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  1. Man someone started singing Brummet’s praises and since then he has been getting lit up. I guess De Fratus and Aumont weren’t available to close since they both were stretched out recently (DeFratus 3 innings two games ago and Aumont 2 IP yesterday)

  2. Vance Worley had another good outing which is good news when he goes back to the big team. Hope he replaces Kendrick as the fifth starter fairly soon.

      1. Next week Kendrick is going to pitch in a double header so you might see Worley pitch against King Felix in Seattle.

        1. Wouldn’t you think Vance would start the 2nd game of that double header? If not, who? No way they run Halladay out there on 3 days rest.

          1. That’s Halladay’s normal day because of the off day on Monday. So it would be Hamels Tuesday and Halladay/Kendrick Wednesday, Lee thursday and then some form of Oswalt, Worley, and Hamels in Seattle.

    1. I just want to say you should feel free to post. You are the only poster I have ever put on my “do not read” list who has come back off it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts because I think you look at things differently than most.

      1. Yeah, seconded. And we also agree more often that not these days (though in this case I see Worley’s success after being sent down as vindication of the Phillies’ decision to be sent down, rather than the reverse). Also FWIW, the only thing that really bothered me about your posts was the excessive organization bashing, which you have toned down.

  3. Vance Worley had another nice outing which will help him come up quickly to the big team.

      1. I admit it’s a gut reaction — he’s only had 16 PA (1 for 14, a BB, and a SF, but 5 SO). But I really want to see him tear it up so I’m slightly disappointed he has shown more in the 4 games he’s been there.

      1. Report was that he was going through a “dead arm” period which is part of the reason he was sent back down. Haven’t see reports on his velocity at AAA but his numbers certainly suggest he’s recoverred.

        I would think that KK performance tonight will go along way toward determining what happens with both of them in 5 days.

  4. Worley and Gordon both deserve a shot at the rotation if a spot opens up.

    Reading bullpen has been shaky lately.

    1. I’d love to know more about Gordon. A strikeout an inning without walking anybody – but he’s a 33 year old converted outfielder. I hope he gets a shot with either the Phillies or someone else soon because that’s a great story in the making.

  5. Worley threw 106 pitches, I would say he’s ready. Does he have to wait 10 days to be recalled? Has it been 10? I’m assuming it will be by the time we would use him next week.

  6. I’ve talked up Gordon since seeing him last season. He’s late to the pitching game, having only a few years experience under his belt. He’s not a smoke and mirrors guy either. His fastball runs 89-91 mph. I see Gordon as a middle reliever. I don’t think he can be more than a fifth starter and he’s not a shutdown reliever, but he can be effective out of a big league bullpen, IMO. He carries the added benefit that he could pinch hit occasionally as well.

  7. You wouldn’t ever really use a reliever as a pinch hitter. If he was the 5th starter he could or he could hit when already in a game, but can’t really use a reliever as a pinch hitter.

    1. You can occasionally. If you pitch two days in a row and are unavailable, then you can be an extra PH. That’s enough of a benefit to keep the guy getting regular BP.

    2. If you can use a 2nd baseman as a closer . . . you can do pretty much anything you damn well please

      1. No kidding, I did put Oswalt in LF one time and started Dane Sardinha several games.

    3. Why not? Let him pitch the 6th or 7th, then let him hit for himself, pretty much same as a PH.

      1. Or the other way around – PH for the pitcher, stay in to pitch. Plenty of circumstances where that would some in handy.

        1. I’m not sure if that really works in practice, though. What does he do, warm up, pinch hit, run the bases and go out to the mound? I’m no pitching expert, but I feel like they have them come in right after warming up in the bullpen for a reason. True, you often see a guy standing around out there with his hands on his hips because he’s ready, but that’s not quite the same as putting on a batting helmet and stepping into the box. I think this is one reason Savery’s supposed versatility may be overrated.

    4. I’m guessing he’s a converted OF because he couldn’t hit so not sure how much of a PH threat he would be at the big league level.

      1. Gordon was actually a good hitter in AAA. .260 hitter with power and speed. Probably good enough to remain a AAA veteran for several more seasons. Career AAA ISO north of .200. His problem was lack of pitch recognition, he had poor BB/K ratios as a hitter. But he’s the type of guy who could probably outhit your typical utility infielder.

        1. Yea, I looked him up and he did have decent hitting numbers. The PCL league probably inflated them a bit but he wasn’t terrible.

  8. 1. OF – Domonic Brown (Phillies) – (.263) 0 for 4 with an RBI (7)
    8. RHP – Vance Worley (Lehigh Valley) – (4-2, 2.33) – 7 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 2 BB and 6 K’s (win)
    24. 1B – Matt Rizzotti (Reading) – (.307) – 1 for 5 with a 2B (18), RBI (39) and K
    25. RHP – Austin Hyatt (Reading) – (6-3, 4.03) – 7 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 2 BB and 10 K’s


    1B – Cody Overbeck (Reading) – (.269) 1 for 3 with 2 BB and a K
    3B – Carlos Rivero (Reading) – (.271) – 1 for 4 with a BB and K
    SS – Freddy Galvis (Redding) – (.261) – 1 for 4 with a run and RBI (21)
    OF – Scott Podsednik (Lehigh Valley) – (.255) – 0 for 3 with a K
    OF – John Mayberry (Lehigh Valley) – (.071) – 0 for 4 with 2 K’s
    OF – Derrick Mitchell (Redding)- (.278) – 2 for 5 with a run, SB (8) and K
    OF – Steve Susdorf (Redding) – (314) – 0 for 0 (pinch-ran)

