Box Score Recap – 8/18/2014

Not much to talk about from the two games on the schedule. Jason Zgardowski, the new UDFA, got his first pro start for GCL. Venn Biter has five triples on the year. Tow DSL guys hit their first home runs of the season. Ran and off-days everywhere else.

Heading out to see Aaron Nola and the RPhils tonight at Bowie Baysox. Anyone who might be around, please give me a shout on Twitter or send me an email in advance (brad dot dc dot engler at gmail) and maybe we can say hello. I’m going to try to squat on some seats behind the scouts if I can and then go out to the bullpen and ask them who reads and offer them my autograph.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-18-14 boxscores

20 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/18/2014

  1. A Brad in DC autograph is on my Christmas wishlist along with a Red Ryder bb gun and one of the Bumpasis’ dogs

  2. I am waiting for the bradindc banana hammock calendar. Make october special brad, it is my birthday month!

  3. The NY Post is reporting that the Phillies are the favorites to sign Runsey Castillo. That would be exciting if true, but I’m not convinced–I don’t see them outbidding the Yankees and Red Sox if both those teams are truly in it:

    But IF the Phillies were to sign Castillo, it would make for an interesting offseason question as to what happens in the OF. The most obvious move might be to move Byrd, but I would be in favor of exploring the trade market for Ben Revere–he’s peaking in terms of value right now, and he’s so dependent on BABIP that he’s a big-time candidate for regression.

    The third possibility would be moving Brown, which I think would be a sell-low move, but the Phillies have given plenty of indications that they’ve lost patience with him, and they hate dealing with Scott Boras.

    1. I agree with your Revere suggestion. Arbitration could drive his salary up around $6M. They could probably find comparable OBP, more SLG, and a better arm in the organization for MLB minimum. Whether they sign Castillo or not, moving Revere at his zenith might be a good move. (Please, no multi-year contract!)

      1. I can’t imagine he’ll get that much in arbitration – maybe between $3-4+ million. He should still be cost effective for a year or two, which is when, of course, he’ll get his big contract from the Phillies, thus weighing down the payroll and preventing Roman Quinn from taking over in centerfield. It’s the Phillies own personal circle of life. :0

      2. There’s no way he’s getting $6M in arbitration. At most $4M. And he won’t be getting a second contract from the Phillies, so he’ll likely get traded or non-tendered when he gets too expensive.

    2. Trade revere and brown…go sizemore, castillo, byrd…then trade sizemore and byrd at deadline if out of race

    3. ACA – agree with that entire post. Revere might be an interesting play for a team like San Diego, though not sure what we could expect in return. A batting title certainly won’t hurt his trade value.

      With respect to DBrown, agree that we would be trading low there. To be honest, there’s very little in Brown’s game that interests me. Sure, he might produce another 20+ home run season, but there are so many facets of his game which are lacking. Best that we give him a full time role in 2015, hope he rebounds, and move him at the deadline. Of course, we don’t want him rebounding too much else RAJ may feel inclined to sign him to a long term deal.

      1. I think Brown has one last shot to be a starter in 2015. If not, he becomes a bench player or he’s in a platoon. And the odds were low anyways that Brown was going to get a second contract with Boras as his agent.

    4. Jim Salsbury says there is another Cuban outfielder available this winter who is more of a power hitter that he thinks the Phillies want more.

  4. Nola looked good tonight; not overpowering but effective and efficient. Walked back to back batters in the second inning, and after a single brought in a run, a mound visit settled him and he threw mostly first-pitch strikes the rest of the night. Two bunt singles in the fifth inning led to another run, but Serna and Cartwright pulled a sportscenter-worthy DP.

    Didn’t see dominance, but did see the command and polish.

    1. And I didn’t see you. What, you didn’t want to hang out? 😦

      That DP was real good, Cartwright made another solid play later, and Colt Murray looked pretty nice in relief, too. And that Jake Fox bomb was awesome. Like he thought, “Lemme see how high up the foul pole I can hit one”. Almost all the way up.

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