Box Score Recap – 7/20/2014

Maikel Franco and Darin Ruf each with two doubles and Franco another hit in the nightcap. Phillippe Aumont struck out two and allowed just one hit in two scoreless innings in that game. Adam Loewen, (some of you are interested, so I’ll keep mentioning him), struck out seven and walked one in 6.2IP, while Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez took the loss as he struck out two but allowed a solo home run in the ninth for Reading. J.P. Crawford had three hits and Mark Leiter threw a complete game shutout – he allowed just five hits, no walks and struck out eight, his best performance at A+ thus far.

Tocci, Pullin, Cozens and Astudillo with two hits a piece. Tocci’s OPSing .666 in the second half. Beastly. Cozens added a walk, Tocci a triple and Astudillo a double. Sam Hiciano had a double there, and Andy Knapp was on base twice. Williamsport managed just two hits, (Brown and Tromp), while Mark Meadors struck out four in two scoreless innings of relief. He’s put up six scoreless outings in WIL thus far, but he has walked five men in 9.2 IP, while striking out a very respectable nine over that span.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. Cozens has been heating up; despite his many Ks he is showing power, foot-speed, and in the last 10 games his ba is .314. Making progress and he still is only 20. Can we visualize him shading his Ks with increasing contact?

    He is now getting to look like a real prospect.

    On Franco–his turnaround is most welcome especially now that the Phils will have to dump Howard in one way or another. A rejuvenated Franco at 1st base would be a great welcome.

    Now, if only Utley, Hamels, Byrd, Paps, Bastardo will be traded. The Giants are said to be hot after Utley. Too bad their best 10 prospects haven’t looked so good in ’14 so far. Blue Jays also interested in Utley but it is questionable Utley would consent to a trade there.

    The deal I am hungry for is Hamels to LA Dodgers to include Pederson back…along with two decent pitcher prospects.!!!

    1. What is the fascination with Franco at first? He is by all accounts a superior defensive 3B than Asche. Why wouldn’t we want him to play there?

      1. Agreed but I think his point is more of a “anyone but Howard” statement as opposed to reducing Franco’s value by moving him to first. But I’m just guessing.

        1. I get that, but the point isn’t prospect value at promotion. It’s putting the best defenders in the best
          possible position. Franco shouldn’t be at first
          because his D will better
          help the team at third.

            1. Then why not Asche at 1st? Maybe its pollyannaish, but I dont see the tactical advantage of keeping the better 3B off 3B.

            2. Franco’s bat does play at first (hopefully) whereas Asche’s doesn’t even really play @ 3rd, let alone first. It’s a moot point as Howard’s contract keeps him there probably through next season anyway.

              Maybe they can get Asche into a corner OF position? Not really sure he can make that adjustment, and that is based on the assumption that Franco continues to take baby-steps in the right direction.

            3. Rick, the bat “playing” at a position is only a value abstract. Once you have two bats in a lineup, it does not matter whether one bat “plays better” at a particular position. Both guys will be in the lineup, both bats contributing what they can to the team, and if Franco’s glove at first and Asche’s at third is worse than the vice versa, than you play the vice versa.

      2. Honcho…evidently someone in the Phillies FO must agree with your assessment of Franco for third, since the chatter lately is they may give it a go with Asche in LF for the upcoming season.

  2. Everything I’ve read says if Hamels is going to LA they would get back Pederson and Urias. I would pull the trigger. That’s a All Star caliber OF and a number 1 upside LHP.

    1. No to Pederson. Why do people want him so bad? He strikes out too much last time I looked

    2. I cant believe guys just throw out names. If they make this deal with dodgers, and Pederson becomes a 275 hitter which he projects to and 20 homeruns and a ton of stakeouts its not enough for a elite outfield. and urias is a relief pitcher. I have seen scouts who put up a big red flag on Pederson for his strikeouts.

