Box Score Recap – 5/2/2014

Maikel Franco was 2-5 with a double and Jim Murphy hit his second home run of the year in support of Jonathan Pettibone, who allowed 1R on 4H, 1BB, 5K in 5IP. His bullpen backed him up well, throwing four scoreless innings, including two from Phillippe Aumont, who allowed one hit and had one K. Tyson Gillies left the game in the third inning after diving back into first on a Ronny Cedeno line drive. @TomHousenick says it sounds like trouble with his left wrist. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out, but figure a guy with Gillies luck will probably miss a ton of time that someone with reasonable karma on their side would not.

Cesar Hernandez went deep, Aaron Altherr had two hits, including a run-scoring double off of a rehabbing Doug Fister, and Cameron Perkins was on base twice. Unfortunately, Hoby Milner gave up four bombs to Harrisburg. That’s not a recipe for success, in case you were wondering, but it does beat…

Mark Leiter Jr. couldn’t escape the first inning. He recorded just one out while allowing six earned runs. He left the bases full, but Carlos Tocci threw out a runner at the plate trying to tag on a flyball out off of reliever Julio Reyes. Neither Reyes, nor Delvi Francisco, nor Cody Forsythe could stop the bleeding, however, as Asheville put up 14 runs on 16 hits and four Lakewood errors. I’m not the kind of guy who likes to tell people how to do their jobs, but were I, I would suggest they do it “better”. Damn, I should be a manager.

On the bright side, four Lakewood Blueclaws had two hits a piece – Dylan Cozens had two doubles, Andrew Pullin had a single and his second home run, Samuel Hiciano had a single and a double, and Willians Astudillo had two singles.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. Am I crazy, or is stuff missing? (the heading, who posted it, and other stuff)

    For the box scores: Ouch x2. At least LHV isn’t doing too badly, and Franco’s bat seems to be picking up. Didn’t he say he wasn’t used to the cold? Perhaps that was it after all (partly) – April wasn’t all that warm, especially for night games. I think he’s starting to get somewhat used to the pitching too, obviously.

  2. Leiter with a dose of reality last night. That’s an ugly line. On the bright side it looks like Franco is back on track and Pullin with a HR

  3. Man this system looks weak. At least we have our three big talents Franco biddle and Crawford showing positive signs for the most part, as well as tocci but other than that it is barren

    1. It’s weak in pitching. In position players it’s decent or even a little better than that. Sadly not nearly enough to make up for the pitching deficit and, most significantly, the dearth of young talent at the major league level, but not bad.

      Keep in mind that there are several solid or better prospects not yet playing because they are injured or in extended spring training. Grullon, Green, Cozens, Pujols, Sandberg, Dugan, Altherr, Knapp, Joseph, Rupp, Encarnacion and Quinn are all players who you should be keeping an eye on. There’s a bunch of other position players who could be interesting as well.

      1. LarryM….I had to read your second paragraph twice….sounded more optimistic then I think I have ever seen in the past.

        1. I’m reasonably optimistic about that piece of the system … the biggest problem for me is the dearth of young talent at the major league level. I’m not completely without hope there – Asche has shown a pulse in his last few games, and I would think that Brown would have to start hitting some home runs at some point – but both of those guys could hit their ceilings and the team would still have an extraordinarily weak group of young players at the major league level.

          And I do have my doubts about the organizations development process, so whether they’ll be able to get the most out of that group of prospects is very much an open question.

          1. Yes….I also lumped Revere in that youthful group with Asche and Brown.
            Can only hope it clicks for all of them at some point soon.

      2. I wouldn’t go that far. Power still hasn’t manifested just sporadic traces of it. We have said it before….if Phillies minor league system doesn’t hit for power they are in for some long years. Wake me when Franco, Altherr, Cozens, Sandberg or Encarnacion start to mash.

  4. Cam Perkins just keeps producing. Still batting .380 and OPSing over .1000 after 1/5 of the season.

  5. Besides the caught stealing, Tocci had a decent game. A hit, a walk, an outfield assist, and no strike outs- I hope this signals an improvement for his BB/K rate.

  6. Dare I say it? Aumont has looked good (at least in the box scores) of late. Anyone seen him pitch? Curious as to whether the command/mechanics issues are improving. If Aumont can recapture a semblance of his form of a couple years ago, that could go a long way towards stabilizing the bullpen. Though I of course hesitate to use the words “Aumont” and “stabilizing” in the same sentence.

    1. He had TJ the very beginning of July, from what I can tell. Figure not to expect him in a game situation until at least the last couple weeks of June as he starts rehab assignments, and figure he won’t be stretched out until at least July. Aside from that, I don’t know. Haven’t heard of him having any setbacks, so hopefully he’s on track.

    2. nice call because the system needs his live arm in big way. Expect to see him by mid august.

  7. Franco with some decent numbers his last 10 games 326 average and other stuff , would like to see fewer strike outs and more HR but anything is better than the 4 for 41 start he enjoyed at the beginning of the year

    1. Also, why hasn’t Richard Bielski pitched above GCL. He pitched awesome there the past two years. Any scouting report on him?

        1. It’s just about impossible to know that at this point. I think most recently he was maybe 86-89? Someone else might remember better than me. But we’ll have to wait and see when he comes back.

  8. Perci Garner, a guy who has skimmed beneath the radar this year until tonight. Any velocity reports? He was a high pick who was said to be raw but with a lot of upside. If he develops its a huge boost for a team starving for good young pitching.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. He has pitched really well this year. The book on him was that his control was not good but that he threw hard and had a good curve. I’ve talked to him a few times, he’s a good guy too. I’m not sure if he’s a future starter in the big leagues but if he keeps this up, he’ll certainly be another arm to consider.

      1. I second the good guy part. When I was down at Spring Training a couple years ago he was pretty outgoing, interacting with the fans who were watching, it’s a small thing but it definitely makes me happy to see him finally experiencing some sustained success. Before the season, the consensus on him was that he projected as a reliever and it was time for the Phillies to put him into that role. I realize it’s only a few starts, but I wonder if that profile has changed. We could certainly use a pleasant surprise on the starting pitching front after all the injuries over the last few years.

    2. I have always liked Garner. He throws a heavy sinker (would play well at Citizens) and has good change-up. He could use better kick in his motion. Here is video of his throwing motion:

  9. Can’t say enough about Crawford. All SSS caveats apply, but:

    (1) No Ks in the past 5 games – his K% on the year is down to 12.9%.
    (2) In his so far brief career, he has almost as many BB as Ks (47 versus 50).
    (3) His ISO is up to .120 – not slugger’s numbers, but for a good defensive shortstop who could easily grow into much more power, an encouraging sign.
    (4) .324/.439/.529 in his last ten games.

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