Box Score Recap – 8/11/2014

Jesse Biddle was back on the hill for CLR – he walked five in five innings, though he allowed just three hits and one run and struck out four. Not nearly as hopeful as last time with those five walks. We’ll see what they do with him now. REA has a DH Saturday, so if they wanted to, they could push him into that spot and hopefully save the bullpen some innings. Looks like a good chance of rain tonight in Harrisburg , so they very well might need the extra bullets Saturday. Whether they rush Biddle for that…doubt it. But if they like what they saw last night, then why not? We shall see. Also, if it rains out tonight in Harrisburg, I will be quite happy. Looks like my only chance to see Nola in DC next week. I know you’re all very concerned with my plight.

Nice job from the LV bullpen – Manship, Martin and Garcia threw a shutout, striking out nine. Wonder if they’re going to stretch out Manship. Kinda seems like a necessity, even with O’Sullivan coming back. Maybe they’ll rob AA of Adam Loewen instead. After a good outing turned bad in his last inning last time out, Brandon Leibrandt dominated Lowell on Monday night, striking out ten, allowing just two hits, one of them a home run, two walks and one earned run in seven innings. His second straight double-digit K performance. You’d have to think there’s a spot for him in CLR next spring if he earns it. Whether they’d move him up to LKW for a couple weeks right now remains to be seen. I kinda doubt it, but just kinda.

GCL has been on a tear lately, winning nine straight and now sitting a half game out of first place in the division behind Yankees1. Only the division winner makes the playoffs. Jose Pujols, Gus Martinez and Luis Encarnacion had three hits a piece from the bottom half of the lineup. And for those of you following him, Julsan Kamara hasn’t played in the last ten days in the DSL, but he is not currently on the DL. The rosters in DSL have a large limit of 35, so stashing someone who’s hurt up is not necessarily an issue if there’s no one worth putting in his spot.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-11-14 boxscores

40 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/11/2014

  1. I am just not sure how after a five walk game you would move Biddle up. One would think (but I am surely no expert) that at the lower levels someone of Biddle’s level would be able to go right at them and not need to nibble, etc. so it really just sounds like flat out lack of control. I’d say leave him where he is and get some real sustained success under his belt and get his head and body right. And even though he only gave up one run I’m not thinking five walks in five innings is “right”. I’m in for the long haul on him so I think the prescription is patience. Just my humble opinion.

    1. I tend to agree with you. Joe Jordan told Jay Floyd that they would reevaluate after last night, and I think unless you think he needs the boost in confidence from a promotion, moving him up seems premature. Could be he was getting squeezed by the umps and the club might have been satisfied with his command of his pitches even if it was leading to walks. Impossible to tell without being there if that was the case, though.

      1. I don’t know about him or anybody else, but any success I would have at a lower level than I was previously at wouldn’t build my confidence because it was a lower level.

        1. I think success at any level has to help some . I’m not saying he is ready for a promotion but success is has to help however on the flip side if you do poorly in a lower level it has to feel even worse

          1. Was in Florida for this game, and spoke to one AL scout, and two player development staffers, one from each org, and took away the following:

            1 Biddle is still seen as a big time prospect, but Phils are resigned to the fact that he will a) open 2015 at AA, and b) could be converted to a reliever by late next season if his control doesn’t show significant improvement.

            2 Phils will NOT be outbid for Rusney Castillo. RAJ acting as if his job depends on it.

            3 Indications are Phils will eat 80% of Papelbon salary for a top prospect, or 20% in exchange for Low A suspect pitcher. If they can free up his salary, RAJ likely to make huge push for Lester or Scherzer to pair with Hamels.

            4 One of biggest disappointments this year has been Phils catching – Joseph, Valle, and Rupp have “un-established” themselves, and Lino not far behind. On the flip side, lower level guys have taken a step forward .

            5 Rhys Hoskins = Wow. Lots to like about his stroke. One scout predicted he’d start at Lakewood in 15 and be in Reading by Labor Day 2015.

            6 Two years from now, Liebrandt, Nola, and Imhoff will be in Philly as 3/5 of rotation and ’14 draft class will be recognized as one of best ever .

            1. Great reporting and very good information Buddy.Hope notes on Hoskins, Nola, Imhoff and Liebrandt all come true. Would be great if Tommy Joseph would stay healthy…at least with the wrist issue layoff, I hope he has healed and put to rest his head/concussion issues,.

  2. I cared about following Kamara early on, but with his struggles this year in the DSL, I figured I’d just ignore him until he actually shows something.

  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing Biddle go back to AA, but it is certainly not a rush. He has experience on that level so I could see him going back there to end the season, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep him where he is and let him sharpen his stuff up. One positive I would take from his start would be only one run allowed. A lot of young pitchers do not walk five and only allow one run. I wasn’t at the game, but if he didn’t have his best stuff and battled to keep his team in the game what more can you ask from a starter.

    Not much offense to talk about…..

    Leibrandt, however, is pitching like a boss. Very impressed with his numbers and have read a lot of positive things about this kid. Keep racking up k’s kid!

  4. The fielding at the lower levels is atrocious. No wonder the pitchers in the DSL have tons of losses and low ERAs, especially the DSL. After a spurt, Roman Quinn has slipped under .250. Hopefully, he’ll have another streak. This draft class is doing well, but need to show the same at higher levels like the first two picks. I like Henry Santana in the DSL he is hitting well and has the size to be more powerful.

    1. If you think it’s bad in the DSL you should watch Clearwater. They kill their pitchers most nights with errors or even worse, the plays they don’t make that they should.

