PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #33

Jiandido Tromp takes the 32nd prospect slot in our poll.  He received 33 of 169 votes (19%).  Joely Rodriguez finished a close second with 27 votes.

Yesterday, Baseball America posted updated Top 10 lists.  Their original Phillies Top 10 was published on December 15th, and didn’t include recent Phillies’ acquisitions in the Jimmy Rollins and Marlin Byrd trades.  The revised list inserts Zach Eflin, Tom Windle, and Ben Lively consecutively between #3 Maikel Franco and Roman Quinn who slides down to #7 in the BA list.  Jesmuel Valentin, Yoel Mecias, and Franklyn Kilome were then pushed out of the BA top ten.

I updated the Prospect Rankings/Industry Lists to reflect these revisions.

The current poll’s selections so far are listed below.  I’ll start the sleeper pick column sometime in the next week or so.

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Aaron Nola
  3. Maikel Franco
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Zach Eflin
  6. Ben Lively
  7. Jesse Biddle
  8. Kelly Dugan
  9. Tom Windle
  10. Yoel Mecias
  11. Deivi Grullon
  12. Matt Imhof
  13. Dylan Cozens
  14. Carlos Tocci
  15. Odubel Herrera
  16. Aaron Altherr
  17. Aaron Brown
  18. Franklyn Kilome
  19. Victor Arano
  20. Andrew Knapp
  21. Zach Green
  22. Severino Gonzalez
  23. Cord Sandberg
  24. Jesmuel Valentin
  25. Ricardo Pinto
  26. Luis Encarnacion
  27. Cameron Perkins
  28. Jose Pujols
  29. Andrew Pullin
  30. Tommy Joseph
  31. Nefi Ogando
  32. Jiandido Tromp

The poll for #33 is up next.

25 thoughts on “PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #33

  1. Not sure I see the argument for picking Joely over Gamboa at this point. Aside from proximity and left-handedness, I really don’t see the advantage. Gamboa was a $900k guy who has the tools to stick at shortstop and good reports on his hit tool. Joely’s ceiling seems to be a #5 starter or a LOOGY. I’ll take the upside of a starting shortstop, risk and all.

    1. I think Joely’s ceiling is more of a #4. He keeps the walks down, gets ground balls and has a has a good fastball. He seemed to flash some more bat-missing potential in the AFL. If he moves to the bullpen he might fill a role similar to Bastardo’s, which wouldn’t be so bad. I think his ceiling is pretty solid for a “high floor” guy.

      Gamboa meanwhile, is interesting for sure but is just 17 and hasn’t played professionally yet, so the risk is sky high. BA rated him the #8 int’l prospect and MLB had him 15th, so he’s not exactly a super stud. Overall, I just like Joely’s mix of ceiling/floor more than Gamboa’s.

  2. I have a natural bias towards pitchers, especially those closer to the show, but I have a hard time getting behind Joely.

    That said, Brandon Leibrandt is second right now; so hopefully he’ll be choice soon so I can finally stop voting for him.

    1. I will give you credit for sticking with Leibrandt, who performed much better than I remembered. However I prefer Garcia, mainly because the folks who do this stuff for a living rank Garcia much higher than Leibrandt and, indeed, many of the guys we already have on this list. He’s two years younger than Leibrandt, which I suppose also makes Garcia somewhat more attractive.

  3. I had Joely higher, but in this tier he is right where I think he should be. He should be in the major league soon.

  4. What would everyone say that Hoskins pro “comp” is? Ceiling as a Gaby Sanchez type player? Could he one day be a .260-.270 guy with 15-20 homers per year?

    1. Chris Serritella, Cody Overbeck, Matt Rizzotti — the Phillies pick up a Rhys Hoskins around the 5th round of every draft going back to Ryan Howard.

  5. Just for s breath of fresh air, wouldn’t it be nice to see the Phillies hit big on a international sleeper like Tromp.

  6. Franco would be a great example…if he works out. It would be great if another position player stepped up as a sleeper (Pujols? Tromp? Grullon?). With the wheels flying off of the big club and the constant criticism of the farm system in the publications, it would refreshing to have some good news

    1. Pujols and Grullon were highly ranked their year coming out and were paid as such. Wouldn’t call them sleepers, necessarily, nothing like Tromp or Franco, anyway. Maybe Mecias, Kilome, Pinto or Garcia is the guy you’re looking for.

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