Box Score Recap – 8/10/2014

Aaron Altherr went deep (12), his third in four games. I hear he’s using a piano leg as a bat. Kyle Simon would like you to take Paul Anka’s advice and “Just Don’t Look” at his line.

Tyler Viza struck out seven en route to his fifteenth loss of the year. Seven is the important number, there. Nice. Andrew Pullin 3-3 with three doubles, and Dylan Cozens had two hits including a two-bagger. He’s got 42 XBH in around 480 PAs. Not bad.

Mitch Gueller has some seriously bad road splits, but he’s getting it done at home. Not sure the remedy for that. Cord Sandberg has hit in nine straight, (h/t Phillies Insider), Jia Tromp was 2-4 plus a walk, and Rhys Hoskins is really turning it on this month, OPSing 1.167 in nine August contests.

Lots of great info in Jay Floyd’s (@phoulballz) latest interview with Joe Jordan – click through to read it. Jordan talks Morgan/Watson, JP and Quinn, upper level outfielders, Viza and Rios, many more, plus Jay gets a couple Lakewood names confirmed for instructs from Greg Legg. And one more – BPro’s Ten Pack has scouting on Jan Hernandez, and at least his part of the article is not behind their paywall, so go check it out.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-10-14 boxscores

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  1. People haven’t talked about Andrew Pullin much.. seems to be having a decent year. But 24 errors sounds like a lot.. What is the current thinking on him? top 10? top 15? a 2B with some pop has to have some value, I would think…

    1. For me Pullin will be in the 10-15 range. He’s had a very good season. His D is still a work in progress but from what I understand he’s improving there as well. Most don’t think he’ll hit for a lot if power but 8 homers in LWood is actually pretty encouraging.

    2. I believe this is Pullin’s first full year at 2B so it’s not a huge surprise he has some errors. He is not currently on the top 20 list, but I think he was last year. The past two drafts have added talent in front of him. I could see him in the top 20 though. IMO you could squeeze him in around 15 give or take a couple spots.

      Cozens average up to .255, at this pace its only a matter of time before he finds his way into the top 10.

      Zach Green has been hitting well too. His average has been sitting around .265-.275 for a good while and he’s been driving in some runs and getting some XBH. I would like to see a few more home runs, but he is young and I think the power is there and will come.

      Cord Sandberg is back on a nine game hitting streak. This guy just gets streaky hot. Some consistency would be nice, but he is young and learning to making adjustments. I wonder what the org. is planning on doing with him going forward. Is he a guy that could start the season at Lakewood next year?

      1. Actually Pullin has been playing 2B ever since he was drafted, so its been 3 seasons GCL, Williamsport and Lakewood.

        1. Actually, ematthews9, technically it is his first full season at 2nd since the GCL and Williamsport are short-season venues.
          But he has been playing there for the last three years.

      2. I think Cord turned the corner this year. He is a great athlete and has begun to show a hit tool. Next season at Lakewood would be expected of a high draft pick who is developing nicely.

      3. Green’s strikeouts are significantly less than they were last year. This is a positive sign. We know the power is there, looks like the pitch recognition and patience at the plate is starting to kick in. I’ll take that over HR at this point in his career anytime. The HR’s will come. His power is real.

    3. I have him at 15. I saw that he’s going to the Instructional League again. He may not even pick up a bat since the real goal is to work on his defense.

  2. Glad to see Hiciano getting playing time and reps in LF..
    Phillies could be running out of patience with Larry Greene.

    1. I’m all for patience with hard workers and talented kids who need to put it together but really Larry isn’t cutting it repeating the same level and hitting below 200 . Normally I would opt for demotion but I’m not sure that works . Can we get Wally Joyner to help out his swing. If not say thanks for trying sort of and have a nice life

      1. Demote him where exactly? He’s below .200 in Low A and plays a physically handicapped level of LF. No reports say he’s a “hard worker” and its been a while since anyone mentioned anything resembling “talent” when discussing him.

        At this point he’s simply taking ABs from other deserving players.

        1. There was a report a while ago that a coach said he “finally figured it out” with regards to his work ethic/taking it seriously/etc. If the club believes that, they will absolutely give him time to prove it.

          Whether that’s in a starting role or on the bench is TBD – there’s no harm in making him work off the bench for a little bit and see if he’s truly working hard enough to make a difference. If he is, then you give him more time and hope it really does click. If he’s not, then the decision makes itself, I’d say.

          And like you said, his level of “talent” is questionable as well. We know he has raw power, and a fair enough eye that he can draw a walk. For those two things to ever benefit him, he has to be able to recognize a tough breaking ball and lay off it or foul it off, and then not miss fastballs and mistakes in the zone. His pitch recognition and bat speed have both been questioned, so whether any amount of hard work will help him there is unknown. It may not matter. And with no defense or speed to fall back on, he’s got to figure it out at the plate.

          That was always a sliver of hope with Anthony Hewitt, that maybe he was athletic enough that a marginal improvement in his bat could allow his athleticism to provide some value. None of his tools developed, though. He had a year where he had a bunch of steals, (36/41 repeating the SAL in 2011), and then 21/30 last year, which isn’t too far off valuable, but his defense was panned pretty much every time we heard a professional report about it, and of course the bat was never more than a distant platoon dream.

          1. The other difference between the two is that Hewitt was never panned for his attitude / effort, in fact Hewitt was constantly praised for his work ethic. Its arguable whether or not he “earned” all those years in the organization but what doesn’t seem to be in dispute is that Greene certainly hasn’t.

            If our best case scenario w Greene is Adam Dunn, minus the home runs then what actual value does he provide?

            1. We have heard lately that while Hewitt had a good work ethic, there were always questions about how seriously he took things. Not sure how that distinction is made. Maybe like he doesn’t care, but he’s willing to work hard because he’s getting paid to do it. Not sure.

              The best case scenario still has Greene find something at the plate that allows him to tap into his power. I can’t see them just shutting it all down if he’s seriously trying. They’ll break down his swing, his approach, try to rebuild. If it happens from the bench at A+ for the next two years, so be it. Let’s hope that’s where it happens. It’s certainly time to stop allowing him a chance to block others’ progress.

        2. Maybe I didn’t explain it clear enough or you don’t read well. I said I would normally opt for a demotion but in his case I don’t think it will work. So why are you arguing the same point with me . And I never said Larry was a hard worker I said I would allow hard workers more time to figure it out . So again comprehension seems to be your enemy. However if he starts to work hard I’d allow him more time

    1. I haven’t heard anything like that on Twitter. Usually someone will mention it. Maybe just the blowout they wanted to get Lavin some time. He’s been getting pretty inconsistent PAs lately with just 1 start since August 4. I blame the other three being pretty hot right now.

      1. Hope that’s all it is. He’s been rolling pretty good lately and I’d like to see him get a look in Philly when rosters expand.

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