PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #32

Nefi Ogando takes the 31st prospect slot in our poll.  He received 38 of 167 votes (23%).  Jiandido Tromp finished second with 24 votes.

The current poll’s selections so far are listed below.  I’ll start the sleeper pick column sometime in the next week or so.

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Aaron Nola
  3. Maikel Franco
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Zach Eflin
  6. Ben Lively
  7. Jesse Biddle
  8. Kelly Dugan
  9. Tom Windle
  10. Yoel Mecias
  11. Deivi Grullon
  12. Matt Imhof
  13. Dylan Cozens
  14. Carlos Tocci
  15. Odubel Herrera
  16. Aaron Altherr
  17. Aaron Brown
  18. Franklyn Kilome
  19. Victor Arano
  20. Andrew Knapp
  21. Zach Green
  22. Severino Gonzalez
  23. Cord Sandberg
  24. Jesmuel Valentin
  25. Ricardo Pinto
  26. Luis Encarnacion
  27. Cameron Perkins
  28. Jose Pujols
  29. Andrew Pullin
  30. Tommy Joseph
  31. Nefi Ogando

The poll for #32 is up next.

14 thoughts on “PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #32

  1. Charlie….. I mean Brandon Leibrandt. Isn’t it supposed to be “I” before “E” except after “C”? I guess not in this case.

  2. Jiandido is going to TROMP every single one of your expectations for him this year. 20+ homers across two levels and .275 combined clip. Could even end up in AA before the season is over.

  3. I actually do think the system is deeper than it’s been in quite some time (certainly, since we started doing this in 2006). Nobody’s even mentioned Sam Hiciano, but he’s as likely as Tromp to have a big breakout year (although, due to his overall tools, I agree that, right now, Tromp is probably a better prospect). Hiciano’s a C- level prospect, but he has an intriguing ceiling and I think there’s a real bat there. Yup, there are a lot of under the radar breakout candidates this year.

  4. I am glad Nefi finally got in. I voted for Astudillo. I think he continues to show he has that good hit tool, and will be part of a trade in the next couple of years. I see him as a DH.

  5. Joely Rodriguez for me as he will probably be up at AAA(Allentown) and could be in the majors in a year or two if he continues his improvement. If he makes to the Phillies soon than this trade is a winner.

  6. Oliver here, narrowly, over Rodriguez. A lot of people seemed to think that Oliver had 2nd round talent but dropped down the lists due to the DWI, etc. Rough start, but I could see at least a tiny chance of him flipping a switch, in a similar way that Adam Morgan did before he got injured. Morgan went from more or less completely off the radar screen (not ranked preseason 2012) to a Top 3 prospect in the system. That’s obviously a rare trajectory for a college pitcher, and I don’t think it’s likely with Oliver, but it does seem like the potential is there. I guess we also have to hope that his off-field issues are more maturity related, and a one-time thing, rather than addiction related, which would obviously affect his performance going forward. No way to know from afar, but anyhow, he’s my sleeper pick.

    1. Morgan and Asche both made the climb..
      Asche was not even a top 30 guy after his poor short-season 2011 start.
      Maybe Jim should have a mid-season poll again.

  7. Elniery Garcia is ninth on the Baseball Prospectus 2015 Phillies Prospect List. I figure they must know something.

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