Box Score Recap – 6/29/2014

Leandro Castro had three hits and  a walk in five trips to the plate and Grady Sizemore was 2-5 for Lehigh Valley. Kelly Dugan announced his return from the post-DL doldrums with two home runs, and Jake Fox matched that feat for Reading.

Brian Pointer ended his hot June (CLR is off Monday) with a 3-4 day, that included a double a and a home run. He OPSed .953 for the month. I will temper my enthusiasm, as he’s run off a couple nice stretches the last couple year only to fall off a cliff thereafter. Also for CLR, Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez worked scoreless innings on a back-to-back day this weekend. In five rehab appearances during his most recent stint, he’s been in control, striking out eight and walking none, while allowing one run on six hits in six innings. Be sure to check out Jim’s report from yesterday’s outing for more on MAG.

Zach Green went deep twice and Andrew Pullin kept his hitting streak alive at 12 games. Pullin’s got just three multi-hit games and only one extra base hit during the streak, so it hasn’t really spiked his season numbers too much, though he was having a pretty nice June anyway, with five multi-hit games and four doubles in the first 14 days of the month, just before this current streak. I guess he’s been hitting well, one way or the other.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

6-29-14 boxscores

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  1. I find myself really watching Altherr, Dugan, Pullin and to a lesser extent Pointer with a lot of interest. If 2-3 of them can take the next step that would really help the system and the future prospects of the big club

  2. If only Dugan could find a way to stay healthy and Altherr a way to really cut down on his strikeouts but track record is against that happening for either.

    1. They are probably pounding him continually with tough breaking stuff. That was the concern last year in the scouting community. He’ll either adjust or he’ll never make it. Fortunately, he has a bit of time to figure this out. Otherwise, the talent is definitely there. But many a promising career has been derailed by the inabiliy to hit, or even fight off, a good breaking pitch.

      1. That’s sort of the silver lining. He’s got years to figure it out and still be age appropriate

  3. How can a minor league system be this inept? It’s shocking when a team gets a win.

    1. I honestly don’t even look at team record. We have a number of prospects hitting well right now, which is all that matters.

      1. Agreed. There is a lot of new talent in Billport, GCL, and to some extent in Lakewood and Cwater to keep track of, and as always, it is a long season. Let it play itself out. Hopefully, when the dust settles, we will have 3 or 4 prospects in the top 100 with many knocking on the door.

    1. I’m the last guy who would be defending Cozens, because I don’t see him as much of a prospect, but this is his first year of full season baseball. He’s played more games this year than he has in any other year. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll see horrible numbers at home. He’s hitting .131 with 3 HRs and 10 EBHs at home. On the road, he’s hitting .297 with 6 HRs and 21 EBHs. When I see that, it usually means that the home ballpark is sapping his abilities. Some of the parks in the SAL are little bandboxes that he can hit the ball off or over walls. He’s a massive guy who should be able to make contact and see the ball fly. But the Lakewood ballpark must be psyching him out. Also strange to see a lefthanded batter hit lefties 31 points better than righties. The cynic in me would say lefthanded pitchers are not good in the SAL.

      And please try not to use Larry Greene’s name in comparison to any other Phils player. It makes Larry look better.

      1. ,Maybe its playing for the home town fans and putting too much pressure on producing there at home.Lets not forget the three home runs he hit there.One was an opo, down the left field line, and then the walk off bomb!This game is a huge mental challenge when your hitting on a daily bases! Especially when your drafted out of high school,.Dylan just turned 20 may 31st.Pitchers are stingy and they love aggressive hitters,That’s the learning curb pitch recognition and patience ,working a hitters count.My hats off to all baseball players and the competition there faced with,.Huge mental game!

  4. another puke day, as usual. when you look at a system and your first thought is “jake fox deseves a promotion already!” things are very very bad

    1. i hope you people are “thumbs downing” the system and not my comment…sorry for being realistic

  5. No mention of Lakewood’s leading hitter, who drove in go-ahead runs with HR, and leads team in BA and RBI. He should be promoted to a more age appropriate league to see if he can continue to hit, i.e. Willians Astudillo.

  6. Dugan and Zack Green lighting up my day. These are two guys that could change the system if they both become the best that they could be. Any word on Ruf coming back? Off line but I’m assuming some guys will be traded later this month and some guys in the minors will get jobs in the majors. If Byrd goes, I guess Sizemore and Ruf are the next to go up although Castro has played well recently. I’m really hoping that Altherr can turn it up a bit more and get promoted to AAA. Unfortunately, we don’t even have guys ready to go up. If KK gets traded, we’ll be looking at Marquis. This team could rival the Sixers in the last 2 months….

    Man there’s a lot of pressure on Chip to produce…..

  7. I said last week that they should keep playing Dom b/c he’s not taking AB from anyone. But with Fox tearing it up, why not put him in LF for the Phils and see what he can do? Maybe he’s the next Brandon Moss.

  8. This was mentioned in another thread by Tom Costello, but the Phils made a trade for a catching prospect. The numbers at the plate look like a poor man’s Astudillo. I have no idea about the defense except that he’s thrown out a respectable 28% of runners. The fact that Rube got a guy that can actually make contact for Ronny Cedeno gives me hope that he can work some good deals at the deadline. It would be nice if he could infuse the back end of our top 10 prospects list with some new talent.

    1. Love the Ks and BBs, but his high contact rate combined with the lack of power makes me wonder if he has a Tyson Gillies/Ben Revere type swing where everything just goes on the ground.

      Can’t complain though, considering they only gave up Cedeno for him. He’s played some IF and OF too.

  9. Strikeouts to walks looks good. He makes a ton of contact and tends to walk more than he strikes out. Not much power but to me, that’s fine for a catcher. If he can play good d and hit .280 then he’s a major leaguer

  10. Nolan Reimold from the Baltimore Orioles has to be traded soon or he will go to waivers and I think he could help the Phillies(a more mobile version of Darrin Ruf). Any thoughts?

    1. Already 30 with the neck injuries I would probably pass unless some how I got a miraculous offer for Marlon and needed some filler to pass the time. He was once a very promising big man.

      1. HA Ha Ha! I don’t think the Phils have a leftfielder. They just play 8 guys… right?

    1. I think Dugan is like balsa wood. He can get hurt tripping on the cracks of a wood floor.

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