Box Score Recap – 5/21/2015

Lehigh Valley (16-26) beat the Charlotte Knights, 3-1.  Cody Asche went 2-4 with 2 doubles.  Brian Bogusevic hit a 2-run home run.  Joely Rodriguez allowed 4 hits in 7.0 innings and walked three.  IronPigs pitchers held the Knights to 4 hits but walked six.  Kyle Drabek took the loss for Charlotte.  Jason Berken pitches Friday.

Reading (20-18) – no game scheduled.  Zach Eflin pitches Friday in Portland.

Clearwater (20-21) beat the Palm Beach Cardinals, 7-0.  Mark Leiter scattered 6 hits and a walk over 8.0 innings.  Due to a pair of caught stealings and a double play, he only faced 28 batters.  Ulises Joaquin struck out 2 in the ninth.  He hit one of the 4 batters he faced (after recording 2 outs), probably retaliation for Aaron Brown and Dylan Cozens who were hit by Cardinals pitchers.  Cozens went 4-4 with a double.  J.P. Crawford went 3-5, Angelo Mora went 2-4, and Andrew Knapp went 2-5 with a HR and 4 RBI.  David Whitehead takes the mound on Friday.

Lakewood (18-20) did not play.  Their game against Greensboro was postponed due to weather.  Ranfi Casimiro pitches game one on Friday, Chris Oliver game two.

DSL Phillies begin their season on Saturday, May 30th.

VSL Phillies (1-3) lost to the VSL Tigers, 4-2.  Abdallah Aris gave up a solo home run in 2 relief innings but struck out three.  Tanis Lara came on for the ninth and struck out two.  Adrian Acosta went 2-4.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • HP Adam Loewen assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • C Blake Forsythe assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.


44 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/21/2015

  1. I’d love to see Knapp make it up to Reading this season. It seems he is starting to put things together hitting but I know little about his defense…i.e., his ability to “frame” a pitch, to save balls thrown in the dirt or way high/outside, and whether he works well with pitchers. It seems that Lino is still having hitting issues, and Gueller (SP?) is at Lkwd, small A. So at the moment–barring a trade that includes receiving a catcher, Knapp is the closest to the bigs. Hope he can be seen as one of the Fighten’s by August.

  2. They had Biddle scheduled to pitch on Friday, until they changed it to Eflin yesterday. Eflin is also scheduled to pitch Saturday as well (tomorrow). Might be a glitch, because there’s no way Eflin is pitching two days in a row….

    1. If indeed Eflin pitches tonight the question would be why is Biddle not taking his turn in the rotation?

    2. According to Mike Drago, Jesse’s start was skipped because they want to work on some things in side sessions-he’ll start on Tuesday.

  3. Cozens with a good night, I would like to see a little more extra base pop from Crawford(I know the guy is batting close to .400, but he has only 1 Xtra base hit and that was a HR in his 1st game back). Someone needs to be bumped up soon because a 24 year Mark Leiter is not being tested in Clearwater, neither is a supposedly fast tracked Nola who should be in LV as we speak, if Aumont has one more performance like he has shown since he began starting again, I say you bump the 3 of them up a spot.

    1. There was some discussion of promotions and whatnot yesterday. Both Leiter and Leibrandt could probably use more of a challenge than A+ but they will just have to wait given the prospect-laden AA rotation. That is really fine with me since neither Leiter or Leibrandt has as much upside as the AA starters (or so it seems). Maybe a more interesting question is who moves up when Nola gets promoted? And where does Mecias fit into the mix? In the meantime it is fun to watch them beat up on the kiddies in A+.

      I agree with Catch regarding Nola. If he is ready for AAA then just move one of the older, less prospect-y AAA starters to the bullpen or AA. No one in AAA needs to get promoted for Nola to move up.

  4. Cody Asche with two doubles that looked exactly alike to the same spot at the base of the right center field fence.
    Once Revere is traded, Angels seem to be the team, Asche will be called back up.

    1. And I bet Dom goes back up too. Could be lots of movement soon. Nola might go up any day. Leibrandt and Leiter both could go up, so could Hoskins.
      Cozens with the big day but he now needs to back it up with a good week.

      1. Cozens had a pretty decent Aussie winter experience…hoping it would carry over. But so far not so much, but maybe he is getting hot. He started out slow in Australia with, I assume, the time change/culture change/flight lag and all the things that a 20-year old go thru when they leave the country to live for awhile, and picked up after a few weeks.

