Box Score Recap – 7/7/2014

Aaron Nola allowed just one hit and struck out five in five scoreless innings relieving Cliff Lee from last night’s rainout. Maikel Franco was 2-3 for Lehigh Valley, and Roman Quinn was 2-3 with a triple in the second game of the CLR double header. Quinn was hit by a pitch in both games, though one was yesterday before the rain.

Larry Greene and Dylan Cozens had three hits a piece, but the Claws earned a pair of Golden Sombreroes – Andrew Pullin and Samuel Hiciano both struck out four times. Not sure I recall a time when two of or guys managed that in the same game. Matt Imhof pitched really well for WIL – surrendering two hits and a walk with five Ks in four scoreless innings. Derek Campbell and Rhys Hoskins each put up four hits in that one.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB. 7-7-14

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  1. That’s 2 good ones in a row for Nola. I heard Jordan say they wanted to get him a few starts in CWater and reevaluate him. He also mentioned he’d like to get him a taste of Reading this year. We may see Nola in Reading sooner rather than later.

  2. Brevard County has a pitcher named Magnifico? That name is magnificent.

    How did you let that one slip by, Brad?

    1. “I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me. He’s just a poor boy from a poor family…” Queen

  3. Looks like half the players in one of the CLW games were thrown out in the 7th. The opposing pitcher threw too close to Crawford and Pullin and Bass were thrown out along with 3 guys from the Manatees.

      1. I think he meant Pointer.

        Pullin getting thrown out all the way from Hagerstown would be impressive and I’d like to meet the Ump that has that good of an eye/ear.

    1. pointer sticking up for Crawford and he hit his 7 home run of the season Was player of the month for Phils org for June. This kid might be turning the corner !!

  4. Nola is straight up nasty. Very, very excited about him.

    Also something very interesting to me about Imhof. Matt’s scouting report after the draft was not great. And he doesn’t throw hard. But he gets a lot of strikeouts. Maybe he has Schwimlocity and releases the ball late. Will be interesting to follow as he climbs in competition.

      1. fair, but your report was that his off-speed stuff wasn’t great. so i wonder where all of his strikeouts are coming from.

      2. Exactly. 91-92, touching 94 is exactly what both Hamels and Lee (when he is healthy) do. It’s enough fastball velocity for a lefty provided he has the other pitches and command.

        I’d love to see Nola in Reading this summer. A guy who dominates in Reading is, frankly, often pretty close to being major league ready. It’s a tough test for almost any pitcher and where the rubber meets the road for promising pitching prospects.

        1. My point is Hamels and Lee have plus-plus off speed pitches as strikeout pitches. And Matt’s post draft writeup on Imhof wasn’t very glowing on his off speed. But he is striking guys out somehow. And while 91 is nice for a lefty, it isn’t blowing people away.

          1. Well he has a history of strikeouts so it must be, location, deception, or both which would be plenty good enough. Plus, off speed pitches can improve so that additionally is something to look forward to

  5. Now that Thornhill has officially signed, are there any others on the horizon between now and the July 18 deadline. Are they done or are there a few sleepers they are still targeting? Will niot using the money that they have left in the draft make them more likely to spend to the limit in Latin America or are the two unrelated?

    I have no idea…I am just trying to get a read on what many of you think

    1. I attended the GC game last night (this was the one game each season where they play a night game at Bright House). I thought I saw the name Thornhill on the back of a jersey but when I checked the roster, he wasn’t listed so I figured I’d imagined it. Liebrandt threw very well (but topped out at 89 with most of his FB’s being 88, slowest offspeed pitch was 79), and shouldn’t have given up any runs. His first run was unearned. The inning started with a slow roller that went under a diving Cuicas’ glove. After a walk, the runner scored on a throwing error by Tomscha on what should have been a 5-3 GO to end the inning. In his last inning of work, Liebrandt did give up 2 singles before departing. Kiest came in and promptly walked the first batter, then threw a wild pitch that allowed the run to score, then walked another guy. Speaking of Tomscha, he should not be playing at GC. He is now batting .400. In his 4 at bats, he was HBP, smoked a line single into right-center, walked, and K’d swinging. The Jays pitcher, Perdomo, who pitched the last 4 innings blew everyone away (7 K’s).

      Dollar Tuesday tonight at the Threshers! Whose with me (besides my wife)?

