Box Score Recap – 5/9/2015

Lehigh Valley lost to Gwinnett, 5-1.  Adam Morgan pitched well through 7.0 innings.  He struck out 2 batters in the top of the 8th, but a Tommy Joseph passed ball put a runner on first.  After a walk, Morgan’s night was over, but not his line.  Seth Rosin allowed both inherited runners to score as well as two of his own.  Maikel Franco went 1 for 4 and now has a base hit in 23 of the 28 games in which he has played.

Reading lost to Erie again, this time 10-9.  It seems that a team with the starting rotation Reading has should have more than two losses to show for games when the team scores 7 and 9 runs on successive nights.  Tonight, it was Ben Lively’ turn to struggle.  Altherr and Charles had 3-hit games.  Quinn, KC Serna, and Brodie Greene had 2 hit games.  Logan Moore went 1-3 with 2 RBI,  Art Charles had 2 HR and 3 RBI.  Quinn stole his 12th base.  Brian Pointer has 21 Ks in 49 AB (42.857%).

Clearwater beat division leader Daytona, 7-0, behind Mark Leiter’s 6.2 innings of 4-hit, shutout ball.  The Threshers took two of three from the Tortugas and outscored them 14-4.  Threshers’ starters allowed those 4 runs over 21.2 innings, and the bullpen closed out with 4.1 shutout innings.  Andrew Pullin went 3-5 with a double and 2 RBI.  Mitch Walding went 2-4 with a double.  Chase Harris went 3-4 with a double.  Carlos Duran got his first professional hit (well, above GCL), 2 walks, 2 RBI, and another successful sacrifice.  Willians Astudillo extended his hit streak to 10 in his last at bat.  J.P Crawford had his fourth 2-hit game since his return, and 2 RBI.  J.P. has also walked in each game.

Lakewood lost to Asheville, 3-0.  Chris Oliver took the loss.  The offense suffered a 6-hit, 9-inning shutout by Tourists’ starter, Zach Jemiola.  Rhys Hoskins went 2-3.  Chase Numata was activated and was the DH.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Chace Numata assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Clearwater Threshers.
  • Corey Bass assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • Lakewood BlueClaws placed 2B Tim Zier on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to May 7, 2015. Right shin contusion.
  • Reading Fightin Phils placed C Rene Garcia on the 7-day disabled list. left oblique strain.
  • Over in XST, they’ve cut down from two games to one the past two days.  They may be running low on healthy bodies.  I have heard that Jan Hernandez and Venn Biter are banged up.  Neither was in uniform at the Complex
  • Looks like pitchers are being stretched to start.  Yesterday Arteaga and Jose Tavares each threw 4 innings.  Sorry, no velo.
  • Today, Seranthony Dominguez (93-96 in the second, 91-94 in the fourth) threw four innings.  Luis Morales (90-91) was supposed to throw four but was pulled after 3.2.
  • Luis Encarnacion’s hard contact looks a little better.
  • The youngsters were shutdown by the Jays second pitcher, their #3 prospect, Jeff Hoffman.


31 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/9/2015

  1. Lieter and Liebrandt…two familiar names from the past with the pedigree, that also one day could be future names again in the MLB and pitching at CBP.

  2. Made it to Daytona to see the Threshers last night. Leiter was in control until tiring in the 7th, hitting 88-91 on the stadium gun. No idea how accurate their gun was, but the opposing starter was 92-94. Very impressed with JP- smooth in the field and in control at the plate. He can’t be long for clw, it doesn’t look like he’s being challenged. Impressed with Pullin at the plate- good swings and hard contact. Walding certainly looks the part. Couple nice plays in the field and looked good at the plate with a couple hits.

    1. Mlb’s pipeline has last nights starter against clw, Amir Garrett, ranked 6th in the Reds system and sits 92-94. Makes me think daytona’s gun could be accurate. I always thought Leiter threw softer, more like 86-88.

      1. 4-seam has always been around there (he throws some variations at some ticks below). He was 90-92 out of the bullpen earlier this year.

