to much to lose. Pool money and a very high #2 pick.

    1. I forget about the picks and the money value . Plus most power arms start to show wear and tear at 30.

  15. got to check out a Cape League game earlier this week in Chatham- great setting there and big crowd for a playoff game. Home team with 1-0 win over Orleans, the top hitting club in the league, behind Parker Dunshee of Wake Forest, who was a strike throwing machine for six innings, two hits, 8k’s, going 0-2 on almost half the hitters he faced. A kid from Millersville, Brandon Miller, threw 2 shutout innings after that, and their third baseman Todd Czinege , is from Villanova.

    For Orleans- Bobby Dalbec from Arizona, a third baseman who i saw mentioned as a possible top 10 pick next June, struck out in two at bats i saw- but he hit 2 homers the following night to win the playoff series, giving him 6 homers and 20 rbi’s in his last 11 games.

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