Threshers; June 10, 2014

The rain I joked was scheduled for Wednesday arrived early.  The game with the Tampa Yankees was delayed after 4.5 innings.  Miguel Nunez had pitched a solid 5 innings allowing 2 hits, 2 walks, 5 strike outs, and 1 earned run on a home run to right that would have been a routine fly ball 2 innings later when the weather moved in.   The offense attacked early.  Roman Quinn opened with a ground ball double down the left field line that kicked off the stands.  He scored on a KC Serna single.  Brandon Short followed with a single, but the Threshers could do no further damage.  The Threshers collected hits in each of the next 3 innings, getting the lead off hitter on in 2 of them.  But in spite of singles by Brian Pointer, Angelo Mora, and Chris Serritella, the Threshers were unable to score.  When the heavy rain and lightning caused the umpires to clear the field, the score was knotted at one apiece.

During the break in the action, I went hunting.  Before the game, the PR Director had told me that  at least 8 draftees were in town, but he hadn’t been told who.  On the concourse behind home plate, I found 4 likely suspects.  Tuesday night is Dollar Night.  Among other concession items on sale for a dollar are 12 ounce draft beers, 24 ounce drafts for 2 dollars.  These 4 young men stood out because they were not imbibing.  After determining that they were from out of town, I cleverly asked, “Are you guys new draftees?”.  They fell for this journalistic trick and answered, “Yes”.

The players were –

Brian Sova.  The 5’11 SR. out of Creighton was the 25th round pick.  He is a right-handed pitcher. His build reminds me of Hoby Milner.

Sean McHugh.  The 5’11 SR. out of Purdue was the 18th round pick.  He is a right-handed catcher.

Damek Tomscha.  The 6’3 SR. out of Auburn was the 17th round pick.  He is a right-handed third baseman.

Drew Stankiewicz.  The 5’10 JR. out of Arizona State was the 11th round pick.  He is a a left-handed batting shortstop.

Nice kids.  Quiet at first.  Respectful.  Talkative when comfortable.  I’m looking forward to watching their workouts at the Complex later this week before they are given their assignments.

After a delay of 80 minutes, the game resumed at 9:20PM.  The temperature had dropped 15 degrees to 72 degrees.  Brrrrr.  Just like in the majors, both starters were replaced.

The Threshers scratched out a run in the bottom of the 5th inning to make Nunez the pitcher of record.  Pointer reached with his second single of the game.  He advanced to second on a wild pitch and scored 2 outs later on a throwing error by the Yankees shortstop.

Mark Meadors made his second appearance since being called up from XST.  He retired only one of the 5 batters he faced.  He left with the score tied and the bases loaded.  He allowed 3 walks and a single.  Dan Child was called upon to get out of the jam.  He allowed 2 singles and all 3 inherited runners to score.  He allowed singles in each of the next 2 innings but no further runs scored.

The offense fought back.  Gabriel Lino singled to lead off the 7th inning.  Pointer walked.  Quinn sacrificed the runners into scoring position.  Mora grounded out to first, plating a run and moving Pointer to third.  He later scored on a wild pitch to pull within a run.

Lee Ridenhour came on in the 9th inning.  After a lead off single he retired the next 3 batters.

The Threshers got the tying and winning runners on base in the 9th inning, but were unable to convert.

Miscellany –

  • Nunez started his night with 4 consecutive strike outs.
  • Meadors walked 3 consecutive batters.
  • Anthony Hewitt got an assist when a Yankee tried to stretch a single into a double.
  • Quinn got wiped out at second on the play but made the catch and tag, and held onto the ball.  More importantly, he seemed okay after the collision and stayed in the game.
  • Art Charles struck out swinging in 3 of his 4 at bats.
  • Hewitt struck out twice in 2 at bats.
  • Pointer went 3-3 with a walk after a golden sombrero last night.
  • Serna had 2 hits in 5 at bats.
  • Serna made a great bare-handed charge and throw to nab a batter
  • Quinn almost beat out his sacrifice bunt.  It didn’t leave the dirt in front of home plate and the catcher almost beaned Quinn as he approached the bag.  Can’t believe it was that close.

Off day tomorrow.  On the road Thursday.  Then the All Star break.  This is probably the last report until next week.

10 thoughts on “Threshers; June 10, 2014

  1. For as much as we rip on Amaro for poor drafting early in drafts(well deserved) Hewett was a Pat Gillick/Mike Arbuckle pick………also in yesterday’s Philly Daily News, a good article on the success, or lack there of, that the Royals have had since Arbuckle arrived there in late 2008 after our World Series win. And the Royals have drafted much higher than we have during that time period……….would we have been in this big of a hole if Arbuckle was given the gig in 2008? The fact of the matter is that we will never truly know, with that said, Amaro has to go ASAP, but he wont until at the earliest after the season, which allows him to screw up ANOTHER trade deadline.

  2. Jim, whatever they are paying you (I know it’s nothing), it should be quadrupled. No one should have to suffer through watching the Threshers on a daily basis. Great detective work on determining that those not imbibing were the draftees (That cracked me up)

    I will be in town in about two weeks and will be attending the dollar Tuesday game on July 1 before driving to Miami to see the Phloundering Phils on July 3. I will be imbibing so you won’t confuse me with a draftee.

    1. Reporting back to you guys helps. I’m not as results oriented as I would have been without this. It all evens out, though. Last season, I got to watch Franco, Dugan, Altherr, and Perkins. The year before, Asche. So, this year maybe only Quinn so far. But, things can only get better. If Nola and Imfoff start out in Clearwater, not only will I have better stuff to report, but we could win the 2nd half!!!

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