      1. I’m pretty confidant in saying that the quality of fielding in Hi-A is much better than it is in the complex leagues.

  5. The Phillies have to make room somewhere for Tim Zier. Just look at his numbers. He is 23 and in GCL. Double jump him to Lakewood or do something. He deserves a chance to succeed vs. better pitching.

      1. Franco, Nola, Crawford, Asche, Franco — these are legit prospects whom it made sense to push as hard as they have been. Tocci, Galvis — pushed for their D, questionable whether this was best for them.

    1. He’s 23 and in GCL, because the Phillies think of him as org filler to help the younger kids experience winning. They’re not going to promote him and wreck the GCL Phillies offense. He’ll get a promotion next year. In all likelihood, his stats reflect little more than being a 23-year old playing against kids. The draft fill-ins of 23-year old seniors very seldom yield even chance prospects. It sounds harsh, but kids who crave a career in pro ball don’t wait until they are 23-year old seniors to start their professional careers. Every year there is some very-very-old-for-level guy who puts up some stats and causes a stir on this forum. When has anything ever come of it? Really, I think if we had a strong farm, fans would not get invested in non-prospects like this. You can say he’s at GCL, because the outfield at Williamsport was full, but Zier is the 23-year old draftee and It’s hard to argue against the proposition that the Phillies put the guys in Williamsport whom they thought were good enough to have the best chance of succeeding there. Matt Shortall and Chase Harris are also 23 and they were placed at Williamsport. Perhaps the Phillies just want to give Zier more AB. He’s certainly not going to take AB away from Brown, Tromp, and Sandberg at Williamsport.

      1. The only player I can think of lately, that was older and moved thru the system and has reached the majors with some sort of notoriety is Ruf.

        1. Ruf started in GCL, but really only stayed there a short time and had most of his first-season AB in WIlliamsport.

  6. Is anyone else confused by Luis Garcia? The guy is lights out in AAA, then gets to the big leagues and gets shelled, then goes back to pitching well at AAA. Obviously major league hitters are better than AAA hitters, but to have such a large difference in numbers between levels baffles me. His era has been under 1.00 at AAA pretty much all year, yet his career era in the big leagues is over 5. Any idea why this guy can’t stick with the major league club?

    1. This has been the best year of his career to this point, and he hasn’t really gotten much of a look in the majors. Only 5.2 IP (this year). When he’s been up with the Phillies he’s done a lot of sitting on the bench, which, for a guy who has problems with control, can’t be helpful.

    2. Some guys are legit AAAA players……..IMO Garcia falls into that category… there any wonder that someone in that position would not try a PED? I know I would. Not saying LG has done anything like that, but I would not blame someone in that position in their career.

    3. It’s probably a combination of things. That said, usually, if a guy is dominant at AAA, it means he probably does have the ability to succeed, at some level, in the big leagues.

      I think Garcia has to get over the big league jitters and settle down. He has to trust his stuff and not be afraid to throw strikes. I’m sure he’ll get another chance when the rosters expand. But if he throws 93 or 94 (where he was on his last trip to the bigs) as opposed to 96 or 97 (where he frequently sat last year), he’s going to have to show some decent breaking stuff or exceptional fastball command to be anything other than an 11th or 12th guy on the staff. Major league hitters eat guys alive who throw straight 93 or 94 mile an hour fastballs and little else to show. Knigge will face many of the same issues going forward.

      1. But, to me, Garcia is not the main reliever in the high minors to focus on right now. The hot guys in relief in the system (aside from Neris, who is actually kind of interesting) are Ogando (not close at all, but improving and probably has the biggest upside of the guys above Lakewood) and Colt Murray.

        Much like Diekman and Hollands in prior years, Murray has had a second half breakthrough that is noteworthy, but has stayed below the radar. In his last ten appearances, Murray has an ERA of 0 (that’s right, zero!) in over 12 innings pitched and has struck out 15 and walked 5. Very impressive numbers anywhere and super impressive in the Eastern League, where an ERA under 3 really means something. And it’s not a mirage, I saw him pitch and he has very live stuff – better than I’ve seen from Garcia.

        If you are looking for candidates to come from nowhere and make the team out of spring training next year, put Murray on the short list. He’s legit.

        1. Yeah, Murray was one of those guys I’ve been keen on for a while, and he had bad luck last year in FSL (per FIP), so I was glad they didn’t make him wait long to come up to AA this year. He’s an Arizona Fall League candidate, IMO.

          1. Clearly that is indeed the case, however, It baffles me that Garcia hasn’t at least been decent for the big club. With his numbers in AAA one would think he should be able to have an era in around high threes to mid four in the big leagues at least.

          2. What makes me say that is this, Garcia isn’t facing guys right out of high school or college in AAA. The majority of guys in AAA are depth guys who have experience in the majors, some good prospects, and some org. fillers. A lot of the guys with big league experience in AAA are good ball players, but just not good enough to stay in the majors for more than temporary call ups. If you can flat out dominate guys who have experience and who take “professional at bats” you would think that you could at least some what compete on the next level. I know he was never a top prospect, I just expected more from him. After seeing his numbers in the minors and watching his stuff on tv he didn’t look too bad. I figured he could be a guy who was capable of having an era under four and be a decent piece to the pen. Going from an era under one to an era over five just seemed like way too big a jump.

  7. The guy I think they might be stretching out is Ethan Martin. He went 3 and 3.1 innings in his his last two outings. Does anyone know if his fastball is back yet? It certainly wasn’t earlier but the recent good results have me hoping.

  8. Bootsy Doo is all over BL’s 10 Ks in 7IP! Is the pup like his papa? Crafty? And what’s the mph gun say? That’s all I’m seeking, people. Easy-peasy! Give the scoop to Bootsy Doo!

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