Nola Promoted to Reading

Gas up the car.  Aaron Nola has been promoted to Reading for what looks to be his final three starts of the 2014 season.  Nola has pitched extremely well for CLearwater after being drafted by the Phillies 7th overall, in the first round of the 2014 draft.  Nola has thrown in 7 games (6 starts), and has gone 2-3 with a 3.16ERA and an outstanding 0.92 WHIP.  In 31.1 innings, Nola has walked just 5, while striking out 30 holding opponents to a .214 batting average.

Expect Nola, 21, to remain on a 80 pitch count throughout the rest of the season.

27 thoughts on “Nola Promoted to Reading

  1. The future is so bright I gotta wear shades !
    Nola is looking like the second really good 1st round pick in a row by the Phillies organization and at least that is something to be happy about

  2. People, Bootsy Doo predicted this exact level jump after Nola’s last start! Nostra-doo-mus!

    Bootsy Doo owwwwt!

    1. Predicting what the org already said was gonna happen is no great accomplishment any parrot can do that, now start handing me winning lottery numbers and maybe then ill believe

  3. What is intrigueing is that Nola is one of the youngest in the Eastern League since he just turned 21 a few months ago.

    1. If the season ended now, we’d have the 8th pick(record’s tied with Minnesota, but they win the tiebreaker). We’re two games out of the top 5 and five and a half from the 1 overall, but we’re also only a half game from 9 and 10. Our pick thus probably works out to be somewhere between 5 and 11, though I’d bet on the low over the high.

        1. It is very hard to see them lose so much and not be too upset. In the back of your mind you know they will get a better pick the more they lose. I would really love a top 5 pick next year. I would guess they will try and get someone who can get to the big leagues quickly. No pick is a guarantee MLB player, but top 5 or even 10 are usually good bets to make it and be productive. I am thinking if Byrd gets trade through a wavier deal then we will certainly be around #5 pick for the draft, maybe higher!?!? Not much to look forward to in the majors, but some kids on the farm and making progress. I hope Nola pitches well in his few starts at AA before the season ends. I would hate to see him get rocked in a game or two and end on a bad note. IMO i think he makes it through his next few starts ok and pushes for a job in spring training. Unless he is just lights out in spring I would assume they start him at AA or maybe even AAA, I doubt they put him in the rotation. However, you know what they say about people who assume!

  4. Only if Nola dominates in AA; then in AAA does he get a starting job. I don’t see that in 2015. If he can, he will probably be in the rotation in 2016. That is pretty fast.

  5. Do you think that if Nola pitches good this year in Reading then he will start here next year. Hopefully if he gets like 15-18 starts in Reading next and his era is under 3 then he will skip Lehigh and go right to the show. I think he only needs 20-25 more starts in the majors. What do you think?

    1. I think if he only is seeing all these team once and then moving up , they set him up for some minor falls ,let hope they aren’t to big

  6. Let’s give him a year in Reading and then assess in August of next year. There is a lot of talent here and given the fact that this team is nowhere near contending it does not make sense to rush him.

    1. He might not need the whole year. How he handles the challenge on the field will dictate when he gets moved up so there’s no reason to put a predetermined length of time on his stay in Reading or LHV.

      If I’m guessing, I think he could be in Philly shortly after the next all-star break.

    2. Couldn’t agree more David. No sense rushing him simply to fill a rotation spot on what is likely to be a 90-loss team next year (with or without Nola). I’d prefer to give him 20 starts between Reading and LV and then give him a few with the big club come September.

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