Box Score Recap – 8/24/2014

Maikel Franco was 2-4 with a double following up his Cycle from Saturday. Cam Perkins went 3-3 – his first multi-hit game since August 2. Aaron Nola gave up 1R on 4H, 1HR, 1BB and 5K in 5IP – his best outing at AA.

Art Charles hit his 19th home run, and his fifth in his last seven games. JP Crawford hit two bombs, his second two-homer game this month. Matt Imhof allowed 2R on 6H, 1HR, 1BB and 4k in 4IP. His 27K:5BB in 26.1IP at Lakewood is real nice.

Wanna see something not so nice? Check out MItch Gueller’s road splits for the year.  I showed them to my dog and he ran to hide behind the couch. True story, I swear.

One week and one day to go, folks, as four teams, LV, REA, LKW and WIL have wrap-around series ending on Labor Day. CLR wraps up Sunday. DSL ended unceremoniously with a rain cancellation yesterday. GCL still fighting for a playoff spot – they’re one game back of the Yankees to be their division’s representative and that regular season ends on Thursday.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. I forgot who said it but, if the Phillies find a way to dump Howard, they can move Utley to 1B, keep Franco at 3B and platoon Hernandez/Galvis/Asche? at 2B. It keeps Franco at 3rd, probably adds a year of durability to Utley and opens up a good competition at 2nd.

    Obviously there are much bigger fish to fry in the organization like pitching depth but that’s not a bad thought at first glance.

    1. If the Phils trade/release Howard I think the most likey scenerio is Franco gets every chance to become the 1st baseman next year. That’s probably the easiest thing to do. That way your only moving 1 guy around and he has played 1st a little. Long term I could see them revisit Asche at 2nd one Utley moves on or retires.

      1. If they move Howard and do not pick up another 1B, I would consider Franco at 3rd, Ruff at first and Asche in the outfield or traded or on the bench. I personally want Franco to be a 3b as that would provide greater value.

        I am not sure they will simply release Howard. I know he is not worth $25 million, but he may hit 25 HR and have 100 RBI this year. It is a tough call to say he is worth more gone than producing those numbers on the team. You really have to believe that the spot that is opened up for a younger player is really worth it. Do Ruff or Asche fit that description of “Howard is blocking a future star?”

        I would personally rather have Franco and Howard/Ruff than Franco and Asche or Franco 3b and Galvis/Hernandez/Asche 2b and Utley 1b. I want no parts of Galvis or Hernandez as starting 2b. The Phils can’t score as it is.

        1. Even if Howard hits 25 home runs and 100rbi does it really matter? There are players that can hit 25 home runs that make a lot less than Howard does. What team would take a chance on him. The few home runs he has hit lately are all Citizens Bank specials. I am not saying our park is a ban box the way others describe it, I’m saying he just drops home runs into the flower bed or first two rows of LF. In a lot of other ball parks some of his home runs would definitely be outs. Yankee stadium is probably the only place where Ryan would put up half decent numbers. He is a terrible defender so he has to go to the AL. If you look at Howard from a business standpoint he is clearly an example of sunk cost. He was a bad investment so there is no point of keeping him on the roster. Cut your loses and move on. There has to been someone in the minors or that we can acquire from another team or maybe even a rule 5 guy that deserves a shot in the big leagues, I know he isn’t exactly blocking a star prospect, but he isn’t even close to being a valuable player. If you put a player in the clean up spot that has some pop and is a good hitter they can rack up rbis. Brandon Phillips is a perfect example. If Byrd or Utley hit in the cleanup spot all year they would probably collect 100rbi on the season as well. If Ruf started 150-160 games at first base next year and they batted him 4th is it outrageous to think he could hit 20 or so home runs and drive in 80+ rbi? I don’t think that those numbers are unattainable. Howard has 533PA so far this year. Let’s say he reaches an even 600 for the year. This season Ruf has 2 home runs in 60 PA, over 600 PA that would equal 20 home runs. If you go by Ruf’s career PA (390) and home runs (19) he hits a home run about every 20 PA. That would add up to 30 home runs over 600 PA. If you give Ruf a full season his numbers will be there he just needs a shot.

          1. If you buyout or trade Howard you can platoon Ruf and Mayberry until Franco is ready.

            Let’s be honest, this team is going nowhere next year. We should be focused on development until pieces are in place and we make a splash.

