Box Score Recap – 6/30/2014

Three Iron Pigs hit home runs and five had multi-hit games. Brad Lincoln pitched fairly well there. Kelly Dugan went 2-4 with a double, and Severino Gonzalez plodded through five uninspiring innings as Reading overcame a six run deficit to defeat New Hampshire.

Zach Green hit his third home run in two days among his 4-8 performance, and Andy Knapp hit one out in the top of the 15th as Lakewood overcame a seven run deficit to beat West Virginia. Jon Prosknski got walloped for a bit out of the gate, but the bullpen held the Power scoreless for 12.1 innings to snag the W.

Undrafted Free Agent Aaron Baker picked up the win after allowing five hits and three runs in 1.1 IP for the GCL. Jesus Alastre went 3-4 with two steals in the VZL. He’s at 7-16 on the year on the base paths. Not as bad as he was earlier. Looking forward to maybe getting a scouting opinion on him from Instructs this fall.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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    1. This is probably the best news of all. Hopefuly, with a few weeks, Ruf can start taking a bunch of at bats from Brown and Howard. I hope they stop with the idiotic experiment of playing him in right field. What on earth were they thinking?

  1. Good to see Encarnacion get a couple of hits. Especially, considering his bat is gonna be what carries him. Is he gonna be playing first exclusively or are Phils gonna try him in OF?

    1. First base is his position. Not competent to play the OF where he’d have to run.

      The (hopefully) heir apparent for Howard.

  2. everybody wins woohoo! Clearwater and the port with days off and wins don’t mean much, but its still nice to see positive days.

  3. ty tim. Great link. Does anyone think they will spend 3 million. Just read Yankess will pay 100 percent tax, they will spend a ton this year, and it will cost them double, so if I am right. if they spend 10 million they will pay another 10 million in tax. Right or wrong they are trying to get better.

    1. roccom….shortstop Arquimedes Gamboa, as their projected signee, should cost them somewhere around $1M to 1.5M range. They will still have a lot of allocated monies left. The Yankees are doing what the Cubs did last year…next year the Yankees will probably scale back.

    2. roccom….Gamboa, is listed by MLB at a similar ranking as Grullon and Pujols were in 2012, and they both signed for approx $600/650K if I remember, so Gamboa could be ofered at less then $1M, maybe $800K range, and may still take it.

  4. We need someone like Cam Perkins to get hot and stay hot.Then get called up to the big league club,and possibly hit more home runs with hitting in Citzens Bank Park.
    That would apply to Franco as well but boy,It seems like right now he’s not making the necessary adjustments.I think dropping him in the batting order a bit,and giving him some days off can’t hurt,because clearly what he’s doing now isn’t working!

    Then again maybe Dugan could turn into something if he would stay healthy,isn’t that part of being a good player,playing smart and taking care of yourself?

    Otherwise,we have a few long boring years ahead for the major league team,(if you’re going to spend time following them)

    1. I have serious, serious doubts about Perkins’ power and overall ability.

      I’m much more bullish on Dugan and Altherr than Perkins

      1. Not sure why you got down voted on this. You’re obviously correct. It’s not even particularly clsoe.

        It’s the magic of SSS batting average.

      2. Yeah, if Perkins power numbers weren’t helped out in Reading I doubt they’ll be helped out in CBP. Not to say that I don’t think he can improve a little, but a drastic improvement is unlikely.

        1. I stated before that Perkins needs to add about 20 lbs to his thin frame.

  5. All wins in the minors. Where’s the daily doom and gloomers who lament every loss?

    1. The worst winning % in all of baseball had a good day yesterday. Its bound to happen once in a while.

  6. What’s the word on Will Morris? 18 Ks in 16 IP to go along with pretty solid peripherals across the board. Only 21 years old at Lakewood, possible future late-inning reliever?

