105 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 1 June 2011

  1. It was a cool (72 on the scoreboard ) damp night in Clearwater tonight with maybe 200 fans in the stands but Sebastian Valle was sizzling hot. He went 3 for 4 and from May 1st to now is hitting .411 (30 for 73) . Got to be one of the best young hitting catchers in baseball and he threw out a runner at second for good measure. But he was about the only Thresher who was hot. A soft tossing lefty from the Mets organization shut down the Threshers especially making Singleton look over matched with big late breaking sliders. Jon Pettibone was hit hard when his pitchers were up and his slider was inconsistent. He hit the first batter with his first pitch of the game so it was just not his night. He lacked a strike out pitch as he was unable to put away most of the Mets who fouled off numerous pitches the other way before they would put the ball in play. Two baby aces down. Next up Colvin and Rodriguez who were charting pitches in the stands behind home plate so let’s see if they can crank up a couple of quality starts.

    1. LHP has destroyed Singleton so far this year. Its actually starting to get a bit concerning as he hit them pretty well last year. His numbers against RHP are very respectable (something like an .830 OPS I believe).

    2. Thanks for the post, Rickey. Agreed about Valle. Based on your comments about Pettibone not having good stuff, I think it is a positive he still managed to pitch well.

  2. Aaron Altherr breathes new life into his case to stay in Lakewood. Carlos Rivero is back on track after a couple bad games. When will Michael Schwimmer get the call to the big leagues? When are the Phils going to run out of patience with Zagurski?

    1. There simply isn’t a spot for Scwhim right now. Baez is a long man so they’d likely go with Carpenter over Scwhimer if they were going to jettison him. I agree that he has definitely earned his shot this year. It was simply bad luck for him that Stutes had such a hot spring and has really taken it to another level so far since his callup.

      Stutes has really impressed me….great slider (I mean really impressive breaking ball) and an explosive fastball that really sneaks up on the batter. He still has his control issues but he’s been able to get by thanks to his SO rate.

    2. Zagurski was very dissappointing the other night, he was as wild as Romero has been recently. Was really hoping he’d be a step up from JC but every time he gets a shot in the bigs, he seems to just not get the job done.

      1. He certainly has not set the world on fire but let him get into a couple games in the same week before we rush to judgement. He has pitched only 30 innings for the Phillies spread over a few years.

  3. Interesting 7th inning for Reading. 7 run lead vanishes, only to get 3 more in the bottom half. Great relief job by Diekman. But Kissock gets a BS and of course the W. Shreve joins in with the wonderful BS/W combo, both without giving up any runs. Maybe that is why Charlie leaves in his starters to finish innings, at least the runs are under their control.

    1. I meant lack of ‘relief’ from Diekman. Only great in it’s comparison to JC Romero.

  4. Would it be a horrible idea to see what Schwim and maybe even Aumont could do in the bigs? Madson/Boras will ask for the moon and they way Stutes and Bastardo are pitching, maybe they could move into late innings roles next year, with Aumont and Schwimer handling the middle innings. Its not even an unrealistic scenario- it might be exactly what happens. We’d have to bring in another vet to team with Contreras, but there will be a lot of good relievers available in FA. If we re-sign Rollins and ink Hamels to a long-term deal, Madson could find it tough to get the numbers and years he’ll be asking for.

    1. Is Madson really going to get more than what the Phillies gave Lidge? Lidge who was a fairly proven closer over several seasons, not 1 season (and not even that so far) like Madson? Lidge who will be off the books next year. I think the Phillies will re-sign Madson. We have one of the highest payrolls in baseball, I see no reason why Madson shouldn’t be back.

    2. Also, to continue the prospect theme, there’s no reason to push Aumont to the big leagues right now. He’s just had a little bit of success at AA so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Schwim, on the other hand, is probably just waiting for another spot to open up. I think he’ll probably make his debut sometime this season.

    3. Madson will get what he deserves. The Phillies need to spend more on the bullpen in general (thought not at the moment as they have a good number of prospects coming up.) I’m still upset we didn’t spring for K-Rod when he was available.

      If Madson goes, he’ll need to be replaced. I don’t think anyone in our system could replace him just for his experience and mentality.

      1. Huh? The Phillies spend a ton on the bullpen. Although much of that has been dead money with Lidge so far this season, Madson isn’t exactly a pauper.

