Brody Colvin pulled after 3 scoreless innings

Let your mind race as to why he was pulled. He allowed a hit and a walk while striking out 4. Is he injured? Is a trade pending? If someone is in Clearwater, a check-in would be helpful.

Update –> I got word via email he left with a groin strain.

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  1. SO hoping its a trade and not an injury. Dam I wish I had friends in high places to find something out for everyone.

    1. Speaking purely hypothetically for S&G’s sake: I might be ok with that actually. Depends, how long is melky controllable? Valle would be blocked as long as chooch is around anyway. Which will probably be as long as doc is around. 2015, right?

      1. Considering the usual development time for catchers, Valle isn’t likely to be called up until 2014 anyway. Chooch will be 35 that year. It’s almost perfect.

    2. Wow. I wouldn’t trade Valle OR Colvin for Cabrera. Career OPS of .719. Has never hit more than 13 homers or stolen more than 13 bags in a season. In what way is he an upgrade?

  2. Could both of these, especially Valle just be that the game was out of hand already….8-0 by the second inning?

  3. Could both of these, valle especially, just be due to the game being out of hand really early on?

  4. Im sure Valle was pulled because it was late and it was a blow out. The Colvin thing isn’t as easy to explain. The Threshers official twitter said “No word on why he was pulled”

  5. Hard to see a either coming out so early just for a blowout. Maybe Colvin if his pitch count is high, but not Valle. After the sixth maybe. Not the 4th.

  6. Valle could reasonably be because the game was out of hand. Giving your catcher rest on a humid night after he’s already caught 7 innings isn’t that odd.

    Taking out your starting pitcher after just 3 innings when he’s only allowed a hit and a walk would be pretty odd if it was because the game was out of hand and to give him a rest.

  7. Baez got designated for assignment.

    Thousands of Phuture Phil Phans explode in glee.

    1. One less silly thing to bitch about. The line they were putting out is that they wanted him around as a bridge to latin player.

  8. I saw on CSN (as a link from MLBtraderumors) Jim Salisbury is talking how a deal for Pence starts with Brown and includes another top prospect.

    Who the f are these people? Are all journalists drunk this time of year? Is it too hard to go back and look at previous trade deadline trades??? Truly elite prospects (much less ones already contributing at the big league level) are almost NEVER traded. It’s a whole other conversation if that is a entirely sensible. But show me another top 5 prospect (as Brown was universally viewed before the season) who’s been traded recently?

    There’s no science to this. It’s just a matter of paying attention. It is just another example of how people who get too close to the actual operations of the game have the habit of losing the forest for the trees. Just like how every major leaguer thinks RBIs are the be all / end all, it seems like beat writers just start listening to each other’s garbage until they believe it has to be true.


    Domonic Brown will not be traded for Hunter Pence. The very suggestion is inane. But apparently printable on main stream news outlets.

    1. I saw the same thing and felt the same way. Im glad u said it saving me the trouble.

    2. Agreed. We’re talking about Hunter Pence here. Giving up Domonic Brown and a Colvin or Cosart as some have suggested would be more than what the Red Sox gave up for Adrian Gonzalez and last I looked Hunter Pence is not a top-5 hitter.

      1. Nope on Smoak and he was trending down even further at the time of his trade (as his perfomance has since supported). Montero was never traded, and unless you are BCashman, we know nothing about his offer.

        Top 5 prospects don’t get traded. They just don’t.

        1. I could see Montero maybe getting traded this year as Romine has definetely moved ahead of him as catcher of the future for them. Montero is a good hitter, but still has a LOT to learn behind the plate.

    3. Exactly on the point, couldnt be said better! Too many reporters, be it ESPN, CSN, Daily News, etc they open their mouths and just spew stuff to sell papers & listen/watch to their shows.

      Good thing we have!

    4. Thank you for vocalizing the frustration I have this time of year.

      Brown for Beltran? No.

    5. Only one I can think of was Matt LaPorta going to Cleveland in the C.C. deal. He was an almost unanimous top ten prospect at the time, though he hasn’t developed into the kind of pro player many though he could be. He was also blocked by Prince.

  9. Does it matter that we are playing the Padres in a 4-game series and are looking for bullpen help? This question asked with the assumption of a Colvin trade. Rube and Pads gm can sit down face-to-face in Philly and hammer something out maybe.

  10. My best guess for a trade would be B.Colvin, J.Singleton, J.Mayberry, for H.Pence.

    1. This season has to be frustrating for Colvin with the back injury and now this. Hopefully it won’t keep him on the shelf for too long.

      1. Hopefully he learns that he needs to condition himself better in the off season. This season could be a blessing in disguise for him.

  11. It’s no less interesting news now that he’s hurt. Hope it’s a mild strain. This guy doesn’t need time on the shelf. He needs innings to keep progressing. I don’t think his season’s been blowing anyone away anyhow.

