Nothing but Nola; July 19, 2014

Aaron Nola made what may have been his last start with the Threshers on Saturday Night. I had planned to make the trip to Bradenton, but a family illness kept me at home. I listened over the internet and charted the game from there.

Nola throws 3 pitches – a fastball, change, and an off-speed pitch that has been called a slider, slurve, or curve. Nola himself calls the pitch his curve, but the pitch has slider action and curve speed. I’ve heard the announcers describe it all three ways.

Nola’s line –

  • 5 IP; 5 H; 2 ER; 0 BB; 5 K

Here’s a further breakdown of Nola’s outing –

  • Nola threw 69 pitches in 5 innings – 53 strikes and 16 balls.
  • He faced 20 batters and started 15 with first pitch strikes.
  • He threw 11 pitches in the 4th inning, all strikes.
  • He ran 5 2-ball counts and no 3-ball counts.
  • He struck out 5, 1 called and 4 swinging.
  • Among Nola’s 53 strikes were 21 called strikes, 11 foul balls, 6 swinging strikes (4 for strike outs as mentioned above), and 15 put into play.
  • He induced 5 easy ground balls, 3 easy fly balls, a pop up and a line drive to first.
  • Three of the 5 hits he allowed were for extra bases.
  • The home run and the RBI single came on fastballs that were up.
  • A first inning single came on a hanging curve.
  • A third inning double was called by the announcer as a badly timed jump by Roman Quinn at the wall.  (Quinn made a diving catch on a ball in the right centerfield gap the next inning.)

I mentioned earlier in the week that Aaron Nola would be pitching twice more before going up to Reading. It occurred to me that, depending when my source was told this information, the 2 game count could have started last Sunday. I checked with the Threshers, and as far as they know, Nola is scheduled to pitch this week. Unfortunately, that would be in Jupiter. So, in all likelihood, I won’t see him again until spring training. Enjoy, Reading, enjoy!


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    1. Don’t know. The announcers made a point of letting the audience know that they didn’t have a access to pitchers’ velocity in Bradenton. They did point out that he got hit hard when he left a couple pitches up. They also reported that he had been traveling again this week for some awards ceremony. He had been on the Temporary Inactive List for 3-4 days this week.

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