PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #21

Andrew Knapp is selected the 20th prospect in the organization.  The 23-year old catcher received 76 of the 266 votes cast (29%).  Zach Green finished second with 52 votes.

The selections so far are listed below.

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Aaron Nola
  3. Maikel Franco
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Zach Eflin
  6. Ben Lively
  7. Jesse Biddle
  8. Kelly Dugan
  9. Tom Windle
  10. Yoel Mecias
  11. Deivi Grullon
  12. Matt Imhof
  13. Dylan Cozens
  14. Carlos Tocci
  15. Odubel Herrera
  16. Aaron Altherr
  17. Aaron Brown
  18. Franklyn Kilome
  19. Victor Arano
  20. Andrew Knapp

The poll for #21 is up next.

43 thoughts on “PhuturePhillies Reader Top 30 Poll for #21

  1. Voted for Zach Green, but there is this snippet about Pinto in the fangraphs prospect report:

    “Scouts describe Pinto as having ‘huge balls’ and being ‘mean as shit’…”

    It also goes on to say Pinto’s fastball sits 91-94 and he has an above average changeup. He had success last year and is a pretty good candidate to be in the top 10 discussion next year.

    1. I voted Pinto again. On my list he’s one spot in front of Green. I probably should have included that quote when I was trying to drum up support for him before, haha.

  2. I’m not saying Brandon Leibrandt should be a Top 10 prospect. Or even top 15. But when you look at the college pitchers the Phillies’ drafted in the first seven rounds, over the last ten years, 8 of 22 have reached MLB (including three current SPs), and 7 are still on the farm (including two current Top 10 prospects). Only 7 totally flamed-out. When ranking prospects in the 20-ish range, that bodes well, imo, for Leibrandt.

    Ken Giles
    David Buchanan

    Vance Worley
    J.A. Happ

    Aaron Nola
    Matt Imhof

    Adam Morgan
    Hoby Milner
    Perci Garner
    Chris Oliver
    Brandon Leibrandt

    Joe Savery
    Tyson Brummett
    Drew Carpenter
    Matt Maloney

    Daniel Brauer
    Steven Inch
    Bryan Morgado
    Matt Way
    Brett Harker
    Justin Blaine
    Andrew Baldwin

    1. Nick Hernandez, LHP, is still trying a comeback and was pitching in the indy leagues last year..

        1. yes…I think he was another victim of the shoulder injury demise.
          That’s why I think Morgan, Pettibone and Watson,unfortunately, may have a long road back.
          Seems TJs and elbows can recover within a year, but shoulders , even when surgery is successful, as is always claimed, takes a player 2 or more years.

    2. I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to evaluate players by putting them in a group and (seemingly) not looking at them individually. Leibrandt and Ken Giles were both college pitchers but they’re nothing alike. Even David Buchanan wasn’t very similar when he was fresh out of college.

    3. I look at this list and see 1 dominant relief stud, 3 starters who are more or less hovering around replacement level most seasons (Buchanan, Happ, Worley), 4 guys who are basically out of baseball, and two high draft picks (Nola and Imhof), only one of whom I see as a lock to be a major league starter.

      That’s not a great track record. Sure, guys like Happ and Worley are useful to have in the system to fill out the back of the rotation and soak up innings, but you can find guys like that in a variety of ways. I’m not saying it’s not useful to have guys like Liebrandt in the system, but a rotation full of Liebrandts-like-pitchers would lose 110 games. (I’m not speaking here of the merits of Liebrandt himself, since I’m not even convinced he’s a major leaguer, but basically soft-tossing strike-zone savvy pitchers.)

      I think we’re not so much in disagreement as it may appear, though, since I am always arguing against you. I actually like the idea of having a lot of Liebrandts floating around–you’ve got to fill the back end of the rotation somehow, it might as well be by popping guys in the 6th round of the draft. I just don’t think that individually we should rank them very high, since on an individual level, they’re all pretty mediocre.

      1. Hey, I’m not saying he’s Randy Johnson, I’m observing that, objectively, he’s a college draft pick who made it with the big club and should be on the list. Anyone who is drafted in the 10th round and is on the major league roster is a success story to a certain degree.