            As I posted yesterday there is a logjam of people in positions that make signing or bringing guys up difficult. This offseason there has to be trades or buyouts, no way around it.

            I agree that Ruf would likely get Howard’s numbers in the four spot. Howard is not that important to the team and is leeching off solid seasons by Revere and Utley. He is not creating his own offense. His hitting numbers outside of HR’s and RBI’s bear that out.

            I don’t understand the Asche hate of late? Do people posting here not understand player development?

            Go back and read the Box Score thread of 8/23 with excellent posts by Andrew Cleveland Alexander and ematthews9.

            1. My bad, add Allentown1 and Catch22’s posts about patience and player development.

              You don’t call a guy up and quit on him after a year. What happens if Franco bats .200 in April and May with the Phillies? Do we quit on him as well?

            2. No one hates Asche, I just see him as a guy, the power doesn’t seem to be there that would allow him to be an above average regular. Franco appears by most accounts to be the better prospect and moving him from 3b where his ceiling is a 4 or 5 WAR to 1b where his ceiling is liely a 2 WAR doesn’t make sense. I get people liking Asche he seems to be a really hard worker and has rose through the system quickly, I just don’t see a guy that starts at a premium position on a good team.

            3. See my posts on not quitting on a guy after a year. That is not how you develop talent.

              Suppose Franco has a bad April and May, are you quitting on him as well?

              For those that want to move Asche to the OF. Suppose we sign Tomas then what?

            4. I don’t think anyone hates Asche. It’s a simple equation. Franco has way more value at 3B than anywhere else. Asche doesn’t really profile well anywhere else. It sounds like you’re making the assumption that people just want him left at the airport after a west coast swing. That isn’t the case. I sort of like Asche. He could develop into a useful player, but if you have a potential stud moving up, and some other team would like a cheap 3B that still has some development left, and that team might have a couple extra outfielders or starting pitching prospects, than you make a deal. It seems pretty smart to me.

      2. Asche would probably be a disaster 2B. He doesn’t have the range. The Phils moved him off of the position very quickly in the low minors. I don’t think they’re going to revisit that.

        I don’t understand why anyone thinks Franco is going to move off of 3B. Cody Asche isn’t a good third baseman. There were questions about his defense as a prospect and he’s been bad with the Phils. I honestly don’t know what you do with Asche once Franco is ready. I guess move him to LF and hope he makes a transition similar to Alex Gordon where he becomes a plus LF. Not sure if the bat plays there though. I guess this is how guys become career bench players.

        Franco should be left alone though. When he comes up, keep him at 3B and move Asche to a less demanding position.

        1. Since it’s no sure thing that Franco will start next season in the majors, the best case scenario might be for Asche to play awhile next year at 3B, move to LF when Franco is ready, hopefully have a good year to establish some value and eventually be traded (assuming Franco shows positive signs in the majors).

      3. Do you see this as a possibility? Asche playing at 2B has always intrigued me. I would like to see him have a run of games at 2B in Spring Training, at least, to see if he isn’t a defensive detriment. His bat would play much better there than in a corner outfield spot.

  2. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing Russ Canzler in an Ironpig uniform next season. He will be only 29 on opening day next season. He swings it well and can play solid defense in all corners. Had the pleasure of watching him 15+ times when he won International League MVP a few years back. He has enough consistent pop in his bat to fill in at the big league level should an injury arise.

  3. Hello, Phils Phan and new to this site. I was wondering if i could get everyones consensus on 2 questions i have on JP Crawford:

    1) Does he start next year at AA?

    2) Are there any predictions on what his eventual MLB avg will be? (I’m sure thats tough to predict, but just thought i’d ask)

    Thank you all for your expertise.

    1. Echo, I do think he will start at AA next year and, if not, he should be up there by no later than June. If I were a betting man, however, I guess he starts the season at AA.

      As for batting average, it’s hard to say, but I’m guessing he will ultimately settle in at the .275-.295 range. However, batting average is one of the least of his best attributes. His fielding will be phenomenal, his on base percentage should be excellent (probably .350 or over – maybe ultimately going as high as .380 or .390) and if his power continues to develop (he is now hitting the weights seriously per an story), you are looking at the next true Phillies star. Not just a very good player . . . a star. He’s the best Phillies prospect since Cole Hamels and could easily make his major league debut next year as a 20 year-old, which would put him in a very small fraternity of players.

