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Quickly adding to what James posted earlier(Defratus call up), it appears both Cody Overbeck and Phillipe Aumont have been called up to Lehigh Valley from Reading and are on their way to Pawtucket for the ‘Pigs four game series.  The three corresponding roster moves for now it seems are the retirement of Ronnie Belliard, the release of Brian Gordon and a call up for Vance Worley.

Update: Add LHP Ryan Edell to the list of call ups from Reading to Lehigh Valley.  Edell threw the ball well in the Reading rotation, going 5-1 with a 3.50 ERA in 12 AA starts.  He will be plugged in to a rotation spot in Lehigh Valley.

Joe Savery goes from Clearwater to Reading, to take the spot of Cody Overbeck.  Savery was hitting .307 with 2 HR and 25 RBI with CLearwater and was the Phils Minor League Player of the Month for April.  Also going to Reading are relief pitcher Justin Friend, called up from Clearwater and RP Chance Chapman, sent down from Lehigh Valley.  Friend was recently named to the FSL All Star team and was 2-3 with a 2.12 ERA and 19 saves for the Threshers.

Update: The Phillies have signed RHP Tim Redding, 33, to a minor league deal.  Redding who has a good deal of major league experience, was pitching for AAA Albuquerque before opting out of his contract.  Redding was 2-7 with a 6.59 ERA in 12 starts this season at AAA. Redding last pitched in the majors in 2009 for the Mets.

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  1. Thanks Gregg. Would be great if we can get confirmation on another poster’s claim that Mathieson would rejoin the application. Seems like a smart move if he’s not going to make it as a closer. Still, his questionable secondary offerings will be even more exposed as a starter.

    Also read today that Pods is on the shelf for 3-4 weeks. Ankle I believe

        1. My read: Mathieson has officially gone from “quasi-prospect” to “org filler” with such a move.

          1. Anyone with half a brain has known that Mathieson was org filler since at least year. People just didnt want to believe it because he was a “nice guy”

            Seems like TheAnswer333 int as crazy as everyone said he was. Mathieson is org filler and Rizzotti is still languishing in AA. Cant believe a guy that could DH for half the teams in the AL (according to the Rizz-lovers on this board) is spending a 2nd straight year in AA as a 25 year old

            1. LOL…I’ve been saying that about Mathieson for a couple years actually but there were still some holdouts lingering around.

              Dont get me wrong, I like Scott and he’s a great guy but he’s not a prospect by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing what Overbeck can do. There will a period of adjustment so I hope he’s not getting a 2 week call up. That won’t be long enough to see what he can do. What position will he play? Overbeck is a hack at 3rd. It will be interesting. If nothing else, he’ll be showcased in case he’s a 3rd or 4th piece in a trade.

    1. It’s possible he’ll play 3rd. I defer to those who watch the IronPigs play, but my guess is Orr plays 3rd, Moss shifts to RF and Overbeck stays in LF, with Delwyn Young the odd man out.

  3. I wonder who will go to Reading. Savery should take Overbeck’s spot or possibly Darin Ruff or Jeremy Barnes. And for De Fratus and Aumont, possibly, Joe Esposito, Eric Pettis, Jordan Whatcott, or Derrick Loop. I would definitely like to see Savery and Pettis move up.

  4. Derrick Mitchell now takes over as the active Eastern League leader in RBIs.

  5. So it looks like Reading lost an SP, OF, and 2 RPs and has gained one OF and 2 RPs. Is the third person here Zeid coming off the DL? So the Reading rotation will be Rosenberg, Ramirez, Hyatt, Cloyd, Zeid?

    I wonder what happens at CLW. Myers and Way come off the DL? I forget what was wrong with those guys. I doubt that Collier or Domingo gets promoted at this point.

  6. So, with an OF of Overbeck LF, Mayberry CF, B. Moss RF, backed by Thompson,
    Leaving the IF at Barfield 2B, Bocock SS, and Orr 3B, backed by D. Young IF-OF, and of the 1B combo of Larish and/or Bozied could slide to 3B at times.
    Looks like one real SS, and that’s the starter. But Orr could fit as sliding there as a back-up. So, position player wise maybe no more re-arranging of the deck chairs for awhile, it looks like, or problem-what problem.