    4. high likelihood that the Phillies re-sign Madson. Why wouldn’t they? After this year, he’ll be the only expensive arm in the bullpen. There will be Madson ($8-10 million per year, most likely), Contreras (a couple of million), perhaps a new LOOGY for next year (a million or so) and a bunch of young guys who are really good and more arms on the way. The bullpen will be a good one too. The transition plan is working to perfection. Boy, this team has a lot of potential issues, but I don’t see the bullpen being one of those issues.

      1. I’m really of two minds on this. Even assuming that he can be signed for 8 to 10 million, I really hate paying that much to a closer, even one as good as Madson. And money will be tight next year. Assuming Rollins is resigned, will there be enough for Madson and a good FA corner OF? Maybe not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m leaning towards thinking they should resign him, and I think they will, but I don’t think it is a no-brainer.

        Of course the other issue is that Madson may be pitching himself into an even pricier contract.

        1. I can think of two reasons the Phillies might not be able to resign Madson. Scott Boras. It will take at least 3 years and 36 million to get a contract signed. With Boras, it could take more than that. It will be Soriano money for sure, at least that will be what Boras starts at.

          1. Madson isn’t going to get $12M a year, even if he finishes this year really well.

            I remember in ST, when he was asked about signing a new deal, he said it wasnt just about money, he wanted the chance to close, and he wanted the chance here.

            I think if the Phillies offer him the closer job in 2012, he’ll sign a reasonable 3 year deal. I think 3/26 is realistic. He’s going to be a Type A free agent, which means the team that signs him has to give up a first round pick. I’m not sure how eager a team will be to give him $12M a year when he basically only has a 1 year track record of pitching in the 9th inning. You can say it doesn’t matter, and pitching is pitching (and I totally agree, actually), but a lot of teams still apparently care about the mythical voodoo of the game, and the Phillies are one of them.

            Also, just as an aside, before Madson signed his 4/12 deal, everyone I knew said “theres no way he signs a multi year deal with Boras as his agent”…..and then he did. Boras goes looking for the top dollar when his client tells him that is the number one concern. Madson’s own comments indicate he has other concerns as well, and wants the chance to close. He seems to love the team and wants to stay, he just wants to close, so I don’t see him “asking for Soriano money” at all. I think he’ll want a raise over his $4M salary. I think doubling his salary gets you close.

            1. Madson actually went around Boras that time too. The offered contract was actually publically declined by Boras and suddenly 2 days later Madson agreed to exactly the same deal. It really smelled like Madson wasn’t even made aware of the offer until Boras said no to it in the press.

            2. I agree with you. Something like $25 mill/3yrs. may get it done, with a $10 mill option for year 4.

            3. Madson may like the team, but his wife apparently hates it in Philly, so I’m not so sure he’d be willing to give a hometown discount, and if he does, it might not be a very big one.

            4. I don’t think I have ever heard of an established Scott Boras client saying it won’t be about the money. In the end, almost all of his high profile guys end up putting a gun to mangements head, making big dollar demands. I think Boras will use the Soriano contract as the starting point for the contract. I will be shocked if there is a huge home team discount. It will all come down to who offers the most money, unless another offer is very close to the Phillies offer. I think the price will be above 8 million a year, in the end.

            5. Who will offer more though? The Yankees are set at both closer and setup man, the Bosox have Bard waiting in the wings and there will be a glut of other FA closers available including Bell, Broxton, Capps, Nathan (his option likely isn’t picked up), K-Rod (again, he likely doesnt vest his option). If anything, Madson picked the wrong year to be a free agent closer.

              The market for closers should be suppressed as a result of those factors.

        2. A Madson deal isn’t a “no brainer”. They have a 172 mil payroll now. The luxury tax is 179m this year and will likely be in the same neighborhood next year.
          A lot of people believe that the Phillies will have an extra 25 million to spend when they let Lidge, Ibanez and Baez walk, while replacing them with minimum salary players. That is incorrect. Cliff Lee’s salary jumps 10.5 mil, Victorino’s jumps 2 mil, Ruiz’s jumps 1 mil, Polanco’s jumps 1 mil and Lidge’s buyout is 1.5m. That is 16 million in raises/buyouts. They will offer Cole arbitration and he will get at least a 5 mil raise. Judging by what Renteria got 2 years ago, Jimmy Rollins will get about the same salary he has now. So out of the 25 mil in savings from Lidge, Baez and Ibanez, the Phillies will already owe 21 mil in raises.
          The Phillies 2012 payroll will be at least 164 mil without Madson or a legit LF. A 10 mil per contract is not a “no brainer”.