    1. Yes. That’s what the general discussion thread is for. Almost every thread is hijacked by this. It’s sad really.

  3. It’s nice to see Cozens get on base a few times and not strike out and Viza have a solid start. I’m assuming that Viza will repeat Lakewood, correct?

    1. I don’t think its fair to move Viza. He is not really a prospect. Lakewood should be his last stop.

        1. We have to move past this concept of a teenager in Lakewood = good prospect. If you have ever seen Viza pitch (which I have twice) you wouldn’t think he is a prospect. He rarely breaks 90, rarely gets swinging strikes and the hitter murder his pitches. He is way over his head.

          1. He didn’t say Viza was a good prospect. He said that it’s impressive he’s a teenager in the Sally.

            1. mark do you have anything logical to add to the conversation or just want to be snarky?

              i mean it is not that difficult to rule out minor leaguers from being a professional. if the kid is getting pounded in low A, doesn’t throw hard, doesn’t have great command and doesn’t get swinging strikes, then he doesn’t project to be a professional pitcher. i don’t care how old he is. simply falling back on his age as the only credential is absurd.

              sometimes i think people on this blog forget just how hard it is. just how big of a jump it is to even go from AAA to the majors. you have to be very, very special to be an impact player at the major league level.

          2. he is nearly 3 yrs below the average SAL player age, has excellent control, and has shown the ability to improve his game. Minor league ball is about demonstrating how to learn and improve and he has shown he’s able to do that.

            1. You can’t use average age in a league, as this includes veteran minor league injury fill-ins and slow-moving organizational players. Still, he’s a HS kid spending his 2nd season in Lakewood, rather than Williamsport or repeating GCL. The jump GCL to Lakewood is a large one and a lot of HS kids just barely hold there own with that move. His walk rate is fine, but his K-rate is low, and he is giving up too many hits. He’s thin and can add muscle and hopefully velocity as he ages. Repeating LWD isn’t a horrible thing. Even solid prospects out of HS do that.

          3. He is lanky right now so he will add more muscle and subsequently more velocity. While he may not strike many batters out, he gets a lot of ground ball outs. That fits a back of the rotation profile, which would certainly make him a prospect.

            As for his age, the Phillies organization must regard him somewhat highly as a prospect if they put him in Lakewood at his age, correct?

            Viza is by no stretch of the imagination a top prospect, but it would be a disservice to call him a non-prospect.

            1. Also, his BB/9 is under 2, which is impressive by itself but even more impressive considering his age.

  4. Some July slash lines:
    Franco: .365 / .379 / .619
    Altherr: .298 / .359 / .526
    Tocci: .308 / .341 / .474

    1. Should demote Franco. Also Tocci isn’t a prospect so I don’t know why you’re posting his line.

        1. In terms of realistic projection for Tocci, his home slash line this year is probably a good starting point:

          .280 / .324 / .369

          Given that Lakewood is a pitcher’s park, and he’s a skinny 18 year old in A ball, I think it’s reasonable to think he could surpass this.

          1. ok ramsey. that seems possible.

            but to be clear, that is basically a zero WAR bat. his defense would make him a positive WAR player.

            so if he can do that in the majors, then he is basically Ben Revere, without the steals and with better defense.

            that seems to be a possible upside for him. not 100% guaranteed he does that. but that is probably his ceiling. and so i ask, why are people so excited about that?

            1. I don’t think that’s his ceiling. I think that’s a realistic projection, but he could easily do better than that.

              Keep in mind that his ISO this year is .082, while Revere’s career ISO is .048. So he is already showing more power than Revere. This is because his swing path naturally produces loft, unlike Revere’s.

              I don’t like talking about “ceiling”, especially with a player who has so much (physical) development in front of him, but an optimistic projection might be something like:

              .280 / .350 / .400

            2. who knows what the future will hold. I can’t fathom how you can see that as even slightly possible for Tocci.

              his walk rate is poor. his k rate is also poor and the type of players who do that in the majors are very rare. I mean, that is what Alex Gordon has done in the majors.