  12. How odd is this? I prefer that he is injured because the alternative is he gets traded, and I’d rather not trade him. He’s most likely not going to be close to ace material (unless he figures something out later on) but I don’t want to lose him.

      1. I think a good comparison is Cole Hamels in 09… from what I’ve heard of the situation.

          1. Cole Hamels’s season was more than bad luck… he had a lot of games like that…

            I just mean not working out during the off season and not coming into camp ready to compete.

          2. *he had a lot of games like that where he would get blooped to death but he still didn’t have the strength to compete…

            (forgot to finish that sentence)

  13. “groin strain?” BJ Upton pulled from the Rays game tonight and their CF of the future called up.

  14. The Phils have given up one top-5 prospect: Drabek. As you guys can see, he isn’t doing so well for Toronto. They basically unloaded their 6-10 prospects for Lee though XD

  15. Hey Jackamac, I believe when people are saying “top 5 prospect” they are talking all of baseball, not just the Phils top ten, etc. Drabek was never even our top prospect – Dom Brown has been ranked somewhere between 1st and 3rd for prospects in all of baseball.

  16. Interesting that Colvin was touted as the surer bet than Cosart because he had no injury concerns. The common wisdom that was that Cosart had better pure stuff but some people were ranking Colvin ahead of him in the pre-season because there was an idea out there that Cosart was an injury concern and that Colvin was not.

    Funny how things can flip in prospect land over the course of the year

  17. i would trade Brown for Pence in a milisecond! We are getting a PROVEN MLB player for what amounts to nothing more than potential. We are trying to win a WS now, who knows about two, three years down the road. Pence is signed for another two or three years at a reasonable price. He can help us for the next few years. We desparately need a RH bat, and he is a RH bat who hits for average, and drives in runs. The Phillies fans would love him. How many Phillies are batting .315 this year, oh, that’s right, ZIP, ZERO, NOTTA! This teams needs a steady productive player in their lineup. Everyone else we have is streaky, look no further than the infamous Ryan Howard. How can he have only 18 HRs at this stage of the season. That is prepesterous! The little midget Uggla has 18 Hrs and he is barely hitting .195! Howard has ZERO HRs against LH pitching. How is that possible? How does a guy in his prime, supposedly anyway, take a huge step backwards? In fact, he looks so bad right now against lefties, I would almost consider plattooning him. He hasn’t a clue right now. He is standing so far from the plate, and he is no longer popping the ball over the LF wall like he has for years. What has happened to his man? He was overmatched last night against a nobody lefty. He did not stand a chance. We need a proven hitter now, not two or three years from now. There is no guarantee whatsoever that Brown will develop into the player he projects to be. The pundints have been wrong much more than they are right. I say bring Pence in now, he will produce, the fans will love him, he increases our chances of winning another WS, and he can stay here for a few more years at worst. Good luck to Domonic if they trade him. I hope he finds success someday.

    1. Very well put—–but lets not forget the continued conter-arguement for Ryan H. and the tremendous amount of RBIs that are annually produced.

  18. I’m not getting the infatuation with Hunter Pence or the willingness to give up on Dom Brown. Brown’s July has been very underrated- he’s getting on base at a .433 clip which is much higher than Pence. I’m betting that Brown’s 2nd half stats are better then Pence’s. Phil’s would be losing out in the present and future.

  19. You can speculate that the Phils were happy to get Colvin on the mound as healthy trade bait, maybe not the same upside as Cosart or May, in their view. Now he whacks that idea–if that’s the case.

  20. Quick little side story: The drama made its way over to my site ( yesterday, as a few Astros fans were worried that the deal was done.

    This morning this was posted:

    “Does anyone else feel like the Astros are the Phillies AAA team?

    40 year Astros fan, who is extremely frustrated.”

    1. Astos—Lehigh Valley South. And the new owners want next years salary to cap at $60M—are you kiddin’ me! Houston fans have to be livid. They should burn down the Astrodome.

  21. The Astros are to the Phillies what the Royals were to the Yanks back in the day. Tell the Astros to groom a young ss and 3b for us in the next 2 years.

    1. From Houston Chronicle: “If new owner Jim Crane looks to continue turning dollars into cents for his 2012 payroll, expect Ed Wade or his replacement to continue turning veterans into kids…..four players are currently under contract for 2012, although another eight are arbitration eligible and considered under team control. If the new owner anticipates a payroll of around $60 million — a figure that has been rumored — one or all of Carlos Lee, Brett Myers or Wandy Rodriguez will be gone by spring training.
      The smaller budget would be the cheapest since 2000 ($52.4 million) and 2001 ($60.9 million). Those are actual numbers, so add 15-25 percent by today’s numbers.
      If the projected payroll is anywhere in the ballpark, forget hanging onto players like Bourn and Pence, who will likely add a combined $14-$16 million to the payroll next season….” ——-bottom line—-Houston is a big time seller and Eddy Wade is the saleman.

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