Thursday Night Notes

A busy night with the big news being Jesse Biddle being given what Ruben Amaro is calling a “mental break”, with his placement on Reading’s temporary inactive list. Biddle’s recent troubles have been well documented including his 10ER outing just last Tuesday.  This break can only help, as Biddle has been unable to pitch through the recent issues.

In Allentown, Sean O’Sullivan was told that he will be the Phillies starter in Game Two of their doubleheader Saturday.  The speculation had been Brad Lincoln, however it seems Lincoln may be nursing a minor leg injury. While far from overpowering, O’Sullivan has been slightly better than decent for the ‘Pigs this year, going 3-6 with a 4.31ERA in 15 starts this year for the ‘Pigs.  Opponents hit .278 against him and O’Sullivan is carrying a WHIP of 1.36.  O’Sullivan will not overwhelm and has just as good a chance as any in Lehigh Valley to do a competent job.

In Allentown, Jason Marquis will be on the hill tomorrow evening with Grady Sizemore likely to get his first start in the Phils organization tomorrow as well.


17 thoughts on “Thursday Night Notes

  1. Not a bad idea to see what Sullivan can do. Surprisingly good things can happen first time around the league.

  2. Was it Joel Fisher who homered and doubled in today’s game against the Pirates? The boxscore and recaps all list Jared Fisher with the above hits.

    1. Probably Joel. Jared’s a pitcher. I did see for the first time though that Jared was added to the GCL roster.

  3. Interested to see how Marquis and Sizemore do. Two cheap and possible plusses for Phils in second half especially if we are sellers.

    1. I guess with Sizemore, Ruf moves another notch further down on the totem pole.
      So Ruben has a plan!

        1. He was diagnosed with a sprained left wrist and bruised right knee after the collision at the beginning of the month, No broken bones.
          So he could be back playing in 2/3 weeks. Though they set no timetable for his return.
          Sizemore will probably take that long also before he is ready to jump up.

          1. Sizemore is left-handed and is a natural outfielder, so presumably can still play competent defense on the corners and in center in a pinch. Ruf is right-handed, is a natural first baseman, and is basically not a competent outfielder. I didn’t see the play at Lehigh Valley, but I’d imagine that running into a wall at such velocity that you sustain the type of injuries he did is a telltale sign that you are not very good at playing the outfield. So I don’t see how one move affects the other. When Sizemore comes up he probably replaces Gwynn because he can play CF.

            Actually, you could argue that Sizemore’s existence actually makes a Ruf callup more plausible, because his ability to play center could make it easier to deal Mayberry, which would open up a spot for Ruf as the 5thOF/backup first baseman/right-handed-bat-off-the-bench, which is the role he’s really suited to.

            1. Sizemore, bluntly, is a band-aid…a patch an I-95 pothole.
              He will not even be on the team next year.
              This is the plan?

      1. Romus the funny part to me is brown is a bad outfielder, besides not hitting, at least ruf has some power and can hit a little, plus he is right handed, I hate not to give ruf a shot, but too many brown lovers , I would suspect,

  4. Romus, I Think if they weren’t giving out Dominic Brown shirt this weekend, He would be sent down and Sizemore would be up playing, at least you get some defense out of Sizemore.

  5. There are so many players who have struggled in their early career only to adjust and have long term success. The Phillies definitely should not give up on Dom or Biddle. If Ruf was healthy, then I would say send Dom to triple A and let him work things out there. Or even if Franco was tearing up triple A, I would say call him up, move Asche to LF and send Dom down. But he’s not really taking ABs from anyone right now, just keep running him out there most nights.

  6. I guess you run out a 27 year old outfielder, who cant field, then ask us to believe your trying to win. I just don’t understand the thinking, he isn’t taking away at bats, sorry, he is almost at this point a automated out, Herdanez can play left, call up susdorf to come off the bench, at least you might get a professional at bat out of him

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