Clearwater Roster

The Threshers roster straggled(the paperwork, not the players) in today and it goes as follows:

Catchers: Logan Moore and Chad Carman

Infield: Willie Carmona, Art Charles, Harold Martinez, KC Serna, Anthony Phillips, Angelo Mora

Outfield: Nick Ferdinand, Pete Lavin, Justin Parr, Brian Pointer

Pitchers: Jon Prosinski, Colin Kleven, Ethan Stewart, Kevin Walter, Dan Child, Lee Ridenhour, Lino Martinez, Chris Burgess, Jordan Guth, Jeb Stefan, Colton Murray, Miguel Nunez

DL: P Steven Inch, P Nic Hanson, OF Brandon Short

Clearwater opens their season on Thursday against Dunedin (Toronto).

18 thoughts on “Clearwater Roster

  1. Clrwtr roster…Ugh. Better to look at the players at Lakewood and hope that some “graduate” to Clrwtr later in the season.

    1. I am not so sure that the Clearwater roster is that bad, It is true that the Lakewood roster has a lot of players that received big signing bonuses and that usually does equate to a better chance of making the Bigs, and hopefully quite a good few will. But for example, Clearwater beat Lakewood by a score of 5 to 1 tonight, I think, (not exactly sure of that though) which is an indication that although talented, the Lakewood group needs more innings under their belts, Also having strong minor league teams will only push players at higher levels to work harder which will definitely benefit the organization as a whole. The Lakewood team has a tough start on the road with a very lengthy trip as they make their way to New Jersey.

      1. Well, Clearwater should win. Those guys are in Clearwater for a reason, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a good group of prospects.

        There are some guys that I think are interesting: Charles, H-Mart, Mora, Pointer, Kleven, Stewart, Nunez, Hanson. But they’re all very fringy. Hopefully one or two guys can put themselves on the map somehow.

    1. Ervis is listed as injured on the Final workout Groups. He’s listed in group 4 so that would be Lakewood.

  2. Almost every year there appears, after spring training, to be at least one seriously prospect light team and, this year, it’s Clearwater. But sometimes there are surprises and, in any event, I expect at least a few guys to get promoted from Lakewood at some point. But for now, it looks to be kind of a boring group of prospects.

    1. Help will be on the way and it will be big help. Knapp and walding hopefully in june

      1. I would temper any enthusiasm regarding Walding . Isn’t he on the Lakewood Roster? How is he gonna help Clearwater

  3. Knapp will help with the bat, but he is not even close to as good behiind the plate as either Moore or Carman.

  4. Don’t think Iwould call hitting .253 with 4 HR in 217 AB’s at Williamsport a plus bat, but OK.

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