Box Score Recap – 5/20/2015

Lehigh Valley beat Syracuse, 2-1.  Vasquez pitched a nice game and got a hit to boot.

Reading beat New Hampshire, 4-0.  Nola pitched seven, four hit innings and struck out seven.  103 pitches, about 68% strikes.  Stassi hit his 5th home run.  Lino had 2 RBI.  Quinn picked up an OF assist.

Clearwater lost to Brevard County, 8-4.  Victor Arano pitched well thru 4.0 innings.  The Manatees started squaring up some balls in the 5th and the Threshers commited 3 errors in the inning.  Clearwater had 10 hits, 9 singles and Chace Numata’s 2-run double.

Lakewood came from behind to beat Delmarva, 6-5.  Viza had a rough outing.  Tocci and Hoskins had 2-hit games.

DSL Phillies begin their season on Saturday, May 30th.

VSL Phillies lost to the VSL Tigers, 7-0.  Mauricio LLovera lost.  He was here during XST, but I didn’t see him in a game.  Former OF Freddy Zorilla pitched the final inning.  The offense only managed to get 2 hits.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

The Threshers are on the road this week.  I’ll be attending the AAC Tournament.  I’ll provide the daily box score report, but it will be a little sketchier than usual.  Didn’t make the tournament today, had some personal stuff to take care of.

Extra Innings –

  • Philadelphia Phillies recalled Severino Gonzalez from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Philadelphia Phillies optioned Hector Neris to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Seve Gonzalez pitched a solid five innings and got the win.
  • Jeff Hoffman assigned to Dunedin Blue Jays from GCL Blue Jays.  Hopefully, the Jays #3 prospect will face the Threshers when the teams meet June 1-3.

53 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/20/2015

  1. Nola is doing the job. Can’t fault that pick. I read the other day that a lot of baseball people think that Nola would have gone #1 overall in this years draft. But now he’s, at most, 2 steps from the show. Like it a lot. He can be called up to LHV anytime but the Phils are talking that back saying stuff like he still has things to learn where he is. I’m not calling for a promotion yet but it should be sooner rather than later.

    Miguel Nunez has found new life in the bullpen. As a starter, he gave up 23 Hits and 13 ERs in 17 innings for a 6.75 ERA. Opposing hitters hit .329 off him. Since moving to the bullpen, he’s given up 4 hits and an ER in 7 innings. That’s a 1.29 ERA. They’re only hitting .167 off him. SSS stuff applies.

  2. Personally, I think Nola is ready to move up to lhv and I think Leibrandt is ready for AA. I remain in awe of what Tocci continues to do. Hoskins sure looks like a guy who should be in CWater

    1. I agree on Tocci moving up but I understand him staying put because the Clearwater OF is filled with real prospects. But I don’t understand Hoskins not moving up. Especially given his age. We need to push him. Needs to end the year in AA imo

        1. Bryant is a 55/70 in game power and 75/80 in raw power, according to Fangraphs. I like him as a player, but I don’t think he grades to this level.

          1. Those ratings are subject to change as players progress or regress.
            Currently they are probably based on a March grading.
            I am hoping Hoskins keeps this pace up and his power rankings will rise.

          1. Well it will still come down to his contact skills at the higher level pitching.
            His strength and power are there, but still have to sq up on the bat.

  3. Hoskins’ .912 OPS is beyond solid. It’s weird that he has almost as many triples as he does HRs and that he’s attempted 5 stolen bases (been caught 4 times). Maybe he has decent wheels. Love his BB% and K% and I really don’t understand why he hasn’t been promoted.

    1. Pops & I (and my 5 1/2 month old son Blake!) went and watched the ‘Claws play Delmarva during their 10:35 AM matchup yesterday. My Dad made a great point, with Rhys age and hit tool, he think he should leap Clearwater & head to Reading. The approach at the plate is without a doubt in the top-2 or 3 in the entire organization. Each AB yesterday he worked 5+ pitches, against 2 very tough Delmarva arms, all Right vs. Right matchups. Triple off center field wall, 3-2 line drive single to right after being 0-2, 9 pitch at bat walk.

      Move Charles to Lehigh Valley, find out what he is going to do at the top ladder of the scale and get Hoskins to AA. The Iron Pigs current 1st baseman is Chris McGuiness, so tell McGuiness to step aside and make this move!

