Box Score Recap – 8/16/2014

Lots to talk about today – I neglected to mention a promotion yesterday – Jose Pujols was moved up to WIL after they moved Aaron Brown to Lakewood. The 18-year-old Pujols has two doubles and three Ks in eight NYPL PAs thus far, after OPSing over .700 in his return trip through the GCL, with 15 XBH (5HR) in about 165 PAs. Striking out over 30% of the time is not going to cut it, though. Also of note from a personnel standpoint, JP Crawford was back on the field after a couple days on the shelf with what Amaro described to reporters as a “twisted ankle”.

Jesse Biddle left his start after some poor results, and once it became apparent to his coaches and trainers that he was hurt.

So he was hurt before the game even started, which means he tried to pitch through an injury. This is generally seen in the public as a good thing when it works (toughness) and a bad thing when it doesn’t (dumbness). Hopefully this one turns out to be in between – the “it didn’t work but he didn’t further damage himself.”

Seth Rosin pitching well lately – 12K and 4BB in his last 13.1 IP. And so the club will again have to decide whether to protect him in the Rule 5 or leave him exposed. For the record, I don’t know what to think about that. Aaron Altherr with his 14th home run, his fifth in the last ten games. He’s hit two more than his previous career high with some 70 fewer PAs, and his K Rate is below 22%, a 5% improvement on last year. Center field defense remains the key to his game. If he can do it, for real, he could be a valuable big league regular.

The aforementioned JP Crawford was 2-4 plus a walk and a steal (7, he’s 21/31 across two levels this year), Roman Quinn was 1-4 plus his 27th steal in 34 tries (79%), and Brian Pointer was 1-4 plus a walk, and hit his 13th HR – he’s OPSing over 1.000 for the month and .760 for the year. That’s nearly a 100 point OPS improvement over last year, and his .904 OPS in the second half of the year is about 275 points higher than his first half. Colin Kleven was good in that one, and he’s got an FIP of 3.68 on the year. Not bad at all. We’ll see how he handles AA next year. For LKW, Cozens, Brown and Astudillo had multi-hit games. Astudillo actually drew a walk, (18 on the year matches his 18 Ks), and Cozens stole his 20th base. Sam McWilliams allowed 3H 0 BB 2K in 5 scoreless IP for GCL. Solid, if not spectacular.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-16-14 boxscores

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    1. Will the Phillies keep Brown as a CF?
      His run tool is 40 or below.
      He is the polar opposite of Revere with regards to speed and arm.

        1. Saying Greene is “done” is implying he was even anything but…. and that’s clearly a stretch.

      1. How is that possible that he is so slow and can play center field . On MLB Com it has brown and Franco as the same speed

  1. In about 125 less AB’s Mitch Walding has only 1 less RBI than Dylan Cozens. That is pretty good. I’m not saying Walding is lighting it up this year. I’m just saying it is an improvement from last year

    1. RBIs doesn’t help his prospect status at all, and it shouldn’t. Walding is also repeating the level while this is Cozens first crack at full season ball

    2. Walding also has only 1 less double on the year then Cozens who has 24 and is 2nd on the team behind Astudillo (27). I’m interested to see how he does next year now that he’s hitting better and hopefully can stay healthy. I’ve noticed he’s been getting his share of doubles, had he hit just 2 or 3 more on the year he’d be in the top 10 in the SAL.

  2. If the team was serious about seeing what Rosin can do, they should have given him more of a shot in AAA, where his FIP was much better than his ERA. Instead he’s repeating AA in a lesser role than last season, so I would be surprised if they protect him.

    As for Pointer, I noticed that his underlying numbers aren’t very different from what they were in Lakewood. They’re actually a bit worse. His BABIP is higher and his K and BB rates are slightly worse. What also seems to be quite different is his higher HR/FB rate, which makes sense going from Lakewood’s park to Clearwater’s.

  3. Biddle’s decision to hide an injury and pitch is stupid, but very understandable. On the emotional side, he wanted to pitch in Reading again, after half a season wasted. On the logical side, this is precisely the way the Phillies have taught him to behave. If you’re told to just keep pitching through pertussis, plantar fasciitis, and lingering concussion symptoms, wouldn’t you learn that you are not allowed to take a day off for illness, that you are just supposed to gut it out, that your health is less important that performing your job. The Phillies brass are probably pissed at him for hiding an injury, but they really should look in the mirror. This particular ding seems less severe than a lot of what they had him play through.