      1. On the best prospect since Cole point, I believe Dom Brown was the #1 or #2 rated prospect in all of baseball at one point so, interestingly, he had a higher status than JPC has now. We all know how things have gone for Dom Brown and so it is easy to forget how highly rated he was and how great the expectations were. Here is to JPC having greater MLB success.

        1. True, but as a 19 year old Brown was barely on our radar whereas the 19 year old Crawford (a guy who, if he had gone to college, would just be starting his Sophomore year) is our clear choice #1 prospect. By the time he’s promoted, I suspect Crawford will be in the top 10 prospects in baseball, probably the top 5.

        2. Dom made it to #4 in BA prospect list in 2010, under the projection that he would hopefully close that giant hole in his beer league softball swing. He has not. The assumption was also that the athletic ability that made him a 4-star NCAA football recruit would ultimately make him a plus defender. It has not. JP Crawford will probably never get to be a top 5 prospect on any lists because he will most likely be the starting SS for the Phillies in 2016 at 20 years old. If they decide to give him an extra year of seasoning in AAA, then perhaps he’ll climb to the top three, but all indications are that the team is being very aggressive with his development. The only reason they would leave him down after the Rollins contract is to save money, and as a large market fan base, we shouldn’t accept that quietly.

          1. Looking back Rollins, Utley and Howard never cracked the BA To Ten if I recall….maybe not even the BA Top Twenty

      2. JPC is average at best defensively. He doesn’t make the tough plays. He takes the easy way out. Any middle infielder that does that costs his team runs every night. Yes he can hit, but from my knowledge of baseball, that’s not all that matters. But then again from what I’ve seen on these message boards it’s all most of you talk about.

        1. Uh, wow, this observation does not match what we have heard about Crawford’s defense from any reliable source.

          1. I guess I should say “professional source” instead of reliable. Every news article and scouting report I’ve read has raved about his defense and has suggested that if anything it is ahead of his bat.

            1. If everyone is telling you it’s raining and you are wet you better get an umbrella. Everyone says crawford is the real deal and while everyone is entitled to their opinion I think we have an imposter on our website. If you cannot get excited about crawford find another club to root for, maybe the cubs since they have so many ” can’t miss prospects “

    2. 1. Barring something unforeseen, yes absolutely.

      2. I think a conservative guess would be .290? Optimistically, I would hope for something like….300/360/440.

  4. I can not wait for JPC to arrive in philly. He is still a work in progress, but I think most people see him being a very good regular, maybe more. I appreciate Rollins and enjoyed watching him over the years. He was a great defensive SS and had some good seasons and clutch ABs in his career. Unfortunately, Rollins is not that much fun to watch anymore. I give him credit for sticking through the bad years (unlike Scott Rolen) and helping to bring us a championship. I hope that Crawford can be the next star SS we have that leads us on a string of post season runs. This kid gets positive reviews from all over and has been flashing more power than he did at Lakewood. Very high on him and believe he is going to really start turning heads at AA.

    Nola and Franco both played well yesterday. The youth are coming! Lots of guys giving us reasons to be excited and hopeful for the future. Knapp and Brown have both been good at Lakewood lately. While I’m not sure what kind of future Charles has the kid has been a good tear. Perkins 3-3 so maybe some adjustments are being made.

      1. I think he’s a year early on Crawford’s arrival date, and I don’t share his optimism about Charles and Perkins … but otherwise I don’t see a problem with his comment. And no one has ever accused me of being an optimist.

        Now, granted, the current lack of under 30 talent on the major league roster means that the fact that the minor league system is looking up – and it undeniably is looking up – is not nearly enough for optimism on the major league level in the short or medium range. But it is a start.

        1. Not sure ematthews shares any optimistic leaning with Perkins and Charles other they may be finally getting started on an upward trend.

  5. Nice to see our farm system trending up. Really happy with the debuts of Imhof and Nola. Jp and Quinn could be our 1 and 2 hitters in philly for a long time. Lots of good things happening right now. Just need a new gm with a real path and we could be back sooner than later.

  6. Consider the future up the middle developing team: CF-Quinn; 2b-Valentin; SS-JP Crawford.

    All at the top of the lineup.

    Future (2 years) looks good. #1 #2 speed. #3-Some speed w some power.

    Something to look forward to. All 3 to Reading in ’15.