          1. Don’t think so. figured it out, got around 57 million in expiring contracts. Got adds of Lee 10.5, Victorino 2, Polanco 1, Ruiz .95. That gives around 14.5 off from the 57 or 42.5 coming off as a starting point. Hamels- believe they can get a 15 million in ARB or 1st year of long term contract. That would take the reduction to around 27.5. Forget the Rollins getting the same thing, as there is a shortage of SS’s and few available. If Rollins is brought back it would be around, by my guess, around 15 million per. But, they could go other routes, and if they want a closer, figure around 9 at least wouldn’t go there. So they got 27.5 million for roster plus SS, RP, OF if they go that route.

            1. Nice work Marfis. I knew it wasn’t going to be as tight as what Mike was projecting.

              Personally I make Madson a priority at a reasonable $8-$12 and if he for some reason wants to go for broke I’m comfortable with a young a gun.

              Even still your bigger issues will be to try and get younger in LF with more pop.

            2. I would play with 3 infielders before I would pay Rollins $15 million per year; please enlighten me as to what team would offer this kind of contract to a soon to be 33 year-old SS who refuses to play small ball, is a terrible situational hitter, and still is under the delusion that 5’8″ is the prototypical power hitters physique??? Will it be the Yankees who just threw $16 mil per at Jeter(36) only because it’s the Yankees…are the Red Sox in need? Angels? Giants(if anything they would undercut him for the chance to compete near oakland). Hanley Ramirez(27) signed for 6 years at close to 12 per avg…Tulo(26) signed for 10 years at 15.75 per…Jose Reyes will be 28 heading into free agency, 8 and $120 mil (15 per) would put him between hanley and tulo, but you would be paying for 5 good and 3 decline years. 6 and $90 could land him. What would be the better investment? Would you take Rollins before any of the above? Rollins never made more than $8.5 in his prime, 3 years into his 30’s why would a player get a raise while in a continuing decline??? Polanco signed a 3 year $18 mil deal at the same FA age…I would offer a 2 year $14 mil deal with a club option for a 3rd year and a $2mil buyout…that way his salary remains the same essentially for the next 2 years, Galvis would be 24 and 2 years stonger in 2014, and if he arrives by 2013 we jettison ‘j-roll’ and pay half his salary. $15 million a year??? Not a chance.

          2. By my judgement and data at Cotts the Phillies could potentially free up $61M this winter.

            Oswalt ($16M – $2M buyout) = $14
            Ibanez $12M
            Lidge ($12M – $1.5 buyout) = 10.5
            Rollins $8.5
            Madson $4.83
            Baez: $2.75
            Kendrick $2.45
            Schneider: $1.63
            Gload $1.6
            Romero $1.35
            Francisco $1.18

            That’s $61M to play with. I saw $14M in raises, consistent with what you said… This leaves $47M

            Hamels raise of incremental $8M
            Rollins $9M a year
            Madson $12M a year

            $47-$29 =$18M

            What you fill in with $18M is…

            I assume they replace:
            Ibanez with Brown
            Mayberry (to take Brown’s place on bench)
            Baez with Minor Leaguer (e.g. Schwimmer / Aumont)
            Kendrick with Minor Leaguer (e.g. Worley)
            Romero with FA or Minor Leaguer (e.g. Defratus)

            Then they’ll need to address through the organization, trades, or free agency…

            1 Starting Outfielder (to replace Francisco)
            1 Starting Pitcher (to replace Oswalt)
            1 Back Up Catcher (to replace Schneider)
            1 Back Up Infielder / Key Pinch Hitter (to replace Gload)

            One would hope the system yields some new players… we’ll see though.

            A lot can happen in a few months. Who knows, Brad Lidge may come back and be on fire, and then we trade him for prospects or that RH bat.

            1. You presented your numbers in a different way, but you are saying the same thing that I already said. Except you subtract Oswalt.
              The Phillies will have to adequately replace Oswalt, Ibanez, Lidge, Kendrick, Francisco, Romero, Schneider and Baez for 18 million in order to have the same payroll as this year.
              It’s very easy to just start subtracting salaries that are coming off the books, but you have to pay someone to replace those players to keep the team at the same level.

            2. I was just laying out the facts because I felt they were clearer this way… you can see my assumptions.

              I agree it’s easy for people to start doing simple math and not thinking through the implications all the way.

