Box Score Recap – 5/7/2015

Lehigh Valley – not game scheduled.

Reading – not game scheduled.

Lakewood lost to Augusta, 4-2. Sean O’Sullivan got a rehab start. Tyler Viza pitched the final four innings and took the loss with 3 unearned runs in the ninth. Malquin Canelo had 4 of the ‘Claws 7 hits. Deivi Grullon homered in the bottom of the ninth. Carlos Tocci is 1 for his last 12.

Clearwater beat division-leading Daytona behind Brandon Leibrandt, 6-2.  The southpaw pitched 8.0 innings.  The two runs he allowed scored after a diving catch by center fielder Chase Harris on a sinking line drive was ruled a trap. (I was listening to the Daytona feed, they believed it was a catch initially.)  Leibrandt allowed 5 hits and 2 walks while striking out seven.  J.P. Crawford had 2 hits and a walk.  Andrew Pullin had 2 hits and 2 RBI.  Williand Astudillo had 2 hits and an RBI.  Chase Harris had 2 hits and 2 RBI.  Drew Stankiewicz had the games’ only XBH, a double in 2 at bats.  He also walked and put down a successful sacrifice.  Leibrandt, who came into the game having induced one double play ball, got three tonight.  Crawford commited two fielding errors.

The first place Totugas (it’s a turtle) are loaded.  Twelve of the players on their roster are listed in MLB’s top 28.  A thirteenth is on the DL.  They have the FSL version of Reading’s rotation.  It’s made up of several prospects –

  • #3, Nick Howard (2014, 1st-19);
  • #5, Amir Garrett (2011, 22nd-685);
  • #6, Nicholas Travieso(2012, 1st-14);
  • #12, Sal Romano(2011, 23rd-725); and
  • #15, Jackson Stephens (2012, 18th-562).

They faced #6 Travieso Thursday and managed to score 3 unearned runs off him.

Their line up also contained six prospects –

  • #7, SS Alex Blandino (2014, 1st-29);
  • #9, LF Phil Ervin (2013, 1st-17);
  • #16, 3B Taylor Sparks (2014, 2nd-58);
  • #20, C Chad Wallach (2013, 5th, 142);
  • #23, 2B Carlton Daal (LA FA 8/21/2012); and
  • #26, DH Sebastion Elizalde (LA FA, 5/7/2013).

#25 OF Junior Arias (LA FA, 7/2/2008) DNP.  #11 OF Aristedes Aquino (LA FA 1/18/2011) is on the DL.

The Threshers have 8 of the top 30 MLB prospects on their roster –

  • #1 Crawford
  • #13 Knapp
  • #18 Arano
  • #20 Cozens
  • #23 Aaron Brown
  • #27 Zach Green
  • #28 Leibrandt
  • #29 Elniery Garcia

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

43 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/7/2015

        1. Coming from a gent who calls himself “Meat Man” it couldn’t possibly have been a Freudian slip.

  1. The description of the opposing team’s roster really help put Brandon Leibrandt’s continued dominance in perspective. My guess is that Leibrandt gets promoted when the first of the Reading 5 (probably Nola) gets the call to Lehigh Valley. If Leibrandt can do well in AA, he may have a bright future.

  2. Anyone else feel there’s more upside to the young players in the organization than previously thought? I know its early, maybe I’m just too much of an optimist.

    1. I’m not at all sure upside has changed positively on our guys — of course, barring scouting errors that rarely happens. Normally guys either look closer to fulfilling their upside or they don’t and their realistic upside gets revised down as holes are discovered and they are unable to correct the holes.

      In terms of performance, I think Tocci, Quinn, Hoskins, Knapp, and Canelo have taken a step forward. Of those guys, only Hoskins looks like he is possibly worthy of an upward adjustment in upside, and I am reluctant to say that too firmly until he performs after moving up a level. Canelo was one of my winter breakout candidates, but I’m not sure was his ceiling was thought to be.

      On the other hand, I am quite disappointed in Zach Green and Tromp and don’t see the ceiling for Brown that the Phillies see for him.

  3. Leibrandt has the genes and is a smart LH pitcher with good size, IMO he will be a ML starting pitcher for the Phils within 2 years.

