Box Score Recap – 8/17/2014

Maikel Franco hit a walk-off three run home run for Lehigh Valley (12). Phillippe Aumont with two clean innings, including 15/17 pitches for strikes and three Ks. Hoby Milner threw a three-hit shutout, striking out five Binghampton Mets. He’s been hot and cold his last five starts. Roman Quinn 1-4 with a BB and a steal, and he was caught stealing on a pickoff. JP Crawford was 3-5, Brian Pointer was 1-4 with a double and a walk, and Art Charles was 0-0 with five walks, (five!!!). Kevin Walter threw five shutout innings and struck out six. Good for him. Jim Peyton wrote up that game here.

Five guys had multi-hit games for Lakewood, lead by Carlos Tocci’s 3-4 plus a walk and Andrew Knapp’s 3-5 with a double. Aaron Brown has multiple hits in all four of his games with Lakewood. Brandon Leibrandt had another strong outing, striking out five and allowing 1R on 5H and 1BB.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-17-14 boxscores

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  1. For as bad as Lakewood’s record would indicate, I feel that there are a lot of interesting prospects on that team: Tocci, Brown (who is new), Cozens, Green, Knapp, Austidillo, Walding, Imhof (new), etc. Guess next year will be huge to see if they can become top 5 prospects or more middling prospects.

    1. I agree, I’m hopeful that somebody (hopefully plural) is going to separate themselves from the pack and show that they are legit.

  2. Looks like they are training Brown to be able to play all 3 OF positions. I like that! But I expect him to get the bulk of his playing time at LF. You won’t be able to run on the OF of Brown – Tocci – Cozens. 3 howitzers out there.

    1. The three games that Brown and Tocci have both been in the lineup, Brown has played RF with Cozens in LF.

  3. Can Astudillo play 1B? He is, by all accounts, a legitimate hitter. And a good day all around for the Farm. Not too many of those.

    1. I don’t think Astudillo has the power profile to play 1B. His best bet is catching where he has started 29 games for Lakewood this season. His bat definitely could play at C, 1B, not so much

    2. I’ve seen Astudillo play 1B… it was embarrassing to watch… he is very unathletic for the position and had poor footwork.

      1. thank you. I think it should be mandatory you can’t leave an Astudillo comment until you have seen play in person. He is catcher only.

        1. Lol whatever. I don’t need to see a guy play to know that .330 is a good average and he makes a ton of contact

        2. Even if you haven’t seen him – it’s obvious they’re trying to get him at bats for one reason or another. He’s played 1B, DH, LF, and C.

  4. A lot of good things throughout the system lately. Astudillo has been good, Brown doing well at Lakewood, JPC continues to hit for a high average, Leibrandt keeps giving Williamsport solid outings, and Knapp and Quinn playing well. There are a lot of guys in the system that make you want to check the box scores each day. Nice to see our system have some promising young players to follow. Another strong draft next year should help turn what was an area of weakness into a strength.

    1. Agree…..there also may be a couple more good drafts depending on where the big club finishes in the next few years.

    2. Taking the extra-long view, being really bad this year and last year (and most likely next year as well) is the best thing that could have happened for the organization. These were teams that were built to compete for a Wild Card, maybe if everything went right, and had they been successful in hanging around in that zone of 80-90 wins, they would have been picking at only a marginally more advantageous position than when they were regularly winning the division. This year’s college-only approach to the draft drew a lot of howls, but as I’ve said before, when you add the class of 2014 to all the high-upside young guys from 2012 and 2013, plus the fruits of some fairly aggressive signs in Latin America the last couple years, you’re going to have a nice looking farm system next year filled with guys who will be coming along in 2016, right around the time the late-2000s core guys are shuffling into retirement. And if a few more things go right (that is, wrong) between now and October, we could be looking at a potential #3 or #4 pick next year.

      And then, come 2017, Howard will finally be off the books along with all the other big free agent signs except for Hamels, and there will be a bunch of TV money to spend to fill the holes. With any luck, we will look back and say that 2014 was the low point. By this time next year, we should be talking excitedly about Franco, Nola and Giles, and there will be at least a little hope.

  5. Has Harold Martinez got himself back into the legitimate prospect conversation? Certainly no where near top ten but maybe in the 20-30 range?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe in the 20’s. See how things shake out when you actually start building a list.

    2. I don’t think so BigPhan. I was looking at his profile yesterday and noticed the 78Ks against just 7 BBs on the season. Abysmally putrid. He’s also 24 playing at Advanced A (he’ll turn 25 on May 3rd), so he’s playing against mostly younger competition, often against players 3 years or more younger. I could see him topping out with a cup of coffee at AAA but I certainly don’t consider him a legitimate prospect despite his 2nd rd selection in 2011

    3. No. He’s 2 years old for a level he’s playing for the 3rd straight year. And his numbers are still pretty poor.

      1. He’s no where near the Top30. He’s certainly closer to a bust and more than likely isn’t back next year.

  6. I think that the Phillies have won the Roberto Hernandez trade. I think Valentin is a nice looking young player. I wonder who the pitcher is going to be.

  7. They have to play Brown, Tocci and Cozens – it makes no sense to have Larry Greene taking at bats away from any of them. Sometimes first round picks are busts – time to acknowledge that and move on!

  8. Has Aumont finally found his groove? I think the Phillies need to give him one more look in September. That big horse looks like he could be something.

    1. We said that in 2011, and 2012 multiple times, and 2013, and we said that in 2014 as we watched him walk batter after batter and serve up HR after HR… we have a nice AAA middle reliever on our hands…

      1. He’s already been given plenty of chances. Remember Aumont’s recent promotion to Philly? He stunk it up once again.

  9. Now let’s see………..if Ruf was in the 4-hole tonight, how many runs would we have. Oh, that’s right, forgot……………………. he can’t hit right handers.

    1. It’s short for “I’m the Hoff” similar to “Don’t mess with the Hoff” I’m guessing his great, great grandparents were huge Baywatch fans

  10. 5 games and we only gave up a total of 4 runs on the day. August 17 will live on in infamy!!!

  11. Brandon Leibrandt – showing he is a very consistently good pitcher. If he is a “good” chip off the old block as so far he appears to be, his ceiling could be a middle-of-the-rotation starter on the big club – in 2016.

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