Box Score Recap – 6/26/2014

Maikel Franco had a hit and two walks, which nearly doubled his total for the month. Let’s hope July is like May. Greg Smith and the bullpen, led by a three K inning from Hector Neris, shutout Rochester’s lineup on five hits. Aaron Altherr and Pete Lavin took Henry Owens deep – not bad, as the often-dominant Owens had allowed just three bombs in his prior 14 starts on the year.

Roman Quinn and J.P. Crawford had two hits a piece. Crawford added a walk and Quinn a steal. Crawford has hit in five of his last six games, so his stats are beginning to perk up after an 0-8 to start his A+ season. Lee Ridenhour’s put together a nice year thus far, with an FIP that’s much lower than his ERA, 3.30 vs. 4.21. He struck out the side in the ninth to finish off Tampa after MAG couldn’t hold Colin Kleven’s the lead in the eighth.

Cord Sandberg couldn’t extend his hitting streak – I wrote about him with some help from Chris King and Mitch Rupert at Crashburn Alley yesterday. I hope you’ll check it out if you haven’t already.

Also in the short season leagues – Deivi Grullon went 4-4 on the night, and David Whitehead pitched pretty well in his third start of the year. He’ not striking many men out, just 10 in 18.2IP thus far on the year. Joel (I wonder if it’s pronounced Joe-ELL?) Fisher with his first pro home run and Luis Morales pitched well for the GCL. Julsan Kamara still doesn’t have a professional hit, but he walked three times on Thursday in the Dom Rep. And Jesus Alastre was on base twice for the VZL squad – his OBP for the year sits at .444. That’s four out of every nine PAs. Seems pretty solid. You’d have to think he’ll be at instructs in the fall and ticketed for GCL next summer if he handles himself well next spring.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

6-26-14 boxscores

30 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/26/2014

  1. Also encouraging from Crawford: 1 K in his last three games after 10 in his first five. SSS, but his pitch recognition in High A already appears to be improving.

    1. What’s amazing about Crawford is not just that he’s adjusted to every level so far, but how FAST he’s done so. Hopefully he keeps it up.

    2. It’s good to both Quinn and Crawford coming together . I think the headline should read Quinn and Crawford help Threaters win because one could not have done it without the other , but only one got the credit.

    3. Crawford with game winning hit knocking in Quinn. I think we’d all like to read that line again and again over the next 15 years

  2. I like not to be stater of the obvious so I will point out that Carlos Alonso has quietly been a consistent performer at every level but AAA to this point. Granted he projects as no more than a utility man at the next level if his age weren’t against him.

    He has a career .371 OBP and .753 OPS and is a pretty solid 2B. I like him is all I don’t expect he will ever get to philly…

    1. Thanks – I really had never focused on him, and was surprised at how good he has been. But for his age he would be a guy to get excited about. But that’s a big but (as you state yourself).

    2. His problem is that the two-year younger Cesar Hernandez put up a 100 point higher OPS at Reading this year, has a better glove at 2B, and is on the big Phillies. For Alonso to displace Hernandez, he needs to be able to outfield him at SS and 3B, as well as boosting his OPS. If he can play SS and 3B better than Hernandez, he may only need a 30-50 point boost in OPS. At 26, his age is certainly working against him. No reason not to try him in AAA.

  3. Shame Sandberg didn’t extend his hitting streak, but two walks is nice. Guess they were pitching around him a bit, so he took his bases. Good to see.

  4. Good to see Dugan back in a box score. Hopefully he gets back in the starting lineup and avoids the DL. Still don’t know what the injury was after he had that collision.

  5. Has anyone seen MAG since he came back off the DL? Stat line looks good 6K, 3H, 0BB in 4 IP. Only run he gave up was a baserunner that got on a strikeout wild pitch.

            1. No hate…love.
              Quite frankly. a guy who will be 24-years old in Jaunuary, with over 2000 plus minor league PAs, should welcome the challenge, if none other, for him to realize he may only be a future 5th in a MLB equation.
              Is it prematurely advancing an ‘infant to adulthood’, I do not think so.
              If you ask him, he is ready.
              IMO….he also will be better defensively in LF or CF then the current occupants, but then again I may be wrong on that matter since I do get my share of knowledgeable, but unresponsive ‘thumbs down’ on this site when I opine my personal opinions.

            2. So, to rephrase what you said… he’ll be 23 all season. Not exactly an ancient age to not yet be in the major leagues. He’s two levels below the majors and not setting the world of AA on fire. What do you suppose a .682 OPS in AA translates to in the bigs after an instant double bump? We’ve seen the problems Franco has had adjusting to AAA. I think Altherr is good for about a .500 OPS for the rest of the season and striking out 40% of his AB for the rest of the season if we make him a major league starting OF tomorrow.

            3. atown…..many logical reasons not to promote Altherr.
              The fans may like to see the the kid vs what has been out there these past three months.

            4. Romus, first of all, I doubt that you speak for most “paying” fans.

              Second of all, and this might not apply to you, but I bet almost all of the fans who think they want to see him play will turn on him when he (inevitably) stinks up the joint as a hitter. He’s not ready

              But finally, and most importantly, the selfish desires of even paying customers are not a good reason to ruin a young man’s career. I’m getting a definite Roman Coliseum vibe coming from you in this thread.

    1. Yeah, I’m kind of expecting to see Altherr/Perkins/Dugan with the IronPigs next season. Should be fun. Love to have Alonso then, too, on the INF. Maybe not a Phillie, but he should be fun to watch and might get a cup of coffee at some point.

  6. Smith was masterful last night. Whatever those two junk pitches are–curve/slider/change or whatever, they had Rochester batters befuddled all night. Some swings weren’t even close. He was getting horizontal and vertical movement on them. The two hits were a flare to left and a seeing-eye grounder. He never broke 84 on the gun. (71-84) I think he’s got the new arm slot figured out. We’ll see if he can continue it. May not project on the next level, but I’m interested to see what the splits are, too, once he’s got some more innings on it. He’s said that he’s more comfortable as a starter, but perhaps this new arm slot will open up a LOOGY posibility? I dunno. We’ll see.

    It really looked like they were pitching around Franco. I don’t remember him getting much to hit–but it’s good he didn’t chase, too.

    Knigge has been really good as well lately. 94MPH sinking fastball. The runs he’s given up were in his initial game and in one where he was pitching his fifth inning in two or three days. Really solid lately.

    The three hits Garcia gave up were all pretty weak contact. He didn’t have the good control, though–wild low quite a bit with the slider.

    Jason Marquis tonight, with Sizemore in center, I’m assuming. Should be interesting.


  7. shows how much franco has struggled when a repeat of a mediocre month(.282 avg and 3 hrs) is what you’re looking for out of your top prospect.

  8. Collier removed from 40-man roster. A lot of injuries in his career, but he really hit a wall with the bat in AA. Not doing any better repeating AA this season, although I’m sure the lost time didn’t help. It’s not SSS any more — about 600 AA plate appearances — and a BA of only .224 for AA with very inadequate power and too many Ks. He does have a nice walk rate, but that’s about it and even with all those walks the OBP is inadequate for a guy with little power and not a basestealer.

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