    2. My guess is Phils are prob. gonna offer everything they have left to sign Murray. If they realize they can’t sign him, they’ll prob. turn their attention to the other guys. I still think a couple of those can sign but that’ll prob. come down to the wire.

      1. Not sure Murray will break his signed scholarship with the Gamecocks. Would have to take a big bonus for him to do that.

        1. That’s what I’m thinking, too. It’s probably a long shot but you never know when it comes to decision time. How much do Phils have to offer without losing picks?

            1. Brad, I’m trying to get the story on #31 Gonzalez. Seems he was on the USC roster in 2013, but listed as Fullerton JC. Also don’t see him on the 2014 Fullerton roster/stats. Is this an academic / transfer / sit out a year situation? If so, it’s interesting that such a guy would garner a pick – it doesn’t appear that he was selected out of high school.

        1. They have a bunch of h.s. picks besides Murray they could sign. None of them are as highly thought if as Murray but may be more reasonable to sign with what’s left to spend.

  6. Thanks for the firsthand report! I’m very encouraged by Liebrandt’s fastball velocity. When he was drafted, I was picturing a guy who sat in the low to mid-80s like his dad. You’d have to think that as he goes through a couple of seasons that velocity will tick up even more.

  7. Would love to see Lavin and Alonso get at least a cup of coffee in the majors some day. Probably wishful thinking, but it couldn’t happen to nicer guys who play as hard as anyone I’ve seen.

  8. Does anyone what the maximum we can offer one of the players we drafted in rounds 11-40 without being penalized?

    1. Doesn’t mention the breaking ball, but the ability to throw 3 pitches for strikes and having such a good approach gives you a lot to build on.

    2. It’s hard not to get excited about Nola. He appears to be as advertised, and his rapid ascent through the system — coupled with Biddle getting his mechanics worked out — would go a long way toward quickly replenishing the Phils rotation behind Hamels. Same goes for Imhof — anyone think he’ll get a shot at Clearwater next season if he continues to pitch well in Williamsport?

      1. Say what? He’s in Clearwater. The issue is how soon he will be promoted to Reading.

        1. He was asking about Imhof starting next year in Clearwater. And I don’t see why not, if he’s really successful in W-port.

      2. If Imhoff continues to pitch good I see no reason why he’s not in CWater next year. That’s where most college kids go their 1st full year if they have success in WPort.

        1. He could go to Lakewood this year still, too. They did that with Austin Wright the year he was drafted when he was dominating the New York Penn League.

  9. I saw that BA put together a “Prospects To Watch Beyond The Top 50” report. I am not a subscriber so I cannot read it but it appears that Biddle and Astudillo are on it. Can that be right? I don’t remember ever seeing Astudillo get mentioned as an interesting prospect.

    1. Anybody who can hit and stick behind the plate has to be considered a prospect.

    2. Biddle was in the falling category … it says, correctly, that he has taken a clear step backward.

      Astudillo … says he has best strikeout rate in minors, has lost weight to be a better catcher … quotes a scout saying he has a terrible body, but he will play in the major leagues

  10. Sure…it is only a few innings….yet the command/control shown by Nola renews my favoritism for pitchers who can locate and use the K-Zone well. Maybe others favor those with “electric stuff,” but it is little good if the pitches can’t be located well.

    Previously, I’ve noted that Nola seems to be a Greg Maddox type of pitcher: great ability to hit spots in and near portions of the strike zone, various speeds, and movement on his pitches. A recipe for good/great success.

    With 3-4 more appearances at Clrwtr–if done well–he should and will move up to Reading for at least a month left in their season. At ST in ’15, the plan might well be to open at Reading and move up to LV after a couple months.

    All indications are (yes, SSS) that such a plan could have him on the 25 roster before the end of ’15s season.

    A GREAT pick at #7 draftee.

  11. According to Jayson Stark, the Phillies are listening hard on Cole Hamels. If they get the players they want they’ll trade him and kick in the money necessary to get those players. They’re talking to the teams his contract states he can be traded to and they’re talking to the teams that have known interest in David Price.

    I think the Cardinals make the most sense in this scenario. They’ve got the outfielders and the starting pitchers the Phillies need to help ease the burden of “retooling,” the Cardinals would get to trot out a Wainwright/Hamels 1-2 punch for the next 4-5 years and the Phillies would pay down Cole’s salary to get the necessary pieces to make a deal work.

    In my mind I would need to get Taveras back as the center piece in any deal but even if they couldn’t there may still be a deal that could net the Philles a package worth trading Cole for.

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