Threshers/Nola Lose, 3-1; July 13, 2014

Sunday’s game between the Threshers and Cardinals featured two young pitching prospects.  Aaron Nola will soon be one our highly ranked prospects and Nick Petree is the 20th prospect in the Cardinals’ system as ranked by MLB.  Petree was a 9th round pick in the 2013 First Year Player Draft.  He posted an 8-1 record and 1.62 ERA in rookie ball last year.  He posted a 2-0 record and 1.29 ERA in A ball this year before being promoted to Palm Beach.  So far in the FSL, he is 4-2 with a 1.72 ERA.  Five weeks ago, the Threshers scored 4 runs in 4.1 innings against Petree.  This was his first start since coming off the 7-Day DL.

Today was Nola’s 4th appearance.  He rebounded with 2 nice outings after his FSL debut in Lakeland.  He last threw Monday in relief of Cliff Lee in a game suspended the day before. He threw 5 scoreless innings of 1-hit ball.  He hadn’t allowed a walk since his debut and had struck out 8 in those 9 innings.

Today, Nola was a little more human.  He breezed through the top of the 1st inning, striking out the game’s first batter, Cards #10 prospect Charlie Tilson.  His fastball was mostly at 91 mph, but peaked at 93 and “vallied” at 89 during the inning.  He gave up a home run on a 90 mph fastball to Luke Voit to lead off the 2nd inning.  Nola gave up 2 harmless singles through the end of the 2nd and 3rd innings.

Nola gave up a lead off triple to start the 4th inning.  He pitched the next batter, Voit, carefully but left an 89 mph fastball over the plate that ended up in the left field berm.  Nola gave up a bunt single to Tilson with 2 out in the 5th inning.  Nola fielded the ball quickly and threw accurately to first, but the speedy Tilson beat the throw.  Nola completed his outing with his second strike out.

Nola’s line was –

  • 5.0 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 0 BB, 2 K – 4 XBH: 2 HR, 3B, 2B
  • He threw 57 pitches, 39 for strikes.
  • His FB velo was 89-91 and trended toward 89-90 over the last 3 innings. He hit 93 and 92 once each during the 1st inning.
  • His curve ball didn’t seem to have the break that it had the last time I saw him on July 1st.

Jordan Guth pitched well over the next 3 innings. He allowed 2-outs walks in the 6th and 7th innings, but pitched a 1-2-3 eighth inning and recorded 1 strike out.

Rocket Arm Ridenhour pitched a clean 9th inning.

Meanwhile, Petree scattered 4 hits through 7 innings.  He walked 1 and struck out seven. The only Threshers’ run came on a pop up that the second baseman lost in the sun.  It dropped behind him about 3 feet on the outfield grass.  To his credit, Art Charles hustled out of the box and had taken a wide turn around first.  When the ball dropped he was at full speed and was able to reach second base.  He tagged and advanced to third on a fly ball to right centerfield.  He scored on a wild pitch.

Miscellaneous facts/observations –

  • Joel Fisher started behind the plate and went 0-3 with a strike out.
  • Chris Serritella went 0-3 with 3 strike outs.
  • Roman Quinn was 0-4 with 2 strike outs and 2 infield ground balls.
  • Art Charles went 3-3 with 2 singles, a double and a run scored.
  • Angelo Mora returned to the line up after being hit by a pitched ball a couple games ago, and went 0-3 with a strike out.
  • Nola struck out 2 batters, the first and last batters he faced.
  • Nola has now pitched 14 innings with out walking a batter since his debut.

Not only are the Threshers’ missing Crawford this weekend, but hot hitting Brian Pointer seems to have been among 5 players suspended for an on field incident at Brevard County last Monday.  Five players were ejected after Roman Quinn’s at bat and before the conclusion of J.P. Crawford’s at bat.  Pointer and Corey Bass were ejected from the game.

The FSL issued a release that the Manatees had 3 players suspended – Orlando Arcia, Jose Sermo, and Mark Williams (the pitcher at the time) for violating the league’s On-Field Behavior Policy.  The three were cited as instigators in the incident and were handed the following suspensions – Arcia one game, effective on Saturday, July 12, Williams and Sermo three games, each. Williams’ suspension begins Saturday, July 12, while Sermo’s begins on Sunday, July 13.  Players serving suspensions from the FSL are required to leave the field before the game starts and may not be in the dugout or press box during the game. They must also change into civilian clothes and either leave the ballpark or take a seat in the grandstand well removed from the vicinity of their team’s bench or bullpen.

