Hot or Not

Taking a look at the time frame fromJuly 3-13…Harold Martinez with his once a year tease…Roman Quinn is now down to .240 on the year after a very unproductive 10 days…Luis Encarnacion shows he is capable, even as a 16 year old…Cody Forsythe continues to have an excellent year after moving up a level…Derek Campbell: Man, Myth or legend?…Starting to think Carlos Tocci may be ready for a bump up…Good to see Ethan Martin and Phillipe Aumont pulling themselves together, at least in the short term…Zach Green has been outstanding since coming off the DL.  Discuss.

Hot Hitters: Miin, 16 AB’s: Derek Campbell (.500; 6R 2HR 7RBI, 1SB); Tyler Henson (.419, 6R 1HR 7RBI); Carlos Tocci (.400, 3SB, 6RS); Carlos Alonso (.393, 8R); Luis Encarnacion (.381), Zach Green (.375, 5R 7RBI); Aaron ALtherr (.367, 6R 1HR 6RBI); Jake Fox (.364, 2HR 6RBI);  Harold Martinez (.364, 3HR 5RBI); Mitch Walding (.360, 4R 1HR 7RBI, SB); Dylan Cozens (.333); Matt SHortall (.333); Rhys Hoskins (.333). Honorable Mention: Serna, A. Brown, Castro

Not Hot Hitters: Roman Quinn (.105); Damek Tomscha (.111);  RayWily Gomez (.125); Wilson Garcia (.125); Venn Biter (.125); Brandon Short (.150); Brock Stassi (.160)

Hot Starters: Feliberto Sanchez (5IP 0H 0ER 2BB 3K); Jason Marquis (5IP 3H 0ER 3BB 6K); Aaron Nola (2 starts, 10IP 8H 3ER 0BB 7K); Matt Imhof (2 starts, 9IP 5H 0ER 2BB 10K); Adam Loewen (7IP 6H 1ER 0BB 3K); Mitch Guellar (6IP 6H 1ER 1BB 2K)

Not Hot Starters: Jesen Therrien (1.2IP 8H 6ER 2BB 1K); Chris Oliver (1.2IP 4H 7R 1ER 3BB 1K); Ranfi Casimiro (2 starts, 7.2IP 14H 11ER 2BB 6K); Alejandro Arteaga (3IP 9H 5ER 0BB 2K); Chris Bootcheck (3IP 8H 5ER 2BB 0K); Hoby Milner (2 starts, 10IP 12H 10ER 4BB 9K); Luis Morales (4IP 7H 4ER 2BB 2K); Brad Lincoln (2 starts, 10.2IP 12H 7ER 5BB 10K)

Hot Relievers: Cody FOrsythe (4.2IP 2H 0ER 0BB 5K);Frank Rivas (4IP 1H 0ER 0BB 2k, 2SV);  Colton Murray (4IP 2H 0ER 0BB 1K); Ulises Joaquin (4IP 3H 0ER 4BB 4K, 2SV); Ethan Martin (3.1IP 1H 0ER 0BB 2K); Nefi Ogando (3.1IP 0H 0ER 2BB 6K); Jared Fisher (3.1IP 2H 0ER 1BB 4K); Phillipe Aumont (3IP 1H 0ER 1BB 5K); Jordan Guth (3IP 0H 0ER 2BB 1K);  Delvi Francisco (3IP 0H 0ER 0BB 2K); Mark Meadors (3IP 0H 0ER 1BB 0K); Honorable Mention: Alejo, Thornhill, DeGruy, Bogese, Dominguez, M. Martinez

Not Hot Relievers: Preston Packrall (1.2IP 7H 6ER 2BB 0K); Ramon Oviedo (2.1IP 5H 6ER 2BB 5K); Christopher O’Hare (2IP 3H 4ER 1BB 1K); Will Morris (4.2IP 11H 8ER 1BB 4K); Austin Davis (3IP 5H 5ER 2BB 1K); Tyler Knigge (3IP 6H 4ER 3BB 3K); Jesen Therrien (2IP 3H 3ER 1BB 3K); Matt Southard (0.2IP 1H 2ER 3BB 1K); Kyle Simon (2IP 3H 3ER); Matt Hoffman (2.2IP 3H 3ER); BJ Rosenberg (2IP 4H 2ER);

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  1. Calm down on Tocci. He is not ready to be bumped up. The kid can barely hit the ball out of the infield. Ben Revert with a worse BA.

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