              To your point, if they exercise the Oswalt option (and I’m inclined to think they try to do that)… then there is not a lot of cash left to do much…

            1. It is not 14 million. Look at the top of the Cot’s Philly thing. It says Houston is paying Oswalt 11 million. Some of that may have been paid last season. But, if not that puts Oswalt’s cost to Philly at 5 million, minus a buyout of 2 million , they say, but it might be 3 million as was agreed for him to waive the no-trade as I seem to recall. So , it is an expiring contract of 2 or 3 million from Philly’s current payroll. If they want to retain Oswalt it will add $11 million.

              Also, I included the non-tenders of all arbitration eligible Philly players, save for Hamels, as they are not really needed. I figure they can bring in a better starting LF candidate than Francisco, so he’s out, and they can non-tender Valdez, and (if they want) Orr and re-sign them for minimum. Kendrick they can lose, as he has no vital role, and candidates for replacing him. I figure , if they want, they can renew Herndon, Bastardo, Bocock, Brown, Martinez, and Mayberry for at or near the minimum.

              Also, people should factor in the expiring contracts of Hamels, Madson, Rollins, Kendrick, Francisco, Orr, and Valdez, in addition to the free agents they might wish to part with more, and bringing back these lower paid guys is doable and leaves few openings. I see it as LF, possible CL, possible SS.

        3. Rollins will not want a one year deal—-minimum of three at 8 mil per. He has been less than par even in this contract year. He can not be expected to sustain even this mediocre performance.
          Madson has been outstanding for several years and does not appear starting the downside.
          These starters will take a dim view of unproven closers blowing multiple leads.

          1. Rollins- people can spout all the Sabremetric decline theories they want. Relevant facts- there is a shortage of SS’s – Rollins is a SS. All I see on the FA lists are SS’s as old or older than Rollins who are not as high a calibre, or a few younger players:
            At 29 you have:
            Jose Reyes- should be top dollar guy
            J. J. Hardy, Ronnie Cedeno
            30 you have: Omar Infante, Yuniesky Betancourt (and some might say there might be a possibility of finessing the age a bit on some Latin Players so that might be a factor for these two,or even Cedeno or Reyes, in fact, so there’s that).
            There might be a couple more younger than Rollins I can’t recall now, but I don’t think they are of the high quality of these guys level.

            Also: note on Oswalt

            Without the Astro’s payment on Oswalt Philly’s payroll would be at $175 million, instead of the listed $164.

    5. Aumont isn’t ready. He’s had 2 months of good pitching now as a reliever after the year from hell last year. He’s put himself back on the map as a legitimate prospect but he needs more seasoning.

      On Scwhimer…he’s MLB ready at this point and he’ll get a shot.

      And hopefully he’ll be generous enough to post here about it if and when it happens.

    6. Anybody here who watches the Pigs have an idea what Schwim’s velocity is and what kind of arsenal he’s using right now?

  5. Bonilla should be in Clearwater anyway, so maybe the top reliever from each team could move up a notch.

    1. Bonilla and Shreve are going to be the 2nd half starters at Lakewood. They don’t want to push the young arms into heavy innings. Biddle will be shut down or at least have his innings greatly reduced come late-July and August. Zeid did it last year

      1. Good point. I have noticed this plan the last few years in Lakewood. Begin with the best starters. If they make it through then limit their innings to give some others a shot.
        Then for the playoffs they pitch the best guys.

  6. I was just looking at the Eastern League batting leaders and the RBI list is filled with Phils (or should I say philled with phils). Overbeck is #1 in the league with 38. Rizz is right behind with 35. Mitchell’s in the 4th slot with 32 and you don’t have to go too far down the list to find Gosewisch and then Rivera. In Runs scored, Overbeck’s # 2, Rizz is #4 and Galvis in #6. Rivera’s also up there. Phormer Phuture Phil Anthony Gose is right up near the top in runs. If he can get his average up, he’s going to be scary. He’s hitting .269 but his OBP in .369. He’s got pop in his bat and he leads the league in steals. He’s no secret to those of us on this site but thank the stars above that he’ll be playing in the AL. Let’s hope Gillies is a better version of Gose or maybe James can be.

      1. The jays got Gose from houston for that 1st basemen, Brett something, who the Jays actually got from oakland for Michael Taylor I think. So Gose was a product of the Oswalt trade, not Halladay, but roundabout, it was related to the Halladay trade.

        Just for accuracy’s sake, not disagreeing that the Jays have done a good job of identifying young talent.

      2. Yes, the Jays got a good haul for Halladay, but that haul did not include Anthony Gose.

        Phillie traded Michael Taylor, Travis D’Arnaud, and Kyle Drabek for Roy Halladay.

