Box Score Recap – 5/8/2015

Lehigh Valley walked off against Gwinnett, 4-3.  Phillippe Aumont pitched shutout ball for 6.0 innings.  But, Hector Neris ran into trouble in the ninth and Colton Murray ended up blowing the save on a wild pitch and a sacrifice fly.  He picked up the win on Brian Bogusevic’s 2-run double in the bottom of the inning.  Maikel Franco went 3-4 with his 12th double and 3rd home run.  Dom Brown went 1-4 and is up to .233.

Reading blew a 5-0 lead, made up a 7-5 deficit, and ultimately lost 9-7 to Erie.  Tom Windle pitched 5 strong innngs, but he and Lee Ridenhour combined to put the Phils in a 2-run hole.  After the Phils tied the game in the top of the ninth, Ethan Stewart served up the walk-off home run.  Roman Quinn was held hitless, but KC Serna, Aaron Altherr, Brock Stassi, and Art Charles had multi-hit games.  Altherr had a double and a triple.  Charles hit his 3rd home run.  Stassi and Charles each had 2 RBI.  Altherr and Cam Perkins each picked up an outfield assist.  Logan Moore drove in the game-tying run in the top of the ninth.

Clearwater lost 2-1 to Daytona.  Victor Arano pitched 7.0 strong innings.  However, he gave up two early runs and the Tortugas, Sal Romano and three relievers hamstrung the Threshers’ offense all night.  Several base running mistakes also took them out of the few scoring chances they had.  The Threshers’ Arano and Harold Guerrero combined to walk 0 Daytona batters.  Dylan Cozens had a hit and the teams’ only RBI.  J.P. Crawford went 2-3 with 2 walks (one to extend the ninth inning).  Andrew Pullin and Andrew Knapp had 2 hits each.  Knapp had their only XBH, a double.  Willians Astudillo had another hit to extend his current hit streak to 9 games.  He had a 14-game streak earlier, and has a hit in 23 of the 26 games he has started.  He also has 1 walk and 5 strike outs in 105 at bats.

Lakewood and Augusta were paused after 16.5 innings, tied at 2, due to fog.  It’s midnight, I don’t want to listen to station filler, so I’ll check back later for an update.  Ranfi Casimiro threw 6.0 strong innings allowing 2 runs on 4.  The bullpen threw 11 innings of shutout relief.  Casimiro, Jason Zgardowski, Matt Hockenberry, Jesen Therrien, and Joey Denato combined to issue ZERO walks.  Carlos Tocci responded to his “slump” with a 4-hit night.  Jiandido Tromp gunned down a runner at the plate in the top of the 14th.  If the fog doesn’t clear within 30 minutes, the game will be suspended and the stats will not count until the end of the first half.  The teams do not meet again this season.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Lehigh Valley released Chris Nelson and he has already signed an MiLB contract with another MLB team.  There had been speculation that he would pursue opportunities in Korea.
  • C John Hester assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • Rene Garcia assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Lehigh Valley IronPigs placed RHP Paul Clemens on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to May 7, 2015. right foot strain.
  • Lehigh Valley IronPigs activated LHP Adam Loewen from the temporarily inactive list.
  • Carlos Alonso was on crutches at the Complex.

55 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/8/2015

  1. Who had eyes on Franco last night? First-hand account please. Franco launched a biggie from what I heard, right? Talk to me, people. THANKS!

    1. What has got into Aumont!
      If he keeps this up, at least for 3/4 more starts, Ruben may summons him to CBP.

          1. lol…sorry, i didn’t see that post. it is good video though.

            everyone – Romus posted it before me. he should get credit

            that ok Romus?

  2. Forgive me for what I am about to write, but is Aumont worth a look as a starter at some lint this season ?

    1. While I think Aumont has no chance at major league success, is he worth a look? Absolutely. I suspect the big club will have some rotation openings following the trade deadline. Hopefully Aumont can maintain some form of consistency over the next 8-10 weeks.

    2. Don’t really think so. He hasn’t been giving up runs, but that doesn’t mean he’s been pitching well. He’s still walking a bunch of guys and he’s not really striking guys out this year like he has in the past.

      Once the BABIP regression hits, he’ll be right back to bad Phillippe.

  3. By my count, Franco has not taken a walk in his last 16 games. 16! He has 5 walks on the season, with 4 of those occurring in the first 4 games of the season.

