Seth Rosin cut by Dodgers and claimed by the Rangers

After making the trip to Australia with the Dodgers, Seth Rosin was cut by the Dodgers.  He was then claimed off waivers by the Rangers.  All of the same roster restrictions will apply to Rosin in Texas as they did in Los Angeles.  If Texas cuts him, he will have to pass through waivers again, any claiming team would take him on with the Rule 5 requirements in place.  If he passes through waivers the Phillies would then have the opportunity to pay $25,000 to take Rosin back into the system.

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14 thoughts on “Seth Rosin cut by Dodgers and claimed by the Rangers

      1. The Dodgers have a chance at him again? That’s funny. I wonder who gets the $25k from the Phillies if they take him back, the Dodgers or the last team claiming.

        1. Hmm…I can’t find an answer to that one. I would imagine that every time he moves, the new team pays the old team the whole $50k and takes on the entirety of the burden. Seems the fair way that would work. Dodgers pay off the Mets as part of the trade, Rangers pay off the Dodgers, and so on. That way holding Rosin’s 2014 contract just includes the $50k until he is offered back to The Phillies. Don’t know, though.

  1. What am I missing here? I thought that if the original team that took him in the Rule 5 draft didn’t keep him on their 40 man roster, he had to be offered back to the Phillies. Why is he passing through waivers?

    1. Matt explained this to me – in order to offer a player back to the original club, the selecting team must waive him. Any club can pick him up on waivers and hold him subject to Rule 5 standards, or waive him again until he clears and winds up back with the original club for the $25k they pay the selecting team.

      It happens very rarely, but there was an example last year that escapes me right now. I did not remember it ever occurring or ever hearing the waiver part before. I thought only that if the selecting team wanted to keep the player but not keep him on their 40-man roster, they had to waive him after the offer of return to the original club. Not the case.

      1. it was Nate Frieman with the Oakland A’s, was Padre’s property selected by the Astros in the Rule V, released by the Astros and claimed on waivers by the A’s, where he stayed up with the A’s all year (before being sent down to AAA this year)

  2. He had a good spring too. I can’t believe he was left unprotected while they kept some stiffs on the 40 man. Unreal. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he is the next Mariano Rivera, but shit, he could have provided some nice depth in the bullpen. (meanwhile Savory and Stutes were both protected)

  3. I guess I missed something: the value Rosin brings to the pitching mound.
    What special pitching abilities has he shown?

    Matbe I wasn’t paying attention…?!!

    Responses requested……….

    1. Out of the bullpen he has shown a mid-90s FB, good slider, and great command. He also can be stretched out as a starter. But he would have been valuable depth either way

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