Jiwan James Released

The Phillies have announced the release of Jiwan James, as another outfielder in the organization will part ways.

The Phillies have now released James, Anthony Hewitt, and Tyson Gillies, all in a very short amount of time.

A 22nd round pick of the Phillies in 2007, James posted a career .265/.317/.364 line with the organization. He certainly was one of the fastest players the organization has seen over the last 10 years, but he never put things together. Our (slightly outdated) profile of Jiwan can be found here.

He battled injuries throughout his career, finally returning making his 2014 Reading debut a few weeks ago. He had 21 at-bats, and hit .333 with a .364 on-base percentage.

That said, there was too much to overcome. With so many outfielders on the roster, there wasn’t really anywhere for James to play, and he will now be moving on.

James had this to say:

The Fightins still have six outfielders on the roster, though listed outfielder Jake Fox has played plenty of first base.


11 thoughts on “Jiwan James Released

  1. Nice enough kid. Simply couldn’t hit enough to ever sniff a major league roster.

  2. The releases seem to further reinforce the belief that the farm system still needs a lot of help. Always sad to see a kid with potential not figure it out, though.

    1. I wonder when he got hit the head with the hail storm ice-pellets last month and suffered headaches, that maybe it was a concussion.
      Of course the Phillies would have easily figured that out since :
      1. Trauma to head
      2. Headaches
      3. Possible Concussion

  3. In the 22nd round, the Phillies should be taking fliers on prospects like this. If he makes it, great. if not then you are not out very much. Hewitt is a completely different story.

    1. He didn’t miss by that much as a CF prospect. The PHillies liked him better as a pitcher when he was drafted and that and the arm injury set him back 2 years before he switched to OF. One wonders how well he would have done if he had started his pro career as an OF. As I recall, at draft time, many scouts preferred him as an OF prospect.

      He was certainly a far better OF prospect than Hudson, who was nothing but speed and CF defense. The late start in OF and subsequent injuries were just too much for James to overcome.

      His 2014 numbers really weren’t that good — BABIP driven. The peripherals were the worst of his career — only 1 BB against 7Ks in 21 AB.

      I agree, he is exactly the sort of guy you want to gamble on after the primo draft rounds. Might even be a wise 3rd round gamble (which is really what you have to do today with the current slots to sign a plus HS kid.)

      I don’t think I would have been quite so quick to release him. There are OF numbers at Reading, but really just Dugan and Altherr as any sort of prospect.

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