        Anthony Gose was traded along with Jonathan Villar and J.A. Happ for Roy Oswalt.

        Anthony Gose was then sent to Toronto in a separate deal for Brett Wallace.

        And just for posterity’s sake, the Phillies traded Lou Marson, Jason Donald, Carlos Carrasco, and Jason Knapp for Cliff Lee.

        And then traded Cliff Lee for Tyson Gillies, J.C. Ramirez, and Phillippe Aumont

    1. wow, just looked at his numbers and they look great. as a grade-A speedster with decent pop (5HR), if he could keep his OBP & SLG where they are now, his floor is Michael Bourn with even higher potential. i thought he was so much more raw than this when we were following him at Clearwater

    2. I’ve been watching Gose’s ascent as well. Ever since he moved to the BJ’s system he has had almost double the walk rate he had with the Phils. His K rate (while still high) is down this year too. He’s 20 and playing well in AA. He has the makings of a future All-Star CF with plus speed and arm. Remember when we wanted him to be a pitcher?

  7. What a start out of Brian Gordon. Only 67 pitches through 7 innings, 54 of them for strikes, 11 K’s and no BB’s. He now is officially qualified and leading all of minor league baseball in ERA with 0.84. I’m judging him based off of his stats alone because I’ve never seen him pitch in person but the numbers he’s put up this year are ridiculous. I would love to see him get called up to make a spot start just to see what he can do. If he continues to pitch like this out of the rotation and is able to raise his pitch count, I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t get called up.

    Can anybody that has seen him pitch provide some info on him and your opinion on his future? Thanks.

    1. I agree. I haven’t seen him pitch either, but judging by his track record and the fact that he’s been excellent as starter lately, I’d rather see him start in Philadelphia ahead of Kendrick who is not stretched out. I’d go Cole, Doc, Lee, Oswalt, Fri-Monday, all on regular rest and Gordon on Tuesday at home vs LA with one day extra rest. Why not use him while he’s hot?

    2. Dear Ruben,

      Come on, make a roster move and get Gordon up here! He should be the fifth starter, not Kendrick. You can send Zagurski down again, he still walks too many. While you’re at it, how about another roster move to get Kratz up here. He is now hitting .295 with 9 home runs in 112 at bats? Wouldn’t he be an improvement over Sardinha?

    3. 40 man roster would be an issue, but we will need a starter for the double header on 6/15, though I assume that will go to Worley or Kendrick.

        1. Numerous players could go on the 60 day DL, and that would open a 40 man roster spot, and would not result in the potential loss of a player unless they wanted it to.

  8. 1. OF – Domonic Brown (Phillies) – (.324) 0 for 1
    3. OF – Jon Singleton (Clearwater)- (.259) –0 for 4 with 2 K’s
    6. C – Sebastian Valle (Clearwater) – (.338) – 3 for 4
    13. OF – Domingo Santana (Lakewood) – (.268) 0 for 4 with a K
    15. OF – Aaron Altherr (Lakewood) – (.206) – 3 for 4 with a 2B (6) and SB (12)
    16. RHP – Jon Pettibone (Clearwater) – (5-4, 2.02) – 5 IP, 9 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 0 BB and 3 K’s (loss)
    17. C – Cameron Rupp (Lakewood) – (.214) – 1 for 4
    18. OF – Jiwan James (Clearwater) – (.247) – 1 for 4 with a 2B (10)
    21. RHP – Colby Shreve (Lakewood) – (3-3, 3.74) – 2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB and 2 K’s (win)
    22. RHP – Phillippe Aumont (Reading) – (0-4, 2.92, 4 SV) – 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB and 2 K’s (save)
    23. RHP – Michael Schwimer (Lehigh Valley) – (2-0, 1.82, 1 SV) – 2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB and 3 K’s
    24. 1B – Matt Rizzotti (Reading) – (.331) – 3 for 5 with a HR (10), RBI (35), 2 runs a K
    26. OF – Leandro Castro (Clearwater) – (.280) – 0 for 4 with a K
    29. RHP – Josh Zeid (Reading) – (2-3, 6.44) – 6 IP, 6 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 3 BB and 2 K’s


    1B – Cody Overbeck (Reading) – (.280) 1 for 5 with a HR (14), 2 RBI (38) and a K
    3B – Carlos Rivero (Reading) – (.270) – 3 for 5 with 3 runs and a K
    3B – Geancarlo Mendez (Lakewood) – (.267) 2 for 4 with a run and a K
    SS – Freddy Galvis (Redding) – (.256) – 1 for 5
    OF – Derrick Mitchell (Redding)- (.266) – 3 for 5 with 2 runs and an RBI (32)
    OF – Zach Collier (Lakewood) – (.259) – 2 for5 with 2 2B (9), run and 2 K’s
    RHP – Lisalberto Bonilla (Lakewood) – (0-1, 1.16, 4 SV) – 2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB and 2 K’s (save)

    1. gketch: Love the format excluding the non-participants for the day. You keep improving on a great product! Have you talked to PP about making this its on post?