    As to the LVIP rotation, the add of TIm Redding,LVIP presumably may signal a permanent move of Worley to MLB, unless the injury to Bump is minor and they don’t wish to replace any veterans, didn’t see anything on INT LG transactions, and on the CLW website And FSL and EL transactions you would never know any of this happened.
    But circumstance could dictate Worley remaining up and the bouncing of a pitcher from either the MLB or LVIP roster.

    CLW- Friend up to leave 11 pitchers, so they need a closer- say Lisalverto Bonilla. Savery up, no need for a 1B with Singleton and Ruf, OF they have 4 (depending on the status of the missing from the boxscores lately Gillies) so they need another IF back-up. LKW MI too inexperienced so they could bring back Mattair and alternate Mattair and Barnes in some way. Need another ? OF? Problem.

    1. I think LisAlverto’s will continue to be showcased as a starter. Can’t be certain though

    2. Who there killer. I don’t think a minor league signing of a journey-man SP is typically going to “signal” a promotion to ML (i.e Worley) is permanent. There are clearly other considerations here. All this signals is LHV needs bodies. Bump is on the 15 day DL now; and Bonine is apparently slated for Tommy Johns. Gordon threw 5 & 1/3 of quality ball today for the Yankees.

      Here is a link to Bump on DL and Bonine searching for surgery options.

      1. Did not see the Bump on DL thing, but suspected he would go , knew about Bonine. But I got potentially 5 starters in Redding(?) (and he was signed from another org.) , Bass, Fierabend, Edell, and either Carpenter (pref) or Mathieson.
        And even if that doesn’t indicate a permanent shift of Worley, how about the DFA’ing of J.C. Romero? (which I had below) not known at the time of your statement , however.

  7. I am surprised we let Brian Gorden goto the Yankees. His stats are wonderful this year, we should have given him KK’s start.

    1. The fact that he pitched well does not mean he deserved the start. He had been doing well in the Pen and his last start against the Pirates did not go so well.

  8. This is kind of off topic but I don’t think that calling someone up that is not on the 40 man roster is that big deal a deal because Harold Garcia and Drew Naylor are both on the 40 man. Garcia tore his ACL and is out for the year and I remember someone posting that Drew Naylor was getting Tommy John Surgery. So I think that Schwimer, Carpenter, and other guys not on the 40 man roster have just as good of a chance to get called up then De Fratus and other guys on the 40 man.

    1. I wonder if there would be interest in Scott Kazmir, the Rays got him in 2004, Maybe Chuck Lamarr was the GM who made that trade, if so, might that help. He is only 27, and would do well if he went somewhere that would not expect big things from him right away. LV needs starting pitchers

      1. You mean the guy with a contract of $12 million and a 17.03 ERA and 2.73 WHIP in AAA? Yeah, he’d be a great get!

      2. Might be interest from Philly, but Kazmir is now an UFA. He probably still wants to start. Looking at the starting pitching situations around the MLB, I think going to Philly might not be a top choice.

      3. He’s throwing 86-87 this year down from 93 mph a couple years back. His arm is messed up.

    2. Agreed. The Phils have a good deal of current flexibility with the 40 because of their injury situation, and just freed up another spot with JC Romero being DFA.

  9. Doesn’t the call ups signal that Swim is on the way up?

    1. That suprises me, considering how well the team is playing that they would have stuck with him a while longer.

      1. They’ll need another LOOGY in the pen for the post-season and I doubt it will be Zagurski. Ruben can add another item to the task list.

  10. Kinda surprised that Aumont got a promo – I would thought with his struggles last year and the transition back to relief that they would’ve given him a full year at Reading. Best of luck to him and to all the other promoted guys – Lehigh Valley actually has some prospects on the roster!