    4. I think this is a fair and accurate analysis. Projecting an object’s performance by using data from objects with similar attributes is quite common and sound. Now, I’m not saying Liebrandt will be a star, but I think this post is a reasonable argument that he will bring some value to the organization based on what others with similar attributes have done. While others are (and should be) ranked higher, if I had to wager on whether on Liebrandt or Jose Pujols will make it to the majors (not be a star), I’m betting on Liebrandt.

    5. Imoff and Leibrandt are nothing more than organizational fillers. There is nothing in the careers to suggest anything else. The organization would not know anything about pitching prospects if it bit them on the you know what.

        1. Promising in WPT is not even close to AA or AAA. It will take him 5 years to get there is he does at all and by then we have a 28 year old organizational filler Except for Nola we have nothing down on the farm from a pitching standpoint.

  3. I voted Valentin he’s on most scouting sites top 20 . He plays every position but his dad played 20 yrs in MIb and love his makeup.

      1. I still like Tromp. He’s got as much power as anyone currently in the organization. He’s in my top 20. But there are about 5 guys who have been voted in this list, that pushed him back a bit.

    1. I had Valentin at #20, but the highest ranked player I have who hasn’t made it yet is Sev Gonzales, so I voted for him. I’ve been voting Knapp for close to a week, so this is the first time in a while that I had to pull out the list. Sev didn’t have great stats in AA, but the Phillies took away his go-to cutter. With the cutter returned to him and already in AA, Sev is knocking on the major league door. Prior to last season he always put up good stats when allowed to deploy his full arsenal of pitches. He also has good control. I think he is on the big league Phillies to start 2016.

      1. You make a good point on Severino. I voted for Pinto but I am really torn btw Pinto, Severino, and Garcia on the pitching side. Then there is Zach Green who has big ol’ upside. Plus Valentin looks good…hard to choose.

        1. Garcia is interesting. The reports on his secondary stuff say it’s advanced for his age, but if that’s the case I wonder why he pitched in the GCL last year and not Williamsport instead of some other guys, like Pinto. It’s that placement and their fastballs that convinced me to rate Pinto a little higher.

          1. Thanks Handzus, I appreciate you sharing your thought process. I also am leaning Pinto because of his supposedly better velo and already having a good change. Garcia is interesting though because he is a year younger than Pinto, a lefty, and had a better bb/9 than Pinto (albeit in a different league).

      2. Regarding Severino, see my comments above on Liebrandt. I think Severino is actually the pitcher Fritzerland is hoping Liebrandt will turn out to be. I like his chances to be a major league starter, just not sure he’s going to be much more than a Nelson Figueroa type.

  4. Voted Green again, probably for the last time. I do however wonder if we have something in Pinto. We seem to have quite a few Latin pitchers with great arms, 2015 could be a big year for them and for the system.

    1. College prospects rarely get respect until they progress and produce at AA. No doubt Leibrandt was stellar in WPT. Let’s see where they start him.

      FWIW I have him 19 and IMO this board way over values Tocci Windle, Kilome. I have Sev ahead of all of them. Mark Leiter too.

    2. A good year against kids 2-3 years younger. Stop drinking the koolaid. Leibrandt, and Imoff will never see MLB games except on tv like the rest of us.

  5. Green’s bat is too slow to be considered a high up-side prospect. And Sandberg’s tools are disappointing. Anything at this point is a shot in the dark. Not a word about Austin Davis, who is my sleeper.

  6. Someone totally off the grid. Austin Davis. Green’s bat is too slow and Sandberg’s tools are too exaggerated for me.

    1. There are conflicting reports about Green’s bat speed. I have seen reports from when he was in Williamsport that said he could get around on anyone’s fastball. That lends me to believe his bat speed/hands is not too slow. Does he have Franco bat speed, no. He does have a long swing and that gets him in trouble with breaking balls. Still think he has lots of upside.

  7. I voted Garcia this time around, but i am really just up in the air at this point. Can be swayed by good arguments. Might go Pinto next round.

  8. That’s the first about Green bat That I heard of he can doubles and Hr pretty good with a slow bat.

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