    2. Everyone is excited about Revere to the Angels, but if you look at their farm, it is horrible. They have two quality pitchers (Heaney and Newcome), but the rest of the farm looks horrible. I doubt Revere gets us either of those guys unless we throw in another player.

      One interesting scenario is the Angels seem to need a DH too. I wonder if they would take Howard off of our hands.

      1. V – agree the Angels farm is weak, but there are at least a half-dozen guys not named Heaney that I would jump on straight-up for Revere. I was looking at their farm just last night. I’ve always maintained that Revere is barely a league average player and that we should have traded him last season when his value is highest. Still, he’s entering his 2nd arbitration year, and is simply no longer worth the money. If we could get an Arano or Windle type, I’d be thrilled

      2. viagain If we get a young bullpen arm I would be happy. Revere has no real value. single hitter with no power, and a terrible arm. What do you think he is worth?

      3. Joe Gatto is young quality.
        Carlos Perez as a catcher may be all Revere could bring back however.

      4. Agreed. I looked at their farm system and it’s horrible. So maybe Ruben can get $500k or more from their International Bonus pool for Revere and a lottery ticket player to be named later.

      5. Revere hits 300 with 50 stolen bases yr he lead the league in hits. On a good team he might lead the league in runs. He doesn’t strike out. The only reason he on the block he has more value then Dom Brown who can’t he AAA pitching , Herrera who has no track record , Sizemore or Francoeur. The one they need to trade is Dom Brown . How many players hit 300 and stole 49 bases on a bad team and was hurt all yr ? Plus phillies need power and speed not another reliever prospect . How about this bundle Revere , Dom brown, Amonte, for a sp or a outfielder that can hit 20 hr a yr without striking out 200 times . Revere can hit in front Trout and and hit 320 with 70 sb.

  5. Fun things we should not forget about JP Crawford:
    – 16th youngest player in the FSL
    – If he had enough ABs to qualify he would have the highest OPS in the league
    – He has more runs scored (10), walks (9) and RBI (8) than strikeouts (7)
    – He plays SS and he is ours and no one else can have him

  6. It seems really weird that all of Crawford’s hits are singles outside of his 1 home run. I love that he’s getting on base at an absurd clip, but he’s not even hitting doubles. I’m hoping the farther he’s removed from his injury the more pop he shows.

  7. I think Crawford has a good month before they consider promoting him. I think the OF promotion/s happen 1st. Could we get Heaney for Revere and Biddle? Probably not, huh? The Leiter/Leibrandt promotions happen when the ML trades start. I know this is a transition time, but wouldn’t it be more exciting to see Nola and Aumont in the rotation rather than Williams and O’Sullivan?

  8. When I look at the state of the team I can’t help but think that Kelly Dugan is missing his golden opportunity. It’s like his body is made of porcelain.

    1. Perhaps Tinseltown and the cinema await him at some point.
      Him, Jon Lovitz and Adam Sandler…..could star in, Field of Dreams II

    1. Why would they offer him back?? Playing fine and its not like he is blocking some future superstar

      1. I see him only as filler til Quinn is ready. Batting technique isn’t going to ever play against a ML pitcher that can mix up his pitches. Granted he is not blocking anyone right now as we seem to have a glut of outfielders of near equal abilities. Do wonder at times if Brian Bogusevic shouldn’t be given an opportunity in center. I know he is not the long term solution, but seems to be playing well at Lehigh.

    2. Yes. No reason not to keep him. He does not appear to be a super star in the making, but he has speed, is playing a decent CF and has made a big jump in competition. The Phils’ can use as many lottery tickets as possible.

      1. Don’t forget that ODB (Herrera) came up as as infielder. With that versatility, and his speed, we’d be stupid to give him back. Considering he has little experience in the upper minors, he has plenty of time to work on his approach. We can always send him to AAA next year (ala Victorino) and give him more time to develop.

    3. If you have seen him in games Herrera cant lay off the bad breaking balls, that is his weakness, he must adjust or he wont be in majors long.

  9. The player Herrera is this season is not a finished product, there is plenty of room for improvement and we aren’t winning anything anytime soon so you let him play everyday and grow.

  10. Zach Eflin is dealing tonight – 1 hit through 8 innings; 5 Ks; no walks – crazy efficiency. As I said earlier this week – he could turn out to be the best of the bunch.

    1. But they had to try to get him to throw a complete game. Why? I’ve been noticing this at a number of levels. They need to be aware of pitches thrown but they also need to be aware of innings pitched. Way too many minor league pitchers going into the 9th in our system. It looks nice on paper, but it’s not necessary and possibly harmful.

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