    1. lesliegudel Leslie Gudel
      Ruben Amaro annoucing Worley recalled starting Saturday. JC Romero has been designated for assignment

  11. It’s a decided side note, but does Mathieson going to the starting rotation seem like the end of his status as even a fringe prospect? Seems like they’re just sending him out to chew up AAA innings. Although I guess with Worley up with the big club I guess he or Redding becomes the first call if they need a spot starter? It’s all a bit hard to figure, and probably not really worth figuring. I just had an irrational hope that things would out for Mathieson after all he went through to get back from the injury.

    1. If Scott pitches well as a starter this year, and Oswalt is not re-signed in the offseason, and if Blanton is let go this offseason, then Worley and Mathieson could take their places in the rotation next year.

    2. I think that it will depend on how he does. I think that there could be a starter or two traded at some point this year and next year a starter or two could certainly be needed. In addition, right now LHV needs starters. Meanwhile, with Aumont, De Fratus and possibly Romero (I heard UC saying that Romero needs work and I am guessing that he will end up at LHV) coming to the Iron Pigs, there may not be a whole lot of work for Mathieson in the bullpen anyway.

      1. All good points. And I read on, that Mathieson to the rotation will be permanent.

  12. It’s time to trade Blanton with Cliff Lee starting to hit his stride and Vance Worley pitching well. The Romero assignment is a direct result of great pitching by Bastardo. The call up for Overbeck indicates the Phillies want to see if he will be competing for the LF position next spring, in addition to spot starts at 3B. I would say the same for Defratus for a BP role next year. The Phillies may not need to offer Madson such a big extension to be closer with Stutes and Defratus waiting in the wings. That would be a mistake in my opinion.
    There will be veteran casualties with high payroll and production from young players. I cannot imagine this team without Rollins and hope he is willing to take a reasonable deal [2 years $10M to stay] this offseason. Also hope that Oswalt is bought out and brought back at a salary closer to Blanton. Lidge, Ibanez, and Blanton off the books and delta from Rollins and Oswalt would certainly provide payroll relief.

    1. Blanton has no trade value until he pitches in the big leagues and does really well. His salary is high. He likely won’t be back until around the All Star Break. He is a second half player, which most tend to ignore. That said; if he is only so-so; he has no trade value. If he is really good; he’ll have some trade value, but not much.

      1. I dont. He’s a very good pitcher when he’s on his game. Its a big blow to us to have lost him for the entire 1st half so far. We’d be a better team with him healthy. I agree he has zero trade value until he’s healthy and pitching well. I dont really see him traded during the season. Maybe during the off-season if he shows he’s healthy but we might want to hang on to him at that point if Oswalt retires/moves on.

        1. Big Joe just started playing catch. There’s no way he’ll be back by the All Star break. It’s more likely he’ll be back in early August. There’s almost zero chance he gets traded this season…although I was hoping the Phils could get something good from the Yanks for him (prior to the 2nd stop on the DL of course).

    2. Hey , have you heard? Blanton has been injured most of the season, and you can’t trade injured players.
      I believe J. C. Romero will move to another organization’s minors or be released. You must have meant J.C Ramirez will go to LVIP, cause no need for the other J.C.
      Let’s see Rollins hits Free Agency with a shortage of SS’s and around 10 teams needing SS’s, and signs for a paycut of 3 million a year. Oswalt will get rid of his current 16 million contract so he can get an 8 million contract, and Blanton is now and will be easily tradeable even though he is not healthy now and no guarantee he will be. Let’s just say, I doubt all that.

    3. ehhh…i would like to see ’em lock up Madson. He’s really proving his closer potential this year, and the good part is that he wouldn’t get an exorbitant “closer” contract like Lidge or K-Rod after only 1 season in that role. Expecting Stutes or Defratus, waiting in the wings, to step onto the field as your cheap closer solution is a little far-fetched. There is no way of knowing how they will hold up consistently in 9th inning pressure situations, so personally I think I would pay for Madson’s experience rather than gamble on greenhorn.