  7. In BA’s Minor League roundup they had the following (not behind their paywall so posting it):

    “J.P. Crawford, ss, Clearwater (Phillies): In a system begging for star power, Crawford has put forth an excellent season. He clubbed two homers on Sunday against Brevard County, giving him four this month and eight during his time with the Threshers. Considering he had just three in 60 games this season at low Class A Lakewood, the power output, especially as a 19-year-old in his first full pro season, is mighty impressive. He’s shown plenty of feel to hit in both of his stops this season and has universally wowed evaluators with his smooth glovework. He has all the marks of a future star.”

    Also had a Franco as tops for International League with his results.

    And you guys are jerks! I was not tearing up as I was reading this – I was cutting onions!! You people are so mean! 🙂

  8. Good day for sure although I still don’t see our future #3 hitter in our system. I look forward to Quinn and Crawford batting 1/2 in two years but who will hit 3rd? A true #3 hitter is a guy with 20 homer power, a 300 avg and a 350 obp. Can Dugan become that guy? No one else is even close to that type of player. At one time, I thought Asche had a chance to become that guy but its hard to see him making that big of a jump from where he’s at now.

    1. I’d like to think Dugan can do that, but he’ll have to stay healthy and find his power stroke again as he progresses – Matt Winks made a point on Twitter yesterday that he seems intent on hitting the ball the other way this year. If so, that could be reason enough for his power slump.

    2. I think you are off a bit on your expectations in this era of hitting. Here are the guys with a minimum .300/.350 line in baseball with 20 HRs (or reasonably on pace for that): Victor Martinez, Adrian Beltre, Jose Abreu, Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen, Michael Brantley, Miguel Cabrera

      They are really rare and many of those guys are incredible talents. Looking at the minor leagues the guys I think could hit those numbers in a season are Byron Buxton and maybe if you think about it enough maybe Kris Bryant. We are penciling in Crawford as a #2 hitter, but I would say it isn’t unreasonable to think he will be in the .280 BA range with a .350 OBP and 15-20 HRs. That isn’t what we traditionally think of as a middle of the lineup hitter, but is that this era’s Chase Utley type 3 hole hitter? (not saying Crawford will put up Utley numbers, but with offense down across the league from Utley’s peak they get a little closer)

      1. I’ll take the .280 BA if his OBP is still high. I think in this day and age we know that batting average isn’t a great metric. There are a decent number of guys who have a .350+ OBP and 20 or more homers this year without hitting .300. David Ortiz, Mike Trout, Anthony Rizzo, Edwin Encarnacion, etc.

        Those guys all clear the .350/20 bar pretty easily and Crawford won’t hit like them. Hopefully we can find one guy who can get close but I agree with Murray that we don’t seem to have one in our system, unless it’s somebody like Encarnacion or Pujols.

  9. Crawford’s power will certainly increase as he gains more experience and age. I see him as a 25 HR guy in MLB within 3 years of his call-up. The guy is ONLY 19 and will wind up with about 15 HRs for this season. Look for his age 23-24 when he’d have a few MLB under his belt. He will—IMO–bat 3rd….with Quinn and Valentin hitting ahead of him.

    Settling in at .285–.300 and playing very good SS. Add Franco at 1b, Asche at 3b, and we have an entire infield…

    Future getting brighter. Now, let’s look for that Cuban OFer and add some pitching soon…and we’re competitive again. Go for more pitching in the 15 draft!!!

    P.S. It is time to rid ourselves of Dom Brown. Maybe some other team would take a chance on a “different scenery” shot. Get one or two prospects back…

    1. Do not see Dom Brown bringing back grade tier one prospects, he may bring you back another guy with great expectations a few years ago and have not lived up to the billing.
      Someone in their mid-20s, like a Jesus Montero/Justin Smoak type player, who also are in need of a change of scenery.
      There has to be some out there.

  10. Even getting a player or two from the lower minors would do. Myself–I am exhausted waiting for Brown to show ANY mettle. His fielding is mediocre at best; his hitting….look at his numbers…and watch him at bat. He is so lost that one of us phans could pitch to him and have a great chance to get him out…

    Physically, he remains a strong, lean, muscular young man…but seems to have captured a flu every time he comes to bat.

    There DID seem to be a lot of possibilities there…but at his young age, he is on a downturn seemingly without promise to escape from his own clutches.

    I do hope he is gone when ’15 opens.

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