    1. It’s amazing when Clearwater and Lakewood don’t play on the same day how few prospects there are to report on! Ready for the Williamsport guys to start reporting in…

  9. Yeah, he can’t possibly be any worse than some of the bench guys we are sending up there now…

  10. I think the 2011 draft explains the Phils interest in Martinez. The Phils seem to be very concerned ab0ut Utley, Rollins and Polanco. This is why they dratfed so many 2B, SS and 3B prospects. Martinez is part of this effort to get a ton of middle infield and 3B propsects into the system and hope that some of them are capable of stepping in if something catastrophic were to occur to the three guys I just mentioned. Don’t rule out Martinez, either. I think he can play a little bit. I think he might be better defensively than Utley and Rollins, he seems faster and, though he can’t hit like Jimmy and Chase, I think he is a couple steps above Wilson Valdez. It was exciting watching him burn around the bases last night on that triple and also turn the double play in the ninth. He danced to the bag, touched it, pivoted and threw a strike to Howard.

    1. Better defensively than Rollins? Even at his stage in his career Rollins is one of the better fielding SS’s in the league.

    2. Better defensively than Rollins? I don’t think that is the case. Even at this stage in his career, Rollins is one of the better defensive SS’s in the league. Martinez is just ok. I certainly hope the Phillies are not viewing him as a long term solution for any starting position.

    3. No, Martinez really hasn’t shown any of that. He is not Rollins’ defensive equal. He doesn’t hit nearly as well as Valdez (.460 OPS vs .589 OPS). Martinez is a guy you never want at bat, unless the alternative is a poor-hitting pitcher. His speed doesn’t translate into any SB on the season. Just not much there, at all. If we keep him all season, he’ll be back in the minors next year, and never heard from again, unless he gets a call-up in the wake of a couple of middle IF injuries. That will be his role next year, second on the AAA bench waiting to come up as a MI replacement.

    4. I don’t think this explains their draft strategy today. If you are concerned about something TODAY, the draft will be of not help to you.

  11. Also the acquisiton of Rivero and the aggressive promotion of Cesar Hernadez are part of this insurance plan, I think.

  12. I don’t think Martinez is meant to be a replacement, just a stop-gap until someone else comes along. Think Desi Relaford

    1. Valdez would be a better stop gap, and he would be a horrible stop gap. Heck, at this point a premature promotion of Galvis would be a better stop gap, though I don’t advocate it (he needs at least 1 1/2 more years development time). I’m an advocate of bringing Rollins back if the price is reasonable, but if it isn’t, there will be better cheap options among players not currently in the organization, if it comes to needing a stop gap.

      I think to much of the Phillies’ front office to imagine that that is the plan. Relaford was three times the player Martinez is or ever will be, and I’d hope that a contending Phillies team could do better than another Relaford.

  13. Dan, I agree on why they are trying keep Martinez around…but I am not as high on his abilities as you seem to be. The Phillies should be concerned about MI and 3B. Utley is aging scary fast with his knee issues and Rollins isn’t far behind. Polanco is going to be 36 this year. Wilson Valdez is already 33. It’s why I liked the focus in this draft so much. Now we just have to wait and see who gets signed.

  14. Great news from Zolecki:

    OF prospect Tyson Gillies will be activated tomorrow for Class A Clearwater.

    Wonder about the corresponding roster move; I wouldn’t mind seeing Savery move up (hispower numbers would tick up at Reading, if nothing else).

  15. I’m guessing Savery will be promoted to Reading, Rizzotti will be promoted to LV, and someone will be released–maybe Larish? Though he’s having a decent season. Delmon Young is supposed to be able to opt out at some point, as well, right?

    On the previous poster’s point about drafting all those middle infield prospects, if the Phillies were doing that as a near-term fix for Utley/Rollins, they would have gone for more college guys. These high schoolers won’t be ready until Jimmy is well into his second career as a hip hop mogul and Utley is … I dunno, can anyone imagine what Ultey is going to do when he retires? Glower intently at his lawnmower, I guess? Anyway, it’s fantastic to see them address an organizational need by drafting so many high ceiling guys, but that’s a long way from being a solution. And it still remains to be seen, in my mind, whether an Utley/Rollins solution is needed, at least for the next couple years.

  16. again i know im jumpin the gun but did anyone see the rumor that thome may want to finish career with uncle charlie….i see a rizz for thome trade

    1. Thome plays where? matt stairs type pinch hitter? he’d be a nice world series DH, but i gotta think we can get more for Rizz at this point

      1. I can’t see Rizzotti getting you more than a bench player or middle reliever at best. His future is as a dh or pinch hitter in the NL.

    1. Cardenas is exactly the type of player I wish the Phillies would draft in the first round /supplemental. Excellent approach at the plate, average speed and power, and not quite enough defense to stay at SS. It turns out he is fulfilling he draft writeup. He did not develop more power but has been able to stay at middle infield thus far and should be at least an average major leaguer.
      I liked the D’Arnaud, Collier, and Mattair picks for similar reasons. All of them had reasonable demonstrated skills with room for projection. D’Arnaud is staying at C and hitting on the upside, so is extremely valuable. Collier was hurt and his bat is still behind but the speed seems good. Mattair can field well but is on the downside of the hitting projection (not much power or average). Mix a few of these guys with all the other ‘tools’ guys and maybe one becomes average and the other a star.

  17. Martinez’s upside is Wilson Valdez, albeit a different type player, but that’s what he equates to.

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