Box Score Recap – 6/10/2014

Of course the big news of the day was the Aaron Nola signing, and reports that he’ll likely start in Clearwater (or higher, according to Amaro). I wrote a little bit more about that in the post on that subject from earlier.

Roman Quinn was 1-4 with a double, his second extra base hit of the year, and second in the last three days. Brian Pointer was 3-3 – he also had three hits two nights ago, but in a testament to his continuous inconsistency, he sandwiched a Golden Sombrero in between.

Carlos Tocci managed the only hit for Lakewood, and J.P. Crawford drew the only base on balls, as Hagerstown pitching shut down the Claws. Tyler Viza pitched pretty well, and he continues to throw a heavy ball – he tallied 12 ground outs in seven innings.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

6-10-14 boxscores

47 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/10/2014

  1. Bring Nola up now, Has that ever happened no minor league and straight to majors , obviously I jest but sarcasm is tough to pick up when its typed

    1. I remember one guy for the reds, from high school at 15 to starting in major, he got hammered, joe nuxall i think it was, Nola i hope is fast track he would be imo a replacement for kenricks, and save some money, to get a hitter, dont know who the free agents are but, this team is getting nothing out of third, left field ,center, and not much in terms of rbi or power out of ruiz, howard is a strikout machine, I dont know if they will eat his contract if they can unload him or not, love to see perkins in left, right now, give him a chance,

      1. Do the Phillies have a pitcher named Kendricks now? Gosh between all the grammar and spelling mistakes, I wonder if roccom knows what the heck he’s typing half the time.

    2. David Clyde was drafted by the Rangers #1 overall. He went straight to the Majors. Blew his arm out and had shoulder injuries and turned out to be the poster child for not rushing young pitchers. Strasburg probably was the only pitcher that could have gone straight to the majors but the Nats knew better than to tax him in that way (what a horrible sentence).

      1. Bob Feller pitched for the Indians when he was a junior in high school. Bob Horner was ROY for the Braves after signing from Arizona St.

      2. Leake pitched in the AFL the previous fall, and was not on the Reds opening day roster as a technicality while they waited for the need for a fifth starter on April 11 of that year, but you’re right, his first non-fall league outing was as a big leaguer.

      1. Yes, I wonder if it has anything to do with how they are pitching to him now. This will test his ability to make adjustments. It seems pretty clear now that he probably shouldn’t be promoted to Clearwater until around August. The silver lining is that keeping him there also gives Quinn time to adjust and thrive in Clearwater.

      2. At least some of it seems to be his batted ball data normalizing. For June, he STILL has as many BBs as Ks, which is great. Both rates are up a bit, but basically his biggest problem is that balls aren’t falling for hits. I’m NOT saying that that’s a all or even mainly a matter of luck, but it is something that tends to even out over time. I’m not worried, though certainly a reason to keep him where he is for now. (Combined with Quinn’s improved performance lately).

    1. was at the pigs game last night. Franco looks terrible at bat especially against off speed. I really think we over rated him and he will not be what we anticipated. I would like to see him sent back to reading to regain some confidence.

      1. That is why Franco is at AAA to learn how to hit breaking pitches. Once he learns that he will be up with the Phillies.

      2. Franco will be fine…..this is not unusual for prospects , even at his youthful age at his level…..come mid-July or maybe a little sooner he will unleash and raise his peripherals up by EOM August.

  2. We often forget that 19 year-old kids also have to learn how to go to “work” everyday and maintain their intensity, deal with failure, etc.

    This is the reason looking at minor league stats don’t always tell the story of when a guy is ready to be moved to a different level.

  3. Just a reminder to vote for the AAA All-Star Game… your only chance to ever see Humberto Quintero, Pete Orr, Michael Martinez, Tyson Gillies, Phillippe Aumont, Ezquiel Carrera, Tyler Cloyd, and Joe Savery on a ballot together… Along with the rest of your favorite below replacement level Phillies experiments…

  4. Roman Quinn has confirmed on twitter that he has moved to the OF. I assume that means Crawford will be promoted to Clearwater any day now?

  5. So I am watching the Reading game and wondering how much of Biddle’s periodic struggles are related to catcher quality. As a father of a HS pitcher I know that the catcher is an active participant. And the Reading catcher, wow: drop 3rd strike and throw the ball into right field.

    1. I cant believe you want to lay biddles lack of control, talent to get better on the catcher, My son plays and is 16, i blame him for what he does not others,good pitchers, will overcome drop third strikes, let the fault lay with biddle where it belongs, excuses are for loses,

    2. Agree with your point about the importance of a good defensive catcher. Is Tommy Joseph out again as Biddle did better until he and Rupp caught him.

  6. And a RF who can’t catch a routine deep fly.

    Where do we get players who can’t make plays that a decent HS player can make?

    1. That being said..Jesse let those things affect him mentally,and started walking people like crazy, and gave up 5 runs…Is Jesse the next Gavin Floyd for the phillies, in terms of lacking mental tiughness? Or am I overreacting here?

  7. Im sitting here watching Singleton swag all over the place on the laptop. Meanwhile Ryan Howard strikes out again on my TV with the winning run on second. Living in Houston… 10 minutes from the stadium, im conflicted.

    1. Biddle has the potential to be very good but it looks like he can get rattled sometimes and he becomes ineffective. This is true especially when the catcher turns a strikeout into a two base error, the RF drops a routine fly ball and the shortstop makes his 15th error. Maybe Biddle needs to see a sports psychologist or preferably surround him with better fielders.

      1. I doubt that the fielding is that much worse than most AA teams. The other pitchers on the club are dealing with the same things, too. He’s the top prospect on the roster, so while I can understand giving him a break sometimes, he still can’t have these no-control games with such frequency.

  8. Excluding last season, I’ve generally considered Hamels to be a Top 10-15 pitcher in all of baseball. The one thing that has prevented his being in the CY discussion annually is that he has given up too many long balls. So far this season, though, Cole has been very stingy with homers. If this trend continues, 2014 may be a very special season for Hamels.

    (The only time in his career that Hamels had a low HR/9 was 2011, prior to his going on the DL. He was in the CY conversation that year. Unfortunately for him, Hamels had two teammates who pitched a little better, and there was a guy out in LA who won pitching’s Triple Crown.)

  9. Maybe Quinn move has to do with Phillies drafting ss marrero I know spelled that wrong.He could move up to Clearwater he’d be more ready that Crawford if anything happens to as far as J Roll getting moved.Most of the Lakewood line up never had 400 at bats before so there might be a little drop in avg .

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