  4. Ruben on Nola:
    Amaro knew his and Gillick’s presence (yesterday) would sound sirens about a possible promotion for Nola, but nothing is happening.
    “Pat and I went up there because it happened to be an 11 a.m. game,” Amaro said. “We saw him and we came back. We do it all the time. It’s the beauty of having your affiliates so close.”
    “He’s pitching great,” Amaro said. “There’s no need to move him. He’s got more to work on.”
    Amaro declined to give an example of what Nola needs to work on, but he did say the pitcher still needs experience.
    “When he’s ready, we’ll move him,” Amaro said. “We’ll continue to discuss internally what the right path is in his progression.”

    1. “There’s no need to move him”? Is the goal for him to be great in AA? Because, if so, good job, Amaro.

  5. I do not defend RAJ, but there is no need to move him yet. There is still time for him to pitch a bit for LHV, and still get to the Majors in August. Hamels and Harang are almost surely going to be traded, and Nola will get one of those spots. In the meantime, I am as impressed with his attitude as with his pitching.

  6. Every year around this time we start to get the steady drumbeat of calls for player x to be moved up because they aren’t being challenged, etc…

    The big league club isn’t going anywhere for the next couple of years and there is no rush to move guys in the system after 7-8 weeks of a very long season. Let them have some success for a little while, there is plenty of time for promotions between now and August/September.

  7. It is very good to track all of these players deserving promotion, but most promotions will not occur until after the draft and the short season begins.

    Concerning Nola, he probably gets to LHV in a month. If he pitches well there, he gets to Philly for September. He probably joins the team out of Spring Training 2016 or in May 2016. There is no need to rush him to the majors – starting his clock early for two extra wins on a bad team.

    1. With Nola, it’s not about making the team better now, it’s about continuing his development when he’s ready for a new challenge. I’m not sure what the Phils have him working on now, but it can be hard for a player to get better when they’re thoroughly dominating like Nola is now.

      1. Nola admits that he still has to learn about hitters and how to attack them in the article.

        From our POV it may look like he is ready but from his and management’s perspective it can be quite different.

      2. We have to remember that there is a line of progression to be followed. For Nola to move up to AAA someone needs to either be promoted or released. When Nola gets promoted someone will be promoted from A+ and someone from A to A+.

        There is a long line of progression that needs to happen and I think once the draft happens we will see a lot of movement within the organization.

        1. The quotes from Nola strike me as two things: One, players never say that they’re done getting better and, two, he doesn’t want to rock the boat by saying he’s ready for a promotion when the team is keeping him in Reading.

          There’s space for Nola in the AAA rotation, there are a couple guys who could move to Reading from Clearwater and they could move Rios into the Clearwater rotation. Plus Mecias and Imhof seem to be getting close to returns. Or, they could swap Nola with one of the AAA space-fillers (like Vasquez). So, they have the option of moving him to AAA if they want. I’m not saying they don’t have a reason for keeping him in AA, I’m just not sure what it is

          1. Ruben would not move Franco up until he was ready…..and magically his date for promo happen to be the same date of his added control-year date….what a coincidence! Who would have thought Franco was ready for the ajore on the very same date.

            1. I have no problem with it. It is the wise thing to do, both from a baseball and from a financial standpoint. It makes no sense to waste a season of team control for Franco in a non-competitive season, in which he is very young. It also made sense to give Asche an extended opportunity to demonstrate that he had improved his 3B defense. As to what RAJ said: what is he supposed to say. That’s how modern baseball works, but it’s awkward to come right out and say it.

            2. Romus, welcome to the business of baseball. Amazingly, many teams see their prospects ready for promotion around that same date..

            3. I know the business part…..just come out and say….don’t be coy…Theo and the Cubs said it with Bryant and they get raked over the coals for being forthright and honest.

          2. I love when folks talk about whether there’s room in a minor league roster for a top prospect. THEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE ROOM FOR HIM. ALWAYS. They could have 7 starting pitchers in Lehigh Valley and there would still be room for him.

          3. let’s not forget that this is Nola’s first full professional season and respect the grind of pitching every 5th day for the first time in his life. Giving him 3 months to get into a routine at the more forgiving AA to understand how to do that is worth it in the long run.Plus he needs to work some on his non-FB pitches like just about every other professionally-inexperienced pitcher.

      3. Also a question of what that new challenge is. Maybe he needs to refine an off-speed pitch, which he can work on against AA hitters with a little more room for error.

        The point is that looking at his stats or game results doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not being challenged.

        1. That is what I am thinking. They want to see a third or fourth solid grade pitch before promoting him.

          There is no need to rush a pitcher who grades out to a solid 2 or 3. A couple of starts is not going to hurt him in the least.

  8. Did anyone see or hear radar readings on Nola last night? The only two things that make me wonder about Nola’s longer-term success are his velo and relative lack of Ks.