      And 5million per year for Rollins in a two year deal???…I dont think so…When it all comes down to it, with agents and negotiations, and low-balling and hometown discounts, I think the Phils and Jimmy eventually work out 3 years at least 30mil…the fact that the SS market is perennially weak instantly pushes Rollins out of 5mil/year territory. If he keeps up his current offensive pace, 3years/30mil is likely even a small contract for the best SS in the NL behind Tulo and Reyes.

  13. I did not imply Overbeck was ‘called up’ and meant promoted [to AAA]. Get Blanton back on the field to show his ‘werth’ to another team.

  14. Where does this put Rizzotti folks? Back to LV or staying in Reading with Savery playing LF?

  15. Perhaps not relevant to this post; but David Herndon has been a guy bounced twice between between AAA and CBP this year. He had a number of good outings early; then was clobbered for a while; and since his return to CBP has had moderate success.

    While clearly not an elite prospect, the Phils took a chance on him last year and left him on the roster all year last year. He pitched mostly in low leverage situations and seemed to draw a significant amount of ground ball outs with his sinker.

    This year though, batters caught up to him frightfully during that stretch of outings where he couldn’t buy an out. Upon his return, however, he had begun to mix in a change up into his repertoire. The commentators suggested it’s a pitch he’s been working on for a while; but had not used as much. I look back at the data in fangraphs, however, and he’s been using a change up all year. My eyes only tell me that he appears to be keeping the ball down more in recent times.

    I guess I’ve become more skeptical of Herndon and his future with the Phillies as the better arms in the system percolated upward. Schwimmer and DeFratus are intriguing players knocking on the door.

    Just wondered if others had thought on the matter, as small as it is.

    1. A lot of people have pointed out that Herndon has looked very unlucky, going all the way back to last year, when it seemed like every hit was a ground ball that was just out of the reach of an infielder. That’s a function I guess of him not having a pitch that people swing and miss at. That said, I think that a guy who you can send in to get a ground ball can be very valuable–there’s lots of situations in the course of a season where you desperately need a double play. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of his developing a complementary offspeed pitch to go with the heavy sinker, either. Look at what happened to Madson–he was a fringey bullpen guy until he put a couple of MPH on his fastball.

      1. I remember a game against Florida. Halladay pitched 8 innings and gave up two runs with a comfortable lead. (I think it was his third start last year). It rained all night and the conditions of the field were terrible. Herndon came in with a big lead to get three outs. I don’t think he recorded an out. He got his ground balls and they were hit right in the direction of the fielders… most of them were swinging bunt types. None of the balls made it to Polanco or any of the fielders. They got stuck in the grass. Herndon didn’t record an out and his ERA never recovered. A bunch of runs scored to the point where it was a save situation for Madson, and since then, nobody has had any faith in Herndon. He got booed off the field. If you take away that game, his stats last year aren’t bad at all.

        So, the jist of that story was I agree. He’s had some games where he’s been bad… others, he’s been unlucky. But he’s been a good arm out of that bullpen.

    2. Not everybody on the bullpen is going to be “lights out”. I think that’s what some people on this board fail to comprehend. Herndon is more of the low stress, multiple innings guy. Now this doesn’t mean he should get rocked either. If he proves himself, perhaps he’ll gain Manuel’s trust and snag some high stress innings.

  16. why isn’t Savery and OF wouldn’t it make more sense to have a strong arm in the OF rather than 1B, can he not move at all?

    1. He has played LF since the move of Singleton to 1B in Clearwater. I suspect he will play LF in Reading while Rizzotti stays at 1B. You can follow where he plays on the boxscores at

  17. Wow, lots of roster moves. The massive LHV attrition required some significant replacements but there are even more than I suspected.
    Vet SP (Redding) signing makes sense. Edell up makes sense. Worley callup expected, by why today and not Sat? Romero DFA was slight surprise because Herndon has options. Seems like Zagurski would still be the most reasonable replacement but his Phillies career is likely over since his few auditions have gone poorly.