            3. v1again….would you give Tocci a ‘one-year probation’and come this time next year, if similar results @ cLW or LKW, then he falls in the prospect rankings?

            4. of course. look, i want him to succeed. i have no ax to grind. the more success the better. but as i said the other day. he has no power, no speed, k’s a lot and walks little. there are 17 year olds that have power or speed or great contact skills or great approaches. so i just don’t get the hype. his defense is truly elite. i have seen him play a dozen times and he is very graceful out there. wonderful to see. but i don’t see how his bat plays in the majors.

            5. I dunno Ramsey, do you think it’s fair to compare Revere’s major league ISO to Tocci’s Lakewood ISO this year? For example Revere had a .118 ISO in his 1st go round in A Ball with better walk and strikeout numbers. Now Revere was 20 that year but you get the idea. If anything you’d expect Tocci’s ISO to likely decrease as he advances like Revere’s did unless Tocci really started to fill out better.

            6. exactly. people are forgetting how hard it gets as you climb the ladder. if you aren’ mashing in low A, then there is a very low likelihood you will hit even a respectable level in the pros.

            7. I’m not buying the Revere comparison, unless someone can post that Beloit and MWL are as much pitcher’s leagues as Linwood and SAL. Revere’s OPS took a huge hit when he moved on to Florida State League. His ISO fell to an abysmal .058, while Phillies players invariably see their ISO rise in the move SAL to FSL. I’m guessing that Beloit is a hitter’s paradise and that Revere’s power numbers there mean about as much as Gillies’ power numbers in the California league.

            8. Christopher, this is a good point. However, many players do see ISO increase over their minor league career because power often develops late. Revere’s career path was a bit unusual, with a higher ISO early in his minor league career, which then tailed off as he rose through the levels.

              But my main point was about their swings. Revere has a career 67% ground ball rate (in the majors), whereas Tocci has a ~44% ground ball rate over the last two years.

      1. Tocci may not be projected to be a superstar but he could turn out to be a decent regular. He is only 18 and from what I have read the kid works his butt off. He should be given a chance being he is so young. Even if he never makes the bigs I would rather have a guy like him in our system than players like Larry Green. I hate to see people knock a kid with such a strong work ethic when there are others who clearly aren’t as serious about baseball.

    2. Franco’s season is reminiscent of his 2012 campaign which, if things continue as they did in 2012, is a great thing. That said, I expect Franco’s first year in the majors to be a bit of a struggle as he adjusts there. But I’m anxious to see him play.

  5. Tocci always was a prospect as is Jose Pujols and Encarnacion and as was the case with Galvis. That is not the debate. The debate is steered by ranking which is tremendously subjective. Should he be top 10, 11-20, lower?

    It is really in the eyes of the beholder with 16/17 y/o Latin American signs. Their are arguments for both sides of the coin that are completely logical. In my case I thought he should be ranked in the teens with the facts available in February with the hope that this season would see progression in that ranking based on this seasons evidence.

    That is currently the case and that makes me a happy camper.

  6. Cozens was quoted recently as having changed something in his swing. I’m very excited when I read something like that combined with his recent strong results. I also like seeing Pullin and Tocci hitting. I’m not a huge believer in Tocci but I sure like the recent results from him also as he pushed his average up to 250. Also, great seeing Ruf with 2 doubles finally. If you step back, we actually have quite a few guys hitting better now. It makes me slightly more encouraged than I was a month ago. However, there’s still plenty of dead weight and I suspect there will be plenty of guys released in the off season to make way for the college guys who will get pushed up.

  7. Thought I had heard that Adam Morgan is rehabbing and would possibly pitch in August. Has anyone heard anything to confirm this?

  8. Of all the position players we got in this years draft I am most intrigued with Aaron Brown. He is not walking much but also not striking out at an alarming rate. Slugging .409 with 7 stolen bases and defensively seems to be good in CF.

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