I couldn’t find a similar release regarding Pointer and Bass, but neither were in uniform today, Pointer wasn’t in the line up yeaterday, catcher Joel Fisher was called up from the GCL on July 11th, and I’m pretty sure that I saw Bass and Pointer in civvies in the top rows of the stands behind home plate.

Crawford just fisted a single into centerfield in the Future’s Game.

Monday, Cliff Lee at 7:00PM.


22 thoughts on “Threshers/Nola Lose, 3-1; July 13, 2014

  1. i can’t help but notice again how well the cards draft and develop players. petree is “only” their 20th best prospect and he has these kinds of numbers?

    1. yeah, I mean 9th round picks being top prospects, how come the phillies cant hire these same guys to evaluate , IM still big on Nola and believe that HR might have been a fly out in other parks …. or maybe not I wasnt there and dud has pitched alot so far this year and is young but you gotta like his control and how he has learned start to start Go Nola
      NOLA !!!

    2. Big difference between the two. Nola came out as a junior and started in Advanced A. Petree was a 4-year college player and started in Rookie League. There’s a 2-year difference in their ages, and Petree started at the lowest A level.

  2. It is a long year for the college players as they work out all fall and winter and start playing at the end of. Feb. Maybe

    Nola should just throw some short relief stints to finish out the season at Clearwater or even at Reading just so he can get a taste of that level.

    1. Nola was the Friday night pitcher last season at LSU. The Phillies plan is to begin his adjustment from once-a-week to pitching his turn in a rotation. I think they calculated that he threw 119 innings at LSU. Their target is around 160 innings. His 16.1 innings to date would leave 5 more 5-inning starts to carry him through the end of the season. He threw less than 50 pitches in his first 2 appearances, and 57 today.

  3. Aaron Nola… Already disappointing… Worrisome velo… Frail build… Possible bust… Looming TJ surgery with awkward throwing slot… You heard here first.

    Bootsy Doo out!

    1. what are you on about , frail build , 93 mph fastball pinpoint control , yeah all things to worry about , maybe you should be worrying about Syndergaard shoulder mets fan

  4. yes Pointer stood up for Crawford getting hit by pitch and got suspended 3 games and a small fine. I am really starting to like this kid – sticking up for our top prospect. Hopefully Crawford paid the fine !!

  5. Not the greatest outing today for Nola. I’m a little concerned about the velo. If nothing else it looks like he has pin point control. He dsnt walk anyone. So far he’s had 2 really strong outings , 1 bad outing and I call this 1 just kinda blah. Not terrible but nothing really impressive besides the no walks. On a side note, Imhoff looked real good tonight.

    1. long season for a young kid , 91 – 93 with a weird armslot , gonna be just fine ,
      I Like Imhof but he has less control is the same age and no other pitches besides the fastball and is TWO levels away with what Nola is and they are the same age

      for goodness sake give NOLA a break

      1. The only thing I said was Imhoff looked good today. Wasn’t comparing the 2. Obviously, Nola is better prospect. Don’t know y that would set off such a tirade.

    2. I have to admit I was concerned with his velocity today, until I checked my notes from his July 1st start against Dunedin. His fastball topped out at 91 that day, too He wasn’t drafted for his fastball, but for his control. The big difference today was that his curve ball didn’t seem to break as sharply. But he still threw twice as many strikes as balls and didn’t walk anybody.

  6. I am hoping Nola picked Cliff Lee brain on his training routine while they played together last week. Still want to see Nola get a full off-season training to tab into little more on velo.

    1. I hope he gets a dose of Roy Halladay as well like , ” I heard Biddle got” everybody needs a little bit of Roy in there life if they are a pitcher

      1. maybe all pitchers should get this special coaching, not just the million dollar ones.Maybe they would work harder if they didn’t have all the money now

      2. Roy Halladay is the perfect person to counsel and speak to Jesse Biddle. Let’s hope he gets the right treatments to correct his life and baseball career.

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