      Also, any draft prospect news from the great State? Hearing any rumblings on the Phils interest down yonder?

      1. Haven’t heard a lot about any interest from the Phils. Wish I knew a regional scout down here because I could probably help them out a great deal with Intel from the high school and college side of things. If there’s one reading the site, email me at gkketch@gmail.com

        If I want to dig, I can get info from just about anywhere usually through my network.

        Once the draft passes, I’ll tap into it and try to get as much info as I can on the guys from major universities or guys committed/signed to play for big schools.

        If I remember correctly, we had the scoop of Colvin first over here because I have really good LSU connections and they knew a week before it was announced that he was going pro.

        I didn’t help much last year because the draft just didn’t go in a way that allowed me to help much.

        Everyone down here is talking about Josh Bell’s decision to send a letter to MLB teams asking them to not select him. He’s a Boras guy, so nobody is quite sure what to make of it.

        Jungmann probably goes No.11 to Houston. They need some positive buzz and he’s an in-state guy.

        If they want a college shortstop, keep an eye on Brandon Loy – who has emerged as a great all-around player for Texas last year. late developer with the bat, but an excellent glove man and his stock has been soaring.

  9. Yeah, Madson just built a home in Chester County. Boras showed when Lee signed here that he is sensitive to the fact that players have other considerations besides money. I think Madson is going to want closer money (assuming he continues to excel in this role). But with Lidge off the books, this is no big deal. I also sense that Manuel always wanted Madson to close. Also, ff Lidge can get his velocity back, he could be an attractive trade chip.

    1. 3-4 years at $8+ million will get it done. 3 years with an option is the most likely outcome IMHO. Madson isn’t going anywhere and I highly suspect that they’ll extend Hamels with the money they won’t be paying Oswalt next year.

    2. Cliff Lee isn’t represented by Boras. Darek Brauneker is Lee’s agent.

      Bottomline is Boras works for the players he represents. If his player (Madson in this case) wants to play in Philly then they will play in Philly. Boras can’t tell these guys where to sign. Sure, he probably exerts pressure on them to take the biggest deal, but at the same time, if they can’t stand up to their agent and tell him to back off then they are a little bit less than a man…

      1. I would guess that the MLBPA exerts more pressure on guys to take the top $$ amount than anything Boras would say/do.

      1. I’m not saying Madson wants to stay in Philly. I have no idea where he wants to play. I was using Madson and Philly as an example. Obviously this holds tru if Madson wants to play in San Francisco next season.

        All I was saying is its Madsons decision, not Scott Boras’s…

        1. A blog reported this. That means it is about as accurate as a Sarah Palin book report.

          The reason Madson signed over Boras’ objections last time was because he and his wife loved the area.

          And btw watching TV LHV vs Braves AAA. The Phillies should look at Feierbend in the bullpen. He has nasty breaking stuff to lefties.

  10. On a prospect related note, and a somewhat downer one at that, at what point do we start worrying about Jonathan Singleton? We’re 1/3 of the way through the season now, and it’s getting toward a full calendar year since that breakout half-season at Lakewood that opened everyone’s eyes. The comments above about his inability to handle the soft-tossing lefty, and the accompanying stats, are concerning (though you could argue that just means he’d fit right in with the big club). Mind you, I’m not trying to be hysterical, I know a lot of the peripherals still look good and it’s natural for a player to struggle, especially one as young for his level as Singleton. But the future is getting a bit more cloudy to me.

    1. Keith Law just moved him up in his prospect rankings. He mentioned the Phillies tried to mess with his swing and since he’s gone back to his old swing he’s gotten back on track.

      1. Naturally. The guy has one of the best seasons in recent memory by an 18 year old in the Sally League so naturally the Phillies feel the need to change his swing.