    1. This is not just Biddle , it’s many of the players /pitchers they just don’t want to go on the DL unless it’s hopeless then they will. All of them are trying to reach a goal and the DL interupts that.

    1. No way is Valentin #3 and the PTBNL at #4. Nola, Quinn, Imhoff, Sandberg, Cozens, Knapp + More; I think they’d all be higher.

    2. Valentin slots in ahead of Pullin as a 2B prospect. BA didn’t rank Pullin in our top 30 coming into this season (but what do they know, they had Larry Greene at 31). They had the Dodgers as the #20 farm and Valentin as their #22 prospect (they had us as the #22 farm). I had Pullin in the mid-20s. I guess I’d slot Valentin in the 18-20 range.

  4. Why oh why is Larry Greene still getting at bats………just let him put on a show in batting practice and then sit him.

    1. Two reasons I can think of:

      1) Hoping against hope that the light bulb goes off,

      2) Punishment: He took $1M and he’s going to be humiliated until it feels like that
      was paid back.

      1. Two more reasons: embarrassing to the Phillies to quickly cut a #1. If we ever get to the point of ‘buying’ a salary dump player, as the Yankees did with Abreu/Lidle, a #1 draft choice with ‘the best raw power in the prep class’ is good eyewash for a salary dump, just as C.J. Henry provided a little media cover to the Phillies as a former Yankees’ #1 (even though everyone in baseball or who could read a table of stats knew he was a total bust).

        1. If you’re reffering to draft pick compensation from a type A free agent walking, it no longer transferrs to the new team if the player is traded mid-season (per the new cba)

          1. I think however if the the new team offers a QO to their ‘rental’ acquisition at the end of the season, and the player signs with another team the losing team then gets a draft comp pick.

            1. SO if a team offers QO and the player decides not to accept but signs with another team, the team the player signs with loses a pick, but the team that lost the player, even after offering a QO, comes up empty-handed?

            2. Under the new CBA, players who are traded midseason cannot be offered a QO by their new team. The player must have been with the team for the entire season.

      2. Chance of that lightbulb going off is about the chance the Neanderthals had electricity. It’s a lost cause, do not pass A ball, do collect 1 million dollars.

  5. I know sarcasm doesn’t translate well to message boards, but…..It’s nice to see Susac in the Giants lineup.

  6. In all seriousness, is Larry Greene even trying anymore? Does he really suck this bad or does he just not give a toss?

    1. It’s legit to ask if he ever gave a toss, other than getting the huge bonus. You would think his absolute minimum responsibility would be to come to ST in-shape and having spent at least part of the off-season prepping for the new season.

  7. I was at the Lakewood game last night, and I’ll be honest I was chasing my kids around half the time, but cozens has impressive stature, hit the ball hard and stole a base without any issue . He really passes the eye test based on limited observation. On the other hand, walding has impressive stature and fluid swing, but he seems late and it looks to me that he has a problem identifying pitches.

  8. All the more reason to review and update character assessment before choosing such a high draft pick. This organization does need fresh, up-to-date and creative people focusing on player evaluations in the free agent classes, minor lg players, and even major lg players.

    Past draft choices reflect just how poor the choices have been resulting in the present state of the farm system….but also the choosing of players to be acquired in trades has been horrendous, resulting in trades for nothing in return.

    All because of outdated and lousy evaluations. A shakeup of the people responsible is undeniably a MUST.

    After the team’s success in their recent run, we should have seen good people climbing through the system ready to form a new wave of success. If I were a stockholder in the org’n, I’d sue them for mismanagement and gross incompetence.

    1. The concern according to one Philly beat writer….Monty may want to keep Ruben as GM another year, at least until his contract expires after 2015….BUT have Ruben retool the minor league coaching and scouting depts.
      Not sure I like that plan.

    2. Whether it’s guys in the top 10 who don’t sign for what they hinted they would, not having the guys picked in the 40 rounds to have a decent HS prospect willing to sign for $400 K in the later rounds, totally messing up primo picks on guys like Greene and Hudson, or suddenly switching focus to a virtually all college draft, the Phillies scouting system and philosophy just seems indicative of an organization that doesn’t have its act together.

  9. Franco takes a 3-1 count and hits a walk off HR to win the game 3-2 after going into the 9th down 2-0.

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