    1. Good catch. I just see what you probably have: 6’4 righty, 2013 draft pick out of Southern Nevada (24th round), 8.1/1.4 over two seasons with only 1HR surrendered. That’s enough for me to pay attention

  7. In 16 games since returning from the DL, Zach Green is hitting .344 / .371 / .594.

    1. I wonder if he will see any time at third base before this season is complete.

      1. With Walding still seemingly not ready for A+ I wonder if they send Green to Ckearwater in a month to let him get reps at 3rd. Assuming he continues to hit well

        1. I wonder when the Phillies are going to notice Walding’s ridiculously low career ISO, avg, slg percentage and high Strikeout rate. If Zach Green isn’t getting reps at 3rd, it shouldn’t be due to tge presence of Welding.

          1. There may be precautionary health/injury reasons why Green is not getting the 3rd base reps,
            Was it an oblique tear?

    2. I think I saw something on Baseball America that said he is wearing orthotics now? I don’t know what his issue was before, but if somehow they help his legs/feet feel better/more stable, perhaps there is reason to believe?

    1. If he keeps hitting like he has recently, I would think so.

      I’ve been a wet balnket with regard to our upper minors OF prospects (Atherr, though I think he has a chance, and Perkins, not so much) but Dugan is the one guy who IMO could be a regular in the major league OF by this time next year. Mind you, that says as much about the paucity of options as it does about Dugan’s potential.

      1. It is interesting to compare him to Atherr. Atherr has an edge on positional value and speed, Dugan as a hitter. IMO Dugan is a slightly better prospect and slightly closer to ready. But he doesn’t have a huge edge.

        But there’s likely a position waiting for Dugan and not for Atherr (who would be wasted in a corner OF spot). People knock Revere and with some reason (though he had a fine June), but given his age/value, he’s really the closest that the team has to a solid major league regular in the OF. Byrd is a trade candidate, and an age related regression candidate if not traded, and Brown …

      2. It’s interesting to look at the defensive metrics on Revere. They confirm the doubters to some extent – in that he’s not the plus defender that we thought we were getting, or that you would expect given his speed. But he’s about average (just a tiny bit below) for a major league centerfielder, and a tad better than he was last year. As a center fielder, the arm doesn’t have a huge impact, his error rate overall is fine (a couple of mistakes early in the season seem to have a disproportionate impact in people’s minds), and his range is okay – speed making up for poor route running.

        Add in significant value on the basepaths (tied for second in the major leagues), positional value as a center fielder, and not a complete zero at the plate, and his fWAR value is a somewhat surprising 0.8 – which is close to a league average player.

        1. I’d say he’s pretty close to a complete zero at the plate. Only 22 qualifying players have a worse wOBA. His value seems to be coming entirely from being a CF and being really good on the bases. But if he can somehow get his batted ball ratios back to where they were last year (more line drives and fly balls), then he’s looking solid as an all around player.

        2. Along those lines, I think it is interesting to compare Altherr and Revere when Revere was a prospect. Revere was a year-plus younger than Altherr is now when Revere was in AA and he hit .305/.371/.363. Altherr perhaps has more upside due to his power, but Revere in AA was a much better prospect than Altherr is now.

    2. It’s likely IMO that the phillies make 4 OFs available this month with 2 (Byrd and Mayberry) somewhat likely to go. For that reason I am sure the brass is watching Dugan and Altherr quite carefully at the moment

      1. Yeah, but the earliest either of those guys are going to be possible regulars is mid 2015. And for Athherr in partcular that strikes me as unlikely for reasons stated above.

        No, we’re looking at interim options at the corners. Maybe they keep running Brown out there, maybe Ruf – though seeing either one as a right fielder makes me cringe a little. Or maybe Sizemore. Or, next year, a cheap FA as a stopgap. In CF, like it or not, Revere is the guy, at least through 2015.

        And for those of you who argue that Dugan might be a better option sooner, maybe you’re right. But for the long term benefit of the organization, he’s better off getting the additional development time he needs in the minors.

        1. Maybe that’s why they signed two veterans outfielders canzler and Sizemore. Replacement for byrd, only a guess,

          1. I actually I think that might be true.

            Larry my point was more to see if either was performing well enough to get a September call up. But yeah, They will (or should) want to get a decent look at Ruf and Sizemore

    1. Agreed but I think the problem is where do you send him if you want him to play 3rd and get ABs? CLW is probably a bridge too far

      1. Good question but I don’t think I need him to play 3rd everyday as much as I need to see him hit everyday so some where the DH is employed would be my guess.