        1. I was thinking about this – if you are the Phillies and you think there is room for improvement, don’t you have to at least give it a shot? He’s in single-A ball and he’s 19. If you think there is something he can do better that will help him at upper levels, now is the time to try it. If it doesn’t work, then just go back to what you were doing before.

          At first I was kind of appalled that they were messing with Singleton and Cosart, but now I’m not so upset by it and I see the reasoning. I think the best part about each experiment is that the Phils were willing to back off and let the player go back to what they were doing before.

          In a potentially similar situation, Tyler Matzek has apparently been messed up by the Rockies; the key will be whether they let him go back or keep forcing the issue.

          1. I agree with you in principle but all the reports had Singleton having a very natural compact swing with great plate coverage. I remmeber that great scout comment from last summer “Singleton is the most advanced hitter I’ve seen in the Sally League since Manny Ramirez”. I would have just kept hands off and let him focus on learning LF.

            Overall, I think Singleton is more than talented enough to turn it right back around and start hitting from here on out. Though, at this point, I get the feeling that he might just spend the entire year in Clearwater thanks to his early struggles.

            I find this far less concerning than when they messed with Aumont last year causing him to get all funked up on delivery AND loss 4-5 mph on his fastball. Now that they’ve realized he’s a reliever and are letting him just do his thing, he’s suddenly dominant again.

      2. I read that, but I don’t know whether it really seems like he’s back on track. If anything, I feel like he started off the season better prior to the ankle injury–but that’s just my impression, I could be wrong. I think he’ll be fine, personally, but I don’t think he moves up on the Top 30 at midseason, when presumably Domonic Brown comes off.

  11. Anyone else notice that Hewitt seems to get the day off after a rough game. Quite a few times hes gone 0-4 with 2ks, he gets the next game off and usually comes back strong.

  12. There is a mildly interesting 2010 draft review by Jason Churchill on ESPN (Insider). He calls Biddle’s stuff “solid” and characterizes his FB as low-90s but something to build on. I thought the interesting part was his comment that Claypool may have been the Phils’ best pick. It sounds like he based that comment on Claypool’s performance, not his scouting report, but nonetheless it is an interesting tidbit to keep in mind.


    Also, regarding Biddle, Victorino said he thought he pitched well and mixed his curve in well.

  13. I suspect the Phils will try to sign Madson, Hamels, and Rollins before August so they’re feeling flush for the stretch run.
    I’m still waiting for Buchannan or Claypool (or both) to move up from Lakewood so Bonilla can get into the rotation. What he’s done so far has been off the charts.
    Gordon really has got it going. He pitched really well for a period last year also before getting hurt. He’s the former outfielder without much experience so he could really be a special find, you never know.
    Valle keeps doing it and Altherr finally had a 3 hit game which is nice to see.
    Schwimer will likely be a Sept call up barring too many injuries prior to that.

  14. I think the Phillies should bring Gordon up for Gload! He showed a little power as a AAA OF. Bats lefty and had some speed when he was younger. He is an older guy but still amazing that he has 9 years in AAA.

    1. Honestly, I didn’t think it was a very good article. Just mentions how he was a late round draft pick due to signability issues. Talked about a few games this year he pitched. There were no quotes from scouts, no mention of his pitches or velocity.

      Just a very uninteresting article in my opinion.

  15. Jim Salisbury csnphiily.com says baseball sorces say Phils interested possibly in Kevin Cormer RH Pitcher Seneca High south jersey Comments??

  16. Just got back from XST. There was Naylor with his L shaped cast on his right arm getting into a van. Harold Garcia was walking around with his leg brace with one coach motioning to him to see if he was lifting weights yet. Looked like Cisco and Gillies are about ready to go again as they passed by. Gillies was batting in each of the early innings in a game against the Pirates. Mickey Morandini’s squad had Diaz and Stuppo c, Dugan 1b, Peyton 2b, Gonzalez ss, Franco 3b, Unda lf, Hudson cf and Malcolm rf. Inch, Garner and Pirela each pitched a couple of innings. Garner threw high hard fastballs for the most part. Diaz showed off his arm with a strong accurate throw on the bag to get a runner trying to steal second. Unda and Malcolm showed off strong throwing arms in the outfield. Unda also hit the ball hard for extra bases . In a short period new draft recruits will be headed to the Complex and most of these guys will head north as XST games end next Tuesday to make way for the GCL and for these guys to start the NY-Penn League for Williamsport.

    1. Hey RB so did Gillies play the field at all? Wasn’t Malcolm the kid the Phils sent home for a little while this Spring?

