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Open Discussion: Week of June 1st

Here’s an open discussion thread so the minor league posts don’t get cluttered with Phillies’ talk and other topics.

Okay, I’m tired of tracking Jonathan Papelbon’s games finished.  It’s not funny to me any more.  I think it’s unlikely he gets traded unless a closer for a contender gets hurt.  They all seem to be functional so far.  Paps will vest, he’ll deserve it if he does.

Some other random stuff to light the fire –

  • I’ve grown tired of tracking Utley’s road to the Mendoza line, the guys with fewer HRs than Billingsley, the Phillies pathetic offense, their middling pitching, and their position for next year’s draft.  Maybe later.
  • How about this.  Nola’s not ready to jump to the Phillies.  He is not a 1 or even a 2 who could be an impact pitcher at the major league level.  His OFP (or FV) is a 55, that puts him in the 3/4 range.  He has thrown 10 games this year in a 5-man rotation.  You want to promote him?  Move him up to LHV where he can face better hitters before moving up to the Majors.  Remember, not all organizations stock their AAA teams with AAAA guys.  Some actually have prospects .Let him cut his teeth a little longer, bring him up in September if he earns it.

Box Score Recap – 5/31/2015

Lehigh Valley (20-32) was shutout by the Charlotte Knights, 2-0.  Our AAAA guys managed 1 hit in 5.0 innings off the Knights AAAA journeyman starting pitcher and 2 hits off their bullpen.  Chris Leroux emerged as the IronPigs TBD pitcher and was charged with an unearned run.  That was enough to earn the loss.  Seth Rosin pitched himself into a little trouble in the sixth, and Nick Hill obliged by allowing 1 of 2 inherited runners to score.   Off Monday, Joely Rodriguez (2-4, 5.27) pitches Tuesday.

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