      2. The Phils know better than I, but I don’t see why he couldn’t handle CLW. He did very well in the SEC last year. The SEC is not on par with A+ but it is not too far off. Anyway, I hope he is enjoying teeing off on teenagers for now…

        1. It is actually quite a distance off. What fraction of SEC hitters are good enough to ever sign MLB contracts? For those who do sign MLB contracts, where do they start their pro careers? Very few start in an A+ league. Most start in short-season A, Some start in a full-season A league. Of the small percentage of SEC players who are drafted and start there pro career in a full-season league, what fraction of those are average or above average players in that full-season league. Admittedly, there are a few guys who do start in a full-season league and are plus players there, but the average SEC player would be eaten alive. College players progress during their college careers. The guys who go pro are juniors and seniors. The sophomores and the few freshman who start in any college league are going to be behind the draft eligible juniors and seniors. A drafted college pitcher got to face some of those sophomores and freshmen in his draft season.

          1. allentown…..that rational is spot on when analyzing the SEC hitter.
            Though one scout on MLB draft night stated that the conference ‘s hitters were rated higher then some of the other D-1 conferences..not sure about that.

  8. One difference in Dugan,Altherr versus Perkins. Perkins is already one level ahead of them,basically other than hitting more homeruns in Reading,he had nothing more to prove there.Just look how Franco has struggled with the triple A pitchers.
    Now I hope you’re right,because if you are,there is some hope in the not to distance future,for some outfield bats that can produce on the big league level.

    1. That’s true, but . . .

      Dugan’s peripherals are generally through the roof and Dugan is a better athlete.

      Altherr’s scouting reports are way better than Perkins and he plays a more critical defensive position.

      Perkins has progressed, but, given his positional and athletic shortcomings, I need to see some more power and consistent plate discipline before I get excited. I’m not writing him off to AAAA land (his contact skills, I think, are quite good), but I’m not sold yet.

      I tend to think that Dugan is going to end up being a pretty good major league player – he might even end up being a minor star. If they trade him at the deadline (crazy, right? but so many other crazy things have happened), I will go berserk.

      1. By the way, I know it sounds weird, but good ‘ol Reid Brignac has proven to be a pretty interesting player – a former top prospect finding himself again. I wonder how many games the team would have won on this homestand if Brignac were playing or pinch hitting. I’ll bet money it would have been at least one more (I’m serious) and, on a 2-6 homestand, that’s a big difference.

      2. Catch watching Perkins on tv on Saturdays, I wish I could be as sure as others on this guy. I just have a hard time with his hitting approach, I couldn’t judge what this guy is going to do by watching him, I still think he is a clone of pence, but agree so far hasn’t shown power and don’t know if he ever will. but he is interesting.

  9. is Jim Eisenreich a fair comparison for Susdorf? Eisenreich never became a regular until he was 30.

    1. perfect comparison !! Susdorf hit 5 balls hard last night with 3 of them hits Just needs to get with the right team who needs a bat of the bench

      1. Let’s see … despite not being a regular until he was 30, Eisenreich got his first tast of major league action at 23 and put up decent numbers. He then had a well known hiatus from the game during what should have been his prime years. Now, if you want to compare Eisenreich’s MAJOR league numbers with Susdorf’s MINOR league numbers, you can sort of see a comp. But that’s not a legitimate comp – in any case, but especially in this case where Eisenreich lost his prime years. Look at the minor league numbers, and Eisenreich blows Susdorf away. That’s the legitimate comp.

        Sorry, not a remotely good comp. if you want to be REALLY optimnistic about Perkins, and put up the same comp … well, it’s still not a good comp, but not quite as bad.

  10. After today, Zach Green’s wRC+ is 104, so he’s officially an above average hitter on the year.

    Most encouraging stat: 19% strikeout rate in 136 PAs.

    1. His K% is definitely a great improvement thus far. Maybe instead of seeing those 2 HR, 2 K, 4 AB games, we’ll see 2 HR, 0 K, 1 BB. We can dream.

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