Box Score Recap – 5/10/2015

Lehigh Valley lost to Gwinnett, 9-1.  Seve Gonzalez pitched well for 5.0 innings.  Unfortunately he was in for 5.1 and came apart at the seams in the sixth.  Maikel Franco went 1 for 4 in the 3-hole.  Dom Brown went 1-4 out of the clean up position.  Recently activated John Hester had 2 doubles in 3 at bats.

Reading and Aaron Nola beat Erie, 4-1.  Nola pitched eight, 4-hit innings with 8 Ks and 0 BBs.  Shackleford walked 2 while picking up his 6th save.  Roman Quinn went 2-3 with 2 walks.  He was caught stealing twice, once on a pickoff.  Aaron Altherr had a solo HR in 5 ABs.  Art Charles went 3-3 with a double and 2 walks.  Cam Perkins picked up another OF assist.

Clearwater was not scheduled.  The whole league was off today.  Mother’s day?

Lakewood was 2-hit by Asheville and lost 2-0.  Elniery Garcia pitched well for 7.0 innings, but the one run he allowed was one too many.  The Tourists’ Helmis Rodriguez (twin brother of Lakewood’s Herlis) hand-cuffed the BlueClaws for 7.0 innings.  After Malquin Canelo’s leadoff walk in the first, only DH Chace Numata reached base the rest of the game on 2 singles and a walk, all off Rodriguez.  Herlis Rodriguez recorded 2 OF assists for Lakewood.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.


10 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/10/2015

  1. Can anyone be hitting the ball better than Art Charles right now? He’s hitting .609 with 5 HRs and 9 RBIs plus a BB in his last 6 games. Someone get the fire extinguisher. Wait… Crawford is slightly better than that.

  2. Nola, Quinn, , Art Charles, nice! Does Charles go up to LHV when Franco gets called up?

    1. It’s pretty much a lock that Charles moves to Lehigh. Whoever is playing 1B at Lehigh better watch out, they might get cut.

  3. #1- Can we get rid of the “raw, needs more baseball time” label on Cord Sandberg? The slash line is absurd for 3rd year pro. You cannot bash Larry Greene Jr. and leave Sandberg as the “needs baseball time” guy. The $, albeit slighty, is the only difference.

    #2- What/where is going on with Kelly Dugan? He in extended working or still home?

    1. I guess you are correct on Cord Sanberg in saying he is not “raw’ anymore, what with approx. 600 MiLB PAs and two instructs under his belt….but it really is a little too early to say he is ‘cooked’. He does need to turn the corner sooner rather then later, like Tocci has done this year and he is a year younger. This is his 20age season.

    2. There are some other important differences between Sandberg and LGj. First off, I haven’t seen any scouting reports on Sandberg that say his bat is too slow to catch up to fastballs in A-ball. Second, he’s not striking out 30% of the time like Greene was, so whatever problems he has, putting the ball in play isn’t one of them. Finally, Sandberg is good enough in the field to have some defensive value so he doesn’t have as much pressure on the bat as LGj.

      While you want to see a better line than he’s put up so far, the are some encouraging signs in his peripherals while he’s moved up a level from last year.

    1. In the first clip in this article, does anyone know if the pitch Nola throws is his fastball or changeup? It looks like FB, but has great movement.

  4. I’m very interested to see if Biddle can come back from his last start, and have a bounce back game today.

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