    1. Good thing he is an LHP with that velo.

      Remember he is 22 and played college ball in the SEC. He *should* dominate A+ players. He has yet to be challenged at an age-appropriate level. You might want to temper your enthusiasm as getting to the bigs in two years would require him tearing through AA and AAA. I have at least some faith that the Phils would have promoted him more aggressively if they thought he had that kind of ability.

      I guess we shall see. For now I will enjoy his success and hope he keeps the strikeouts coming.

    2. Things are looking up. Let’s see how he does in AA – the Eastern League is a great barometer – pitchers who do well there typically also do well at Lehigh Valley. But I’m a big fan so far.

  4. BA Top 100 Draftees:
    My fav dropped to 23rd…Ian Happ
    Bickford to 25th
    Perhaps OFer Kyle Tucker from Florida HS would be the safe pick at 10.

      1. We have the 10th 48th and 83rd through 3 rounds. Hopefully the scouting continues down the same path we’ve been on the last 2 seasons.

        No denying Crawford and Nola…

        1. Yes we should get 2/3 quality prospects….saw where the Braves have six of the first 89 picks….how is that?

          1. John Hart wheelin and dealin funny because I used to like him a lot on MLB network but I had kind of got the impression that todays game had passed him by

            But he jumped right back into it and took some huge swings with his trades of Heyward and Upton. And it was quite genius to join Kimbrel/Melvin Upton and move them.

    1. Someone mentioned Tyler Stephenson, a catcher, was who the Phils were interested in. I think I read it from who was quoting some “unnamed” scout.

      1. A scouting report on Stephenson as a HS Georgia catcher:
        “…..both McDaniel and Callis, two guys who are really good at their jobs, mention Matt Wieters as a comparison, it’s time to take notice. Evoking Wieters name when discussing Stephenson is an point in the favor of the utility of a good comp because it provides a little bit of context and a frame of reference to what kind of player Stephenson is and what kind of player he could eventually be. Stephenson isn’t Wieters, but the two share enough traits that thinking of the latter will help paint a clearer picture of what the former actually looks like. When you think Wieters — the most physically impressive amateur I’ve ever seen in person, for what it’s worth — you think big power, bigger arm, and biggest frame. That’s the overall package the 6’4”, 220 pound Stephenson brings to the field each time out. Compare Stephenson’s plus raw power, plus arm strength, and imposing physicality with what was written about Wieters’s high school days at the time of his selection out of Georgia Tech in 2007…”

  5. Rhys has done a real nice job through 109 PA’s. He sports an OBP of .404 and is OPSing over 900. For a college bat I had really hoped he started in CLW and put up those kinds of numbers.

    Has Chase Harris quietly supplanted Aaron Brown’s prospect status?

    1. Concerning Chase Harris, if you subscribe to the baseball tenets that corner OF’ers have to have HR power, then there’s nothing to see here. He’s shown no power with only 4 doubles and a triple to show in 2 years. Brown has some pop in the swing so he’s far more likely to be a corner OF’er in the Majors. I’m not saying either will ever play in a big league uinifirm but Brown has to be picked over Harris. If Chase is a CF’er, then he has some guys in the organization who will have something to say about that. Quinn, Altherr, Tocci to name 3.

      1. I was thinking he was a true CF. I see the lack of pop and possibly little speed.

        I don’t usually care about depth at the position as middle of the field players who look like they can be something at the next level can always be flipped for a need.

      2. Harris has been playing lots of CF with Brown out. Jim, any opinion on how he’s done? I thought he was only a corner OF guy but he’s more than that. He’s certainly a more interesting prospect if he can play CF.

        1. From a purely fan perspective, I like seeing Harris’ name on the line up card. He has good baseball IQ. He’s always moving to back up on plays. He runs quick, accurate routes. He looks good in center. He’s aggressive at the plate and on the base paths. He’s a battler in the Chase Utley mold. BUT, I give Aaron Brown the nod in center. Everything I just said about Harris also goes for Brown. Plus, his range looks to be a little wider, and his arm seems stronger.

