35 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 6 + 7 May 2011

  1. Man, Singleton is quietly getting it done, any word on how he looks in the field?

    1. I’m only saw him in left for a single game. Certainly not unskilled, but a work-in-process nonetheless. I’ll be catching a few more Threshers’ games in the coming week

    1. haha. This is also the thing that most caught my eye. Musta been 6 pitches in the dirt that at bat (he would swing at 2 of them)

  2. Julio Rodriguez definately has been #1 pitcher in the system so far 5-0 1.67 ERA with more Ks per IP.

    1. Well, if you are going to play this game, consider Buchanan. Not really on my radar until now, but he got some press in the inquirer recently and is plugging along. He is older if I recall, but give credit where it is due.

      1. Yeah I thinking:


        with Worley and Cosart homorable mention

    2. The dude is a beast. Now if we could just get some consistent scouting reports on him…

    3. And, somehow, Trevor May’s outstanding performance goes unnoticed. Very encouraging.

  3. Standings thru Saturday
    Lehigh Valley 15 13 .536 2.0
    Reading 18 10 .643 –
    Clearwater 20 10 .667 2.0
    Lakewood 13 15 .464 6.0

    18 games above .500 for the Pharm. Not too shabby. Alot of guys on that Clearwater team will be playing for the big club in 3-4 years

  4. Brown on the day: 3-6, 2BB, HR, 2K. Is that 4 or 5 homers now since he’s been back? Very encouraging that the power seems to be there.

    1. Dom Brown is sending a very clear message and that message is “I belong.”

      For all his super hitting, I expect that it is going to take him a little while to adjust to major league pitching but, frankly, with the team going as well as it is now, it is not the worst thing to have him making the adjustment in late May and June, so that, by the team we get toward the end of the year, he will be a somewhat experienced major leaguer.

      You know, we think of the major league team as struggling offensively, but if you add Brown, add Utley, allow Francisco to mature a little to grown into his new role (and I think he will) and probably pick up another righty bat at the trade deadline, you are looking at what could be a very strong offensive team.

      They are not as far off offensively as they often appear to be.

      1. Did you say IF? No forecasts this year. It is the year of “whats next”

  5. maybe it just me but cant see francisco as a starting outfielder, hitting behind howard as protection. He in my opinion isnt a starting outfielder on a pennant contender.

      1. Sadly, this is probably true. But it’s still possible for him to become something more (oddly enough, Jose Bautista, who, last year, was where Ben is right now, also had 4 hrs through a pretty crappy April last year – of course, he exploded thereafter). We just have to watch this play out.

    1. I don’t think we’d really be complaining about Francisco if he was hitting say, 7th instead of 5th. He’s slumped lately but he’s done a decent job overall.

  6. Francisco is the perfect guy to face a lefty to give Dom Brown a rest and to pinch hit late in games against a lefty. Wouldn’t mind him playing every day in LF batting 7th if our lineup still had Utley and Werth, but we don’t and we need more production.

    1. Not really. Franco doesn’t have a big platoon split. Mayberry is the better choice if the Phillies platoon Domonic Brown.
      Frankly, I’d prefer a Brown/Mayberry platoon than either Ibanez or Fransisco full-time.

  7. does anyone pay attention to hyatt? won the game for Reading on Friday night and got TWO rbi’s.

  8. Zeid starts tonight. Let’s see if he can continue his hitless innings streak. He will be facing the Yankees, who are starting Dellin Betances. Betances is awesome, so it will be interesting to see how Rizzotti, Overbeck, et al. fare.

    Cosart pitches tonight also, let’s see if he can continue to get every opposing hitter to hit everything into the ground.

    1. Probably until the end of May or longer, depending on Francisco, Mayberry & Ibanez.

  9. Would actually like to see them bring up Brown and used him in a platoon situation with Francisco for the rest of 2011. Francisco is a 4th OF in the majors but is a decent option hitting 7th against lefties.

    I really don’t expect that Dom Brown will do much better than hit .25o in his first year so it would be good to give him a significant # of at-bats as a platoon guy for 2011 so he’s had some time to adjust to be ready to replace Ibanez in 2012.

    1. I have to agree bring him up while he is really seeing the ball well and hope for the best. I think you need to figure out before July 31 whether or not you have enough offense to keep pace with the pitching staff.

      I am really tired of seeing Cole hold a team to 3 runs through 7 and we can’t get a win.

  10. Guys, I was in Vegas this weekend, I’ll be back on board with top 30 reviews this week.

  11. It seems to me that Fransisco is nothing more than a serviceable guy, both defensively and offensively. It seems very possible that if Brown continues to play well for the IronPigs, he will push Fransisco out of the lineup. Yes, there is risk that he struggles with major league pitching, but every roster has risks. If Brown comes up, I don’t want to see Mayberry go down. There is something more to Mayberry than Fransisco. Mayberry is bigger, faster. Right now, he is developing coming off the bench. He is pushing Ibanez and Fransisco. I fear that if he gets sent down, the momentum he is building in the major leagues will be deflated. I know about Mayberry’s checkered minor league career, but based on his size and draft status and his easy 380 feet (like an easy 95 mph) as well as foot speed, I see him as someone with massive upside. He is more similar to Werth than Fransisco.

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