  3. This is a critical year for Walding-it’s his 4th professional season. Otherwise, they probably need to give some serious thought to moving Greene back to 3rd. If one of the two develops, Franco could play 1st , which ultimately might be a better spot for him. I just do not see Cody being a starter at 3rd for a first division club, although I will be very happy if he proves me wrong

    1. Looks like Cody Asche is busting a hump in workouts in LF…getting ready for the transition when Franco gets recalled I assume.

      ‘Cody Asche tossed his black outfield glove into his locker and walked through the Phillies clubhouse. His gray shirt was drenched in sweat. Cameron Rupp asked Asche if he had gone swimming. Another productive afternoon was complete.
      Asche was not in the lineup Saturday against the New York Mets. But he still was one of the first Phillies players on the field. Four hours before first pitch, the third baseman tracked down fly balls in left field.
      First-base coach Juan Samuel stood near the infield dirt and sprayed balls to Asche. Samuel, who played some outfield late in his career, offered pointers between slaps of his fungo. The Phillies began teaching Asche outfield fundamentals during spring training. The instructions continued on the team’s recent trip. “He seems to have the moves and the foot speed for it,” manager Ryne Sandberg said. “He seems to have a good arm.”

  4. With more than 20% if the minor league season in the books, two hitters in particular have stood out for me as having turned a corner if not a full-fledged breakout;

    Tocci (Lakewood) – still 19 and won’t turn 20 until late August.

    In 2014, he hit .242 with a .297 OBP and .324 SLG and an OPS of .621. So far in 2015, he’s hit .363 with a .433 OBP and .469 SLG, an OPS of .902 which is nearly a 50% increase over last season. His BB rate has nearly doubled from 4.6% to 8.7% and his K rate has decreased more than 40% from 17.8% to 10.2%.

    Tocci’s season over season increase is almost unheard of, and we already know what he brings with the glove. Even with a normalization of BABIP the rest of the way, there’s no denying the improved plate discipline given the significant improvements in BB and K rates.

    Altherr (Reading) – turned 24 this past January.

    While Tocci’s improvements can be in part contributed to physical maturation, in Altherr’s case there appears to have been a distinct improvement in plate discipline that can either be contributed to better pitch recognition or a change in approach. In either event, the change is clearly paying off dividends. While I’m excited about Tocci’s start, my eyes open even wider when seeing what Altherr has so far accomplished.

    In 2014, he hit .236 with a .287 OBP and .399 SLG and an OPS of .686. So far in 2015, he’s hit .289 with a .375 OBP and .487 SLG for an OPS of .862. His BB rate from last season’s sample at Reading has increased from 5.3% to 12.5% and his K rate has decreased from 22.4% to 17%. The increase is BBs is significant, representing a 4% or more increase over any prior full season. As is the case with Tocci, his glove work profiles as an above-average defender with a strong possibility of sticking in CF.

    Pullin is another player who has seemed to turn a corner, though I’m much less optimistic in his prospects as an OF’er as I would have had he stayed at 2b.

    Certainly looking forward to continued growth from Tocci and Altherr. Could be a big boost to a system devoid of hitting prospects

    1. I can see Altherr taking up the role that John Mayberry Jr had with the club for 6/7 years. Plus defense in all OF positions with some pop in a right-handed bat. It would not surprise me if they also tried to get him a few reps at first base somewhere along the way as a fill-in back-up down the road.

      1. Romus – I have much bigger things in mind for Altherr than a Mayberry clone. Still, I think Mayberry is probably his floor at this stage but I’m holding out for an average to slightly above average outfielder. Still much development needed on his part to get there, but I see a good deal of promise in his start to the 2015 season

    2. Pullin hit .321 in the GCL as a 18 year old. He increased one level at at a time in his next 2 years with a BA of .261 and .270. The first year he played the OF. The 2nd and 3rd years were spent mostly at 2B. They’ve moved him back to the OF and he’s hitting .321 again but this time in A+. It looks like, just like Quinn, moving him back to his natural position has awakened his hitting side. He piles the hits on and pops a HR once in a while. His K/AB ratio and BB/PA has improved year over year. As a fielder, he’s never made an error as an OF’er but has 11 assists.

