Box Score Recap – 5/3/2014

Perci Garner with the line of the night – He struck out nine, walked two and allowed just two hits in six scoreless innings. Like many others, I’ve been waiting for them to turn him loose in the bullpen. If he manages his starts this well going forward, though, he’ll probably stay in the rotation for a while.

Cesar Hernandez was 3-4 with his third long ball of the year, and Ken Giles allowed one BB and struck out two in a scoreless ninth in that Reading contest. Sebastian Valle‘s home run lifts Lehigh Valley and David Buchanan to a victory. Cesar Jimenez, Justin De Fratus and Luis Garcia each took scoreless turns out of the bullpen to lock down that victory.

Samuel Hiciano pulls off what I believe is the first “Zach Green Special” of the year – that’s 2-5 with 2K and 2 XBH, for those who don’t recall – Hiciano was 2-5 with a homer, a double and two strikeouts, and is now OPSing near .800 in a reasonable league for his age. His K rate is just below 25%, which is about as high as you’d like it for a power hitter, and he’s got 10 XBH in just over 100 PAs. I remain intrigued. J.P. Crawford, Mitch Walding and Dylan Cozens each added multi-hit games as Lakewood starter Tyler Viza and reliever Keivi Rojas pitched well enough to allow their offense to come back against Asheville’s bullpen.

And finally, Clearwater was rained out again and again. Both games of their double header in Daytona were sacked by rain for a second straight day. The whole series was a washout, as The Threshers start a traditional three-game Sunday thru Tuesday set at Brevard County today.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

5-3-14 boxscores

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  1. Any reports on Tyler Viza’s stuff? How about his fastball velocity? He has been solid so far this year. Also, how long do you think until Mitch Walding goes to Clearwater? I know he only has like 20AB’s this year, but he played all last year in Lakewood

    1. I’ve been hearing Viza’s velocity has been in the 89 92 range for the most part. Not overpowering but there is some room for some growth.
      As far as Walding my hunch is he moves up when Green is ready to come back.

      1. I dont understand the walding moveing up? he hasnt shown he can hit, lower level pitching,I Only see like 20 abs this year, maybe i am reading the wrong stats??

        1. He’s repeating Lakewood, and when Zach Green comes back there’s no place for Walding there. Meanwhile there’s no real 3B prospect in Clearwater, unless you count H-mart. So basically Walding can either sit on the bench in Lakewood or play in Clearwater.

          1. He only had 400 AB at Lakewood last year and he didn’t hit at all well: a .609 OPS and a .224 BA and 30% of his AB ending in Ks. He’s always drawn plenty of walks, is a good-sized guy, and a good defensive 3B, but he really never has hit. Despite his size, he has only 2 HR in 675 AB. There should be no rush to move him up.

            1. I agree , but Walding makes 3 third basemen on the team with Jan Hernandez Zach Green ,

            2. I agree that he hasn’t really earned a call up. Still, I’m thinking when Zach Green gets back then Walding’s not going to get ABs in Lakewood, unless he plays 1B or something. There’s playing time to be had in Clearwater just because it’s a bit of a prospect wasteland.

              If the Phils deem him not ready for Hi-A then I’m sure he’ll stay where he is, but if they think he’s shown any substantial improvement then he might as well get pushed ahead so he can play.

            3. I wouldn’t think of it as Walding earning a promotion/the Phillies rushing Walding. I’d think of it as the Phillies prioritizing correct placement for their better 3B prospects. Walding gets the empty space because the others are more important.

    2. I attended the Reading game yesterday. Perci hit 94 on the gun numerous times and had Harrisburg off balance with his off-speed stuff. It was a very impressive performance. Perhaps he is putting himself back on the radar. He had a rough start with injuries early in his career as I recall.

      Hernandez’s HR was inside the park. The CF hit the wall and stayed down for a while so it was pretty obvious that he was gonna touch em all.

  2. Tommy Joseph right back to catching, huh? I really hope he doesn’t seriously get hurt.

    1. I am not a doctor but, honestly, I don’t like it. I’d like to see him come back as a DH for a longer period of time before he starts catching again. In fact, since most of his development has to take place as a hitter, why not just have him DH and play first a little this year? Why risk his whole career by having him come back too soon? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but then again, what do I know, I get flu shots every year unlike the major league Phillies (yes, that really annoys me).