    Belliard retirement did not require any particular move since there are enough overall infielders. Overbeck promotion is slight suprise but reasonable look toward next season. A power RH batter with high K seems like a lesser version of Mayberry. Overbeck is a horrible fielder, Mayberry would likely be a better 3B, and has no speed. Worth a look to see if Phillies want to protect him this off-season. Personally, I think Overbeck will be as good/useful as Bozied. I thought Rizzotti might be a better choice only because I could see him replacing Gload. But he could just be promoted from AA. Savery move is fine since he is old. I would have preferred he stay at A+ all this season. He may show some more power at Reading but if he is any good the Phillies are unlikely to protect him in the upcoming Rule5 anyway.

    Very surprised more bullpen pitchers are moving to LHV. LHV needs starters, they have a few very good bullpen guys. DeFratus makes sense because he is on the 40-man and is using up some time. Aumont also deserving, I suppose, but would have liked him to keep the closer role at AA. Friend was outclassing A+ but not sure there is a worthwhile closer in waiting and I would like to have that stellar starting staff have someone finishing off wins.

    Like Rizzotti, it appears there is no hope for Mathieson. I will be disappointed when he or Zagurski strikes out the heart of the Phillies lineup as a Met or National next season. Moving Mathieson to the rotation with all of his arm issues seems ridiculous. Additionally, he is a one pitch pitcher. If the idea was to groom him for longman duty I might understand it but he has closer type potential. He is very unlikely to reach it but few players throw 98+. I would have preferred to see Herndon sent down to get some starts or even Walrond bumped into a starter role. Not sure what the plan for Worley is.

    Finally, why are Naylor and Garcia not on the 60-day DL? That would give some roster flexibility for someone like Schwimer. Also, cannot understand how Bocock has a 40-man roster spot either. Nobody wants Rizzotti or Carpenter but Bocock needs to be protected? Almost as baffling as Martinez remaining on the 25-man all season. What great replacements for Rollins Phils have.

    1. Worley was called up today insteaad of Sat so he could travel with the club to Seattle and so Romero wouldn’t travel to Seattle and then be DFAed.

    2. It’s good to save one of those injured guys on the 40 man until September. Then you can always replace them on the playoff roster with anyone who was in the organization on August 31.

    3. It makes perfect sense that Michael Martinez is on the roster and you saw that last week when Rollins and Utley weren’t able to play. He hasn’t done anything to show he doesn’t belong on the roster and he has more versatility than John Mayberry Jr… who by the way didn’t hit during the month of May.

      Brian Bocock is on the roster to provide depth. If they need to move him off the 40 man roster, they will. Baez hasn’t done anything to lose his job. He’s the second to last man in the bullpen and is only going to pitch when the game is out of hand or the Phillies run out of pitchers. Same thing with Herndon.

      1. He has a .480 OPS…I wouldn’t say he’s really done anything to prove himself as an MLB player either. There’s nothing he provides that numerous other no hit utility guys could give them.

  18. Mathieson was moved to starter to showcase him for a trade.

    Scouts can now say – oh I can see Mathieson on Thursday, he is starting.

    He goes to someone in a trade for a bench reinforcement.

  19. Good point about 60-day DL for playoff roster. I thought anyone on 60-day could be used, but not sure how the ‘extra’ openings work.
    Incidently, I would like to see anybody in the organization to give 3B a try, but I doubt Overbeck should be considered a possibility at 3B. Phillies gave him no chance at 3B this year and barely a look in LF.

  20. Herndon, to me, is actually quite close to turning a corner. He has a hard sinker and now his slider is coming around. Manuel said he has a high ceiling. I think he’s going to be a very good pitcher. And yes, he was the victim of an absurdly high BABIP last year.

  21. The timing on the Savery promotion is almost ironic. The guy hits lights out in April and is left in CLW. Now as his batting average continues to sink into the night and he hasn’t added to his HR he gets promoted. It would have made much more sense to give him his player of the month award and send him up to Reading on 1 May, with Rizzotti or Overbeck moving up at the same time. There really was no must-play prospect blocking the way at Allentown.

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