Phils Acquire Victor Arano to complete R. Hernandez Deal

The Phillies announced today that they acquired 19 year old Victor Arano from the Dodgers to complete the Roberto Hernandez deal.  Arano was signed by the Dodgers in 2012 out of the Dominican Republic and has shown promise this year going 4-7 with a 4.08 ERA and 1.25 WHIP in 22 games (15 starts) for Great Lakes, the Dodgers Single A affiliate.  What sticks out even more, with the number of minor leaguers the Phillies have that struggle to throw strikes is a very impressive 2.1/8.7 BB/K ratio for Arano. At least on paper, the Phillies have something to work with here.  I wouldn’t expect him to land with an affiliated team in the organization this weekend, but do expect to see him in Clearwater for the Florida Instructional League.

29 thoughts on “Phils Acquire Victor Arano to complete R. Hernandez Deal

  1. Well Amaro did good to seemingly get 2 legit prospects for a fifth starter who is aFA after the year. Seems like this guy is a lottery ticket but that’s what we expected. It seems there’s definately something to work with here. I’d assume he’ll be in CWater next year with Imhoff, Mecias, and Liebrandt. The 5th is probably up in the air at this point. Maybe Whitehead? Maybe Watson if he proves he’s healthy?

    1. Yeah, I’d prefer a 19 year-old lottery ticket to AAA guy who projects as a middle or long reliever. You have to give credit where credit is due – regardless of how this deal turns out in the long run, this was a well-conceived and properly executed trade. And it doesn’t hurt that Hernandez’s body double – Jerome Williams – has come in and pitched exactly the way Hernandez pitched, perhaps even better; this trade was all upside from what I can see.

      By the way, I am perfectly fine with the Phillies re-signing Hernandez next spring for another year at a similar price. Put it this way – would you rather have Hernandez for one year and $4-5 million or Kendrick at any price? Kendrick has so overstayed his welcome.

  2. “Arano has a very easy arm with good present strength, and can pound the zone with a low-90s fastball that can bump a little higher. He shows both a quality curveball and a changeup, although both offerings are inconsistent at present.”

    That’s from Jason Parks.

  3. Amaro outdid himself with the Roberto trade. A possible utility guy and a pitcher with prospects but too early in his career (and probably too young) to accurately gauge for the long term. Certainly an interesting grab though.

  4. I like it.
    Ruben did well to some degree with the Hernandez deal.
    MLB has a fair to good scouting report on him:
    Victor Arano Rank: 14 Status: ETA: 2017 Position: RHP Age: 19 Bats: R, Throws: R Height: 6′ 2″, Weight: 200Drafted: 2014, 2nd (62) – LAD
    Scouting Grades: Fastball: 55 | Slider: 55 | Changeup: 45 | Control: 50 | Overall: 45

    1. The MLB write-up:
      Arano has a pair of solid pitches in his fastball and slider. He usually throws his heater at 90-91 mph and tops out at 94. He has tightened his breaking ball and added some velocity to it in 2014 after it resembled more of a curveball in the past.

      Arano’s changeup isn’t as effective, though he does show a willingness to throw it. He’s physically mature for a teenager, so he may not add much more velocity. Though he has been much more effective out of the bullpen than in the rotation in low Class A, he still projects as a future starter.

  5. Defintely can’t complain about this trade. BP had him rated as the Dodgers #10 prospect.

  6. It still was a good return for Hernandez who has pitched effectively for the Dodgers. Really a shame Ruben added that 4 team no-trade to Byrd’s contact. The 3rd yr option was way more than necessary. Would have liked a nice prospect for him.

    1. They still could’ve traded Byrd. Yanks wanted him pretty bad. I don’t think the contract was the issue. Amaro was demanding Judge, who is considered their best hitting prospect. I wonder if people would’ve been satisfied with getting O’Brien for him. I would imagine the yanks would’ve traded him 4 Byrd since they traded him 4 Prado.

      1. I would’ve loved O’Brien. My last name is O’Brien, I could’ve at least made it worth their while in shirsey sales.

  7. Very pleased with this trade. Valentin may end up as just a utility guy, but with prospects you never know what they could become. He could flop at the plate or something could click which would allow for him to be a starter. While its not as likely he becomes a starter at 2B as least he provides the chance.

    Nice to see Ruben pick up a low level prospect who actually has some potential and isn’t just a guy they are going to try and fix. A 19 yo kid with good command and a 55 scouting grade fastball and slider is a great grab for Roberto. There is still time to develop his change up into an average to above average pitch. I hope in a few years the dodgers are regretting this trade an Arano becomes a nice piece for the big league rotation.

    1. Not called up. Brundage said to one of the reporters (Housenick, maybe, or maybe all of them and Housenick’s was the tweet I saw) that he wasn’t going to say why he pulled Franco but that Franco knows why. Someone else (Hixson I think) then said Franco had dropped a pop-up in the previous inning. Maybe it was related to that.

      They’re not going to burn a year of FA for three meaningless days in August.

  8. I heard he got pulled from the game in the fifth. I was wondering if he got called up or was injured. Great news can’t wait to watch him play!

    1. He is not on the 40 man roster so his contract has to be purchased and the Phillies have to release someone.

      He could get called up tomorrow but someone will likely have to be sent down, go on the DL, or be released.

      I don’t think it makes sense to call him up now with the rosters expanding in a couple of days.

  9. Entering his age 49 season, Amaro Jr. appears to be entering his peak seasons in regard to acquire prospects for replacement level talent.

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