    2. Harris is a year older than Brown and as Bellman says has no pop. He is one of those guys that is great to have on a A-ball team. Hopefully Brown can get healthy and straightened out at the plate.

  6. I am wondering , my son hangs with a kid who plays for neuman-goretti high school. He is left-handed pitcher with 85-87 fastball. and 72-76 slider, which I don’t know what that means, think he gets drafted? committed to college of Charleston, just wondering. he has played a lot in Florida in summer leagues.

    1. At 85-87, even as a lefty, he probably won’t get drafted unless he is big and projectable or has really nasty breaking stuff. With that stuff he’s better off getting his education and if he improves in college, they will probably find him or he can try to sign as a FA if he doesn’t get drafted.

  7. Was at the Lakewood game last night and something’s that stood out . . .

    -Sandberg didn’t have a game is terms of hits but when he made contact he SMOKED the ball right at ppl. I mean the ball really came off his bad well.

    -Grullons arm, enough said.

    -Canelo makes easy plays looks like an art form and also made a highlight reel play that O’Sullivan didn’t leave the field until congratulating Canelo. He also hit the ball well.

    -Tocci actually looks a little bigger then from seeing him last year and the year before.

    1. Tocci did gain 11/12 lbs during the off-season according to the manager.
      So he is in the 170/175 range.
      I do not think he needs to be a 200 pounder to be a very good player, maybe 185/190 range down the road.

      1. The interesting thing will be to see what weight he keeps. Baseball is the toughest sport to keep bodyweight on due to the length of the season, the frequency of games and then add on top of that the fact that it’s MiLB baseball . . Travel isn’t the best along w diets.

  8. Lakewood plays great defense with Grullion, Canelo, and Tocci manning the middle of the field. Your thoughts of what you saw are pretty consistent with what others see. And Grullon’s arm is a treat to watch. Just hope he continues to improve as a hitter.

    1. Rub went and looked at the kid himself when the team was in Atlanta earlier in the week, so that is where someone may have connected the dots in the Phils being interested. Also in regards to Leibrandt in the MLs in two years, IMO he will be in Reading this year, next year AA & AAA and then in 2017 AAA to start the year and then a midseason call up, just like the Phils have done with Happ, Worley, Buchanon, and Kendrick. I sense a pattern with college pitchers.

      1. If you’re a college pitcher, you have 4 years before you get added to the 40 man so obviously the Phillies want to take a long look and challenge them whenever possible.

        But in general, your play will dictate the promotion which seems to be the new norm in the Phillies organization. One only needs to look at Cody Asche’s minor league career to see this firsthand.

      2. Sounds like you nailed the Phillies plan with collegiate pitchers….though Kendrick was a Wash HS draftee about a decade ago or so.

  9. Interesting article about Cubs’ draft philosophy in USA today this week. Theo says they have been focusing on position players in the draft because they are much more predictable. He said too much can happen in the 4 -5 years it takes a pitcher to develop in the minor leagues and he would prefer to acquire them after that period when they are more predictable.

    1. Yes!!!!! A really good position prospect is way more predictable, not only in terms of projection but also longevity and injury risk. It’s fine to start a turnaround with hitting but when you build on pitching, there’s much more risk and less longevity.

      Look at the great dynasties of baseball, almost all are hitting dynasties. There’s a reason for that.

      Yet another reason I can’t stand Ruben “we don’t need any damned offense” Amaro.

      1. The old adage is often times repeated for winners from baseball folk……pitching, defense and ‘timely’ hitting.
        What are the new dynasties?
        Are the Giants a dynasty?
        Days of the Yankees, Montreal Canadiens, LA Lakers/Chi Bulls Green Bay Packers/49ers are all gone. Times have changed. Parity reigns supreme.

      2. Yeah I have to challenge that a little bit catch. A WS team still relies on a strong 1 and exceptional 2 and 3.

        A good farm system of positional players can get you that #1 if you don’t have it but you sure do need one to go any where in the playoffs.

        I think a mediocre offense can thrive when they are not finding themselves in big holes due to poor pitching.

  10. Fangraphs draft Phillies are on everybody a 10 . Happ wasn’t even in the article. Tucker etc.

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