      He looks like a solid player who knows what to do and how to do it. He was a perfect player to try to move to 2B. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he had it quite figured out. Can’t blame the Phils for trying and it hasn’t stifled him in the least.

      1. Probably moving from Lakewood to Clearwater helped his hitting.

        I’m happy that he’s hitting well this year, but he HAD to improve with the bat just to make up for the position change.

        Once you regress his .370 BABIP down to something more sustainable, his stats suggest about a league-average hitter. But that’s a below-average player if he’s an average-fielding corner outfielder.

    3. Always liked Tocci, and got involved defending him a couple of times the last couple of years, pointing out he was basically a high school kid playing full season pro ball. I am especially encouraged not only by his hitting but the fact that he is finally using his plus speed to steal bases. Low A is a long way from CBP but I think we are finally starting to see the potential behind the big bonus.

  5. Sounds like Leiter has some pitching savy, as does Liebrandt. At the major league level, all of the pitchers (or at least a vast percentage of them ) throw in the 90s. Movement and varying your pitches is the true art of pitching and both of them seem to have an awareness of that from their pedigree.

  6. I got to see lhv last night, turned off the channel when I saw them bring in rosin, he stinks, I don’t know what happen after that but my guess is they lost. Morgan was only throwing two pitches, fastball and changeup. he only hit 90 twice from the inning I saw, he was in the 73-80 range with change, kept the ball down. Don’t know if he is holding back the curve or not. franco my favorite. I missed first at bat. Second at bat. first pitch was low and away called a strike second pitch he fouled off, then took two fastballs to run the count to 2-2 and then smith threw him a nasty change which franco took for a ball it was low and inside, main thing to me was he kept his hands back and even though his body move forward a good sign imo next pitch was another change he ripped for a single. third at bat he battled to another full count and rip a hard grounder up the middle which the shortstop made a great stop and spun and threw and got him at first. no replay, but he did look safe from naked eye, This kid is ready no reason not to bring him up. asche isn’t the answer, at third or left field imo. but Franco should be up now.

    1. rocco..patience…Franco probably gets the called next weekend…you know the May magic date that gets him that extra year of control. Revere is now getting warmed-up so he could become a trade chip in July , if Franco pushes Asche to LF, which looks like it will be the case.Though Sandberg and Ruben need to decide what Dom Brown’s future Phillie will be.

      1. Romus – I’m hardly a DBrown fan, whether it be his lacking ‘baseball player’ skills or his over-the-top swagger during his hot streak in Aug 2013. It would be fine with me if he was with another organization sooner rather than later.

        Notwithstanding these thoughts, for a rebuilding team there is simply no reason for him not to get playing time the rest of the way. Neither Francouer nor Sizemore have any business taking ABs from him. Give him another week or so at LV and bring him up as the full time RF’er the rest of the way

    2. Roccum – plenty of reasons to keep him at LV for at least another week or two. Nonetheless, I think you’ll get your wish soon enough

    3. Your report on Franco’s plate approach is encouraging, and is consistent with what I’ve heard elsewhere.

      It does, however, make his miniscule walk rate doubly surprising. It seems that he’s learned to exercise a degree of patience to get better pitches to hit, but that hasn’t translated into more walks for some reason.

  7. A little disappointed that LHV left Adam Morgan in the game for the 8th inning. He pitched very well (allowed the first batter of the game to hit a HR). I’d say he was 87-88. Off speed mixed in well with 74-75.

    I was also disappointed that the Parent Club’s Aaron Harang was left in the game an inning too long.

    Really worried about Tommy Joseph at the plate. He appeared fine though after getting hit in the head on a batter’s back swing.

    1. At this point I’m still only worried about Joseph’s health. If he took a bat to the head and is alright then that’s a positive. As far as his performance goes, he’s at a level he hasn’t had much experience before and has hardly played since 2012. He hasn’t even been the everyday catcher so far, so I imagine it’s tough to find any sort of groove at the plate.

      1. Still early, but IMO Joseph should be selected for the AFL do get more PAs. I think he is eligible, but maybe not if he was there already.

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