    I’m still hoping for the Quinn of the 2014 AFL to show up. It seems apparent that coaching was the influence behind all the walks in the AFL. This season, with a 6% walk rate and a 23% K rate, I suspect he’ll be lucky to hit .250.

    There’s much to like about Altherr’s start to the season. I’m keeping a close eye on him as his profile will play in the bigs even if he never hits higher than .260. I’m loving the plate discipline to start the year. Hopefully it continues.

    Tocci’s start to the year has truly been astounding, even more so when considering that his underlying peripherals would indicate that his hot start is less than fluky. I know that a few of us during the past off-season had urged for the FO to return Tocci to Lakewood and the benefits of this move are clearly paying dividends. While I’m all for a promotion to Clearwater, I see no need to make that move in the short term. Perhaps close to late June when the SS teams open their seasons.

    Our system has a number of promising pitching prospects who can fill out the back end of a division leading team, but the absence of impact bats in the system, aside from Crawford, is obvious. Hopefully a Hamels trade will be able to pair another prospect up with Crawford

    1. It is an enigma of sorts and possibly a red-flag. Though his BB rate has trended downward, his K rate stays the same With such a small delta between his BA and OBP historically over his MiLB 2200PAs, he may be what he is going forward.
      The DR power hitters from the past , for the most part, have been medium-to-low on the BB rate scale. I believe, Sammy Sosa, Vlad Guerrero, and Robby Cano were under 8% in the minor league careers. Hopefully Franco has their success.
      His glove at third is a plus however.

      1. Agree Romus. BB rate notwithstanding, Franco is a big part of the Phillies’ future. And he needs to play 3b. Nothing against Asche

        1. Yes….on Asche he could go out to LF or maybe even 1st base if Howard is moved.
          Still cannot understand why he could not make the adjustment at 2nd base back at Williamsport. The hardest part is normally the pivot for the DP…. he is a very hard worker he could have been able to do it with his work ethic. Just makes me wonder why the Phillies did not bring him along slowly there… fall instructs or what not.

          1. I think the bigger problem with Asche is that he just doesn’t move well enough. His range at 3B is limited and it wouldn’t be any better at 2B. He’s just not athletic enough.

    2. Franco’s K rate is dropping (~16%) now but he needs to improve on his walk rate or I may consider keeping him at LV until June. The team is not going anywhere this year and he needs to work out these issues before he plays everyday with the Phillies.

  4. The consensus from the articles that I have read seems to be that the Phillies go with a position player at #10…seems reasonable given the number of pitching acquisitions they have made

      1. I can tell you why I have lost interest in Owens. In 31 innings this season in AAA, 25 walks and 25 strikeouts. Much too wild.

    1. Meh. Owens isn’t in my top 6-7 of players I would like to see in return from the Sox. I’m starting to believe that the Dodgers are the most likely landing spot for Hamels. They have as many trade resources as the Sox but without the unreasonable stubbornness

      1. He must have forgot that you “told him he wasn’t going to be that good” . . Coming from a top MLB scout he should listen to you more 😉. You don’t become a top prospect in ALL OF BASEBALL being seen as a 5 or LOOGY.

  5. Because the entire top end of their system is “off limits”. If the Phils want Bradley and maybe # 21 in their system, they can make a deal. I am hoping that the Red Sox lose, and Hamels gets traded to some other team. I haven’t given up the thought that the Dodgers and the Giants both want him come July.

    1. Throw in the Yankees also…if another starter gets hurt, Cashman may want to ‘one-up’ the Sox and get Hamels. I would hope he would dangle OFer AaronJudge and catcher Gary Sanchez as the positional players in a deal. Sanchez however may have to be moved out of catching…either he doesn’t like it or doesn’t work hard enough defensively..maybe a first basemen down the road for him…shades of Jesus Montero.

  6. Everyone hot last night, tocci, jpc, Franco….

    I know a Franco move won’t happen until at least the 15th, but with revere heating up and chase continues his downfall, top of the lineup could be Revere , Freddy, Franco….

    Chase should come up with a phantom injury soon and go on the DL….. hopefully JPC stays hot and is up to reading sooner than later

  7. The Phillies have what th sox want, but I would like to see the sox stumble over their own arrogance. My only concern about trading Hamels is that it will be a replica of the Schilling/Rolen trades. The only trade of multiple prospects for a star pitcher that has worked in recent years was the Indians getting cliff lee and Grady Sizemore from the expos for Barolo Colon. Ask yourself this: what did the Mets REALLY get for Seaver?

