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Box Score Recap – 5/11/2015

Lehigh Valley lost to Columbus, 6-2.  Joely Rodriguez allowed 2 runs in 7.0 quality innings.  IronPig pitchers issued no walks during the game.  Jason Berken came on in relief in a tie game and gave up the go-ahead runs.  Maikel Franco went 2-4 with his 4th home run.  Dom Brown went 1-4 with a double, but was picked off second.  The ‘Pigs managed only two other hits.  Miny Mart is a member of the Clippers.  At .165, it appears he can’t hit at AAA either. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 5/11/2015

Open Discussion: Week of May 11th

Here’s an open discussion thread so the minor league posts don’t get cluttered with Phillies’ talk and other topics.

Jonathan Papelbon made 2 appearances and finished 2 games this week, converting his one save opportunity.  After 32 games, Papelbon has made 12 appearances, 11 games finished (6 saves, 5 non-saves).

Some other random stuff to light the fire –

  • Chase Utley .116/.194/.221/.415 (lowest BA of any Phillies position player, 3 SP have higher BA – Hamels, Buchanan, and Billingsley)
  • Hamels .273/.273/.273/.545
  • Buchanan .167/.167/.333/.500
  • Billingsley .333/.333/.333/1.667
  • Billingsley has more HR (1) than Blanco, Hernandez, Herrera, Revere, Ruiz, Rupp, and Sizemore.
  • Phillies .228/.282/.332/.614 (still the worst in NL)
  • Although they have played more games than 9 NL teams. their 91 runs is the lowest in the league.  Their 241 hits is tied for lowest with the division-leading Mets.  They lead the league with 10 triples, but trail the league with 17 HRs.
  • Their team ERA had been middle-of-the-road, but has now dropped to the bottom 4 in the NL.  They have allowed the most hits (295) and the most walks (122).  Opponents are hitting .272, only the Rockies’ .291 is higher.
  • And, finally (it’s early but what the heck) the Phillies’.344 winning percentage is tied for the worst in baseball with the surging Milwaukee Brewers.  They are one of five teams with a winning percentage below .400.

Box Score Recap – 5/10/2015

Lehigh Valley lost to Gwinnett, 9-1.  Seve Gonzalez pitched well for 5.0 innings.  Unfortunately he was in for 5.1 and came apart at the seams in the sixth.  Maikel Franco went 1 for 4 in the 3-hole.  Dom Brown went 1-4 out of the clean up position.  Recently activated John Hester had 2 doubles in 3 at bats. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 5/10/2015