    2. RB Were Carlos Alonso and Jeff Cusick there? Ive been interested in Cusick because he doesnt strikeout very often.

  17. Quick comments from the R-Phils game.

    -JC Ramirez has been slow on the gun. Even accounting for a slow gun, Ramirez is popping 84 mph. And his stuff frankly doesn’t look that impressive either. His low strikeout totals have been explained as “pitching to contact.” But he is not fooling hitters at all, and batters are tagging him as they get more looks. Ramirez’s K/BB ratio is now about 1:1, not a good sign.

    -Matt Rizzotti may hit, but he’s barely adequate at first base.

    -Freddy Galvis made a fine play at shortstop to save a hit. He also managed to kick a ball into right-center trying to make another play.

    -Susdorf doesn’t look terribly good in LF, dropping a ball that would’ve meant two runs had Tim Kennelly not made a great block of the plate. Kennelly by the way looks adequate at catcher, he can handle the position.

    -Derrick Mitchell is a good athlete, but his plate vision isn’t good enough to carry him.

    -Reading just about sold out the game. As always they do a tremendous job with their ballpark. The only things you can complain about are uncomfortable seats and parking, things beyond their capability. Well worth a visit.

  18. Trips out my mind to see everyone going ga-ga for Gordon because I covered him in high school… about 15 years ago.

    He and Ryan Langerhans made for a hell of a 1-2 combo back in the day.

  19. Les Walrond was sent to AAA and Tyler Cloyd was sent to Reading. Hopefully Cloyd can pitch well in AA. Walrond was only in Reading for a few days and he clearly didn’t belong there due to his age. Cloyd was doing good in Clearwater so far this year and he was ok in two ames for Reading last year. He just turned 24 so maybe he can turn out to be decent.

  20. 84 is really slow. I ONLY saw him once and really wasnt impressed,but a lot of love for him on here, maybe people have seen more of him, the guy who is really coming on is valle. this kid looks like the real deal. very impress with him love kids who are in the system young struggle and then come on this kid is a prime example. been in system since 06. seriously would think of moving him to outfield if possible. with no right hand bats to speak of coming up/

    1. 84 on the Reading gun is more like 88-89 I think, but that’s still a bad sign.

      Why Valle to the outfield? He’s a FAR more valuable prospect if he’s a catcher.

      1. I’d guess this is the Will Myers (Kansas City prospect) or Jesus Montero argument–catchers as a rule take longest to develop defensively, so if you’ve got a kid whose bat looks ready but the glove might not be (and may never be, in Montero’s case), why stunt his offensive production?

        That said, I don’t really agree with that argument, as those two prospects mentioned above project as middle-of-the-order hitters; I don’t think even the greatest Valle booster could dream of quite that level of production. Then again, I certainly wasn’t expecting him to be batting 350 in June. He’s had a pretty remarkable few weeks at the plate.

        1. Myers and Montero have really advanced bats, which is why they were moved. And because neither guy was very good at all defensively.

          Valle’s bat is not as advanced, and he is a lot better defensively than both of those guys. I think its prudent to keep him at catcher, at least for another 2 years.

        2. 4 for 4 with a 2 singles, a double and a triple tonight.

          .357 on the year.

          Why are teams even pitching to him and why isn’t he walking more???

    1. He dropped his ERA from 4.08 to 3.54 with tonight’s effort.

      80 SO/29 BB in 61 IP.

      He’s basically kept his SO rate from last year in Clearwater but shaved 3 BB per 9 off his previous mark.

      11.8 SO/9
      4.29 BB/9
      2.76 SO/BB

      The BB rate is a bit high but its sustainable for now…as long as he keeps moving in the right direction.

  21. tough night for Valle so far tonight….no BB’s he wasted all 4 ab’s by getting hits…also how bout rodriguez petibone friend and valle all stars…hey wheres the big 3 and savery? on more of a serious note i just read recently that all 4 minor league teams either lead in attendance or avg attendance per game…and we have bad fans???

  22. I have to say that Freddy Galvis has impressed me the most of any of our prospects this year. I never expected him to post a .707 OPS in AA in his first 200 PA. He is starting to look like an actual prospect finally.

  23. …and if they trade Blanton for maybe a prospect or two, that’ll take $7.6 mil off the payroll.

  24. Because we need a right hand bat for the outfiled, and if been following some of the teams there better catching prospect, are sometimes being moved from catcher, too much wear and tear on knees and greater chance to get hurt, just a thought.

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