    1. You do know there is a current Phillies connection to the Tom Terrific trade that the Mets made?
      Steve Henderson is the current Phillies hitting coach.

    2. The Rolen trade worked out fine. If we got someone as good as Polanco back for Hamels, I’d be thrilled. The Seaver trade wasn’t really even that bad. The Mets got back Steve Henderson and Pat Zachry, neither of whom were great, but combined they provided almost as much value for the Mets as Seaver did with the Reds.

      The Greinke trade worked out great for the Royals. The Cubs got Russell for Samardzija. The RA DIckey trade worked out well for the Mets.

      Unless Hamels gets hurt, I feel pretty good about getting fair value back for him.

      1. Hamels turns 32-years old in Dec. I guess my fear would be, he may turn into the next ‘Warren Spahn’ and win more games after 32-years old then before 32-years old.

      2. “If we got someone as good as Polanco back for Hamels, I’d be thrilled’

        Is that a serious comment?

        1. Lol, that’s what I was thinking.

          Although, I just looked up Polanco on fangraphs and he was a more useful player than I remember. Right around 4WAR/year when he managed to stay off the DL. Not a terrible return when you consider the morons that traded for him were the same one’s that picked Bowa over Rolen.

        2. You need to take another look at his career. He basically was jimmy rollins with 2 fewer 2 WAR seasons. Absolutely would take that.

          1. I’m not doubting that Polanco had a fine career. 3 out of 4 of his 4+ War seasons came after his age 30 season and with his 3rd professional team. He also rarely played in more than 125 games in a season. Fine player no doubt, but hardly the comp I think of as a return for Hamels

          2. You also have to realize that the Phillies were in a terrible position with Rolen so trading teams had the advantage. Also Bud Smith who was included was a top 50 guy the year prior to the trade.

      3. Now let me stop you right there. I grew up outside New York as a Mets fan and the Seaver trade was a full- fledged disaster. They didn’t call it the midnight massacre for nothing. The Phillies pretty much duplicated the feat with Schilling trade – same dumb idea (1 great player for 5 mediocre players). With the same disastrous result.

  8. I know that pap is often a pain in the butt, but he has earned his money, and it is not his fault that he isn’t closing 45 games for the top starting rotation that he came here to close for. I think the Phils finally get a good prospect for him this year.

  9. The big problem with Chase, aside from the poor production, is that he has a lot of pride. I don’t see him quitting. He can’t be moved without his consent, and I don’t think that he gets released. No one in this organization seems capable of deciding that he sits on the bench and therefore does not get 500 ABs, so his option vests, and he is back next year.

    1. I would think, his pride will not let him go thru a whole year at this MLB historically poor rate. Schmidty hung them up 26 years ago this month….I could see Chase, after speaking with him, doing the same.

      1. Pride or not, at some point he has to realize that his time is over. The boos are starting and management is not going to let it continue for an entire season.

        Not sure how you can say that management cannot decide on him sitting when they just sat him for two games over three days.

        1. Management really, the same people who put his team together.Chase is one of the many problems on this team. Changing the 2nd baseman isn’t going too change much . Just saying thing on the team will start getting better after this season.maybe by the trading deadline.

    2. There’s no way he’ll continue if he can’t improve on .099. Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone with over 100 at bats hitting below .100. No way they can keep putting him out there like this. Why is he still batting 3rd though? Asche went into a terrible slump he hasn’t come out of when he batted 3rd. As I’ve said for a long time (and I’m not alone) they don’t have a #3 hitter on their roster or in their system. A Hamels trade needs to provide that guy. Judge? Anyone else?

      1. The best thing they can do right now is just put any combination of Revere, Herrera, and Galvis in the top 3 and hope that their OBP stays high.

        Teams would be forced to pitch to Howard possibly making him more attractive at the trade deadline.

        Not the best but an short-term solution.

  10. Ultey 1 for 1 tonight he needs more 97 mph fb to hit.last yr everybody want to trade him. Now because he has 1 bad month let’s cut him and bring in the .220 hitting Herandez. Their’s a lot of good baseball players hitting under .200 .

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