      1. I dont see how he can go on catching if every time he gets a glancing blow he has a concussion , how can he be a starting catcher when at any moment he could be out for the year with a concussion. I know anyone could have an injury at any time but he genuinely is at risk and I just dont see that having any value and it can really effect the rest of that kids life and I just dont think it is worth the risk and I am not a doctor either but I agree

      2. Obviously none of us have as much medical information as the Phillies do. As a layman, I’m inclined to agree with you.

        That said, a couple of points –

        From both the team’s perspective, and perhaps more importantly Joseph’s, the difference between catching and not catching is the difference between a couple more years of being a poorly paid minor league player, and a good shot at a major league career. Even if he is just a back up, and he could easily be more, the latter is like hitting the lottery – both from a financial perspective and a “realizing major league dream” perspective. I can see someone thinking that that is worth taking some risks for.

        As for “since most of his development has to take place as a hitter,” my understanding is otherwise, that he needs as much work on his defense as he needs on his hitting.

        1. For the most part, Joseph’s catching prowess is average to above, according to the reports I have read.
          I ask, what can 6/8/10 weeks of not squating hurt in his development!
          After all, he is not going to be in the majors for at least 2/3 years with Ruiz, Rupp, Nieves and maybe even Valle there for emergency measures.
          Makes no sense to me at all.

          1. Is 6/8/10 weeks going to make a difference?

            The fact that he was medically cleared to come back so quickly suggests that the recent foul tip did not cause a concussion & the missed games precautionary. There probably is a heightened risk of concussion but not because of the most recent event, rather his previous history. Is a 6/8/10 week break going to change that?

            That history may – I’m not a doctor, but from everything we have been hearing lately about concussions, I would think so – suggest that the safest option would be to move permanently from catcher. But I see no reason why 6/8/10 weeks off would change that. And if the doctors were saying otherwise, I assume he WOULD be getting that break.

            As critical as the organization is, generally if something seems inexplicable (int his case, the quick return to catcher), that usually means that we don’t know what the explanation is, not that there isn’t one. Mind you, it may not be a GOOD explanation, but I think it is at least safe to assume that he got medical clearance for a quick return.

            And it’s clear that he does have things to work in at catcher – chiefly blocking pitches in the dirt, but more generally my understanding it that the “average to above” is a projection based upon further development, not a statement of where he is now.

            1. Understand that he had to have medical clearance to resume catching or for that matter playing.
              Not even sure baseball does the baseline test, that hockey and football employ
              However, in those contact sports , that length of time is an appropriate and not unusual rest and recup periods needed…..I just do not have the stats for the median time for the different types and grades of concussed circumstances,.
              Some players take months and others resume after a few weeks, then others just have to retire.
              I personally would prefer to err on the side of caution and let him resume his catching in July or August.
              But thats me.

            2. Right. That he is catching now is a GREAT sign because it means he did NOT have a concussion. And if he didn’t have a concussion, then he should be catching.

      3. Agree catch…WTF are the Phillies thinking!
        Are they that stupid or what.
        The next foul tip to the mask/head could be his last.

  3. Lakewood crushing the ball today.
    HRs by Crawford, Cozens, Astudillo, Hiciano and Pullin.

  4. JP Crawford is really making a mockery of the SAL right now. He might only get 200 ABs before he forces his way to Clearwater.

    1. That is a very good possibiliy…interesting what happens with Roman Quinn if that should happen, since Quinn would be back around that same time.

      1. Quinn never passed Lakewood. He got injured before he got going. He’s only 20. It won’t kill him to repeat Lakewood. He is only 20. He’ll still be ahead of the college age players.

        1. I find it amazing that Crawford has a good chance to surpass Quinn on the organizational depth chart by the end of the season.

          1. IMHO Crawford is our best prospect now. Could be a top 25 – perhaps top 15 – in baseball by the beginning of next year. I’m not predicting he will be a star, but this is how stars develop. He’s a GREAT prospect.

            By the way, good for Tommy Joseph today – just slamming the ball everywhere.

            It was quite a coming out party for our hitting prospects today and a nice bounce back start by Biddle. He still needs to work on control/command, but he’s obviously getting closer.

          2. He already has surpassed him. I’d say he did so last season, when he played well and Quinn showed that he still can’t play SS and then went down with two injuries. Quinn has only 260 AB at Lakewood and the results were not all that good. Crawford has only 100 AB, but his OPS is 150 points higher. I just don’t see how Quinn could currently be above Crawford on our SS depth chart, when they’ve last played at the same level, Quinn still hasn’t returned from his injury, and Quinn shows every sign of never becoming an MLB caliber defensive SS, while Crawford looks great at SS.

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