Box Score Recap – 6/27/2014

Grady Sizemore and Jason Marquis with their Iron Pigs debuts. Remember where you were, folks. You’ll be telling your grandkids about this moment. Kelly Dugan was back in the lineup for Reading. Perci Garner did not have it going on – eight walks in 3.1 IP.

J.P. Crawford with his first A+ home run – he and Quinn both had two hits and Quinn drew a walk and stole a base. I’m gettin’ the tingly good feelings over that pair. Andy Knapp went deep for Lakewood. Matt Imhof made his first appearance of the year, tossing three scoreless innings in the GCL. Jesus Posso hosed two men stealing. Edwin Rodriguez with two hits in the DSL.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

6-27-14 boxscores

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  1. Interestingly, although his numbers are better than last year, Pullin’s wRC+ is about the same (or even a little lower). I guess because Lakewood is a (somewhat) easier place to hit than Williamsport. Also he’s showing less power than last year — lower rate of doubles and triples, though more home runs.

  2. What a difference a day makes! Crawford’s Clearwater wRC+ is now 103.

    Quinn’s is 99.

  3. I don’t know what to make of Valle. He disappeared off the radar screen yet seems to be doing fairly well this year between Reading and Lehigh Valley. Overall, he is hitting .260 with 5 HR and 23 RBI. Hitting .286 at LV.

    Nothing to get hot and bothered over but these numbers are the best in the system from Lakewood to AAA. More a statement of the farm system?

    Is he back in the top 20,25 or 30 prospects?

    1. It still only amounts to a hot 45 PAs. He’ll need to keep it up for the rest of the season before I buy in. And he’s doing damage by knocking the cover off the ball right now, but he’s still not getting on base much, which was always the biggest knock on his offensive game.

  4. Thanks for being positive guys! The Phillies lost,plus the top FIVE minor league teams as well.
    I can’t believe that I’m spending time following this organization, I must be a die hard phillie fan.

    1. Barf there are lot of people like you, if you enjoy it. nothing is wrong imo. Just don’t spend all your money like romus does on games,

  5. Quinn and Crawford are the first place I look. Loving it! Pullin continues to look like a guy figuring it out. Tough night for Altherr though. I’m starting to wonder if Ethan Martin is healthy yet. The Phils didn’t hardly use him and his first two LHV appearances have been terrible. Imhof shouldn’t be at GCL long. When is Nola’s next start?

  6. I’d like to see the organization make a few moves. Matt Hoffman and Jake Fox should not be playing in Double A. Both should get sent to Lehigh and Horst and Murphy should be released. Fox has been a great minor league player over the years and Hoffman has been a solid reliever in Triple A for 3+ seasons. Horst had his chance and I am a big Jim Murphy fan but he just isn’t hitting enough for a first baseman in Triple A. Willians Austudillo should also be promoted to Clearwater and Chris Serritella should be released. Willians is having a great year at Lakewood and is fairly old for the level and Serritella has been awful all season.

    1. I like to see them buy out howard, my god four more years of his not being able to run, striking out 1 out of 3 times, poor fielding.

        1. ty brad, I misread it, so glad, maybe they will after this year trade him for nothing. A America league team might take him if we pay most of the contract. That injury imo has really taken him down, no movement in the field or running and he wasn’t the greatest fielder or runner before, it would be better for the team and him.

  7. How is Willian’s arm? If he improves his catching, his bat profiles great there…but his CS% is awful. Is he just an emergency catcher ?

    1. He’s a 22-year old playing against high school kids and young Latin American players in the GCL. While it’s better that he has plus stats rather than negative stats, against this level of competition it really isn’t very meaningful.

  8. Chase no better He is a very good cf with plus arm , his tool is still developing and has gap power.I know a sport writer from around his area. I just checked today’s box scores wow what’s the record for hr in a day for the our minor league teams.

  9. Never know who he’s hitting against in those leagues so of those Latin pitchers throw 92 plus will good off speed pitchers. I think Imhof , Fisher, pitched in that game. Plus there was only 4 hits the game and he had 2 of them.I’m saying The GCl is a hard league to In but now there a lot of college and top talent pitchers just getting started. They get moved in a week or too.

  10. Very quietly, Phillippe Aumont has been rounding into form. Over his last ten appearances, the walks are under control and more importantly, the walk to strikeout ratio is truly excellent. It matters because he still has a ton of talent and 25 year old pitcher with a live arm is a valuable thing to have. It might be worth stretching him out and seeing if he could serve in long relief or even take spot starts. A guy with his kind of arm and stuff doesn’t come along every day. I’m glad they are doing the same thing with Lincoln.

      1. Yeah, but with his talent, his utter lack of trade value and the AAA squad full of untalented taxi squad pitchers, what is the harm of keeping him around and giving him a chance to turn it around? Of course, odds are he will fail, but so what? It’s not like he’s taking a spot from some hot prospect. If he turns it around he still has big upside. If you get rid of him another Barry Enright takes his place. Is that a better option? Of course not.

    1. I have my doubts that Aumont would take well to an expanded role when he’s still trying to find sustained success in his current one. I’m all for giving him another shot down the line if he keeps pitching well, but I think giving him 1-2 innings at a time is all they should throw at him for awhile.

  11. Dominck just another false hope, aumont had more chances than any player i ever saw, guess when you cant draft like the phillies you pin your hopes on other teams rejects,

    1. Sorry, but that’s among the most inane comments ever posted on this website.

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