  9. I’m looking forward to seeing if Casimiro can keep up his recent ability to throw strikes today. He’s had four really good starts in a row. He’s 22 and in low-A so hard to get too excited at this point but given his physical ability there could be something there.

    I also am looking forward to Leiter continuing to look like a high school senior facing the freshman squad.

    1. Boston Phan…check out Baseball Ross’ site on the right menu…..his article from May 20th… summary he says….Casimiro, Leiter and Kleven are blocked due to Lively , Windle and Eflin.

        1. That’s hilarious – do you honestly believe that Aaron Nola could be blocked at AAA? It’s preposterous. There are reasons for not promoting him but that ain’t one of them.

          1. He moves up and someone moves out of the rotation. You just don’t flip guys up and down like a videogame.

            There are roster sizes and rotations. You don’t move a guy up to have him sit in a 6 man rotation. Someone has to move to open up a spot for him.

            I suppose you could have a 7 man rotation on a 25 man roster but that would be a complete waste of roster space.

            1. When it’s a grade A prospect as compared to AAAA rotation filler. The hell you don’t

            2. Nola grades out as a 3 with his upside as a 2. We are not talking about a future ace here so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

              People are starting to get Shiny New Thing syndrome over Nola.

              When he gets called up his MLB line will be completely different than his AA line.

            3. I really do not think a Dustin McGowan or a Paul Clemens will block a first round pick like Nola, when he is ready for the call-up.

      1. jim…..yes I become aware of that of late….sometimes his exuberance is overflowing which is refreshing, but needs to be tempered a bit..

  10. IMO, Nola will become an ace as a #1 in just a few years. His solid base of command in the K-zone with a moving FB and 2-3 breaking pitches plus a change-up in further development could yield a #1 in 2-3 seasons. For now, he is destined to come up in Sept to the big club…..or, they’ll wait until spring training in ’16. The org loves to gain a good change-up for their pitching prospects; they are likely to be moved up when they gain that CU…and for starters that–in Philly BB–is a sine qua non (without this, nothing). [IMO, Nola is encouraged to refine his CU…mainly the reason for keeping him just now at Reading…It shouldn’t take too long]

    There are those who faint in admiration for high-higher MPH in a FB,k etc., but if the pitcher can’t place it in/near the k-zone, the guy would have only moderate success.

    Movement on pitches and locating them very well is a larger key to continuing success than that 96 MPH FB that doesn’t frequently enough get in the right spot of/near the hitter’s k-zone.

    IF they move Aumont up to the bigs, Nola should fit in the LV hole created. Though I’d love to see Aumont be brought up to the bigs ASAP, he might need 2-3 more good starts at LV before that happens. Maybe in 2-3 weeks…??!!

    1. How do you define ‘ace’ vs #1?
      I would suspect the Phillies will make Nola their number one pitcher in 2/3 years, or their opening day starter..high draft choice, pedigree and hopefully on merit.
      But in terms of the classification of an ‘ace’….I would think that is an all-star selected pitcher (at least once selected), but naturally not an all-star selected reliever pitcher.
      That is how I view what is termed an ace.

      1. That is what I am thinking. He may be the number 1 by default but not an ace. When people use the term 1 they make the assumption of ace and when people throw around comparisons to Maddux it puts unnecessary pressure on the pitcher.

        He will be a 3 with the potential for a 2 if he can develop another plus pitch (change up).

        People are screaming that they want to see him with the Phillies now but you can drive a couple of hours and see him in Reading.

      2. I think Stassi should be in the conversation. I think he leads system in RBI and all his other hitting categories are strong.

  11. About Nola his hits per 9 ings and walks per k 9 are incredible. The batters are hitting .204 against him. anything he might be working on to make himself better I hope it doesn’t take too long.

  12. I would not like to deny myself the pleasure of defining a very good pitcher in the Phillies stable. When he was drafted, people here called him a #3 at best. Why? Because he didn’t claim a 96 MPH FB? Or that he didn’t win enough games in college or his ERA in college wasn’t good enough? Or he didn’t strike out enough hitters then and now in pro ball? Or he walked too many hitters?

    He was and is superb in all of those measures throughout college and now. How much better would he have to be to gain the plaudits I’m laying on him? IMO, it is time to realize just what we have here. Maybe some are fearful that they are expecting too much and wouldn’t like to be found in error if things don’t turn out. But why not take the sheer pleasure in seeing the brightness in view.

    For me, I’ll wallow in the pleasure of knowing he is a Phillie and that he will be having a looong successful career in a Phillie uni.

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