Reading Report: 6/23-6/29 (In Haiku Form!)

Listen, things haven’t been so great lately for your Reading Fightins. They have lost 12 games in a row (maybe the only thing that stopped them from racking it up to 13 this week was a rain out), Jesse Biddle was shut down after another disastrous performance, and the offense continues to struggle, save for a few names.

I can only offer a haiku at this point, in hopes to change the team’s luck a bit.

Biddle has been shelved
They’ve lost twelve games in a row
At least Fox can hit

That is all for the week.

12 thoughts on “Reading Report: 6/23-6/29 (In Haiku Form!)

  1. When you score 9 runs at home and don’t win…I am no expert but that doesn’t sound like offensive problems to me.

    1. But maybe scoring 9 total runs in the previous 4 games and the second-worst team OPS in the Eastern League does.

  2. Things are not looking good for the future phillies here. I’m ready for a whole sale and replenishing the system.

  3. Reading seems a lost cause for ’14. It fits right in with the rest of this sad farm system.

    When you have ONE player in the whole system that you can justifiably be excited about–only 1–you know that the next 3 years the team will be swimming in meciocrity, or worse.

    One advantage: next June, we should once again be one of the few choosers in the earliest part of the 1st round, and a a competitive balance choices before the 2nd round…and a competitive balance choice before the 3rd round.

    Please check me on this; is that correct in the new drafting rules/processes.

    Note: Isn’t it time to move Damek Tomscha (3b) up to Lakewood? He’s 23 now and over qualified for the Rookie LP.S. IMO, the main reason for the state of this org is not so much Amaro, but rather Montgomery. He has been content over the past 3-4 to bask in the team’s success without understanding that the future is as or more than the present.

    The drafting has been horrendous. No pitching to rely on throughout the whole system brought a hint of possible aid from this draft—but there will still be great holes on the mound, beginning with the Phils starting 5 and down through the system.

    Encarnacion is correctly playing 1st base in his intro to pro ball. Agree–Howard’s heir apparent is way away from Philly now, but aimed at the correct role.

    Finally, there is the hope for a few trades. Look out! The recent history of our trades shows that we have gotten NOTHING from these trades over the last several years! NADA! The horrible scouting of the return players gives me fright that the same will result from any trades. Ugh!!

    It ain’t gonna be easy to be a Phils Phan for the next 3 years, at least.

    One hope: Monty will sell the team ASAP to a realistic, inventive group with good chsanges on their mind and the skills to accomplish it all.


    1. Art, I thought I was depressed. Tomscha either has to go to CLW or Walding has to go to CLW. Which would you prefer? Zach Green is playing 1B probably because they don’t want to push him so soon after injury. But he has to be in the mix too. If it were me, I’d move Tomscha to CLW and sit Martinez’s butt down.

      1. I’d definitely move Tomsha up to Clrwtr given these choices. I’ve got little faith in Walding who has yet to show good “contactability” at the plate. He needs to stay where he is and demonstrate developing skills.
        Green supposedly is a good fielder at 3rd base and should continue at 1st base until Tomsha shows how well he can handle High A ball.

    2. Art, you show no excitement over Nola or Quinn?

      I assume you were referring to Crawford as the one guy you have gotten excited about, and we all know this is not a top 5 farm system, but there is some talent there.

  4. From today’s Reading Eagle Mike Drago article

    Meanwhile, Biddle, expected to be the staff ace, headed to Florida to continue his efforts to try to get back on track.He was placed on the temporary inactive list last week by the Phillies in an effort to allow him to clear his head after some unusually rough outings. Wathan won’t talk about it; Philadelphia general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. termed it a “mental break” in a statement.Phillies farm director Joe Jordan said he didn’t know how long Biddle would be away from the Fightin Phils but said the move was needed.”He needs to clear his mind,” Jordan said. “He’s got a lot of stuff in the way of progress right now. He’s healthy physically; I don’t think he’s healthy mentally. He’s lost.” –

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